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Honerva gazed across at Lotor. While her expression remained neutral, each word he spat was like a knife to her heart.

"My mother ceased to exist when Honerva drew her last breath. Do not believe for a moment that I would ever accept you as kin. You are an abomination. A twisted perversion of what was once so beautiful and pure. The end is near, witch. I know you can sense it. If you beg for you life now, maybe I will take pity on you when the time comes."

Honerva didn't speak for a moment. Was that really what he thought of her. His glare didn't falter, and if she was being honest, Honerva didn't blame him. She had abandoned him as a child, barely spoken to him as he grew, and stood silently as Zarkon disowned and exiled him.

"Take him away," Honerva finally said, the pain making her words harsh. Maybe, with time, she could bring Lotor back to her.

She should have seen what came next. Acxa, the general always most loyal to Lotor, took his arm and spun him behind her. She lifted her gun, pointed at Honerva. She shot, but Honerva teleported to one of the high beams of the ship.

Out of sight, Honerva watched as Acxa freed Lotor. The other two generals returned to Lotor's side with little argument. They raced out, headed for the Sincline ships to intercept the Castle of Lions.

Honerva was at a loss. For ten thousand years, her sole intention had been to open the quintessence field for Zarkon. Once Zarkon was killed, there wasn't the same drive. She set about bringing a new Emperor for the Galra, but Lotor had succeeded in the Kral Zera. Seeking more power, she had found her way to Oriande, and encountered the white lion.

Now, she had the power she had sought, but no more the desire to rule the universe as Zarkon once had. Thoughts of power and control had fled her mind. All she wanted now was to make things right with Lotor.

She had thought that Lotor might have felt the same, but after the generals brought him to her, his rejection, and their betrayal, she could see that bringing Lotor back to her would be no easy task.

But that was alright. She had all the time in the world.

Honerva's eyes fell to the main view port of the ship she had taken to Lotor's location. The Sincline ships had combined into one massive mech that was proving a challenge for Voltron.

Honerva's eyes narrowed as the mech vanished from sight, then reappeared to strike at Voltron. The paladins didn't respond fast enough and were sent spinning, while Lotor vanished once again.

He was entering the quintessence field! Each time he went in, the mech came back fully charged. It was a brilliant technique, but very risky. Every second in the quintessence field increased the risk that Lotor would lose himself to the power.

Just as his father had.

Honerva watched as Lotor blinked in and out of existence. His actions were becoming more wild and fierce. Then, he went into the quintessence field and didn't return.

Voltron moved sluggishly in turning in search for Lotor. All of the sudden, the massive mech shot straight up. There was nothing defensive in this action, and Honerva thought they were fleeing. Then, a glow began to surround Voltron, and the old mech vanished like Lotor's mech.

"No!" Honerva couldn't help crying out.

Voltron had taken the battle to the quintessence field! With the limitless power, the two sides could battle without their mechs losing power. It would be a battle likely to the death, with only the victor emerging.

If either could hold out long enough to return.

Honerva gripped the controls of her little pod. With the knowledge she gained in Oriande, she knew how to enter the quintessence field with the ship. But the ability was basically useless since the pod -and she- wouldn't survive long without the protection of the trans-reality comet.

Honerva noticed flashes of light in space and turned her scanners to them.

The battle in the quintessence field was ripping gaps in their reality! If allowed to proceed, there would be massive holes between realities. That was the best-case scenario, the worse being that the affected realities would collapse.

Before Honerva could wonder about the battle any more, Voltron appeared. She held her breath, already knowing that Lotor wouldn't be returning if Voltron had.

Honvera stared at the space from which Voltron had appeared. Lotor couldn't be gone!

She thrust her ship out from cover. She shot past Voltron, the mech turning to follow her path, but she ignored it. She closed her eyes and focused her energies.

A surge of power shot through her frame, making her jerk back and cry out. But she opened her eyes to the blinding light of the quintessence field.

Already, the power of the quintessence was making her whole body shake. She spotted the dark shape of Lotor's mech, moving slowly and weakly.

She sped her pod closer to the mech, but the pod was quickly being overwhelmed by the amount of power. It started to shudder and alarms blared. Honerva waited until the last second, then teleported out just before it could explode.

Focusing on the head of Lotor's mech, Honerva managed to arrive inside the mech. She sighed in relief when the force of quintessence lessened, then looked around.

She was in the back half of the main Sincline ship. There was a door above her, glitching open and closed. When it zipped open, Honerva could see the back of Lotor's pilot seat.

Grabbing the door as it glitched shut, Honerva forced it halfway open and slipped up behind Lotor.

"Lotor," Honerva said.

Lotor flinched and jerked around. His eyes were wild and beyond reason, but Honerva could also see intense pain in his tense body and tight grip on the controls.

"What do you want, witch," Lotor spat.

"We have to get out of the quintessence field," Honerva said, moving alongside Lotor. "If we stay too long, we will perish."

Lotor gave a bark of laughter. "'Perish?' Why would my father seek something that would only kill him? I have access to the quintessence field. Endless power. No one will have to fight for power again."

"Zarkon was… misguided. As was I." Honerva put her hand on Lotor's cheek, but he jerked away. "I meant what I said on the ship. I did not mean to leave you."

Lotor tried to laugh again, but he broke off in a fit of coughs. Honerva watched him struggle for breath. She closed her eyes.

It was too late. Returning to his reality would kill him. And, as she knew from experience, he would only become obsessed with the quintessence field.

Honerva knelt beside the chair and rubbed Lotor's back while he got his breathing under control. He lifted his head, eyes glazed. He wiped spit from his mouth, then looked at Honerva.

"Why are you here?"

"I was worried for you."

"You? Worried for me? Since when?" Lotor said. It sounded like he intended to be harsh, but it came out weary.

Honerva brushed a strand of hair from Lotor's face. "You are my son. I cannot pretend that you should forgive me, for all I did. But I do want to try to make it up."

Lotor shuddered and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes after a moment, showing pupils more gray than blue. He was running out of time.

"So am I," Honerva thought, glancing at her shaky hands.

"I wanted to prove myself," Lotor said slowly, painfully. "I ruled over the planets I was ordered, but never to Zarkon's satisfaction. When I ruled differently than he wished on a defeated planet, he ordered me to destroy it. Nothing I did was ever enough."

"Nothing could have made Zarkon love you," Honerva admitted. "His mind was too far gone."

Lotor groaned, whether from the statement or pain, Honerva could only guess.

"I formed a colony… of Alteans," Lotor said, making Honerva gasp. "I never told father… he definitely wouldn't have approved. I found surviving Alteans and hid them on a planet in the quantum abyss. There… I experimented… with their quintessence. I thought I could unlock the secrets of Oriande or the quintessence field by studying their quintessence." Lotor's mouth twisted. "So many died."

"I… I am sure you did what you thought was best," Honerva said, reigning in her own surprise.

"Yes. But to what end?" Lotor coughed, but doggedly went on. "Despite all that died, I never found what I sought until Allura located your compass stone. All my years of research… nothing!"

"I have s-seen your work. It is… great indeed, surpassing m-my own," Honerva praised. She was having a hard time catching her breath.

"But never enough," Lotor said with a tired sigh. "All I wanted… was… was…"

Lotor bent abruptly forward as his body was wracked once again with coughs. Honerva resumed rubbing his back.

Wanted what? Lotor tried to continue, but every attempt came out as a ragged cough. Honerva looked at Lotor. What did every child want?

Honerva wrapped her arms around Lotor's shaking frame and whispered, "I am proud of you, my son."

Lotor groaned and leaned into the embrace. His body still shook with coughs, but he was somehow calmer.

The answer was so simple. Lotor had grown up completely deprived of a parent's approval. All he wanted was to get the approval of his parents. To hear love in their voice when they called him "son."

"My son," Honerva murmured, loving the sound of those words. "I love you."

"I missed you," Lotor rasped.

"And I you."

"What now? Go… back?"

Honerva lifted her eyes at a cracking sound. The mech was finally falling apart, letting in shafts of light. At this stage, full exposure would kill them both. Going back would have same result. Either way, they died.

"Let's just stay here for now," Honerva said softly. "Together."

"Yes. Together," Lotor murmured.

"Everything will be fine. Just hold onto me," Honerva whispered.

Arms wrapped around her waist as the main port split. The light was blinding to Honerva. She moved a hand over Lotor's eyes, as if she could shield him from what was about to come.

"I love you," Honerva whispered.

Lotor's words were nearly lost in the cracking of the mech. "I love you, too… Mother."

Tears flooded Honerva's eyes. She tucked Lotor's face into her shoulder, and lifted her head as the cockpit broke in half.

The arms around her waist tightened. She held her son closer, eyes wide as the light surrounded them. Filled them.

And everything turned white.

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