"Ruby, I don't think you should be hanging out with your friends as much," Yang said, looking down at her rather rotund sister as the pair spoke. The courtyard was quiet at this time of afternoon, other than the two sisters and their discussion.

"Hey, I thought you wanted me to meet new people here at Beacon. Heck, I live in the same room as some of them. Why can't I meet up with them?" Ruby asked, a touch incredulous.

"Ruby, I just think your friends might be a bad influence on you," Yang said, her eyes drifting down to Ruby's belly that stretched the black fabric of her outfit, a much larger outfit than the one she first arrived at Beacon Academy with. Ruby scrunched her face, trying to figure out what Yang meant.

"I can't think of anything that bad they did. It not like I'm drinking or doing drugs or stuff," Ruby thought out loud.

"That's not what I meant. I was talking more about this thing," Yang explained, pointing to Ruby's round belly. To make herself absolutely clear, she grabbed two big handfuls of belly fat and shook them, making Ruby wobble like jelly.

"Hehehe, that tickles," Ruby said through giggles as she let Yang keep going. Yang let Ruby's belly go, leaving it to jiggle on its own for a moment or two longer.

"C'mon, you have to know this was because of them. You were tiny when you got to Beacon, then you start hanging out with them all the time and you get huge," Yang exclaimed, trying her best to rein in her exasperation.

"Oh, that's what you meant? Yeah, I think I know how that happened..."

"Uh, Weiss, are you sure we need to order that much food?" Ruby asked, idly fidgeting in her chair. Ruby couldn't help but feel out of place at any sort of restaurant, let alone one like the establishment that Weiss had brought her to.

"If it was anyone else, I would say no, but I cannot believe that you've never had Atlesian cuisine before and that is a tragedy that needs to be resolved by having you try as much as possible," Weiss explained as she sat, prim and proper, in her chair.

"Yeah, but we ordered, like, a quarter of the menu and that's only the main meal," a confused Ruby near exclaimed.

"Yes, but we're sharing them, and also Atlesian cuisine traditionally has very small…" Before Weiss could finish, a trolley rolled up to the pair's table. The pair saw three hefty dishes, all of which made full use of the large plates that they came on. The waiter quickly placed them on the table, each of them making a solid thud as they hit the table. Then, as quick as he arrived the waiter was gone, leaving the stunned girls with their massive mountains of food.

"Uh, what were you going to say, Weiss?" Ruby asked, her attention fixed to the massive and hearty meals in front of her.

"I don't think this is traditional Atlesian cuisine," Weiss said, sounding almost disheartened, as well as somewhat concerned. "Maybe we should go elsewhere."

"No, we don't need to," Ruby quickly piped up. "We don't need to make a fuss, I'll definitely eat this. I mean, it smells really good, so why don't we try it. We can go somewhere else next time," she added as she picked up her fork and began digging in.

An hour and an incredibly stuffed belly later, Ruby was leant back in her chair, her waist cincher almost completely undone to allow for her heavily bloated belly to have some well needed room. Ruby was rubbing her aching belly with one hand and stifling small burps with another. Weiss sat across from her, her flustered face taking on a red tinge.

"I-I can't believe you managed to eat all of that! You're practically skin and bone! How can you have an appetite like that?!" Weiss asked, louder than the social decorum of the establishment preferred, judging by the moment of awkward silence.

"I don't know," Ruby groaned. "The food was so good though, I won't say no if you wanna do it again and pay for it," she added with more of a moan that a groan.

"We must do it again. There is so much Atlesian culture and cuisine that you need to try, and I'll be sure to help you try it all," Weiss said, probably a little too excited for someone innocently trying to introduce a friend to her culture. Still, Ruby was more than happy for Weiss to enthusiastically introduce her to her culture.

"Aw, Blake, you didn't have to bring cookies," Ruby said sweetly, trying her best to tug her pyjama top down and hold it over the hint of pudge that was beginning to form around her midsection.

"I felt like it would be rude to ask for your help and not reward you for it," Blake explained, her eyes flicking between Ruby's eyes and the beginnings of a belly that Ruby was trying to hide. A decently sized bag of cookies and a well-used notebook sat next to Blake, dressed in her normal

"Well, it's still really nice of you to do this," Ruby said with a beaming smile as she sat next to Blake on her bottom bunk. "So, what's this thing you're writing?"

"Well, it's just a plan at the moment, but it's going to be about two women going against their restaurant-owning families and open their own place together. It's about their coming of age and friendship while dealing with the difficulties in their life," Blake said sheepishly as she handed Ruby the notebook. Ruby nodded as she cracked open the bag of cookies and began perusing Blake's notes.

The pair sat in silence, an anxious one for Blake and a comfortable one for Ruby. Ruby finished with the notebook at about the same time she absentmindedly pawed at the bottom of the now empty bag. That was when her fullness finally hit her. Her stomach began a dull ache as Ruby's stomach was packed to near capacity. Ruby tried her best to act like nothing was wrong, but Blake could immediately tell. Blake's cheeks picked up a faint dusting of a red blush as she saw Ruby's round little belly poke out from the bottom of Ruby's top. She fought the urge to keep looking and looked up at Ruby, who was blushing just as hard as Blake, the embarrassment of being unable to conceal her belly getting to her.

"S-So, uh, what did you think?" Blake asked nervously, trying her hardest to look at Ruby's face. When doing that made Blake notice how soft Ruby's jawline was now, she moved her focus to Ruby's eyes before her head was taken over by distracting trains of thought.

"I don't know all that much about restaurants, even with Weiss taking me to one every few days…" Ruby answered, trailing off towards the end as she absentmindedly rubbed her belly. Blake perked up, and silently forced herself to focus on the writing, not the food Ruby was probably eating or the effect it was having on Ruby's body.

"I'm not an expert on those either, so I would appreciate the help. I can pay in more cookies," Blake replied. "I can also get more cookies for you when you read drafts and similar things."

"Sounds fun to me," Ruby said with a cheery smile, hoping that this didn't get too out of control.

Ruby was very conflicted as she sat in Team JNPR's dorm room. On the one hand, she was regretting agreeing to help Jaune test out his cooking. With the regular restaurant trips with Weiss, with more than enough food being ordered for her, as well as plenty of cookie payments from Blake, Ruby was looking a fair bit chubbier than she was at the start of her time at Beacon. It was getting to the point where she would suck her stomach in almost all the time just so her belly would look like it used to and so her cincher wouldn't squeeze too tightly, as she was doing right now as she sat and waited on Jaune. The food was what was creating the internal conflict, as the food that Weiss ordered for her was always amazing, and Blake's cookies were borderline addictive. It was only made worse as a delicious smell drifted into the dorm, almost certainly from Jaune's cooking. That suspicion was confirmed when Jaune strolled in, a big glass serving dish filled with a hearty cottage pie in his oven mitts. That set off a hungry rumble in Ruby's stomach, despite the generous breakfast Ruby had had not too long ago.

"Phew, didn't burn it," Jaune said hopefully. "Yeah, so this is my family's recipe that they pass down to their kids, and I've never gotten a chance to make it, so I really need you to be honest with me and tell me if it needs work." Ruby's eyes went wide as Jaune set down the dish, as the pie looked like it would serve an entire family and then some.

"Uh, Jaune, is it meant to be this big?" Ruby asked sheepishly. Jaune raised an eyebrow, before pulling the recipe from his pocket and studying it again. After a moment long enough for Ruby to bathe in the intoxicating aroma of the pie, Jaune put his face in his hand.

"It serves six, this is way too much for you," Jaune said, embarrassed and anguished.

"No, wait, hey, I can eat this, or maybe some of it. I'm kind of a big eater these days, even if I don't really try to be," Ruby reassured quickly.

"Hey, you don't have to if you don't want to. Don't overfill yourself just because I made food. I already learned that one the hard way," Jaune warned. Before he could carry one, Ruby was already motoring through the pie.

"Mmm, this is pretty good," Ruby said through a mouth full of pie. Jaune beamed with pride at Ruby's muffled words.

"Th-thanks," was all Jaune could get out as he spotted Ruby's belly filling out as she stopped sucking it in. Ruby's belly spilled over and under the cincher and pushed it loose as her belly grew fuller and fuller and larger and larger.

As Ruby forced the last of the pie into her mouth, her cincher managed to work itself undone, falling to the side. Ruby was more than happy to be rid of it, since it was just getting in the way nowadays. Ruby let out a loud burp as she rubbed her belly.

"Oh yeah, that was some good pie," Ruby near moaned. Jaune's face went bright red as he held his mitts over his crotch for absolutely normal reasons and he definitely wasn't hiding anything.

"Oh, uh, coolcoolcool. Hey, so, can you think of any improvements, maybe?" Jaune asked, trying to distract himself. Ruby thought long and hard before coming up with an idea.

"Maybe try do something unique and special with it. I mean, my dad's 'special recipe' for this soup he likes making is a recipe from a book his parents gave him that he just added stuff to," Ruby suggested, before letting out a groan as she shuffled in her chair to let herself lean back a little more and a little more comfortably. "If you need a taste tester, I'm usually free, just not right now because I am way too full."

"Alright, great!" Jaune said, his voice cracking slightly with not very well-hidden excitement. "I'll start coming up with new ideas now."

By now, Ruby had definitely reached the acceptance stage of being fat. Sucking it in didn't stop Ruby from being at least a little bit round, and it certainly wouldn't hide how much she had filled out pretty much everywhere. From her face to her thighs there was obviously a fair bit more pudge than there used to be. Ruby didn't let it get to her, after all she still had very loving friends, all the incredible food she could want, and she still kicked plenty of Grimm and people butt, no matter her size. She was probably luckier than most, since her classmates were mostly the sort of people to not bully her for it, and the few that did didn't want to bully her enough to risk provoking Yang Xiao Long. Of course, Ruby was only getting bigger with all of her regular food-based commitments. The Ruby Rose of a few months ago would definitely have turned down more, but when Pyrrha asked Ruby to come along with her to a dinner held by one of her sponsors, Ruby was more than happy to say yes. Pyrrha didn't even get a chance to offer to buy her a dress that fit and nice shoes that weren't 'lady stilts', but Pyrrha still made the offer and Ruby was well and truly sold.

Ruby probably felt even more out of place at the sponsor dinner than she felt even at the restaurants that Weiss brought her to, but she was here with Pyrrha and she was getting free food, so she was more than happy. She didn't fully realise what she had agreed to until she got a gentle tap on the shoulder.

"Ruby, I'm sorry, but could I put some of this on your plate?" Pyrrha asked in a barely audible whisper. Ruby raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"You don't want it? It's really nice," she said somewhat quietly after quickly swallowing the mouthful she nearly instantly snatched up. Weiss had made it very clear not to talk with her mouth full and that lesson stuck with Ruby, at least when she went anywhere nice.

"It is nice, but I can never eat very much at these events. I just don't feel comfortable like this," Pyrrha explained in her incredibly quite whisper. "Sorry for doing this to you, but…"

"Relax, it's fine," Ruby said with a dismissive wave, before giving her belly a pat. "This bad boy can fit so much food in it, I can totally fit yours."

"Thank you, so much," Pyrrha said, looking like a weight had lifted from her shoulder as she subtly slid most of her food on to Ruby's plate.

"Psh, this all I need to eat? This is easy for me," Ruby said confidently, looking at what she would consider a normal dinner for herself.

"There's more courses to come, and they are shockingly large courses. There is also the dessert that you'll need to finish for me," Pyrrha warned. "If you need to stop, please tell me."

"I'm sure I can handle it," Ruby said before digging in to her meal. Five courses for nearly two later and Ruby was feeling pretty full. She had been fuller, no doubt, but that was a long time ago before the regular mountains of food dramatically improved her stomach capacity. Ruby let out a long breath and rubbed her packed belly through the tight crimson dress.

"Are you okay, Ruby?" Pyrrha asked as she offered a hand to help Ruby up and out of her seat. Ruby nodded slowly.

"That was more than I expected. I thought fancy people food was all tiny food and fancy drawings with the sauce," Ruby said as she slowly and unsteadily rose to her feet. "Not that I'm complaining, more food is way better than stuff like that." The pair made their way out of the place, Pyrrha making just enough farewells to stay polite while still getting out quickly.

"That was much better with you here," Pyrrha said with a sigh of relief as she put an arm around Ruby's shoulders, bringing Ruby in close enough to just begin to sink into Ruby's soft side. "Would you like to come to more of these events? My sponsors seem to keep inviting me to these things, so this might go on for a while."

"If you keep paying for dresses my fat bod will fit in, I'll keep coming," Ruby said with a friendly smile.

Ruby's bountiful belly was on display as she sat at Team JNPR's breakfast table with Nora. Ruby was well and truly too big for her old pyjama top, but it was cute and she was starting to enjoy having her belly out, along with most of the other aspects of her new size. Having to get new pyjama pants, along with a lot of other clothes, wasn't one of those aspects, but it definitely helped Ruby focus on just how big she was getting now. Her size was only sort of going through her mind as she idly rubbed her hungry globe of a bare belly while her and Nora waited.

"Oh man, I'm so glad you're joining me for pancakes, Ruby!" Nora cheered. "Seriously, these pancakes Renny makes are super good and it's gotta be a crime to not share them. Plus, he can make all sorts of pancakes, strawberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, even bacon pancakes like from this show I watch…"

"I want all three of those things, and I want a lot of them," Ruby said, practically almost drooling at Nora's words. Nora leaned back and turned to the kitchen where Ren was cooking up a storm.

"You hear that, Ren?!" Nora said, probably louder than she needed to, since Ren was only on the other side of the room.

"Already made them," Ren responded as he plated up about two dozen pancakes. He brought two plates over with a dozen each, each plate having a variety of pancakes on offer.

"Thanks babe," Nora said, shooting finger guns at Ren, who took it with a gentle and warm smile. Ren quickly went back over to the kitchen as Ruby processed the interaction, thinking it over with a forkful of pancakes in her mouth.

"Wait, are you two a thing?" she asked carefully. "Like, a dating thing." Nora shrugged.

"Sorta. We're not, like, official or exclusive or anything, we just like each other," Nora said, her eyes flicking over to Ren as she talked and a soft smile hitting her face as she watched Ren pick up his own plate and walk over to join the girls. Ruby hummed in thought for a moment as she kept eating, before a dejected look hit her. She tried to quickly cover it up with a broad smile.

"Aw, that's cute," she said sweetly and completely honestly before the smile began to fade a little. "Not gonna lie, I am a little jealous. I doubt I'm gonna end up with a cutie to date, which I'm not super worried about, since everything else is pretty good with me, but it is still kind of a shame," she added, poking at her plate with her fork. Ruby looked down and saw that most of the pancakes were already gone, surprisingly enough, and she began to feel a comfortable and satisfying fullness as her hand instinctively went back to rubbing her exposed belly. "Oh, oops, I didn't notice how quickly I was eating. Heh."

"Hey, Ruby, don't beat yourself up over stuff like that," Nora said with a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "I'm pretty certain there's people out there that would love to date you, and, like, specifically you and not just a girl like you."

"Nora, I think you should make it more obvious," Ren suggested as he meandered his way through his breakfast.

"Make what more obvious?" Ruby asked, her confused face emphasising her chubby cheeks and generally round face. Nora took in a deep breath.

"Okay, I guess we're doing this," Nora said, sitting up nice and straight before looking Ruby straight in the eyes. "Alright, so here's some stuff you should know…"

"I'm sorry, what?!" Yang asked, nearly recoiling from Ruby's story.

"Yang, I'm almost an adult now, I can date if I want to," Ruby said, folding her arms.

"I… Well yeah, but six people at once?!"

"Hey, it's working pretty well at the moment," Ruby defended.

"Maybe a little too well," Yang responded under her breath, before letting out a sigh. "Look, Ruby, I'm just doing this as your concerned sister. I know how much being a huntress means to you, and I don't want this getting in the way of that." Ruby's eyes lit up.

"Oh, wait, that reminds me. I've got this sweet new move now that I'm big. Wanna see it?" Ruby asked excitedly. Yang raised a sceptical eyebrow.

"Alright, hit me with it," Yang accepted, moving into a more combat ready stance.

"Okay, here we go," Ruby said with a nod. "Speed!" She moved into a runner's starting position, aiming right at Yang. "And!" Yang put her arms up to try and block, the realisation dawning on her of what Ruby's move was going to be. "Weight!" Ruby shot like a cannon, launching directly at her sister. Yang took the hit and went flying through the air, tumbling as she flew back. She hit the concrete ground hard and rolled head over heels before eventually sliding to a stop. "Uh, Yang!? You okay?!" Ruby called out as she slowly jogged over to Yang, her body wobbling aggressively all the way. Yang sat up, still very dazed from the hit.

"Okay, I'll admit it, that was a good hit," Yang said slowly, getting up very carefully.

"So, does that mean you're not gonna worry about me being big?" Ruby asked quickly. There was a pause as Yang thought.

"Yeah, you can probably handle yourself. Just make sure you keep the weight low enough to keep the speed up. Won't be much of a hit if you're waddling at them," Yang said, sounding confused at her own advice. Ruby's stomach took the moment's quiet and filled it with a demanding rumble.

"Heh, guess that worked up an appetite for me," Ruby said with a smile as she patted her loud belly. "Thanks for the advice, sis! Now I gotta go get me some food. I wonder if anyone's free for a meal with me…"