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Ps. this is my first fanfiction.

My hero story

The intro

3 days then my dream would become glorified or become ash, the UA entrance exams drew near. Everyone at my school said i would pass easily with my quirk, i'll admit having control over metals is pretty cool but i want to be able to find balance between its combat skill and its rescue skill. It will be hard but im always up for a challenge.

2 of my friends are also signing up, shoto being one of them he stands a strong chance with a quick that lets him manipulate shadows into living being but also being able to become a shadow, that gives him an edge if he was ever able to do stealth operations, and my other friend who's name is unknown to everyone but we call him gray ater the manga with a character who can create anything using ice that his body produces, he can release this energy to make fast precise attacks that run through the air towards the target. I also have a friend called lucy she got in on recommendation, not because she was powerfull but because of the potential her quirk, telekinises, holds for now she can only read minds and speak through her abilitys but with enough training she could gain the ability to control objects and mabye even people.

But for now i can't focus on them because to reach my goal i have to improve and only i can help myself improve...