Title: Bombshell

Rating: M

Chapter: 1

Fandom: Degrassi: The Next Generation

Summary: Bombshell (noun): one that is stunning, amazing, or devastating.

Comments: NA.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the idea.

Drew should have known he would get roped into helping set up the Degrassi Community High School Alumni event. He could never say no to an upcoming student politician like Tristan Milligan, who was much classier and more well-spoken than Drew had ever been even. At least, until someone else wrote him cues on large poster board.

Drew sighed heavily as he unfolded the umpteenth metal chair with a loud clanging sound. He looked up when he heard familiar voices talking nearby at one of the tables being set up. He recognized Holly J Sinclair and Tristan, but there was another person with them. A young woman with her back to him. She had blonde hair hanging in perfect ringlets around her shoulders. He saw her shrug her shoulders forward, curls flying, as the sound of her laughter rang through the air. He knew that laugh.

Drew stepped closer to get a better look at the bombshell across the room, trying to go unnoticed, but Tristan looked up at him.

"Drew. Torres." Tristan smiled, blushing slightly, as if he had been caught in the middle of a deep fantasy. "Thank you for putting out the chairs." He gestured to the women near him. "You know Holly J Sinclair. Clare Edwards."

Drew kept his eyes on the head of the blonde as she turned around to face him. She was smoothing out the length of her shock blue pencil skirt with her freehand, clutching a pen in the other. She tilted her head to the side with a warm smile, bangs falling in her eyes.

"Clare." Drew could only get out her name.

"Hi Drew." Clare looked up at him, tapping the pen in her hand against her hip. One of her nervous habits that always drove him crazy because it left him thinking about the soft feeling of her curves in his hands.

Holly J let out a chuckle at the tension lingering in the air, grasping Tristan's bicep to guide him away. "Tristan, you should show me the changes to the student council office."

"I already -"

"Tristan. Again."

Clare watched Holly J tug the current student council president away from them with a chuckle. She looked back up at Drew, pursing her lips together. "He, uh, has a lot to live up to, I guess. And Holly J hovering over his every move today."

Drew was just staring at her. He didn't remember it being so long or blonde at graduation, or even Imogen's graduation party a few days later.

"Drew…" He lifted his gaze to her concerned face. "Are you okay? You look like you're about to vomit." She took a step towards him, as if she could do something if he puked in front of her.

"I just didn't know you would be here today," Drew interjected. "I haven't seen you since…" He stopped talking when he realized where he had last seen her. She had been at Imogen's graduation party in the teeniest sundress, draped across Eli's body. They had both seemed be drunk or careless, maybe both, because they had been dry humping on the couch for everyone to see with their mouths all over each other.

Clare's face flushed red as she realized what he's thinking about, dropping her eyes to the gym floor. "Yeah, I was pretty graceless at Imogen's party. Just a couple, too many, drinks." She stuttered. The last time he had heard her stutter was right before he took her in the prop room, only a couple hundred feet from where they stood now.

"With Eli."

Clare grimaced. "Yeah. With Eli."

Drew lifted his head and looked around, asking, "Where is your punk ass boyfriend anyway?"

Clare shrugged. "Probably in New York, doing God knows what with I don't care whom." She didn't sound bitter or concerned by the matter. "Being not my boyfriend anymore."

Drew couldn't help himself as he grinned upon receiving the news. "So, you came alone?" he asked. Although, knowing Clare, she had probably already found a new boyfriend, or at least arm candy.

Clare shook her head, pointing past him, across the room, with her hand grasping the pen. "Jake came with me."

Drew craned his head around and saw Jake Martin in a plaid button-down and slacks. "You're dating your step-brother again?"

Clare let out a laugh, shaking her head. "What? Oh god. No. Fuck no." He felt an erotic jerk inside of him when he heard her cuss. She was almost doubled over from laughing when Drew turned back to her. "No. I couldn't find a date and Jake wanted to be here too. We just came together. Platonically."

Drew let out a breath he had been holding. He smiled. "Awesome."

A ringing filled the air and Clare pulled her phone out of a pocket in her blazer. She pursed her lips together, sighing. "This is Holly J. She probably needs me to help them." She started walking away swiftly, her heels clamoring against the floor loudly, as she answered her phone.

"Oh, okay. I'll -" He stopped babbling when he heard her speaking into the device.