Here is my 'Ask the Demigods'! I hope you enjoy the questions I got! I have a lot of questions from LittleMissReader36!

I really am going to need more questions. LittleMissReader36 is the only one who has been sending in questions through the comments. Please send in some questions please!

To Percy: Why Annabeth? -LittleMissReader36

Why Annabeth? -Percy

Well, she's smart



Though her sarcasm isn't the best trait…

I'm right here, Seaweed Brain -Annabeth

You're still my favorite you know… -Percy

To Annabeth: Why Percy? -LittleMissReader36

Well…. -Annabeth

I really have no idea.

Really? -Percy

Yes, really. -Annabeth

You know you love me! -Percy

But do I? Do I really? -Annabeth

:,( -Percy

You make me sad…

Thank you. I try. -Annabeth

To Piper: Why'd you break up with Jason? -LittleMissReader36

Yay I got a question! -Piper

I don't really want to answer it but I'll try.

I guess we fell out of love or something.

I still love you, ya know… -Jason

That's sweet Jason! -Piper

To Percy: Why are you some dumb all the time? -LittleMissReader36

Why is it always her? And why does she have to be so mean?! -Percy

It's okay, Percy! We still love you! -Crazy Fangirls

Whoa! How'd they get here? -Frank

I thought I put up the shields! -Leo

You can't escape us! -Crazy Fangirls


To Annabeth: Are you and Percy planning on having kids? Or getting married, at least? -LittleMissReader36

My daughter will NOT be marrying that-that sea spawn! -Athena

Gee, Athena… I didn't know you hated me THAT much! -Percy

*sneezes* -Percy

Bless you -Athena

She gave me her blessing! -Percy

What… -Athena

Annabeth, will you marry me? -Percy

That's not what I… -Athena

Yes! -Annabeth

You got to be kidding me… -Athena

To Percy: what was it like seeing Annabeth for the first time in forever? -LittleMissReader36

When I saw her, I felt my eyes light up -Percy

I missed her really badly that's for sure -Percy

Aww I missed you too, Seaweed Brain! -Annabeth

Don't let it get to your ego, Wise girl. -Percy

That's rude… -Annabeth

When am I going to get a question? -Thalia