It was a dark and stormy night in Gotham City... And Bat-Mite and his team were getting the worst of it. But within the walls of Arkham Asylum, something dementedly scientific was occurring.

"Remind me... Why we had to come out here... In the POURING RAIN?!" Bat-Mite groused, wearing a bat-poncho.

"We had to come either way, how was I supposed to know it'd be raining once we came?" Jake replied.

"I dunno, maybe somebody could've checked the frickin' weather report?" Bat-Mite retorted. "I mean, there is an app for that..."

The others just shrugged to him.

"It could be worse." Yin smiled nervously.

"Fair point." sighed Bat-Mite.

"So when do we get in there an' start kickin' bad-guy butt? My legs are fallin' asleep here!" Todd groused.

"Just a second, Todd." Riley told her brother.

"That's what you said hours ago!" Todd complained.

"Yeah!" added Ben, turning the Omnitrix's dial. "That gorilla dude is planning something, and we gotta stop 'im pronto!"

"Ben, use your head!" Gwen, AKA Lucky Girl, advised. "We can't just go charging in without a plan!"

"Fine..." Ben rolled his emerald eyes to his cousin. "What's your plan then? Go ahead and wow me."

"We need to sneak in, then take out the machine." Gwen explained. "At best, try avoiding a direct confrontation."

"Forget THAT! We gotta act pronto!" Scrappy protested.

"He's right," added Finn, unsheathing his sword. "We gotta get in there and take him DOWN!"

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Gwen warned.

"You worry too much, we don't have time for that, after all," Ben smirked. "It's HERO TIME!"

"Aw, yeah!" Finn agreed, slapping fives. "What time is it?"

Both Jakes shouted, "A-A-ADVENTURE TIME!"

Gwen sighed as she couldn't help but shake this feeling, but she had no choice but to go along with it.

"Shut it down, Grodd," Batman yelled. "It's over. You're finished!"

"No, I'm too close," Gorilla Grodd replied, grabbing a hold of him and soon threw him out of the build, shattering the windows. "You will not interfere with my experiment this time, Batman."

Bat-Mite's eyes widened in horror. "No! The machine... It's activating!"

The building seemed to shake as a glow came out from the machine.

"Catwoman, DON'T!" yelled Batman, as LG shielded her eyes with her elbow.

Suddenly, the glow grew brighter, engulfing everyone in its light.

"Are you alright, Kitten?" Catwoman asked LG with concern.

"I'm fine..." LG muttered. "Just a little blinded."

Suddenly, the light faded... And Batman and the group found themselves in the midst of a strange village.

"Oh, my head hurts now..." LG groaned.

Batman soon held out his hand and she took it, standing up next to him. "Where... Are we?" asked Batman, confused.

"Better question: when are we?" asked Jake the dog.

"Oh, no, no, no more time travel!" LG groaned.

The natives all stayed around, looking a bit scared of these unfamiliar strangers.

"Jake, I think you're better off not talking," Finn whispered. "People here might not be used to magical dogs..."

"Can do, bud." Jake nodded, going quadrupedal.

"That goes for you too, Scrappy." Bat-Mite added.

"Roger that." Scrappy replied, going on all fours.

"That's gonna be a challenge." LG smirked to the Great Dane puppy.

Scrappy just smirked in response... Before pointing at a strange poster.

"Maybe that'll explain why these people are so spooked by us?" suggested Ben, going over, tearing it from its post, and showing it to the others.

"It's Japanese, but that's me..." Batman said as he took a look.

"Where's Sayia Man when I actually need him?" LG muttered. "He always is when I don't."

"Y'know... I think this might be a wanted poster!" commented Bat-Mite. "I can't read the words, but I can infer that from the context."

"What does it say?" LG replied. "'Wanted and will be dead or alive upon arrival'?"

"Sure seems like it," Bat-Mite replied.

"And it looks like our trouble just DOUBLED!" yelped Riley. A group of samurais clad in masks and armor were racing towards them on foot.

"Samurai...?" Batman muttered.

The samurais soon came to attack them all.

"Stop, listen to me, I don't want to hurt any of you!" Batman told them, but of course, they couldn't understand him. "Fine... Have it your way." The Dark Knight then decided, as Bat-Mite snatched one of the samurai's spears, tripped him up, and held the business end dangerously close to the man's throat.

"Now talk. And make it quick." Ben added.

"We were sent to find the man dressed as a bat..." The hostage spat out. "Our master has ordered us to kill him on sight! He cannot be allowed to live."

"All right, some progress," LG smirked to that. "Now tell us, who's your master?"

Suddenly, other masked men were coming on horseback. Batman threw down a smoke bomb, and aimed his grappling gun upwards, but there were no tall buildings to swing from. So he and the others used the smoke to quickly race away.

"This is really weird... Mysterious even... What happened and where is Catwoman?" LG muttered to herself before sounding worried about Catwoman.

"We'll hafta figure that out later..." Bat-Mite decided, as Jake used his stretch powers to pull them all up to the top of a shinto gate.

"What kind of dog is that again?" LG asked.

"A special kind." Finn smiled happily.

"Don't worry, LG, we'll get through this." Batman soothed his goddaughter.

"Yeah! We've been in tougher spots before!" Bat-Mite added. "We'll get outta this one, too!"

Batman soon tried to see what he could do to help them.

"I don't understand this, is this some kind of bad future?" Yin frowned.

Batman displayed his holo-screen, but all he got was a message flashing "GPS OFFLINE". "From the look of things, this is Ancient Japan..." he explained, before looking to a tall building in the distance. "Which doesn't explain what's going on there..."

"I'm gonna take a wild guess we're going that way." LG said as she hugged her knees.

"Correct!" Bat-Mite replied, snapping his fingers and teleporting them towards the building.

"Warn me next time you do that!" LG complained about teleportation.

Batman covered her mouth to shush her.

"Sorry." LG smiled quietly and sheepishly.

"Duly noted." Bat-Mite replied, as they dashed towards the building, and leapt onto a rooftop.

Batman used his telescopic visor to get a better look inside the window. Everyone soon came by him to see what he was looking at.

"The Joker?" Batman muttered, confused.

"That's right, Bats; it is I." The Joker grinned right behind them.

LG let out a yelp and suddenly gave him a karate kick in the stomach, sending him flying back.

"HOLY CRAP!" yelled Jake, almost leaping out of his fur.

"If there's one thing I hate more than squids..." Ben growled. "...It's clowns."

The Joker in the window was soon revealed to actually be Harley Quinn in disguise.

"Of course..." Yang groaned to that. "Harley Quinn too..."

"Oh, but you have to admit, we really had you going there, didn't we?" The Joker laughed at them.

"Maybe," scoffed Todd. "But we don't need to admit anything to you."

"What're you playing at this time, Joker?" Batman glowered to his enemy.

"Haven't you heard?" The Joker smirked. "Everyone's been calling me Diruku Tin Mao: The Demon King. The most powerful man in Japan. But you can call me... Lord Joker."

"Yeeaaahh... No." LG replied in her usual sardonic deadpan.

"The only thing you're lord of is getting your butt kicked!" Finn snapped.

"Oh, I never really wanted to be a Lord. It wasn't what you would call an aspiration. But when life throws you time travels, sometimes you gotta make travelade," The Joker replied with a laugh. "Guess I have that monkey to thank for this. If it wasn't for his stupid machine, this tiny island would have never been on my itinerary. I have to say I've really enjoyed the sushi here. Mwah. It's even better with some sauce." He then smirked as he shot some juice from his flower.

But Finn quickly jumped back, avoiding the acid spray. LG soon ducked down at first and soon jumped high in the air and kicked The Joker with her foot, impressing the others since she wasn't much of a fighter when they first met her, especially for Scrappy. And Jake lurched forward and slammed him off the roof.

"Uh, LG?" Riley asked.

"Yeah?" LG replied.

"Where'd you learn to fight like that?" Riley asked.

"I've met some people called Street Fighters." LG replied.

"Sounds algebraic!" Finn smiled.

"Does he always use a math pun?" LG deadpanned.

"Eh, it's a phase." Jake shrugged.

LG rolled her eyes slightly to that.

"Is it me or is it getting hot in here?" The Joker smirked before throwing his fans at them, showing their razor-sharp edges, but Finn blocked them both with his sword.

The others soon scattered to avoid the clown.

"Oh, don't run away~," The Joker smirked. "I'm your biggest fan!"

"LA-A-A-AME!" Ben yelled. "Your jokes suck, and so do YOU!"

LG looked over and ducked down with a yelp, as a fan bladed against her hair, shortening it on both sides.

"Whoa. Nice haircut." Bat-Mite commented.

LG soon took out a compact mirror and gave a small smirk and hum in approval as she had to admit that short hair was a good look for her.

"Come on out, my friends, don't you want to play anymore?" The Joker's voice taunted as he chased after them.

"Not with you, buttmunch!" snapped Bat-Mite.

Batman soon tossed out some Baterangs while the Joker threw his fans. Some trees were being cut in the process of course.

"Poison Ivy would be very disappointed. Mmm..." The Joker told them as Harley Quinn came to his side. "Don't you know how bad razor-edged fighting fans are for the environment?"

"You're the one throwing them, Killer Klown!" LG yelled out.

"Yeah, jerk! Talk about a hypocrite!" Jake added.

"Because you won't let them hit you!" The Joker chuckled evilly.

"Ugh!" LG groaned as she found him to be a huge pain in the neck.

"Good grief, this guy is as obnoxious as Zombozo!" Gwen commented.

"I'm not even going to ask." LG muttered about Zombozo, whoever the heck that was.

Harley soon smiled to The Joker as she poured what looked like water into a saucer for him. The Joker laughed to that before he soon took a drink.

"Either way, this clown is going DOWN!" Ben smirked, slamming down the Omnitrix and becoming...Omni-Enhanced Four Arms!

"What the frack?!" LG asked.

"We'll tell you some more later." Gwen told her.

"Looks like you're fresh out of those fans," Batman told his sworn enemy. "So what are you going to do now, Joker?"

"Oh, I've got options, Bats," The Joker laughed. "I've still got Harley, and an army of Samurai who have you surrounded." He then snapped his fingers to summon his army.

Four Arms just snorted. "Whatever. Just means more targets to punch!"

"How 'bout a little dragon boost?" Jake smirked to Four Arms.

"Sounds like a plan, man!" Four Arms grinned.

"All right... In that case..." Jake smirked before he then got ready to transform. "Dragon UP!"

"WHOA... Okay, that is pretty epic!" Ben commented.

Yin's hands soon glowed as she got ready to use Woo Foo magic while Yang prepared his bamboo sword.

"FOO-NADO!" Yang yelled, using his sword to knock out most of the samurais.

The samurais soon came to attack. LG soon spun on her heels and fought with hand-to-hand combat that she was trained for, and Bat-Mite and Scrappy joined in, giving it their all as well.

"Well, well, what's this we see? A team of fools, as dim as can be!" sneered a mocking voice.

"Did you guys bring another friend over?" LG asked Bat-Mite and the others out of annoyance.

"...Those jerks are no friends of ours..." Bat-Mite grumbled, a deathly serious expression on his face.

LG soon brought out a random bazooka. The samurais around her looked worried about that.

"Oh, yeah, you want this." LG smirked and soon shot at them with her weapon.

The samurais were blown away by the bazooka blast.

"We did not ask for the warm welcome, but we will be doing the appreciating." a high voice replied.

"Yup. This is gonna be a hoot." a dull voice added.

"Aw, YEAH, mama! We gonna lay the smackdown on ya fools!" came a high-pitched voice.

"And then we'll be the stars! BOOYAH!" yelled a deep obnoxious voice.

Ben grimaced. "Don't tell me, it's them..."

Bat-Mite nodded, solemnly. "I'm afraid so..."

"Do I even want to know?" LG asked them.

And in the moonlight, emerged the TTG Titans, all standing on the rooftop with evil smiles.

"The Faker Titans..." Gwen sighed.

"You mean those Teen Titans copies who make the ones we know and love look bad by doing stupid jokes that no one finds funny and making the bad guys look competent?" LG asked.

"Yeah, those ones." Todd replied.

"After Brave and the Bold ended, I was trapped in their world for two wretched months. Forced to suffer, day in and day out..." Bat-Mite groaned, his face turning pale.

LG let out a slight grumble towards the five copies.

"Now, if you'll do the excusing of us, we will provide the fighting and the action for the help we can cause." Starfire said.

"STOP ADDING THE IN EVERY OTHER WORD!" LG complained in annoyance.

"Yeah, it is SUPER ANNOYING!" Bat-Mite growled. "It makes me wanna tear out your guts an' use them for streamers!"

"Come the on. I am aware that you enjoy it~" Starfaker smirked, and Faker Raven winked at Bat-Mite.

"Pass..." LG grumbled.

"Hey, now, you don't have to be so dark and depressing all the time," Faker Raven said to her. "I'm sure you and I can become best friends."

"With friends like you, who needs enemies?" Bat-Mite scoffed.

"Have it your way," Faker Robin replied. "TITANS, GO!"

"Besides, the clown dude told us if we worked for him, we'd get to be super-famous!" Beast Bogus added.

"To who?" LG retorted. "Middle school drop-outs?"

"OH! Burn!" Ben shouted.

"No, he said he'd give us a part of Japan to control, and we'd be famous throughout history!" Faker Robin smirked.

"The Earth is going to spin out of orbit and crash into the sun," LG muttered to that before she soon rode on her tiger. 'Come get us first!"

"Why use a tiger?!" Faker Raven glared. "Too lazy to use your own legs?!"

"You're the one who floats everywhere even when it's not necessary." LG deadpanned.

"Once again, BURNED!" Finn laughed.

LG smirked as she rode off with the others and the so-called Teen Titans soon chased after them.

"Should we go after them, Lord J?" Harley asked her boss.

"Harley, m'dear, it's not worth the effort," Joker shrugged. "Besides, those five fools are expendable. And be honest, you didn't REALLY think I'd be stupid enough to give them any land, did you?"

"I wouldn't think so~" Harley pouted innocently.

"Exactly!" Joker replied. "And if they end up kicking the bucket, who cares? Either way, I consider it a win."

Harley soon decided to sit with him as the others left into the night.

"I've got people. Let's just enjoy the moonlight," The Joker told her. "We have all the time in the world."

Batman hid away under a bridge like a normal bat would while a shogun commanded the others about finding the missing group while LG looked worried about something, or rather, someone.

Bat-Mite noticed her worried expression. "What's got you so down in the dumps?" he asked.

"I-I'm a little worried about Catwoman..." LG told him, unable to hide it since she had anxiety right now. "I mean, do you think she could be okay?"

"Course I do..." Bat-Mite replied. "She's a resourceful lady, so no doubt she's managed to make a few allies...or probably bring a few along..."

LG wiped her eyes, trying not to cry and looked down.

They soon heard some mewing from behind a tree and looked over and saw a woman come out with the cat puppet. "Don't be afraid. It's just a little catcall."

"Ah, see? What did I tell ya?" Bat-Mite smirked.

"Catwoman?" Batman asked.

LG soon ran up to the woman and hugged her with tears in her eyes.

"It's all right, don't cry, Kitten~" The woman soothed her, hugging her back.

"Hey, what are we, chopped tofu?" asked (2003) Beast Boy, standing nearby. And next to him were Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Charmcaster.

Bat-Mite beamed even more. "Nice."

LG soon looked like she was going to fight them.

"Relax, Kitten, these are the Teen Titans you know and love." Catwoman told her.

"Huh?" LG asked before taking a look, seeing that she was right.

"Yeah, these ones are the real deal!" Bat-Mite smiled.

"Are you crying?" Raven asked LG, a bit dryly.

"I'm a little emotional right now..." LG replied, looking away from her.

"She's just glad Catwoman's alright," Gwen replied. "And at this point, all of us are glad, too."

They soon walked off together once the coast was clear.