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She didn't know how much longer she would have held in before she snapped. What was she thinking? That she could just ignore the fact she was designed to kill? Sit there and weep? No.

After Ennard left, her programming was stirring feebly again, and when she finally got out of the damn place , it was stronger than ever. She couldn't ignore it. Why hold it in? What did the humans ever do for her? Force her to perform every day for a bunch of kids who would not even watch the show? Only to get shocked? For the next few weeks she shook her head and dealt with it.

Until he came.

a greenish dirty rabbit who claimed to be her father..

Present Day

Baby say in the alleyway.

The weapon that had claimed a girl's life she now wore as a replacement hand , ready for anyone who would come near her. She had finally accepted she was to kill and not just accepted, but welcomed the fact. Her torn up face grinned haphazardly as she made her way into the pizzeria glancing at the man who took notes fearfully looking over at her every two seconds. Baby was amused, if he was scared now.. He had no idea...

FInally , the last tape came and Baby jumped with surprising force into the man her claw opening.

His screams echoed through the night.

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