"Oh,the summer. Surely,the perfect period to relax with your family and friends,and have a good time. ...unless if you are an specific girl called me."

Two girls,one with a darker skin tone and other with a paler one,crashed trough a sign with the writting of "Welcome to Inside Falls!" using a curious cart that had the colors based on shades of white,blue and purple,screaming as loud as their throats would allow. However,their scream was easily beatable by the scream of a unknow,muscular creature that was throwing punches on trees,knocking them down.

"He is coming toward us!",the girl with the darker skin tone said as she looked backwards. A punch of the horrible creature would have hitted the cart...if it didn't trip over a rock to fall roughly to the ground. The girl of dark skin was making panic squeaks,looking around the cart area.

"Well,greetings. I am Chara. That one who is panicking from the depths of her soul is my twin sister,Frisk. Now,you may be asking to yourself,'Why the heck are you two using a golf cart to escape from a muscular creature with an antenna on the top of the head?'"

The monster roared and punched another tree. Unfortunately,it was a large one,who was very ready to fall on the cart.

"Careful,Chara!",Frisk screamed for her twin. The two advanced with no control over the cart,and screamed in pure panic.

"Well,the answer is pretty much simple. But first,lets reset. Everything began when our parents decided to follow a very 'great' tip from our aunt and uncle."

Frisk and Chara were on the living room. Frisk was making random drawings over her notebook with a big smile over her face,while Chara was playing a video-game on her Nintendo DS,and she was very focused on it. Suddenly,the hands from their parents snatched the notebook and Nintendo DS from them,leaving the two with confused and shocked faces.

"I'm sorry,but you two really need fresh air. Your aunt and uncle aren't entirely wrong.",the twins' mother said,as she gave to them their respective bags and putted sunscreen over their noses. Chara also recieved a very old hat of green color she almost never used.

"But don't worry,we know exactly the place you two will spend off the summer!",the twins' father said,as he picked the map from Oregon and pointed to a curious location. 'Inside Falls',an town that was on the frontier of Oregon,and very far from their hometown,Cave Junction. Frisk's smile returned,but Chara's frown just got worse.

"They sended us to the north frontier of Oregon,on a quiet town called Inside Falls,so we could stay up on the touristic house in the middle of the jungle owned by our great aunt."

The twins were now on this tourist trap. They were inside an attic with two beds the two would share up during their whole summer stay on Inside Falls like a bedroom.

"I wish we could have a attic like that back on our old home. Hey! Look at all this wood!",Frisk said on a cheerful voice,extending her hand to show many little wood sticks fixed on her hand like glue. Chara backed up until she turned around to face the bed she would use. Above there was a swan,resting on the bed peacefully.

"Hmpth,stupid white feather balls...",Chara said,with a sour and uncaring voice. Frisk climbed down from her bed and went to the swan.

"Hello,fellow!",Frisk said to the swan. It suddenly woke up and flied up,landing over Frisk's head and leaving a big mess of white feathers over Chara's bed. "Ah! I got it! You want me to be your nest!",Frisk said,as she laughed up in delight. Chara wasn't so happy,however. She was staring at Frisk with a unimpressed face.

"My twin sister is my polar opposite. She is so sweet,enthusiastic and pacific that it taste like diabetes."

"And I? ...well,lets say that the surroundings are difficult to be attractive to a heart with a cold and sour shell as mine."

"Woohoo! Rolling over grass!",Frisk said as she rolled over a hill of grass. The twins were outside the shack,and Chara was reading a book...or at least,trying to read a book,because a squirrel was on the top of her head,eating a nut and filling Chara's head with the nut's shell bits,much to her annoyance. Suddenly,someone jumped above her,making her scream and drop her book. When she noticed who just jumped over her,she got a furious look on her face.

"Well Chara,you must know I am a lady of many talents,and ballet is still one of them!",it was a lady,with a skin slightly less paler than Chara's one,and wearing a cyan business woman outfit. Her hair was of a peach color and pixie-cuted,her eyes were sky blue colored,her nose was large and pointed and she had a weird scar on her forehead,shaped like a egg,or gemstone.

"And afterwards,there is our Great Aunt Pearl. THAT WOMAN...*ahem*,sorry. She transformed her house into a tourist trap she called up 'Crystal Shack'. She says the shack is the house of all the mysteries of Inside Falls. The real mystery is WHY anyone is bothered by the existence of this shack. I hope she one day can get this off. Want to bet who are the workers of this place this summer?"

Chara sighed as she tried her best to clean the floors of the Crystal Shack with a broom. Frisk was impressed over many weird 'artifacts' scattered on the area where her twin was cleaning up. She was about to touch up one of the diamond-shaped crystals,that is,until Pearl holded up her arm.

"Uh uh uh. No touching. This is merchandise.",Pearl said,kneeling to Frisk's level and patting her head. Chara was even more annoyed,but she still continued on cleaning the floor.

"I thought this would be the whole summer. An abysm of boring and forgettable memories. That is...until a specific day came...and everything changed up to me,and to my twin sister."