I like my girls just like I like my honey:

sweet; a little selfish

"TT, do you really need to go?" Cheryl asked and even though Toni was not facing her, but the closet, she knew the redhead was trying no to pout.

"I do, babe." The serpent answered "Jughead never calls for an emergency meeting without a reason."

Toni sensed Cheryl rolling her eyes and turned to her, having already found her jacket. As imagined, the redhead was dramatically laying on the bed, a pout on her pretty lips and those deer hazel eyes looking at Toni.

"What's the matter, Cher? You're never really bothered by my serpent meetings." Toni sat at the edge of the bed, taking a red curl in her hands. "Some would even say surprisingly so."

"I'm cool with the meetings." Cheryl stated, although she knew Toni didn't really need her approval. The fact that she was ok with her girlfriend's duties was just a bonus. A nice surprise, because Toni always thought that it would be the reason for uncountable fights, and they had yet to even bicker about it.

"Okay…?" She knew that wasn't all Cheryl wanted to say.

"But did the emergency meeting really have to be scheduled in our only free afternoon of the week?" The pout returned and the pink haired girl swore that if her girlfriend did that one more time she'd cancel her presence in the meeting to spend the rest of the day kissing those pouty lips.

She knew she couldn't do it, though. The serpents needed her, while her girlfriend was just currently needy.

"I know, honey." Toni saw the girl frown at the nickname, she hated that one "But I'll try to come back as soon as possible, okay?"

"-kay" Cheryl muttered, looking at her girlfriend who was toying with her hair.

Toni softly smiled and pecked Cheryl's forehead. As she leaned down to do so, the redhead wrapped her arms around her, making the latter lose her balance and fall on top her girl. The said girl giggled under her and Toni left a childish chuckle escape her lips.

"I really need to go, babe." Toni said after a while, noticing Cheryl had no intentions of letting her go.

"No!" Her girlfriend held tighter to the embrace as Toni tried to wiggle her way out.

Toni kissed her lips while laughing at her spoiled antics. Cheryl was usually really affectionate and clingy, and Toni would be lying if she said she didn't like it.

Every time Cheryl hugged her, or played with her hands, or even moved a little closer to her when they were surrounded by people - or even alone -, she would feel her heart flutter with pride.

The girl was still the HBIC, still gave everyone else sass, and was far from being a sweetheart. Only she wasn't that far and Toni was the only one to know that. She felt special because she knew how far Cheryl had come to act that way towards her - and how struggling it was everyday not to have an idea of which side of the redhead she would have to deal with in the beginning of their friendship/something more -, and how sweet she was when her attention was directed at Toni.

"Cher, I'm going to be late." Toni warned.

"Then don't go!" She saw her girlfriend smile and felt tempted to do that, but her family needed her.

"They need me there." Was the argument she used to try and convince Cheryl to let go.

"I need you too!" Cheryl whined.

"It's an emergency meeting, Cher. I'm sorry but they need me more." As the serpent was talking, she felt arms slowly letting go of her. She almost wanted them not to.

"It's not fair!" Cheryl protested when Toni stood up and walked to the door. "It's Wednesday. You're mine on Wednesdays!"

"Yours?" Toni asked, a small grin appearing on her lips "Possessive much?" She saw her girlfriend scoff and roll her eyes.

"You know what I mean."

"You mean I'm yours on Wednesdays?" The pink haired girl couldn't help but mock "Didn't you say I was yours last Saturday?"

"Don't be silly, TT. You're mine everyday." Toni raised an eyebrow and Cheryl continued "But I particularly hate to share you on Wednesdays."

Toni laughed and walked towards her girlfriend to kiss her, but careful not to be caught on her trap again.

"Possessive and selfish, huh?"

"Just a little." Cheryl, who was still laid on the bed, sat up to give her girlfriend a quick peck on her lips. "Just on Wednesdays."


"Besides, even if I were selfish every other day, you'd still like it." She teased.

"Would I?"

She would. Obviously.

"Obviously." The redhead smiled and pecked Toni's lips again, gently slapping her butt "Now go to that meeting of yours before I call that hobo you say it's your friend to cancel it in your behalf."

Toni just smiled and left the room. She knew damn well Cheryl would do that.

"I'll be back soon, honey." The serpent yelled from the stairs.

"Ugh! Not again with that ridiculous nickname." She heard her girlfriend yell from the bedroom and suppressed a laugh, rushing out of the house to meet her family.