Title: Caused by Ecstasy

Rating: M

Chapter: 1. Prologue

Fandom: Degrassi: The Next Generation

Summary: Zig is in Los Angeles with Maya. Esme is in rehab. Frankie finds out some devastating news.

Comments: NA.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the idea.

"Ezzie, I don't-"

"You do. Just…"

Frankie felt a burst of pleasure stir in her stomach, arching up against Zig, with a soft moan when Esme forced his cock inside of Frankie.

"Oh my… Zig!"

She clawed at his back, feeling him thrust against her frantically. He buried his face against her clavicle and bit down on her fragile skin with a growl. She whimpered at the feeling of his teeth and two fingers on her clit. She turned her head to the side to find Esme sitting beside her, touching her, with a smirk. Frankie moaned, leaning in to kiss the older girl.

Esme pecked her on the lips before whispering, her voice rough, "Harder, Zig."

Zig gave a rigid jerk of his hips, making Frankie shriek. Esme clamped a hand over the younger girl's mouth, hushing, "Your mom is home." The threesome was in the pool house, so Frankie assumed no one could hear them from inside the mansion. Although, if someone stopped in front of them, especially her mother, they would probably duck inside to check on her.

"Fuck. Zig." Frankie started to gasp from the feeling of him pressed inside of her and Esme teasing her in the sensitive spot right above where she connected with Zig. Frankie threw her head back against the arm of the wicker lounge chair. "Oh. My. God."

Frankie shuddered as she stood in the bathroom, staring down the timer on her cell phone, waiting.


"Fuck you. Hurry up."

She had another forty-two seconds. This had already been the longest four minutes and eighteen seconds of her life. She would have thrown the plastic stick, resting on the marble counter, across the room if she weren't afraid it would skew the results.


She stared at the result's window and could already see one faint word.

"Oh fuck."

Pregnant, the expensive piece of plastic already read. She waited the last few seconds, hoping that a "not" would appear. It never did.


She knew she should have never gone off the pill after breaking up with Jonah.