17 years ago, to the day, the great war had begun. A conflict that had claimed more than 400 000 lives on both sides, and ended the supremacy of the great Overland. And only a few short months after it ended, a new conflict begun, when Dr. Ivo Robotnik took advantage of the ensuing confusion and declared himself the emperor of Eggmanland, and begun enslaving the world's population. But the war wasn't over then. A few brave groups of Mobians organised a resistance, calling themselves the "Freedom Fighters", led by Sally Acorn and the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. However, our story will revolve around another group of resistance fighters. Ones far more radical, who have their headquarters about 685 miles from the Freedom Fighters. Chris is one of them.

As Chris woke up, he didn't really think of anything. He was still half-asleep, but as he looked at the blinding light pouring through the window, he made a startling realisation: He was late. He quickly put on his clothes and basic gear and rushed out. He arrived at the "town" square, where there was a large crowd. This place was more of a glorified village or base. Anyways, he arrived just in time, as a speaker was about to give a major announcement.

- Greetings! As you may have heard, we have established contact with...

Chris was already not listening, as he was still searching for his parents in the crowd of maybe 200 people. He then finally saw his father's familiar face.

- Dad!

His father then walked towards him.

- You're finally awake.

- Why didn't you wake me up?

- We really tried, but you slept like a brick.

- I'm sorry.

Meanwhile, the announcement was nearing its end.

- For Overland!

Everyone, includiding Chris, then performed the mandatory salute, before the conversation resumed.

- Thank god you woke up, your first assignment will be chosen in half an hour.

- I know.

They then walked to the HQ, where a man in a military uniform was already waiting for them.

- This is what your training has been leading up to.

Chris recently turned 15. Back when the world wasn't embroiled in a nearly 2 decade long world war, a teenager in the military would have been unacceptable, but times were rough.

The trio then walked to a briefing room, where the man explained Chris's first mission.

- Your mission is to travel towards the Mobian Freedom Fighter HQ, spy on them, and bring back intel. More specifically, we need to know their numbers, strategies, and motivations. Understood?

- Yes, sir.

Chris wasn't quite sure how he would travel there, or be able to infiltrate them even though he's an obvious human, but he knew he wouldn't just be dropped into the wild without any means of transport or supplies, and he decided to think of a way to spy on them when he gets there. The man then continued.

- We have reports of them being rather liberal, so we expect them to allow you to join their ranks. You will be supplied with an armored jeep, weapons, and supplies to last you for 2 weeks. Meet me near the south gate.

- Yes, sir.

As them man left, Chris voiced his main concern.

- I'm supposed to join these ANIMALS?

- I don't like the idea either, but as he said, they should let you join quite easily. You can get through it.

Chris was far from happy, but he knew he didn't have much of a choice. He then headed for the south gate.