Hey everyone. This story was written for both Prompt of the Day and September Event: Back to School on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For the Prompt of the Day the task was to use the pairing of James/Regulus. For Back to School I used prompt 23. (scenario) getting into a romantic situation/relationship while at school. It's a lot more fluffier than my other slash/femslash stories are and there no warnings really unless you don't like slash pairings. So without further ado here is Nerves. I hope you all enjoy.

Lips brush against his and for a minute James Potter is confused why his best friend Sirius Black is kissing him. But the then the younger man pulls back almost tentatively and he knows that Sirius is never tentative about anything. That and Sirius is in a committed relationship with Marlene McKinnon.

"I...I..." Regulus wants to say something anyone can tell this but something makes stop.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asks motioning the younger Black brother to sit.

Regulus blushes a pretty shade of pink at this. He shuffles his feet nervously as he sits next to James Potter fidgeting with his hands not knowing where to begin. Because how do you tell your brother's best friend you have feeling for him without things getting weird?

"So," James doesn't know where to begin talking to Sirius' brother. The younger looks about ready to burst if he doesn't say what's on his mind but he also doesn't seem to be very forthcoming.

"IthinkIlikeyou," Regulus rushes out and want to slap himself so hard because it sounds like one word.

"What?" James asks looking at Regulus confused. "You might want to slow that one down, Reg."

It's more than Regulus can bear hearing his brother's nickname for him coming out of James Potter's mouth. He can't help his eyes from longingly dropping to James Potter's full lips. The short kiss they shared a few minutes ago wasn't enough for Regulus. He wanted more. He wanted James Potter to be his.

"I think I like you," he says it slower this time eyes still locked on James' lips. "It's alright if you don't like me back. I just had to get that out before someone else told you." Regulus begins to fidget nervously again afraid that he'll be rejected.

James blinks at him in shock. He didn't know that Regulus Black even knew he existed let alone had any sort of feelings for him. He really doesn't know how to handle this. Regulus is getting closer to him again. Feeling the gentle press of the younger boy's soft plump lips against his James can't help but wonder if he should give Regulus a shot. He's never been kissed as gently in his life before. He finds himself disappointed when the younger boy breaks the kiss.

"Maybe we could discuss this over drinks at the Three Broomstick?" James suggests trying a tactic he's only ever tried with Lily Evans.

Regulus bites his lip in a nervous manner and nods. "I'd like that," he says letting hope flow into his voice. "It's a date." He presses another gentle kiss to James Potter's lips before running off before Sirius can find him making out with his best friend.

James watches the younger boy leave with one thought on his mind. How was he going to break it Sirius that he was going on a date with Regulus this weekend?

I hope you all enjoyed this sweet little bit of fluff called Nerves.