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Ironic, isn't it?

I stayed behind to make sure that Tinkerbell didn't know I was in the island, only to get caught by her as I was waiting on Emma. Her words were still ringing in my head, and I tried my best not to let the memories assault my brain.

Emma was the savior but I sure wasn't going to let her words get to me.

Tinkerbell had heard my conversation with Emma and it made her angry. Which in turn, made me angry.

After she told me I was going to fail, Tinkerbell knocked me out with something, it took me by surprise even though I should've known she had something up her sleeve.

I woke up lying on the ground, cold, hard and above all, dirty. My head was pounding and as I took note of my surroundings I realized my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to sit up, but there was a blinding pain behind my eyes and I groaned as I shut them tightly. "About time you woke up. I've been looking forward to this chat for quite some time."

I sighed as I pushed past the pain to sit up. "Look, you don't know why I'm here."

"Oh, I know exactly why you're here," she said even before the last syllable leaves my mouth. "You're here to find your son." Her anger at me made me realize that I wasn't as safe as I wanted to be.

"I take it by the restraints, you're not helping," I said after a dry chuckle. My head was pounding as I looked at the woman sitting in front of me. The anger rolled off of her tense body in waves and I couldn't blame her.

"Hell no. You're the last person I'd ever help, after how you burned me."

Even through the pounding in my head that seemed unfair. "Burned you?" I asked indignant. "You're the one who interfered in my life."

"And threw away my own in the process!"

"So what do you want from me? To kill me?" I asked, my mask sliding on along with a smirk that covered up my fear. Sure, I had magic and she didn't seem to have any left by the looks of her. "You think it's that easy?" I moved around a little, trying to figure out what she could have used to knock me out. "Whatever you've knocked me out with, it's not magic. Maybe poppies." The look on her face tells me enough as I move to my knees. "Since you had to resort to that, I know you don't have magic...but I do." I magic away the restraints as I stood to my feet.

She moves quickly I had to give her that. "Yea, I know," she said as she held an arrow against my throat. "But even your magic can't stop this. Ever hear of dreamshade?"

My heart was pounding in my chest at the mention of the deadly poison. "Yes."


I looked at her then, and thought back to the girl I'd met. There was nothing left of that girl. "How the hell did you get like this?"

"I met you," She snarled back at me. There was murder in her eyes and fear in my heart, and then nothing.

"You want to kill me? Well, don't let the poison do it," I gritted just before I reached into my chest and pulled my heart out. Under her protest. "Go ahead, crush it!"

"You think I won't?"

Her eyes were frantic and it told me that no, she wouldn't crush it even if she wanted to get rid of me. "Oh, I'm counting on it. Show me who you are, Tinkerbell."

I knew goading someone who was really close to actually wanting to hurt you wasn't the best thing one could do.

She grabbed my heart, squeezing just a little and giving me the feeling someone was standing on my chest.

I stared at my heart, still hating the way it was colored and then back up at Tinkerbell. The fairy had all control over me but she didn't know what to do with it.

Or so I thought.

"I actually don't want to kill you," the blonde fairy said before she - accidentally - squeezed my heart a little. The pressure on my chest made me gasp. "I mean, you cost me so much." She shrugged and I realized what exactly I had cost her, but I kept quiet. A fairy was proud of her wings, and when they were taken away they felt like they were nothing. "But, you deserve to live with that knowledge and the other stuff you did…"

"Stop putting pressure on it, if you're not planning on killing me," I breathed out and she widened her eyes in surprise before opening her hand and almost dropping my heart. "Careful!"

"What I want to do, is make you see some things...but most of all I just want to take away the darkness and the ability to hurt people." She seemed to think about what she just said and I rolled my eyes. "Or other creatures. There's so many things that I don't want you to do anymore and I think I know just the way."

"Well, this sounds interesting. And I would be impressed if you were able to do as you say and take the darkness away."

"Oh, I sure am. Also, I'm able to do so much more than take the darkness away. I am capable of so much more now that I have some pixie dust. All I have to do is think of what I want!" She looked excited and I rolled my eyes.

"Well, I wish you luck." I smirked at her, knowing that even though pixie dust was strong, it was not strong enough to take anything away. "It's going to be one hell of a ride."

"That's not even the hard part. What is, is to tell you that you were actually right and the person in that bar wasn't your True Love." Tink looked down and I frowned at her.

What was she talking about? "He was, I was just afraid to go in and meet him," I told Tink for the second time today.

"No but that's where you're wrong. Your True Love is here on the island with us and I will show you who it is. There's no denying then."

"What am I denying, fairy?" I snapped as she looked down at my heart as if she had planned this all along.

"There'll be no denying what you want," Tink said with a smile. I rolled my eyes but didn't dare to say anything to make her want to hurt me again. I was...content with her holding my heart if she didn't squeeze it again.

"I know what I want; I want you to leave me alone. From what I understand is that you do not plan on it," I raised an eyebrow and smirked at her. "The fact of the matter is, the only people here on this island are Pan and his Lost Boys, Snow, David and Emma. None of them are my True Love."

"How are you so sure?"

"I just am," I replied. For some reason, if any of those people had been my True Love I'd have known. "I'm not stupid Tink. David and Snow are together and happy, Emma is mourning her loss even though she won't let it show. I'll be damned if Pan or Rumple or any of those children are my True Love. So that leaves you, and I don't feel much love for you and from what I see, you feel the same way."

"Oh yea it's not me," she said with a grin before she seemed to figure out how to get this show started. She turned, and I could practically feel the whisper against my heart.

The pixie dust that settled on my heart.

The sudden and inexplicable hope that I felt.

And then the fairy turned back to me and handed me my heart back. She didn't say a word as she looked from my heart to me and back. But then she turned, leaving me with my heart in my hand.

I stood there in silence a moment longer before I gently pushed my heart back into my chest, noting something was different but choosing to ignore it for the sake of finding my son.

As I walked out of whatever it was Tinkerbell had brought me to, I thought about all she had said.

Maybe she was right, and the man with the lion tattoo wasn't my True Love. Maybe someone else was, and maybe they were on the island with us.

I didn't know everyone on the island. I didn't know if there were other people, other adults on the island.

And so there was my first warning - the hope that I'd find someone to be happy with, other than my son who, last I knew, didn't even like me. It shouldn't have been there, it hadn't been there before.

But I paid it no mind as I heard something behind me. I tensed up, even though my magic had been less than stable as of late and this felt like a threat that I couldn't actually handle.