"Ok Linc, the jig is up." Lynn said believing he was playing a game. Lincoln however continued to cruch up. Lynn was becoming annoyed and began to yell at him. "Lincoln! Knock it off!" Lincoln again continued to roll together. Lynn then kicks him in the back, no response. She smacks him in the mouth, again nothing. Lynn decided to try for the sweat spot, she then kicks him dead on in the crotch, Lincoln still didn't react. Lynn was beginning to become more and more worried.

Lynn then looks at the door to the lab, just in time to see Leni storming in. "Guys!" she exclaimed "How is there thunder, with no storm?" Leni then looks over to Lynn, "What's wrong?" Lynn's face had shown that something was worrying her. Lynn looks towards Lincoln, Leni's eyes follow. "Lincoln?" Leni begins asking, Lincoln still didn't respond. Leni begins to run over towards Lincoln for any sign of a response. Lincoln continues to cruch into his ball. Leni moves towards the area of where she should be in sight of his eyes. To see if anything would budge, she waves her hand in front of him. Lincoln still wouldn't move, his eyes wouldn't even flicker.

"Lori can you help me with this?" Leni calls out. "One second!" Lori responds from a distance. It doesn't take long for Lori to come walking into the Lab. "Why are you guys in here?" Lori doesn't notice Lincoln behind Leni. "What's the matter Leni?" Lori asks out of curiosity. Leni turns around to reveal Lincoln laying on the floor. Lori quickly knows something is wrong, Lincoln wouldn't normally be laying of the floor, especially not in Lisa's lab. "Lincoln, what's wrong?" she calls out. Lincoln again doesn't react. Lori decides, when all else fails to use her 'parent voice'. Lori had developed this voice over years of family discipline. Lori begins by putting all the air in her chest and begins to let loose. "Lincoln Loud! Get the hell up before I come over there and do it for you, and you don't want me to do it!" Lincoln again, layed on the floor balling up.

Lori begins to stomp over to Lincoln, trying to make him think he did something wrong. Lincoln, whenever he heard Lori stomping, even if he was asleep, would jolt awake to prepare himself for the storm. This time, however, Lincoln continued to lay there. Lori began to worry.

Lori slaps Lincoln on the butt, he continued to not respond. "Lincoln?" Lori again said, yet with more fear in her voice. "Lynn!" Lori suddenly snaps. "What happened, and I want every detail!" Lynn stands there, worried look on her face grows. "WHAT?" Lori again snaps.

Lynn begins to speak, "I-i-i don't know, we just were playing with the bats and then the door opened. We all walked in and Lan began to mess with stuff. Lana grabbed something from the cabinet the stuck it over there on that heater. Something began catch fire in the bottle, then it was shooting flames from it. All I saw was a bright flash, a loud bang, then I was sent hurtling across the room." Lynn proceeds to walk over to where Lincoln stood before the explosion. "Here he stood, covering Lana from the blast." Lori eyes show horror after piercing the story together. Leni comes over to inspect and notices Lori's facial expression. "What's the matter sis?"

"Get an ambulance NOW!"