The Akatsuki Village Story is continuing because I need to fill this void of writing. I've been thinking on doing short stories and not a full fledge one because my mind can't take it. At the end of this, I'll do a summary on how the village started, the history of my original characters, etc, but I want to keep some things out because some of them will be in the stories. Hence why it's called a summary. Anyway, I wanted to keep this short so I can get started on a story. Hope you guys will enjoy!

Story of the village:

The Akatsuki wanted to be hidden from the world and the other villages as they thought they were criminals. So, they set out and found a good place for them to use. A year went by and all them saw that the village they had built was far bigger then they had imagined. They slowly let people who had no where else to turn to and been exiled to come in, but soon others started to suspect something. The original members had turned to the only daughter of Orchimaru and she had managed to conceal the whole village from outsiders. The only way to enter is if a guard comes out and sees that you had lost everything or just a loner that doesn't want to be bothered. As years drug on, the village was at peace.

My characters:

Rina Vidranna Taison Vidranna. Jiraya ? Lyon Akori Tori Akori

Kodda Vidranna Rai Vidranna Orichmaru Forrest Sarah Victor Akori

Jenji Soma Candis Akiko Akiko

Vidranna Vidranna Vidranna

A/N I know this is awkward, but I tried. Um, Forrest had Candis and Soma by Orchimaru and that's why their names are bolded and not underlined. :)

Rai and Forrest are husband and wife and they did have a son together named Jenji and in my stories, Candis is married and have two little ones, but that's a story for another day. If you have any questions about this, go to my Deviant Art page. Username is AnnatheHexgrove.