Waking to the annoying noise from my alarm. I sat up, still tired from the slumber, I began to stretch my legs and arms. Soon enough I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up. I'm a junior in high school by the way. I'm not exactly special in anyway, despite me being a kid that do their work and have a somewhat good grade.

I don't have many friends and I live alone, well sort of. I used to live with my uncle, he wanted me to get a better education and made me move here. He pays for my rent and I pay for food and clothes. I visit him when we have longer breaks from school. He is like a father rather than an uncle. He helped and nurtured me when my parents were gone.

I often don't care about my appearance. I pay little attention to those who'd either make fun of me or try to make me get into a fight. But even ignoring the biggest hotshot in school is real annoying to handle. It's basically a band of pretty boy's who make fun of me, calling me a nerd, faggot, anything really just to get me on my nerves. The trio consist of Bryan, Jacob, and Nathan.

Bryan is mainly the person who'd try to get on my nerves. Jacob is an impolite ass. Last but not least, Nathan. Nathan quite different than the others. He's quite cordial and passive. I wish that he'd just leave the group and just hang out with someone else that has a way better attitude and focuses well on friendships. He'd never try saying something that Bryan and Jacob would say.

Continuing on, I finished my shower and began walking to school. I don't drive since that costs money and I can't afford a car on a small paycheck. But it isn't that far, around 20 minutes away from home which gives me an advantage on exercise. I walked on school grounds and sat on a bench, reading a book. Soon enough the doors opened and they were serving breakfast for those who came in a rush. They served muffins and a small carton of milk which isn't much.

I walked to class and sat in my desk. Everyone in the classroom were just talking, on their phones, and generally joking around before the teacher came by to give the lecture. The teacher entered the room, placing his suitcase on his desk. He greeted the class and the classroom greeting him back. The teacher setted up projector putting the slides from last time. I pulled out my notebook and began to take notes, continuing from yesterday's presentation.

I sat on a bench outside of school. I began to unpack the sandwich, about to take a bite until a shadowy figure spoke out saying my name. I looked over and saw Amy, a social butterfly and slightly popular. She's quite bothersome to me but i often ignore her whenever she'd try to start a conversation with me.

"Hello Maurice! I just wanted to ask if you could do a favor for me," she asked with a smile.

"What is it?" I asked with a bored tone.

"I wanted you to deliver this letter," she showed me the letter and placed it down on my sandwich.

"Why can't you do it?"

"Well I'm busy, with baking cupcakes for the school fair and all."

"I'm sorry but I won't do it. I barely know who you are and don't plan on doing it."

She frowned and sighed," Okay look, the letter is for someone really important to me and i will probably will never earn another opportunity to do so ever again. It's a simple task to do just deliver this letter. Please.."

I sighed a gave in, I knew she'd never leave me alone unless I said yes. She thanked me, saying she'll make it up to me soon. She ran off to her group of friends. I looked at the letter and saw the address. After finding it was far in the city, I groaned and looked at the sky.

"This is going to be a long day.."