Hi Guys ^-^

I bring you a fic with the collaboration of two fantastic people.
Finally, my English will be corrected and edited by these two people, who are native speakers of the language.

This time the idea came from a fanart and as such, we decided to make a story.

Notice that, this story will not have any Fluff, but the romance will remain with our heroes. Violence, blood, action scenes will be the main focus.

I advised, who does not like this story, please do not read it.
Rude comments will be deleted, but criticism will be very welcome.

There are already many stories fluffs and I decided to create a Dark and more intense universe.
It will not please all the readers, but who likes this new adventure, please, let me know what you really think.

So, let go to the prologue first. :)


Hate...Corruption...Violence...the streets of Zootopia have long since ceased to provide a peaceful environment.

"What's the situation up there, Officer?" The thick voice spokes through the receiver.

"I have the target in sight, sir." Another voice answered through the microphone located near his muzzle.

"So, why the delay?" The same voice answered, but in a more impatient tone.

"Why..." he murmured to himself. There, his memory wandered off into words uttered in supplication.

'I beg you, Walker. Do not kill him. He is innocent.' The little paws of the female gripped the fabric of his uniform forcefully. Large, black circles beneath her violet eyes showed the lack of rest since the previous events.

As the male focused his dulled orbs onto his target, the finger, inches apart from the trigger, was ready to lean in ever so slightly to kill off his target, but... he couldn't do it. He had never refrained from doing so, much less fail at his attempt to fulfill his services ever since he had become a professional at handling a sniper, and even then he had never experienced any difficulty in killing his targets as soon as 'they' give him the order. But that target was special to him. They were a friend. A Mate and... He sighed. He had been trained to suppress his emotions and to kill in cold blood. When he heard from his boss who was the destined target that he had to shoot down, his heart died.

Fucking German Shepherd!

The black cross was well directed. All he had to do, was press the trigger and the target would fall inert on the ground. Not even the two officers that accompanied the prisoner would noticed a thing.

"Sorry, Wilde!" He said and shot mercilessly.





"Code 255! This is Officer Frangmeyer. We have a sniper in the area without authorization. I repeat! From here ..." the words died in his mouth as another shot passed near his muzzle, heading toward of the rear wheel of the ZPD prisoner van. "Hide!" The wolf cried out to his colleague.

The other officer did as told. Clutching the prisoner's arm, he swung into the patrol car that was nearby. The doors were opened instantly as he did so as the prisoner was pushed to the back seat mercilessly. Frangmeyer ran to the side of the hangers and the other officer to the driver's side. The engine was turned on as the officer's foot stepped carelessly on the accelerator, leaving the area behind them.

"Walker?" the voice began to speak again. The surprise in his tone was evident. Never in his life, Walker has failed to him.

"Sorry, boss!"

A paw hit furiously on the breaks in which made the wolf wince.

"I want you here in ten minutes. I hope you have a plausible reason for missing the target." The male spoke, shortly after turning his mic off for the other to be left confused.

Walker sighed and stood up. The sniper was resting on the small wall that a few moments ago gave him support, and took the earpiece from his ear, letting it fall on his shoulder.

If he were not fired, he would be quite the lucky one. After all, he was Zootopia's best shoot at dealing with a sniper and failing was by no means as his usual.

"Everything will be resolved. I assure you." The female voice spoke behind the shadows of the roof, making him feel a little calmer.

"I hope you're right." He sighed again. Crouching, he grabbed the sniper and placed it on his right shoulder.

"Have faith in me."

"For having faith in on you, officer, I did not kill him. And now I expect a furious boss!" He started to walk towards her.

"He cannot fire you. You're the best on the field."

"Let's see if you're right. I can be forgiven once, but I do not expect a second." He smiled at her. "But I hope you hurry. If it is not me, it will be another to kill him."

Two ears, until recently chubby, fell backwards.

"He will not die while I am alive."

"If I were you, officer, I would also consider your own life. After all, you two are doomed in one way or another." Walker crouched down before the little female.

"I know," she replied with her head down.

"I beg you to be careful, Hopps. You and Wilde will be acquitted of this, I'm sure, but for the moment things are not in a famous picture." His expression showed sadness. All this by a simple mistake.

"Thank you, Walker." She grinned, the smile easily being returned by the wolf.

Hard days would come, he knew. But just being the best in the area doesn't mean his boss would forgive him for a second time if he missed the target and Walker knew that it would not be long before he was back in the same situation.


To be continued…