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Stiles was in pain, that much Scott knew for sure. He didn't know how it happened. it just happened when Stiles was driving. Stiles had started yelling in pain, while convulsing. Scott managed to quickly grab the wheel, to pull over-as he ran to the driver's door. Stiles continued to convulse, as Scott laid him on the street. Something came over McCall. Some sort of other primal instinct. The words "bite him" just kept on repeating itself over, and over.

"Stiles, I'm so sorry!" Tears streamed down Scott's face as his fangs appeared. Stiles eyes widened, and he was lucid enough to protest.

"No," Stiles gurgled. "Please, no, Scott!" Then a scream ripped out from him as Scott's fangs penetrated his arm. More withering happened, and desperation sank into Scott. He picked up his friend, and bolted.

Derek stood at his front door, shock on his face-and anger seething from his eyes.

"What the hell did you do?" He asked as Scott laid Stiles on one of Derek's sofas.

"I had to bite him!" Scott defended himself. "He was dying, and I don't know why. But...something told me biting him would save him..." He looked up at Hale, his face pleading.

"Please, what do I do now?"

"We wait." Derek's voice was gruff, but sympathetic. "You're right, biting him did save him-but it's a painful process, the change."

"Yeah, I remember," Scott rebuked, with a snarl hidden in his tone.

"What was he like when he got sick?" Hale inquired. Scott explained the sudden convulsions, and watched as Derek grimaced.


"He must have been poisoned." Was the only answer Derek would supply.

Scott was about to ask a mouthful of questions when Stiles's voice interrupted him.

"Scott?" His friend sounded so weak, but McCall was more than grateful at Stiles being alive.


Stiles stared at him, and asked Scott a question that pained him the most.

"What did you do to me?"

Scott swallowed.

"I...I bit you."

Tears filled Stiles eyes.

"You should have just let me die." He turned away, and ignored Scott's begs-which was almost worse than his friend dying. Scott stared at Derek, and wondered if Stiles would ever forgive him-or if he would ever forgive himself...