INTERVIEWER - Greetings Lord Krayt. May I please have a few minutes of your time?

DARTH KRAYT - It is either Darth Krayt, Dark Lord Krayt, or Dread Lord Krayt. Understood?

INTERVIEWER - As you wish. My apologies. Anyway, much has been said about the high profile feud between you and Darth Bane. Why? What started this feud?

DARTH KRAYT - I wouldn't call it a feud. I disagree with his whole "Rule of Two" approach. I find it naïve and foolish. I can understand the need for only
one dark lord, as having several would lead to confusion and chaos, but to only have one apprentice is stupid. What if both the dark lord and apprentice were to die at the same time, or closely together? The sith way of life and culture would end. Once I took over after the death of the senile old fart Sidious and his lapdog Vader, I installed order and a functioning chain of command. For the most part, that has been respected by my new order of sith. I still have the greatest respect for Darth Bane, however. I recently rebuilt and reopened the Sith Training Academy on Korriban. I named it "The Bane Academy" in his honor. We can still learn from the sith legends of the past.

INTERVIEWER - Well said. Enough talking shop. Do you have any hobbies or interests, outside of the dark side?

DARTH KRAYT - I collect lightsabers. Some I win in battle. Others I am given as a gift. I like making them, as well. I try out different materials, styles, and sizes.
I also like any game that keeps my mind thinking constantly. I also play stick ball. It helps to keep my reflexes sharp.

INTERVIEWER - Any favorite foods?

DARTH KRAYT - Not specifically. I enjoy any pasta dish. I usually cover the pasta with a poached egg. And fish. Lord Bane gave me a recipe for his favorite
fish dish, BBQ Honey Fish from Ciutric IV. I tried it and liked it. Even a sith enjoys a well prepared meal.

INTERVIEWER - Ever have any interest in "playing tourist" and traveling?

DARTH KRAYT - I grew up on Tatooine, I've been to Coruscant. A few months ago, I attended the opening and dedication of the new Sith Training Academy
on Korriban. I have also visited the ruins of the former sith academy on Dromund Kaas. In time, I would like to rebuild it.

INTERVIEWER - What's your favorite book to read?

DARTH KRAYT - I like reading the old war journals of Darth Malgus. Despite being several thousand years old, they still have some great battle tactics.

INTERVIEWER - Favorite color?

DARTH KRAYT - Crimson red. Or ruby red.

INTERVIEWER - Thank you, my lord, for your time.