Dragon Warriors

In Rise of the Warriors Part 1

Crystal Prep is a typical school with strict rules and schoolwork, and it has a dress code: all students wear reddish-purple blazers or vests, dark-blue ties or bow ties, and black shoes. Male students wear dark-blue slacks while female students wear reddish-purple tartan skirts. Students who show particular pride in their school call themselves Shadowbolts. In a classroom a bow with brown hair and blue eyes and wears a uniform and his name is Connor Nickell.

"O.k. class, tomorrow we take a field trip to Canterlot City Institute of Technology to see a real live portal and the professor needs your help to test it." She said. Until Connor got hit by a spitball and looked to the person who caused it Neon Lights and he glared at him. And Sunny Flare gave him a picture of himself wearing a dress while she snickered and so Connor gets payback.

Meanwhile during lunch Connor waited for the right moment to pull a prank on Sunny Flare, and he placed a whoopee cushion on the seat and she sat on it, and it ignited releasing chocolate pudding and it landed on Neon Lights' pants and everyone saw that which causes Connor to laugh.

"Oh man! I got you real good man!" laughed Connor.

"Are you insane pulling a stunt!" yelled Sunny Flare.

"Yeah, you ruined my pants!" yelled Neon Lights.

"Well you should've thought of that when you decided to become jerks." Said Connor and he walked away in delight and now this time Sunny Flare and Neon Lights are gonna get payback.

The next day Crystal Prep went to the Canterlot City Institute of Technology to see a portal.

Later everyone is at the showcase while the Crystal Prep students is back stage. And an old man appeared and his name is Professor Hilbert.

"Good day everyone! My name is Professor Hilbert and I specialized in unitology of planetary objects. And so without further adew I present to you… The gateway." He said. And the lights turned on revealing it to be a machine with a hole in the front and everyone saw it in amazement. "This device allows us to travel between dimensions with the rover to collect objects from the other world." He explained as he turned it on and the hole turned into a blue vortex and everyone clapped. And back at the stage Connor saw it in amazement as well. But the Crystal Prep students who are consist of Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, Sunny Flare, Neon Lights, Jet Set, Upper Crust, Fleur De Lis, Suri Polomare, Trenderhoof, and Royal Pin walked towards him.

"Hey Connor!" yelled Neon. "You've been a real pain since you got here." He said.

"What do you mean by that? I didn't do anything you just picked on me for no reason." Said Connor.

"That's because you just daydream and not paying attention to our classes and just being annoying." Said Sugarcoat.

"Yeah! You're disgracing the Shadowbolt name!" yelled Indigo Zap.

"Oh please, I don't care about its reputation. My family only took me here so I can get a better education." Explained Connor.

"Wow. I've never been to a backstage before." And to Connor's shock is a boy with blonde hair and his name is Owen Bzinak Connor Nickell's little brother.

"Owen, what are you doing here?" asked Connor.

"They've sneaked me in so I can see the thing too." Explained Owen.

"That's right man, and if they find out that you helped your brother sneak in here you'll be in trouble." Said Neon. "You are nothing but an outrage to society, a misfit, a loser, and that's all you'll ever be." He said and he pushed him while Owen is behind him lying down and Connor tripped backwards and landed on the machine and it causes it to short circuit much to everyone's shock. Connor screamed in pain and that did it, the machine exploded and once the smoke clears out the gateway is destroyed and Connor disappeared but what's left of him is dust. Connor Nickell is gone, or is he.

In a distant land called Eotis where magic and sorcery is, an epic battle was taking place for more and several hundred years between two countries, one of human and the other of Dark Elves. The monsters took advantage of their power and attacked. A call went out through the land to unite against them. The ones they attacked elected to enter an alliance with them, and built seven fortresses in the marches. There was a reason they rushed it. The high elves saw their goddess reborn. The high elf girl that she reincarnated into, pronounced holy by the church, predicted the fortress and the coming crisis sooner than anyone. Answering to the call of the elves, warriors from every nation assembled. With the full support of the church behind them, they quickly forged an alliance. The seven countries backing them quickly followed into their alliance.

In the forest a few men riding on their horses who are leaded by a man with brown hair, red eyes, and wears black clothing with gauntlets and the arms and legs, and has a scar on his left eyebrow and wears a left shoulder pad with a wolf symbol on it and his name is Vault leader of the mercenaries.

"Sir! I just saw a bright light coming from the east."

"Alright soldier, men forward." Ordered Vault.

"Yes, sir!" they yelled, and they went to the east side of the forest to see what the bright light is. And they finally reached the destination they saw Connor bring buried by leaves and he woke up he saw the forest.

"Where am I?" asked Connor.

"You're in a forest." Said Vault. "What's your name?" he asked.

"My name is Connor Nickell. What's your name." He said.

"I am Vault. Leader of the mercenaries and servant to Celestine." Said Vault.

"Who's Celestine?" asked Connor.

"All answers will be given shortly. Come with us, and you might want to put some clothes on." Said Vault. And Connor looked at himself and he blushed in embarrassment.

Meanwhile Vault took Connor who is wearing a new set of clothes to a kingdom. And once they're in a village everyone looked at Connor in confusion like he's a stranger in town. And once there inside a castle everyone looked at Connor in confusion too.

A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears a white and blue dress, with metal shoulder pads, and wears metal boots, and wears a white hair band, and her name is Alicia Arcturus.

A girl with pink hair and blue eyes, wears a tiara, and a white collar with jewelry on it, and wears a white dress with white gloves and a long pink dress, and wears pink slippers and her name is Prim Fiorire.

A girl with orange hair and pink eyes, wears a green hat, and a green cape with a tie, and wears bearskin, and wears long socks and brown boots and her name is Luu Luu.

A woman with red hair and red eyes, wears a black headband and black collar, and a red jacket with fur on the back of it, and wears black gloves and a black belt, and jeans and black boots and her name is Maya.

A woman with black hair and brown eyes, wears a Chinese tiara and a Chinese maiden dress and her name is Kaguya.

A woman with brown hair and blue eyes, wears a full-body armor with gold sticks on the waist, and her name is Claudia Levitane. And the trumpets have been blown and everyone bowed except for Connor who is confused, and then Vault shoved his head down to bow. And an elf arrived.

An elf with blonde hair, and green eyes, wears a leaf tiara, and a white robe with belt straps to each side of her waist, and wears gold jewelry on her arms and wrists, and wears Grecian shoes and her name is Celestine Lucullus.

"Arise my people, and young guest." Said Celestine, and they all arose. And she walked towards Connor. "Who are you, young one?" she asked.

"My name is Connor Nickel." Said Connor as he answered her question.

"Welcome Connor Nickell, to the land of Eostia." She said.

"Really I've never head of a land like that." Said Connor.

"What has brought you to our land?" she asked.

"Well a bunch of jerks pushed me and causes a portal to erupt and somehow, I landed in your world." Explain Connor which causes everyone to talk about it in concern.

"I see, then you are welcome to stay in the kingdom, Minister Beasely will Provide a room for you." Said Celestine. Then Beasely appeared.

"Beasely has brown eyes, and gray hair and a gray mustache, and wears a red hat, and a dark green shirt with dark-green drapes around his shoulders, and dark blue pants, and boots.

"Come I will show you to your room." Said Beasely. And then Connor followed Beasely to his room.

At dawn Connor heard some noises coming from outside, and so he opened a door and to his shock a flying creature saw him and breathed fire and Connor quickly closed the door.

"Dragons." Said Connor in shock. Then Vault opened the door and grabbed Connor.

"Come on Connor!' Vault yelled. And once they're outside the kingdom is being invaded by dragons from different species, and he saw a boy, and has yellow eyes, and black hair, and wears a prince outfit and his name is Prince William.

"William?!" A King snpped as he saw the boy who almost got roasted by a dragon. "What is he doing out aga-?! What are you doing out?! Get inside!" he said. And he slashed a dragon with his sword.

The King has blue eyes, and brown hair, and wears a king outfit, and his name is King Charles.

"What have we got?" Charles asked.

"Gronckles, Nadders, Zipplebacks. Oh, and Hicks saw a Monstrous Nightmare." Said the other knight as he told him. And then they made their way to a blacksmith shop where a man is waiting.

A man has red eyes, and gray hair, and a gray beard, and wears a brown armor pad which is being covered by a white silk, and wears a yellow kilt, and wears gauntlets on his arms and legs, and wears shoulder pads, and wears a cape draped down his shoulders, and his name is Grave Levantine.

"Nice of you to join in." said Grave.

"As usual Grave." Said Vault as he gave Connor a sword. "Do you know how to use this?" he asked.

"Only a wooden one." Said Connor.

"Then get the people to the shelters." Ordered Vault. Then Connor helped the people to the shelters with Maya.

"Hey kid! Do you know how to fend off those dragons?" asked Maya.

"I don't know." Said Connor. Then a Deadly Nadder appeared but Maya hit it with both of her swords.

"Don't worry kid. We can help you." She said with a smile on her face. Then William throw a bola at a Gronckle.

"Don't get this over your head your highness." Said Vault as he dodged a Zippleback's attack.

"Right, I just don't want to get anymore trouble." Said William. Then the others fired cannons to hit the dragons, and Luu Luu sliced a Nightmare with her axe.

"You Nightmares maybe tough, but I'm tougher." Said Luu Luu as she smirked. Then a bunch of female maiden warriors threw a net and trapped two Nadders, and Kaguya kicked a Gronckle. And then one of the mercenaries fired a cannon at a Nightmare and it got hit and it hit the building and the mercenary ran away from the roof that was about to crack. And then Connor saw a cannon and it's about to fall right on top of William.

"Look out!" yelled Connor, and he got him out of the way and the cannon fell down. And the dragons retreated and King Charles looked at eh rubble and fell down and revealed William.

"Sorry, Dad." Said William nervously. And then they saw a cannonball falling down and hit Connor's chest which causes him to fall down. Then two female knights helped Connor removed a cannonball from his chest.

"Are you alright?" asked the red haired knight.

"Yeah, I'm alright." Groaned Connor.

"Great work everyone, now go back to your homes." Said King Charles. And then the citizens went back to their homes.

"Vault!" yelled Maya.

"Yes." Said Vault.

"We need to call in a meeting about Connor Nickell." She said.

"What about him?" he asked.

"He needs to learn how to defend himself against those dragons." She said. And then Vault thinked about it.

"Very well I'll talk to Celestine about him." He said. While the two female knights helped him walk out his pain.

Meanwhile a meeting is being held by the Seven Princess Knights including Beasely, Grave, Vault, and Connor.

"Does this happen all the time?" asked Connor.

"No they only attack when they need food." Said Prim.

"And it's our job to make sure those dragons don't steal our food." Said Grave.

"Yeah, and also why is a kid in a meeting?" asked Connor, then Luu Lu jumped on the table and looked at Connor angrily with both of their noses together.

"That's because I'm a Halfling! We may have the appearance of children, but we are strong and also I am older! You know that don't you?!" yelled Luu Lu in anger.

"No." said Connor.

"Yes, and also Origa." Said Vault.

"Who's she?" asked Connor.

"She's a dark elf who's been at war against the nations for hundreds of years. That is why I found the Seven Princess Knights to end the war." Said Celestine.

"And that is why we decided to train you." Said Kaguya as she and the others smiled.

"But first, you must me baptized to become a holy knight." Said Celestine.

"Well I've never been baptized before." Said Connor as Vault poured a bowl of holy water in it.

"Don't worry it'll be quick." Said Vault and he pushed his head into the holy water completing the baptized.

The next morning Alicia is heading to Connor's room to start his training.

"Alright Connor time to wake u-" And what she saw in shock is Prim sleeping next to Connor, "I caught you red handed!" she yelled which causes the both of them to wake up and Connor saw Prim.

"Prim what are you doing here?" asked Connor in shock.

"I thought you would be comfortable to be sleep better." Said Prim.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you could sleep with me." He said.

"Silence, it's time for your training." Said Alicia as she dragged Connor out of his bed.

Meanwhile Connor is wearing training gear as he's prepared to start training.

"Remember. The sword is the symbol of your courage, do not force it, listen to it." Said Claudia.

"The weapon you use is powerful to destroy your enemy." Said Alicia. And Connor has now begin to concentrate on his weapon, until suddenly.

"Dragons!" The dragons have invaded the kingdom but they're not alone. Origa's army of ogres and goblins charged to attack with their generals.

"An ogre has red eyes, black hair, and wears rags, and uses a giant sword, and his name is General Gorg.

A goblin has yellow eyes, and his skin is red, and uses a sword, and his name is General Troox.

"Attack my soldiers! Attack!" ordered Gorg.

"Destroy the kingdom!" ordered Troox.

"What should I do?" asked Connor.

"Join with us." Said Claudia. And then they charged to attack, and then other soldiers began to fight the monsters, and Connor is fighting off some goblins.

"This is easier then I expected." Said Connor. But Troox tried to Slice him but Connor blocked it with his sword.

"It wont' be easy when you face Origa boy." Said Troox. While Connor was busy fighting Troox, Vault is busy fighting Gorg.

"Why risk your life trying to save this place?" asked Gorg.

"Because I never leave my friends behind." Said Vault as he smirked. And the mercenaries uses bow and arrows to fire the dragons.

"Fire!" and they fired their arrows at them and some of them fall down. While Alicia protects Prim from both the dragons, the ogres, and the goblins.

"Stay close to me Prim." Said Alicia.

"Yes Alicia." Said Prim. But then a Monstrous Nightmare saw Connor and he lunged to attack him, and Connor saw it and braced himself. And that did it the dragon lunged on top of him.

"Connor!" yelled Vault in shock. And then Vault, Grave, and the Princess Knight both formed a circle and raised their swords.

"Scream crash!" yelled Vault, and the clashed their swords onto the ground which causes a loud noise, it's so loud the dragons became dizzy and they retreated in a dazed form.

"Soldiers! Retreat!" ordered Gorg, and the monsters retreated and the soldiers cheered in triumphant. And some of the warriors saw the dragon that lunged at Connor, but somehow it started to move and they braced themselves but the dragon didn't move, it was Connor trying to get the Nightmare off of him while the dragon lie down lifeless and the soldiers cheered at him.

"Free cheers for Connor Nickell!" yelled Beasely, and the soldiers cheered loudly for his braveness.

Meanwhile at a crystallized castle, the generals have failed their mission on destroying the kingdom.

A dark elf with red eyes, and blonde hair with a side ponytail, wears a dark-blue full-body shirt with a hole on top of her chest, and wears dark-blue stockings and wears brown gloves and boots, and wears a black cloak on her right shoulder, and her name is Chloe.

A dark elf with yellow eyes, and black hair, wears a pink tiara, wears a full-body shirt except her shoulders, and wears purple sleeves on her arms, and wears stockings, and wears heels and holds a staff, and wears a black cape on her shoulders, and her name is Origa Discordia.

"So you have failed on destroying the kingdom." Said Origa.

"Yes. Forgive us your highness." Said Gorg.

"And once we attack again, we won't fail." Said Troox.

"Yes as you always do it repeatedly." Said Chloe.

"But that's not all. A boy we have never seen before fought along side the warriors for Celestine." Said Gorg. Then Origa just smiled.

"A boy you say? Well once we fight Celestine, I shall meet him." Said Origa as she smiled evilly.

To Be Continued