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It was a beautiful morning at CHS, where the students were meeting up together like the close friends they were. In the hallway was Sunset Shimmer taking pictures of her fellow students who waved and posed for the camera. Accompanying her was her dear old friend Fugitoid who was now officially a teacher at CHS. As they wanted Sunset was mentally singing.

(We've Come So Far)

Sunset looked dismal as she remembered how things used to be for her before she made friends, until remembering how much better her life got when she changed her ways. Sunset and Fugitoid looked around the corner to see the rest of the Rainbooms waiting for her. The two went over, as Fugitoid took a picture of all the Rainbooms and Spike together.

More pictures had been taken of the Rainbooms over the course such as Twilight and Spike in the library with Twilight holding the book close to her face. Rainbow was on the soccer field kicking goals, until Pinkie Pie jumped onto her back making her fall. In one classroom, Rarity was mending Applejack's hat giving it a few touch ups, which Applejack didn't mind. Outside school, Fluttershy was with Sunset and her animal friends. The shy girl gave Angel Bunny to Sunset, and the bunny nuzzled with her.

After their group shot was taken, Fugitoid waved bye to his friends before heading back to his classroom to go over some things. The Rainbooms however went to the yearbook club room to work on the pictures they had taken.

Sunset Shimmer once again reminisced about her defeat at the Fall Formal, and how Princess Twilight and the Rainbooms accepted her. The defeat of the sirens, where Sunset was finally accepted as one of them. There was the Friendship Games where Sunset showed human Twilight Sparkle the truth about Friendship and accepted her. Then at Camp Everfree where they obtained the geodes which gave them their magic powers.

The biggest memories she held close was when she and the girls went to New York City and met their friends the Ninja Turtles. Learning under their tutelage to become ninjas, the girls faced many dangers from mutants, aliens, and evil ninjas. In space was when they first met Fugitoid and with his help were able to save their planet from the Triceratons. She remembered the time they fought the Super Shredder and defeated him to avenge the death of their departed sensei Master Splinter. And her latest memories was their school trip to New York where they fought side by side their turtle friends while showing Abacus Cinch the error of her ways, along with stopping an alternate dimension's version of Krang and Shredder from conquering their world with the help of their new friends Bebop and Rocksteady.

The girls were helping to put together the yearbook for this year by printing up several pages of the students, and even the faculty with Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, Cranky Doodle, Cheerilee, and Professor Honeycutt in a group shot.

Sunset looked around seeing how well the girls were doing in making the yearbook come together, and smiled. She was so caught up in things, she bumped into somebody causing them both to fall to the floor. Sunset saw she bumped into a girl wearing sneakers, pale blue jeans, and a tan and light brown striped sweater. Her eyes were grayish tangelo, and her hair was moderate aquamarine, "Excuse me." the girl said, while rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you come in." Sunset apologized.

"I've been here for a while." she answered dryly.

"I didn't realize." Sunset said in surprise.

"I've been trying to get your attention for, like, half the song." the girl told her. Sunset blushed feeling embarrassed.

"Ain't she a quiet one?" Applejack said softly to the girls.

"Yeah. And we know some pretty shy people. Am I right?" Rainbow asked Fluttershy.

"We do? Who?" the girl asked curiously, while Rainbow and A.J playfully rolled their eyes.

Sunset spoke to the girl who got up, "I'm Sunset Shimmer. President of the Yearbook Committee and editor-in-chief. Do you want to join? We could always use extra help."

"I'm Wallflower Blush." the girl told Sunset as if she were reminding her.

"Nice to meet you." Sunset greeted.

"I've been on the Yearbook Committee all year." Wallflower told Sunset as if it were obvious.

"Oh! Um..." Sunset started feeling awkward.

"We met in ninth-grade English." Wallflower continued sounding annoyed.

"And... I was... saying it was nice to meet you then. You didn't let me finish." Sunset said to avoid the awkwardness.

"Anyway, I counted up all the votes for the yearbook Superlatives." she handed Sunset some forms.

The girls gathered around looking excited, as Sunset started to read some of the voting results, ""Most Likely to Succeed", "Best Smile", "Class Clown." Ooh! We won "Best Friends"! Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and me!" Sunset cheered, while secretly wishing Fugitoid was in the picture with them as well as some other friends.

"I always knew I liked you all, but now it's official! In yearbook form! The people have spoken!" Pinkie hugged them all, "In yearbook form! The people have spoken!"

Twilight looked at one of the voting results, "Oh, good for Micro Chips. "Most Likely to Invent Cold Fusion". Not a reason to be jealous. Pfft! I'm not!" she laughed while trying to hide inner jealousy.

"Don't worry, Twilight. We know you're a genius." Fluttershy comforted her.

"Besides, the Professor's probably already accomplished that." Spike put in.

"I feel so much better." Twilight replied sarcastically.

"Besides, it's just the yearbook." Rainbow added, causing the girls to gasp in shock.

"Just the yearbook?!" Sunset asked feeling insulted.

"Now ya gone and done it!" Applejack groaned to Rainbow Dash.

Sunset explained, "The student body has entrusted me with the responsibility of gathering their memories into the pages of this book. In thirty years, we might not remember everything, but we will remember what's in the yearbook."

"Well, I'm entrusting you not to put us next to "Best Muscles". Every time you close the book, it'll be like we're kissing Bulk Biceps!" Rainbow gagged, as she opened and closed a book to emphasize her point.

Rarity began thinking, "Oh. Uh, why don't we take our picture at the beach on Saturday? Everyone's bound to look adorable."

Pinkie cheered, "Beach day! I'll make my world-famous fun-in-the-sun cupcakes," she whispered to Fluttershy, "The secret ingredient is edible sunscreen! It's SPF fun-hundred!" Fluttershy responded with a repulsed expression.

Suddenly the door slammed open, and who should enter but Trixie Lulamoon, "The Great and Powerful Trixie demands to speak to the yearbook editor immediately!"

"Unfortunately for me, that's me," Sunset sighed, "What so you want, Trixie?"

Trixie took the voting results and skimmed through them, "Ha! Just as I suspected! I was not voted "Greatest and Most Powerfullest"! Explain yourself!" the stage magician girl demanded.

"How should I put this? You didn't win "Greatest and Most Powerful" because it wasn't one of the Superlatives." Sunset broke it to her.

"Hmm. Neither was "Biggest Meanie", but that didn't stop you from winning it our freshman year." Trixie countered, while showing her a past yearbook featuring bad Sunset Shimmer trying to get a camera out of her face.

"That was different," Applejack replied, "The whole school voted for her." Sunset Shimmer cringed.

"She was soooooooo mean." Pinkie added, which wasn't doing well for Sunset's morale.

Twilight went to Sunset to comfort her, "Of course, we all know you've earned the right not to be remembered that way." she tossed the freshman yearbook away, as it was picked up by another.

Sunset smiled, "Thanks," she turned to Trixie, "We're not having a "Greatest and Powerfullest" Superlative. Sorry."

"Oh, you're the one who'll be sorry, Sunset Shimmer!" Trixie promised, "When you least expect it, I'll have my revenge, and then I'll disappear! Like this! Behold! The Magician's Exit!" she threw a smoke bomb to the floor. Everyone coughed, and when it cleared they saw Trixie struggling to open the door.

"Allow me. We were actually on our way out." Sunset said, as she unlocked the door.

"Hmph!' Trixie stuck her head up and left.

The girls giggled, as they each left the room leaving Wallflower Blush in the far back like she wasn't even there, "I'll just finish up..."

Sunset popped back to the room, "Ooh. Forgot to turn off the lights." she turned the lights off not even remembering Wallflower was in there.

"...In the dark." Wallflower sighed.

After school, Sunset Shimmer and Fugitoid were walking home, "So how was the rest of your classes, Fugitoid?" Sunset asked.

"Not bad at all. Granted I cannot understand how so many students are doing 'average' work in my lessons." the Fugitoid said, with his eyes giving off a dry look.

"Well, not every student is fluent in science." Sunset reminded him

"So true. So how is the yearbook coming along?" he asked.

"It's going great. All the votes have been tallied. The girls and I have been named Best Friends group." Sunset explained.

"That's wonderful for you girls." Fugitoid congratulated them.

"Thanks. And we're all going to the beach tomorrow for another group shot. And you're welcomed to come." she invited.

"Thank you. And it's an excellent opportunity to observe Earth marine life with my new waterproof body." Fugitoid said, as the two walked home laughing.

That night at Sunset's place, inside her room, Fugitoid was was already in hibernate mode recharging. Upon her bed, Sunset was writing a message to Princess Twilight in her journal, "Dear Princess Twilight, I thought you'd be happy to hear that the girls and I were voted "Best Friends" in the yearbook today. After all, if you hadn't forgiven me, I'd still be the arrogant student I was when I left Equestria. You gave me the second chance I didn't deserve, and I'll never forget it. Your friend, Sunset Shimmer."

As Sunset was busy writing away in her journal, she didn't see several streams of magical energy flying through the air all around town. They all gathered around CHS, before being assimilated somewhere in the forest section in the back of the school.

The next day, Sunset who was still asleep suddenly sniffed the air and woke up, "What's that aroma?" she followed the smell out of her room which led her to her kitchen.

In the kitchen was Fugitoid who had something cooking on the stove, while he was mixing batter into a bowl. He looked at the cookbook before him, and spoke to himself, "Let's see... to make golden fluffy pancakes, needs flour, milk, and eggs. Mix thoroughly. Then, for golden yet moist potatoes, brown evenly. Oh, this'll be some yummy slop!" he said all giddy.

"Is something burning?" Sunset asked, as she walked over.

Fugitoid spoke to her excitedly, "Good morning, Sunset Shimmer. Sleep well?"

"Oh! Good morning, Professor," she noticed what he was doing, "You're making me breakfast?"

"Yep. I figured I could use the practice since I no longer have the think-a-food machine anymore. Hope you like pancakes."

Sunset smiled and blushed, "Aw! You're so sweet."

"Well, I felt I should give something back since you've given me a home here." he answered.

"No problem." Sunset said, as she went to the table to wait.

Soon enough Fugitoid sat down a plate in front of her. On the plate were three golden brown flapjacks with some blueberries on one side, and hash browns on the other side, "Breakfast is served." he said.

"Wow. It all looks great," Sunset began, as she poured some maple syrup on the flapjacks and took a bite, "It tastes just as good too."

"I'm so glad to hear that." Fugitoid said happily.

"You know if you wanna learn more about cooking, you should talk to Pinkie Pie." Sunset suggested.

"I'll keep that in mind. Now eat up. We got a big day ahead of us." he reminded Sunset who continued to eat.

Later on, Sunset Shimmer and Fugitoid had arrived at the beach where a lot of people were gathered and having fun. Sunset sighed as a breeze blew past her, "Mm, this is a perfect day to be at the beach. Well, I'm gonna go get changed. Wait here, Fuge."

"No problem," Fugitoid answered, as Sunset went to one of the changing rooms, "I think it's time I got changed myself." he said to himself.

Sunset came back to the spot wearing her swimwear, and suddenly stopped and saw Fugitoid standing before her wearing swim trunks that were yellow with palm tree designs, "Professor? Why're you wearing trunks?"

"Well, if I'm going to be at the beach I might as well look the part," he explained, "Why does it look bad?" he wondered in concern.

Sunset giggled, "Not at all. You look good."

"Thank you," Fugitoid said, as he looked down at the beach seeing the Rainbooms, "Ah, there are the girls now. Why don't you go over? I'm going to check the snack bar and see what they have for you and the girls."

"Thanks, Fuge," Sunset said, as she hurried down to the Rainbooms, and saw a flying drone with a built in camera that was taking pictures of the girls. She hurried over, "Oh. Twilight, you got the Selfie Sensor working?" she posed for it, but the drone didn't snap a picture of her. Rather it flew to the Rainbooms and hid behind Twilight as if it were scared of Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer noticed the girls were looking at her concerned and confused, "O... kay. So, who's ready to take a "Best Friends" picture?" she asked only to receive no response, just more awkward looks, "Uh-oh. What did I do?" she asked rhetorically thinking this was some joke. The girls just looked at each other in confusion. Sunset not understanding the awkwardness between them tried to make another suggestion, "Should we do it now, or... did you wanna swim first? How's the water?"

"Sunset Shimmer? Askin' to be in our "Best Friends" picture? Heh. Now I've heard it all." Applejack said rudely.

"Am I missing the joke here?" Sunset asked in confusion.

"The only joke is whatever this is you're playing on us, acting all nice like you're our friend." Rarity answered completely brushing her off.

"And it's not funny!" Fluttershy added, while cowering behind Applejack.

"Because you aren't nice." Rainbow Dash accused.

"And we ain't friends." Applejack put in.

"Wait. What?!" Sunset asked in shock.

"You got applesauce in your ears? I said, we ain't fr— Whoa!" Applejack gasped, as Sunset Shimmer grabbed Applejack's arm to read her mind.

What she saw was not pretty. She saw all the good times with her was completely erased from Aplejack's memory. She wasn't there with the girls at Camp Everfree to save it from a magic powered Gloriosa, when the girls welcomed Human Twilight to CHS or when she gave Human Twilight the pep talk after defeating Midnight Sparkle at the Friendship Games. She didn't see herself involved in helping the Rainbooms defeat the Dazzlings at the Battle of the Bands, or during the Slumber Party Pinkie held prior to that.

But even worse was when she saw was there was no memory of her during the events with their ninja friends in New York and Outer Space.

Sunset Shimmer released Applejack's arm and was scared, "It's like I've been... erased!"

(Uh-oh. Something's caused the Rainbooms to lose their good memories of Sunset and think she's still bad. Sunset's going to need helping in figuring out why, and help is what she's gonna get.)