A/N Hello again! hope you enjoy this first start of this new fict!This first part is mainly about setting the scene. It's a little different, however the two will meet... and drinking will occur.please enjoy!I do not own H.P, J.K Rowling does, im just borrowing her magical world temporarily haha!


A new wizarding drinking establishment opended it's doors once again.

The wizarding community had been aware of its exsistance for 3 months now.

However, this was not your average watering hole, figuratively speaking, prehaps this was the cause of the communities apparent reluctantcy.

This establishment was run in a peculiar manner, meaning that there was no place to order drinks exactly, or even any staff that anyone was aware of. Although to everyone's disbelief there had been no thieves or trouble, despite the pubs lack of apparent sucurity.

All was not as it seemed.

Which sparked controversy on the lack of tradition which usual pubs had, like being served at a bar by a bartender.

However when ordering a drink here, all one needed to do was, tap their wand on the table, state which beverage one wished to order, and wait approximately five seconds for your desired drink to simply appear on the table. As for payment? Well, each time a new customer or customers visited, a charmed piece of parchment arrives with the first drink or drinks ordered. For the parchment stated two things, the drink and the price. Each time a drink had been ordered it would simply appear on the parchment stating the grand total of the bill. When the customer wished to leave and pay, they would simply leave the correct money on the parchment, which would instantly disappear and customer would be free to leave.

Simple right?


Dispite the questioning of the safety of this peculiar pub. All opinions concerning the lack of security, were all infact mistaken. For this business was indeed one of the safest in wizarding Britain.

What many wizards were unaware of, was how much the place had been charmed and warded.

Whenever anybody ENTERED through the doorway, or at least attempted to. It was charmed to check two things.

1. If the witch or wizard was above the age of 18.

2. To detect if the customer had money.

If a customer, who was underaged, or had no money on their person, attempted to enter, they would simply be unable to enter the pub.

However when a customer wished to LEAVE, this same door had been charmed for exit. If a wizard or witch wished to leave and had not paid, or not paid the full amount. Upon exiting through said door the wizard would find themselves standing outside completely naked with their clothes on the floor and the exact amount owed, missing from their pockets.

Some might think the security charms were a tad exssesive.

But it worked.

Although not the most popular of all the drinking places, business was good, and those who came in respected the precautions.

Plus, the witches and wizards that graced the pub with their presence, didn't always enter for the unconventional service.

A few of them came in for the books.

As well as a pub, this place was practically a library where you can get drunk. Who would of thought some witches and wizards liked to curl up with a pint and book? More than one would think.

The atmosphere was calm, usually a little murmur of conversation could be heard, or sometimes even a flick of a page from one of the pubs many books, but mainly it was quiet.

Which was why the owner chose to have no staff to run the place.

Who needed an overbearing, annoyingly loud bartender clattering around all the time? However the pub wasn't left entirely unattended, if you wished to have a gander, the owner could be spotted each night, in a booth in the corner wearing a large cloak, nursing a pint of butterbeer with a candle and large stack of books.

The owner was glad the pub was not heaving each night, however the selected few that did cross the pubs threshold knew to respect the rules.

That's why if you ever wanted a pleasant, calm, atmosphere to drink, and prehaps a book to read, you came to the Slanted Book.

The Slanted Book was quiet most nights. That was the reason Severus Snape was pleased he stumbled across it upon accident (after a few firewhiskeys before hand). On his first time he came, the pub had only been open a week, and appeared to be the only person there. However Severus Snape, a man who very much enjoyed his privacy, became quite attached to this quirky establishment. He quickly made his frequent appearances apart of his weekly routine.

For the first 3 months Snape graced the Slanted Book with his presence. once a week, without fail, at exactly 9.57pm on the dot. No one knew exactly why he came in at that precise time on a Wednesday each week, or why he never took his cloak off to reveal his face.

He just did...

Well, he did until he started to become aware of the illusive pub owner's presence. Although his cloak was similar to the owners, Snapes mind started think about the other hooded figure. That's when his arrivals started to vairy.

And thus this story begins...