Dragon Ball Super: Misery (Short Story)

This story starts after Majin Buu killed everyone on Earth. Using the Namekian Dragon Balls everyone but a few were restored to life. To 18's heartbreak and utter depression. Krillin was not restored and now she was a single parent. One year has passed and she is not doing well. Her love of her life was gone, she is lonely and desperate. All she has is her Daughter, Marrion. At the same time; Videl and Gohan have a tremendous fight. Her father demanding that she was too young to be with Gohan and to his dismay she agreed. Stating that until they both were older they should not see each other. So to clear his mind he just took off. To travel and see the world.

East City: Home of 18 and Marrion

Laying in the large queen sized bed, 18 opened her eyes to look over at the bare spot next to her. The place that Krillin should be occupying but wasn't. She missed him the most at night, when they would have sex long until the night. Putting her hand out she touched what would be his pillow and closed her eyes. Wishing for just one night, wondering why she could not have just one night more with him besides her. It had been a year and she felt alone. Sure there was Marrion, about the only reason 18 was able to carry on. But at night she was alone and feeling his lose. As the daylight crested through her window, she sat up. The Vibrator fell to the floor with a thud and she just left it there. Staring down at it she frowned, it was never the same. It gave her an orgasm or two, but it was not the same as having the real thing. Standing she pulled her robe on and kicked the fake penis under the bed. She did not want Marrion to accidentally see it and ask her what it was. The one bright spot that came from that whole fiasco with Majin Buu was the deal she made with Hercule Satan. With ten Million Dollars she had the means to take care of her and Krillin's daughter without staying with that pervert Master Roshi. Exhaling she went to the kitchen and started breakfast.

At the same moment; Gohan unzipped his sleeping bag and climbed out from his tent. Going to the small campfire he used a finger to focus a beam of Ke energy to restart the fire and boil his morning coffee. Running a hand over the stubble of his beard he exhaled. He had been traveling for the past three months and still did not know where he was going or what he was going to do. Three months after Videl ripped out his heart. "Hercule Satan you asshole!" Gohan said as he poured his morning brew. Drinking it. Pulling his cell phone from his pocket he saw Videl had called him three times since yesterday and left four text messages. Not reading any of them he erased them along with the voice messages. "Fuck you Videl!" He said as he moved to the other call. It was from Bulma. Touching the voicemail her voice came clear over his phone.

"Gohan, could you while you are out and about go check in on 18. I do not think she is doing well and I think she needs someone to visit her. Perhaps cheer her up. Thanks." The message ended and Gohan exhaled. Grimacing as he put the phone away. He was not far from East City. An hour by flight or seven hours walking. He only flew when absolutely necessary and this was not one of those times. Standing he began to pack his tent and sleeping bag. Hoisting them easily on his back. It did not take seven hours as he predicted, only five and a half. Walking into the cul-de-sac of houses, he checked the numbers and finally arrived at the one story house with the numbers 18 on the door. Giving a slight chuckle he opened the gate and walked up to the door. Ringing the doorbell. When 18 opened it he saw that she was not doing well. Wearing an old pair of sweats and her hair a mess she looked up at Gohan not recognizing him.

"Hello 18, its me Gohan." He said to her and her eyes widened slightly. "I know I look kind of haggard and rough." 18 smiled and nodded. Then returned to not smiling at all. Instead she stepped forward and hugged him. Putting her arms around his waist. Then released him and stepped back.

"Come in." She said with barely any enthusiasm. Allowing him to enter. She then wrinkled her nose and smirked. "Geez, I know you are traveling around, but you need a shower and perhaps shave off the fur." Gohan turned and saw her smirk and he smiled. Then bent slightly and sniffed himself. "Why don't you go take a shower and leave your clothes outside the door and I will wash them. Krillin's razor is in the cabinet. I would suggest losing the beard as well." She ordered him as he shrugged.

"Why not? Thanks 18." Gohan said as 18 pointed him towards the Bathroom.

"After we can sit and talk. That is why you are here, right. Bulma sent you to check on me, perhaps cheer me up." 18 said accusingly as Gohan nodded, walking to the Bathroom. Taking his musky clothes off, he dropped them outside the door. Including his underwear. Then turned on the shower and soon was scrubbing the month old grim and sweat off his body. The last time he bathed was in a river and he was sure that it was not as thorough as this was going to be. 18 stood at the bathroom door a minute, looking down at the dirty clothes. Her heart was beating in her chest as she stared at the closed door. Inside was a young man, naked. She closed her eyes and tried to picture it. His sinewy muscled body, his firm arms and finally his rock hard manhood. She licked her lips and exhaled. Then reaching down she picked up his clothes and took them to the washing machine. Adding triple the amount of Laundry Soap and started the washer. Deciding to run it twice as long. Returning to her bedroom she looked at herself in the mirror. "Gods I look worse than he did. Brushing out her hair, she then pulled the sweats off and put on a clean shirt and pants. Keeping her socks on. Looking more like a woman, she stepped out and went to sit on the couch. They could talk uninterrupted for at least another two hours. Marrion was still taking a nap.

When Gohan stepped out of the bathroom, he only wore a robe that barely reached his knees. Seeing 18 he smiled again. She no longer looked so messy or unattractive, wearing her tight blue jeans and white T-shirt. She sat on the couch with her ankles crossed and when she saw him she smiled. Then patted the cushion next to her. Indicating for him to join her. Sitting next to her. "Would you like something? A drink or some food?" She asked gesturing to the kitchen. Gohan shook his head.

"Maybe later. Bulma just asked me to come by to make sure you are okay. I know it has been hard on you without Krillin. He was one of my best friends but I cannot imagine how his death has effected you." Gohan said as 18 looked over at him. She wanted to tell him that she felt so lonely, that she missed him most at night when she needed someone to hold her and have sex with her. Instead she shook her head.

"I am coping with it." She stated then looked down at her feet, glancing at his robe covered pelvis. Trying not to think what he would feel like inside her. She swallowed back the thought and exhaled. "I miss him, but I can't let it consume me. Marrion needs her mother." Her next words were silent. "And I need someone to fill me and drive my loneliness away." They talked little more after that and when the buzzer on the Washer went off, she stood and added another triple amount of Soap and started it washing again. Returning. "I am washing your things twice. Oh you look much better without the face fur." Retaking her seat she looked over at him. "It seems that you are not coping that well either. I heard Videl left you." She saw his jawline become firm.

"Yes, she listened to her asshole father and believes that we let the situation with Majin Buu bring emotions that normally would take longer to form. She wants to be apart for awhile and see if those emotions are true or not. I suspect her father just does not want his baby girl to be with anyone." Gohan said in a seething voice. Then he exhaled and tried to smile. "I needed to clear my head so I just took off." They continued to talk, until 18 went to wake Marrion up. Bringing her daughter out to once again meet Gohan. The little girl smiled up at him.

"Are you here to make mommy happy again?" Marrion asked innocently as she glanced back at 18. "Mommy has been so unhappy for so long." Gohan could not help but give a short chuckle. Wondering if he had been like that before being kidnapped by his uncle then taken by Piccolo to train.

"I am trying." Gohan told her as he looked up at 18 who rolled her eyes and nodded. After another hour of telling Marrion stories about her father, it was nearing dusk and he decided that he better go find an appropriate campsite out in the woods. "Well I better get going. It is getting late and I need to find a place to stay before moving on in the morning." 18 frowned slightly then took his right hand, holding it lightly.

"Ridiculous, you can stay here tonight. We have a guest room and then you can start out tomorrow." 18 declared as she went to get his now clean clothes. Returning with them and giving them to him. "First dinner, I suggest you put some clothes on." Neither of them had noticed that Gohan still was only wearing a bathrobe. Nodding with a smile.

"Alright. Thank you, I accept." Gohan took his clothes and went back to the bathroom to get dressed. 18 watched him go and felt her heart hammer within her. Then as soon as he was out of sight she looked down at Marrion.

"So do you want to help Mommy with dinner?" She asked Marrion as her little girl nodded vigorously. Following her into the Kitchen. After they ate and 18 was thrilled at the prospect of having someone else to talk to. They spent the next two hours talking around the table. 18 had finally opened up and spoke about herself and about living in the community. At eight. "Time for bed Marrion." The little girl was first going to protest then nodded. As 18 reached down to take her hand, Marrion went over and hugged Gohan.

"Goodnight." Marrion said as she then let 18 take her to bed. When 18 returned she started to clear the table and Gohan stood to help her. During the clean-up they almost collided and 18 looked up at Gohan as they stood a foot from each other. She felt her heart really pounding in her chest as she stared up into his eyes. Wanting him to lean down and kiss her. After a couple of uncomfortable moments of silence Gohan moved so that 18 could put the clean plates away. When done they moved back to the living room. Gohan felt strange, he was feeling attracted to 18 and he did not want to. Sitting on a chair not on the couch, he tried not to gaze at her beautiful face, her firm legs, ass and nice breasts covered by her clothes. They talked for another hour and both decided it was time for bed. Leading him to the guest room she paused at the door and again looked up at him. Her eyes were now pleading to him to kiss her, take her in his arms and drive her loneliness away. Gohan saw the desperation in 18 eyes and exhaled. He could not do this, Krillin was one of his best friends and to do anything with 18 would be just wrong.

"Goodnight 18, thanks again for letting me spend the night." Gohan said down to her and she smiled sheepishly back at him.

"No thank you, this has been nice. I have been so alone it is nice to have someone visit and talk to me." 18 leaned forward and hugged him, quickly. What she wanted to do is jump into his arms and kiss him. Take him into the guest room and have sex. Instead after the small hug she went to her room across the hall and slowly shut the door. Placing her head against the wooden frame and exhaled. Then turned, undressed and crawled into bed. Just wearing her bar and panties. First though she reached under the bed for her toy. She would definitely need it tonight. Switching it on and moving it down as she pulled aside her pantie so that she could insert it. Within minutes she had an barely satisfying orgasm, but it was enough to relax her so that she could sleep. Two hours later she awoke and looked over at the empty spot on her bed and began to cry. Wanting Gohan to be the one to lye next to her, to make her not be so alone. Weeping loudly she covered her eyes. Then there was a knock on her door. Pulling the sheet up to cover her and putting the Vibrator into a drawer. "Yes." The door opened and Gohan, did not look in, but he was there. "Come in."

"I was coming from the bathroom and heard you crying. Are you alright?" He asked concerned as she sniffled and shook her head.

"No! I am not alright." 18 said as she looked up at Gohan standing inside her door, not looking at her. "Please come talk to me." She pleaded as he sat next to her on the bed, not looking at her. Her heart was thudding in her chest as she looked at him. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. She felt her mouth become dry as she stared down at his crotch. He put his arm around her and she melted into him. Wrapping her arms around his chest and started to cry again. He held her tightly and she could not take much more. She needed him, not just to listen to her. She needed him desperately. Looking up into his eyes, she could not wait any longer. Moving up to kneel on her knees to be at eye level and letting the sheet fall off her. She leaned forward and kissed him. At first he slightly resisted, but as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He moved his other hand around her pulling at her tightly. She did the same. Then began to pull him back onto the bed. Lying down with him, she moved her hand down to his ass and pulled at him towards her. As they parted she glared into his eyes. "Please fuck me Gohan. I need you to fuck me." She gasped out in a pleading voice. He was still reluctant and she knew he was thinking about Krillin. "I am so lonely Gohan, I need someone to comfort me." She stated as she slipped her hand into his shorts and put her hand around his manhood, squeezing it. He exhaled in pleasure and moved his own left hand down into her panties, slipping a finger along her now wet folds. She moaned out as he moved his finger up and down near her slit, then inserted his finger. With a gasp she felt the first orgasm she had in the past year caused by another rather than her own devices. The sensation coursed through her and she did not want to wait any longer. She needed him inside her. Pulling down his shorts she saw his size and she smiled, laying down to look up at him. "Fuck me Gohan, I cannot wait any longer." She stammered out as he moved to pull down her panties and threw them on the floor. Reaching into her nightstand she pulled out a condom and thrust it at him. He immediately put it on and as she spread her legs he maneuvered between them. His condom covered penis aimed at her now twitching slit. She moved her hand down and grasped him and pulled him towards her. She needed him inside her so bad that she did not want to wait any longer. Pushing the tip inside, she thrust her head back and gasped with pleasure, smiling as she felt another orgasm. Pushing more and more into her she began to moan as he finally was inside her. She thrust her hips upward wanting more. As his hips touched hers, she felt another orgasm, then as he began to pull out of her she felt another. But she did not want him out of her. Wrapping her legs around him, to pull him back in. She moved her hands up to this chest, to feel his heartbeat. When he thrust into her, she felt her mind and body go crazy with desire and ecstasy. "Yes Gohan, fuck me. Do me harder, faster." She moaned out as he started to increase his thrusts feeling him deep within her. Her insides squeezed him and she felt every millimeter of his rock hard member within her. She gasped and moaned for him to continue. The sensation of him plowing into her gave her orgasm after orgasm. The bed creaked and groaned as he pounded into her and she wanted it rougher and harder. Soon his hips were slapping against hers and she almost shrieked when she felt his warmness confined in the condom, blast into her. Feeling a huge orgasm flood her senses. When he flopped down besides her, she put her arms around him and kissed him. Snuggling up to him with her head on his heaving chest. "Thank you Gohan I needed that so badly." She gasped out as he frowned.

"I should not have done that. You were Krillin's wife." He said barely audible, as he held her with his right arm. She smiled and moved up to look him in the eyes.

"We did not betray his memory at all, Gohan. I am lonely, Krillin would want me to move on and not be alone." 18 said as he nodded with acceptance that she was right, she leaned down and kissed him again. Then returned to lay her head on his chest. After several moments she smiled at him. "Any chance of a repeat performance. It has been so long that I really feel sex deprived." She said to him as he chuckled. She moved on top of him, grabbed another condom and while kissing him with tongue. Slipped it on him. He was once again rock hard. Straddling his waist with hers. She slowly lowered herself upon him and in seconds was thrusting and thrashing her own hips as he rode him. He had moved his hands up and pulled her slinky bra off and was fondling and caressing her breasts. She felt several orgasms flow through her as she moved up and down his shaft. Feeling her tight slit, being penetrated again. Each movement caused his manhood to bend slightly as it drove up into her. Moaning and groaning she placed her hands on his chest and tried to go faster, but all she could do was thrust harder. As she felt a sudden surge through her, as he exploded inside the condom and she thrashed with another mind blowing orgasm. After riding it to the completion, she flopped down into his waiting arms. Kissing him passionately. As she looked over at him. "Please do not leave me. Stay here with me and Marrion." She pleaded and Gohan smiled and nodded. Soon the two lovers fell asleep in each others arms. Near morning, 18 looked over at Gohan and she exhaled happily. She was no longer alone.

In the morning Gohan texted Videl. Told her to have a good life and never contact him again. He found someone else. Smiling over at the someone else that was sleeping soundly with her arm around him.

Videl received the message and started to cry as she stared at it. She had let her father manipulate her into pushing away the only man that she ever wanted. All of her prior texts and calls were to ask him to talk to her. Work something out. But he ignored them all and now he was with someone else.

The After Life:

Krillin did not really watch as Gohan had sex his wife, it was just a haze of light. But he could tell that they did have sex. That did not bother him, not at all. He was actually becoming concerned about her. She was so depressed and lonely that she was on the verge of returning to the way she was. Which would not have ended well. Probably with her and Marrion's death. Smiling Krillin felt relieved, glad that it was Gohan who helped her. Krillin could tell that 18 was happy again and she had not been that way since he died. Feeling the final call for moving on, Krillin looked back at the image and smiled. "Thank you Gohan. Good bye my love." With that Krillin entered the afterlife.