The subsequent journey wasn't comfortable, made worse by Chris now having his mouth wrapped in duct tape after a failed attempt at negotiating. The vegetation was thick and Chris was constantly getting pinched by sharp branches of small dying trees. They eventually reached a small village hidden deep in the woods. As soon as they reached it, the Mobians there (mainly wolves) stopped their activities when they saw Chris, an Overlander. He was an unusual sight around these parts. Edward then turned to the other wolves.

- Untie him.

They then untied him, and Chris got the duct tape off on his own. He then nearly started throwing slurs and insults, but then realized that doing so might be a bad idea in front of a large Mobian crowd.

- What are you planning to do?

- Ask you a few questions.

Chris was then taken to a standard interrogation room. It was just an empty room with a table, 2 chairs, and 4 armed guards. Chris was still fighting off the urge to tell everyone just how much he hates everyone. He was then asked about the Overlanders numbers, strategies, and motivations, refusing to answer each time. The interrogator eventually lost patience, so Chris was put in a makeshift jail for the time being. On the way, Chris saw an entrance to a heavily guarded room, and wondered what was inside. Eventually, he was put in a small cell and left alone. Or at least, seemingly alone. In the cell next to his, something or someone was making noise. Chris then turned towards said cell.

- Is anyone there?

All that came back was more unidentifiable noise.

- Hello!?

The sound stopped, and a voice responded.

- Who are you?

- I could ask the same thing. I'm Chris.

- Descriptive. Look, i have no time for boning with another guy, I-

- I'm an overlander.

- ... Gross.

Chris crossed is arms, although the other prisoner could only imagine the reaction.

- I can see you're a Mobian. How did you land in here?

- I stole something. Now leave me alone.

- Can you tell me what's in that guarded room?

The Mobian paused for a second.

- A chaos emerald.

Chris's eyes widened. These stones possessed infinite power, and one has never been used by a human. He then thought about how they could be used by his group to defeat Eggman.

- Is it possible to escape?

- I've been trying to this whole time! I'm trying to dig a tunnel.

Chris smirked. Of course he is.

- Can you get me out too?

- No.

And the digging noise continued.