All Disney Princesses and Princes enrolled at Disney High anything can happen in High School

I don't any of Disney Characters they belong to Disney

Chapter 1

Jasmine and Belle were shopping at the mall with their boyfriends. Aladdin and Adam Jasmine were thrilled to be at the mall with bestfriend Belle and her man Aladdin and Belle's boyfriend Adam. Jasmine was shopping for back to school clothes and supplies for her freshman year at Disney High.

Jasmine:Belle are you excited about started your first year at Disney High this year. I'm really excited about going to school tomorrow.

Aladdin:Jasmine I love you

Jasmine:Aladdin I love you too and I'm happy we are dating eachother Anyways you and Me are going on our date tonight before we go back to school tomorrow

Aladdin:Where do you want to go for our date Jasmine.

Adam:Belle my love should we also go on a date with Al and Jasmine too.

Belle:If they wanted us to tag along for their date tonight but I think we should have our own date Adam.

Mulan and Cinderella were shopping at WetSeal for their back to school outfit for tomorrow. Mulan seen really cute shirt that "dragon exist in the world" Mulan when over to the rack to pick up the shirt. Cinderella when to the High Heels rack to see if they have her favorite glass slippers on sale.

Mulan:Cindy where are you doing.

Cinderella:I'm going to see if WetSeal I have my favorite glass slippers on sale I have to buy a pair of slippers to wear with my light blue skirt for uniform outfit. tomorrow on our first day of High.

Mulan :Alright I meet you near the register after we done shopping.

Cinderella:Okay Mulan

Mulan and Cinderella when their own ways around WetSeal to shop around WetSeal store in the mall. Aurora was taking a nap in her bed when her iphone ring. Aurora rolled over on her side to nightstand to see who was calling her this late afternoon. Aurora seen Tiana name show up on her caller id on her iPhone screen. Aurora press the green button to answer Tiana's call.

Aurora:Hello Tia what's up I was sleeping until you call my phone.

Tiana:Aurora are you up and did you get ready for your first day of school for tomorrow. Aurora:Oh Shit I forget that the first day of school is tomorrow I was busy I did not look at my calendar yesterday afternoon

Tiana:It's Okay Aurora we all make mistakes at some point. Anyways are you coming to my Mama cafe today.

Aurora:Yeah what time do your Mom Cafe closes Tia.

Tiana:11:00 tonight Aurora

Aurora:Okay I will be at the cafe this evening at 9:00 tonight.

Tiana:Okay I gotta go my mama need me to cook

"Aurora ended her call with her bestfriend Tiana and when back too looking through her closet for school uniform to wear tomorrow for her first day of Disney High. Ariel was in her room when she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

Ariel:Who is it.

Athena:It's your Mother Ariel

Ariel:Mom come in

"Athena opened her youngest daughter bedroom door too see what Ariel was doing her room.

Athena:Ariel are you all ready for your first day of High School.

Ariel:Yes Mom I'm working on my hair I want to wear a pin up hairstyle for my first day of school.

Athena:Ariel you know your sisters will also going to school with you tomorrow.

Ariel:I know Mom I'm excited my older sisters are going to school with me I won't be so lonely in school tomorrow.

"Triton was in his office working on his new business plan for a new phone with his assistant Keke Wong and their team "SeaMermaid" Alana walked into the kitchen to get a pop out of the fridge. When their Puppy Minnie was crying. Alana looked at Minnie and seen that Minnie wants to get pick up. Alana put her pop can on the island and bend down to pick up Minnie in her arms Minnie licked Alana cheek. Pocahontas was in her room looking through her messy walk in Closet for her school uniform. When Powhatan walked pass his daughter's room.

Powhatan:Pocahontas are you and Nakoma ready for first day of school. School starts tomorrow.

Pocahontas:Yes Father me and Nakoma are looking for my school uniform through my walk in closet right.

Nakoma:Powhatan are you going drop us off at school tomorrow.

Powhatan:Nakoma Kocoum will take you and Pocahontas to school tomorrow I have to be to work early before you two leave for school.

Kocoum was downstairs in the living room watching tv with Flirt and Meeko.

Kocoum:There is nothing on tv to watch I'm bored right now.

Kocoum turn off the tv to go outside in the backyard to shoot from hoops on the basketball court Kocoum was think about dating Pocahontas as her official boyfriend but he wanted too make sure that Pocahontas was really in love with him only and not John Smith. Kocoum got up from the couch. to go outside to play little basketball. John Smith was in his living room with his Mother and Father Mrs Cindy Smith and Mr Daniel Smith

Daniel:Son me and your mother are really proud of you for standing up to Kocoum when you were bully.

John:Thanks Dad I'm really in love with Pocahontas so much I'm glad you and Mom met her two weeks ago.

Cindy smiled at her only son and she was glad her son was in love with Pocahontas.