Day one

Rey had never taken a day off, so the concept of vacations had been such a foreign thing to her until Ben had mentioned it. Rey couldn't take such luxuries in Jakku, a day off work meant not having dinner. The idea of simply leaving their responsibilities behind, even for a few days, seemed wrong to her. Ben had told her that, if it bothered her that much, she should not think of it as vacations.

A 'romantic getaway' for the sake of diplomatic relationships. Rey had snorted at that.

They would be spending a good four days on the Lake Country of Naboo, to stay on a house that was in rather isolated area. Rey had made her research about the place, and she understood why Ben would bring her there. The falls, the large expanses of green grass, the lakes, plus the humid climate. It was all she could wish for, and while there was a small feeling of guilt, she was very eager to go.

She wasn't sure what to take with her as she packed. She didn't think that Ben would be interested in the Jedi texts, so she left those hidden away along with the broken lightsaber. When it came to the clothes, she was having a bit of trouble.

Rey stood before her bunk, with a frown in her face, staring down at her clothes. It really shouldn't have been that much of an issue. First of all, she did not even knew if they would leave the house, and if they did well…Naboo was a country that had certain fashion standards. Standards that Rey's comfortable, practical clothes did not reach.

She spends her days in a hangar repairing ships when she is not training, there was no reason for her to have those kind of clothes. Still, she was frustrated, because she was a woman with a plan.

She had little to no experience on the matter of seduction, but she was aware that clothes played some role on it. And it was her intention to seduce. While the sole thought of it made her blush, she was sure of her decision.

She and Ben's relationship had been evolving. Neither of them had been with anyone before and that was painfully obvious. They really hadn't gotten beyond kissing. Even when they shared a bed through the forcebond it was a silent thing, as if speaking about it would make it real.

So Rey was determinate to take things further on this 'romantic getaway'.

She was sure of what she wanted, even if she wasn't sure of how to get it.

Maybe she could borrow something from Rose? No, the mechanic didn't seem to have anything like that, and besides it would be a bit suspicious. She had told her friends that she would be off in a mission to search for Jedi relics that the force had shown her in a dream. They had believed it, but Rey had a feeling that the General had seen right through it.

Suddenly, it came to her mind the time she had to meet some ally's dignitaries. The General had given her some fancy dress.

''Don't worry, no one has worn that in years'', she had told her. ''They were from my mother, she was once Queen of Naboo. I never had the chance to wear them myself, I was hoping to pass them to my granddaughter one day…'' the smile on her face turned sad. Later, she had told Rey that if she ever needed one, she could take them.

Rey smiled, resolute, with a clear plan on mind. Force help her, for once things would go her way.

She marched to the General's quarters, knowing that the woman was on a meeting.



They had agreed to meet in a spaceport nearby Naboo. He would leave his shuttle there and she would hide the Falcon. From there they would take an unmarked ship and use it to land on Naboo, in the Lake Country.

Rey couldn't contain her excitement as the Falcon entered the atmosphere of the moving spaceport that rotated through the mid Rim. It had been too long since she had seen Ben in person. She was eager to meet him again. A small smile graced her lips.

She went to check-in the Falcon after she landed, and then commanded the person in charge to forget about seeing her there. That wasn't the Millennium Falcon, just a similar ship.

Feeling satisfied, she smirked at the man as he walked away, lost and confused. She had her backpack on one shoulder, and staff wrapped on her back. Now all she had to do was wait for him to show up.

A pair of strong arms wrapped her middle, and tall body leaned on her back. She screeched, surprised, and stuck an elbow on the person's stomach. The man, she knew for the deep voice, grumbled and then, to her surprise, chuckled.

''Well this a great start.''

Rey gasped loudly and turned to look at him. She jumped to his arms when she realized who he was. He buried his face on her neck, leaving a light kiss in there, lifting her feet off the air. They stayed like that for a long time. When they separated, Rey took a good look at him.

She wouldn't have recognized him if she didn't knew him that much. He was wearing dark cargo pants, with a brown jacket over a black shirt, he looked like a common smuggler, and Rey couldn't help but think he looked like his father. She thought he wouldn't appreciate much the comparison.

She was dressed on a similar manner, with the fancy clothes neatly folded on the backpack. Nobody looked at them, for all they knew they were just another couple of scoundrels. Rey liked that, she was starting to miss the low profile that being no one brings. Being the Last Jedi brought a few long stared at the Resistance.

She smiled brightly at him, gesture that he returned shyly. He lowered her to floor.

''I missed you.'' He confessed.

''I missed you too.'' Her expression did not falter, she was feeling great. ''Shall we go?''

Ben offered his hand and Rey grabbed it.

''Yes, let's go''

They walked towards the new ship side by side, as they held hands. Once they were inside, she left him in charge of piloting and told him she was going to change clothes. It was a rather small ship, by normal standards, it had a fresher but it didn't have any rooms. So, being practical, Rey decided to change on the back seats, half hoping that he would turn to look at her.

She pulled out what she supposed was a rather casual dress, comparing to the others. It was a pretty, sleeveless thing, it had little details painted with silver over the blue and faded green fabric. She took the only pair of flats that she had, hoping that the long dress would hide them well enough. She let her hair down.

She felt good on those clothes and could only wait to see his reaction to it.



Rey had gone to change in the back while he piloted the ship. He had also brought his fair share of clothes, destined to help them blend in. He did his best to ignore the fact that she was probably half naked in the same room as him. Best to change his line of thought.

He had hoped to bring Rey to the Festival of Glad Arrival, since it was springtime on Naboo. He thought she may enjoy the performances and the music, while he would enjoy making her happy.

Her voice came from behind him. ''I'm done''

He turned to glance at her and his mouth went dry.

She looked beautiful. The colors of the dress made her golden skin stand out, her long hair, opposed to typically intricate Naboo hairstyles, was loose over her shoulders and back.

If she went out like that he was sure that the whole idea of laying under the radar was screwed. For every single person would turn to look at her much like he was doing.

She crossed her arms, covering, when he didn't say anything.

''You don't like it?''

How, by the stars, had she reached that conclusion?

''I love it.'' He said, hoping that she would ignore the hunger in his eyes.

But she didn't, instead she beamed under it. She went to the front seat, and boldly sat on his lap, her hands going to his face and her lips crushing into his. His hands roamed from the top of her neck to her waist, being nicely surprised when discovering that the dress had a long V cut on the back. Rey sighed on his lips, shivering at the feeling of his warm hands on her body. She pressed them closer together. They kissed until they went out of air.

After that they put their foreheads together, as they regained their breath.

His gaze fell to her neck and then lower. He went back to her face, flushed, as if asking for permission. She nodded lightly and his face went down to her neck, his lips slowly kissing and biting it, leaving a wet trail behind. He hoped she was enjoying herself as much as he was.

Before he could get anywhere else, an alarm made them both jump. The ship was reaching the atmosphere, and he would have to take them to Lake Country.

He silently cursed the darn thing, and kept himself from throwing a fit.

Instead, he squeezed her waist lightly as she rose. Her face was red, and his couldn't be much better, he guessed. He always tried to keep a respectful distance, not knowing exactly how far he could go. How far she wanted him to know. And while she had never pushed him away, he didn't want to make her uncomfortable with his desire.

He hoped that some of the dresses she had brought looked ugly as sin on her, or else this were going to be a long four days.

Stars help him.



Well, that had gone well enough. She could still feel the ghost of her lips on her neck, and she could only wonder where else she might have felt them if they hadn't been interrupted. At least she knew he wanted her as well. She wasn't willing to admit it, but she had been afraid that her body did not have the same effect that his had on hers.

He was big and tall, strong to a ridiculous point, she was very fond of his muscly form. It thrilled her, the feeling of his form against hers, how he tensed and relax as she let her hands roam through his form. The way his muscles flexed made her feel funny things on her stomach. His hair was lustrous and soft, she liked running her hands through it. His angular face was very handsome to her.

But she couldn't be sure of her influence in his body. She didn't have the voluptuous figure that she knew some men preferred, she was lean and fit. She was aware that he respected her strength, but that wasn't enough to want someone.

The intimacy that brought the bond wasn't enough either. She was greedy, she wanted more.

But those doubts had been as well as gone when she saw the look in his eyes. He had liked the dress, she thought smugly. The way his hands had went through her body had been enough proof of his want. It made her excited.

She glanced at him by her side, as he piloted, there was a blush upon his cheeks and his eyes were hazy. It made her tremble. She had seen her chance and acted on it. She

This would hopefully be some long four days. For if things went her way, she would enjoy every single one of them.