Lincoln and Lynn were both having a foam bat battle. Lynn, more trained with a baseball bat than Lincoln, was getting good hits, yet Lincoln was determined to claim victory. "Well, are you struggling yet?" Lynn asks tauntingly. "No, are you?" Lincoln replies with a smirk. With well aimed swing he knocks Lynn onto her feel. She brakes the fall on the way down, but she left herself exposed. Lincoln tries to take the advantage, however Lynn was too quick and easily gets to her feet. "Well, well ,well," She continues, "You got some tricks up your sleeve."

"Oh you have no idea."

"Really now?"

"Oh you bet." Lincoln suddenly darts for the stairs, taking Lynn by surprise. Lynn begins to pursue her brother up the stairs bent on taking him down once and for all. About halfway up the stairs, Lincoln once again does something that takes Lynn off guard. Lincoln snaps around and leaps for the bottom of the stairs, Lynn watches in amazement. She could only watch as Lincoln lunged over her and lands feet first at the bottom. Lincoln does a complete 180 at the bottom to confront Lynn.

Lynn leaps down to again engage the boy in a head to head fight. Lincoln raises his 'Sword' to get ready for the oncoming train, known as Lynn. She becomes very aggressive, trying to strike as opportunity allows. Lincoln was able to anticipate the attack and easily dodges. Lynn swings and thrashes, trying to get at least one hit, Lincoln evades them all. The attacks, despite Lincoln dodging them, were pushing him further and further backwards towards Lisa's lab. The two warriors finally reach the door, Lincoln begins to squeeze himself against the door to evade the bat. Lincoln watches as Lynn charges up her swing and, guessing when she was about to strike, dives away from the area of impact.

Lynn's bat flies over his head and hits the door to the lab with extreme force. The force put into the bat was so great that after hitting the door, the force was deflected and launched the bat out of her hands. Lincoln takes the opportunity and corners Lynn with the bat pointing at her. "Checkmate!" Lincoln yells to make sure Lynn heard him. Lynn then raises her hands in the air to show that she was unarmed. "Aw man." she says in disappointment.

They both begin hearing noises next to them as if a pressure chamber was begin pressurized and again, the door then opens to the control center of Lisa's lab. Lana, who had been watching the battle from the couch had gotten curious along with the others and walk into the Lab. Lana zooms past the other two in a sudden frenzy to see what was inside and is amazed by all of the computers and science equipment. "Wow! So much stuff!" Lana exclaims. "Don't touch anything!" Lincoln commands. Lana seems to ignore as she begins touching buttons on a massive computer. She presses all the buttons on one computer, then moves to the next, acting as some sorf of specialist. Lana reaches the central computer and mashes the keyboard. From the commotion, Lana hits the power button. A sound as if a house was being powered again from a blackout begins to emit from the machine.