"Can I be a hero... even if I don't have a quirk?!" Izuku asked his idol All Might with his eyes full of tears.

All Might looked at the boy and spoke to him, "Without a quirk? No, becoming a hero without a quirk is impossible."

Izuku watched as All Might left him on the rooftop to think about those words.

You can't become a hero, not without a quirk.

Weak little Deku!

You'll never beat me without a quirk!

He's a loser, why does he bother living...

Go take a swan dive off the roof and hope you'll be reborn in your next life.

You're worthless Deku!

He should just die already...

Everyone hurt, bullied, and laughed at me every day of my life after I was outed as quirkless... and now I was even told that by All Might... Some symbol of peace...

The voices of everyone went around in my head so many times finally ending with Kacchan telling me to commit suicide followed by All Might.

I'm done with all this... I can't take it anymore...

I started to walk home and ending up running into Kacchan where he beat the crap out of me. I finally got home to see my mother greet me, "Hello Izuku! Did you see the news while you were out?"

I shook my head, "No, I don't care about what is on anyway..."

Inku noticed something was off and not just the way he acted, he was covered in cuts and bruises again. Inku was about to ask a question but she didn't.

It was around midnight and Izuku asked his mother if he could go out for a walk, "I'll let myself back in don't worry. I won't be gone long."

Inku nodded then her son walked up to her and gave her a hug, "I love you mom... I'll be back later..."

Izuku didn't believe what he said, as he walked out the door he shut it.

Tears rolled down Izukus face as he started running to a nearby building. It was about 8 stories tall and was never busy.

As Izuku got to the top his heart raced, closer and closer to the edge he got.

"I love you, mom... I'm sorry..." Izuku whispered to himself before jumping off the edge.

The air was cold and comforting despite what he had just done. Izuku opened his eyes to see not the ground but a black pit to what it seems. He fell into the darkness and had then fallen unconscious.

When Izuku woke up later wondering why he was alive. He saw one person in front of him. He was tall and wore a metal mask that had bars it seemed around the neck.

The man looked at Izuku and spoke to the boy, "Izuku Midoriya... I am so sorry about everything. To think such a young face would commit suicide... So tragic."

Izuku looked at him realizing the man was a villain. He backed away a bit after getting up, "Who are you? Why did you save me? What do you want with me?"

The man laughed, "I am All for One, and I saved you because even if you're quirkless you still have the right to live my boy. Also, I just have one thing to ask you."

Izuku nodded.

"What do you think of the hero named All Might?"

Izuku looked down remembering those cold words, sadness turned into hate and hate into anger, "That jackass is one of the reasons I jumped in the first place..."

All for One laughed, "Well then..."

Izuku looked at All for One, "How about joining us? The League of Villains... I certainly won't judge you for what you don't have because you could be a big help."

Izukus eyes widened, Villains wanted his help... he said I would be helpful... In all honesty, all Izuku wanted was someone to believe in him, that even without a quirk he could be strong.

Izuku took a deep breath and thought this over a few times, "Fine, I'll join you... But I have some conditions."

All for One spoke, "I have no problems with that speak your mind."

Izuku continued, "First, I want to be able to have full control over what I do. Second, I won't fight unless I want to. Third, I won't have to kill anyone."

All for One nodded his head and called some others into the room.

I can't believe it... I'm a villain...

Izuku was asked to choose a code name which he chose Deku.

His costume was completely black hoodie and sweatpants. He had a mask the covered half his face which was more like a steal mouth. It was shaped like sharp teeth and Deku wore completely white contacts, as well as died his hair black and cut it a bit shorter. On his hands were retractable claws made of steel and knives for close up attacking.

It had been around 8 months since he joined and everyone was going to attack the students at the USJ, Deku wanted to get Kacchan back for everything he had done to him.

His mother worried about him went to the police station every Thursday in hopes of finding her son but no luck came.

When the time came they all left through Kurugiris portal and arrived in front of everyone at the USJ All Might wasn't there to their surprise.

Soon Kurogiri sent Bakugo and Deku to a concealed place where they could fight along with everyone else scattered around the USJ.

"Hey, you... are you a villain?" Bakugo narrowed his eyes on Deku as Deku changed his stance in reply.

"This is going to be fun, right Bakugo?" Deku questioned the hot head and to Bakugos surprise the villain knew who he was.

The hothead punched his left hand and looked at Deku with the intent to kill, "Hell yeah, come at me ya BASTARD!"