Chapter 1

The Beginning

The world of pokemon is a place full of mystery, even after centuries of research there are still many unanswered mysteries lurking nearby. One such mystery was the Atlantis region, more specifically the innate power of people in Atlantis region to bond with their pokemon. Even for the inhabitants of Atlantis Region it was still a mystery, the origins of the power that Atlantis region possessed was said to be the biggest mystery of Pokemon Universe. nobody knew for sure about how they gained such powers, there were many myths and theories but no one had been able to prove their theory correct, the only known factor was Aura.

The history was muddled, there was once a time of people who could use Aura. Aura, the essence of every living being. Not much is known about the legendry Aura Guardians but the most scientific theory proposed was that the Aura Guardians evolved with time, their powers evolved with time to the way it is found today in the Atlantis region. In Atlantis, people have a much deeper connection with their pokemon, for them their pokemon is no different than their family.

Atlantis is much different than the other regions like Kanto or Kalos, the structure of the region is completely different than any other region. Unlike the other region which is governed by Pokemon League with the regional champion as their leader, in Atlantis Politics is much deeper. Atlantis doesn't come under League Jurisdiction as it has its own ministry, the leader of the region is known as the Prime Minister who gets elected for a tenure of 5 years. The Atlantis Ministry make the rules in Atlantis and the Pokemon League work with the ministry to organize tournaments and other such events.

Like other regions, Atlantis too has its own Regional League but not many Atlantis region natives take part in the league. Trainers from other regions come to Atlantis to take part in the league and for that they battle the 10 Battle Frontiers which are similar to Pokemon Gyms, when the trainer acquires 10 Frontier Symbols they are qualified to enter the Atlantis Regional League. It was a widely known fact that the Atlantis region is the strongest pokemon region due to the exceptional powers that Atlantis people have, the league expected the fact that an Atlantis trainer could easily swipe the floor with most trainers taking part in the league. There are 4 Elite trainers in Atlantis and one of them is the leader who is also seen as the Regional champion.

The powers in Atlantis trainers have many varieties but the basics include, healing your pokemon with your powers, bonding with them to make them more powerful, combining your powers with your pokemon to do devastating attacks and some Psychic like abilities. These are the powers that made Atlantis trainers fearsome but learning how to use these powers is not easy, to help new trainers to use their powers, four Pokemon schools wee present in the Atlantis region. Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Ilvermorny, the four Pokemon School in Atlantis region that teach trainers everything about Pokemons and how to use their powers. A graduate from any of these four schools is as good a Veteran Pokemon Trainer, a young Pokemon Professor, and a Pokemon Breeder.


Peverell Dragon Preserve, Godric's Hollow, Atlantis.

"Stella, smash that ground shark into the ground with a Dragon Tail" An old looking man said lazily. Stella, the beautiful Dragonair raised her tail and slammed the smaller Gabite with a powerful Dragon Tail. The Gabite was sent crashing on to the rock, it lazily stood up and whined in pain while rubbing his bruised shoulder. The old man grunted, "That should teach you a lesson." The Gabite looked down in shame as the old man chastised him.

Just then a raven haired boy with deep green eyes walked near the Gabite, the boy was nearly same height as the dragon pokemon but he walked towards the dragon fearlessly. The Gabite gazed at the boy but didn't acted, the boy came in front of the dragon and looked him in he eye, the staring contest went on for about half a minute before the dragon looked down in submission. The boy smiled and rubbed Gabite below his ear, Gabite gave a happy cry in response. "You know Gabite, you shouldn't try to bully your friends." The boy spoke softly and Gabite nodded in understanding.

The old man walked near the boy and the dragon, "He is right Gabite, it's not wrong to prove your dominance and become the leader of your group but it doesn't mean you can bully them. Now, go and apologize." Gabite nodded and ran back to a group of Gabite's and asked for their forgiveness, after some scuffle the group excepted Gabite's forgiveness but Gabite still wanted to fight to show he was the strongest amongst them. The old man looked at the young boy with a smile, "So, you need something Harry?"

"No grandfather." Harry Potter replied with a smile, the young boy was the heir of Ancient and Noble House of Potter. He was a ten year old boy who lost his parents Nine years ago, his parents James Potter and Lily Potter gave their life to bring down a mad man known as Voldemort, they died by taking the terrorist down and were known as Heroes but they left behind their most precious thing, their one year old son Harry Potter. Harry was raised by his grandfather Brandon Potter who was also the tenth Frontier Brain and a Dragon type trainer. The Potter family were trainers of Dragon types and were known to have every type of Dragon pokemon but their main business aside from being a Frontier Brain was of an exceptional breeder who specialized in Gible's and their evolution.

"I was just taking care of my Gible egg." Harry said while picking up a violet brownish egg. The Gible egg that Harry was carrying was special, the father of this Gible egg was Balmond, the strongest Garchomp who has been alive for over 300 Years. Balmond was the pokemon of Brandon's Great Grandfather and he was the protector of Peverell Dragon Reserve which was owned by the Potter family, Balmond very rarely chose to mate and the Gible egg in Harry's hand was Balmond's third child.

Brandon Potter smiled as he looked at his grandson, Balmond having a child was very rare but for Balmond to give his child's egg to Harry was a matter of pride and honor. "I see, that egg will hatch into a very powerful Gible, it will be the son of Balmond after all."

Harry nodded, "I know, who's his mother by the way?"

"Dragon's are independent creatures Harry, you can not bind them. Most dragons choose their mate on their own, a powerful dragon will search for a powerful mate. Cypher is an old Dragonite and the strongest dragon of the Blackthorn clan in Johto, Cypher came here in search of a mate and had that egg with Balmond. Cypher entrusted that egg to Balmond and returned back to her home, Balmond decided to entrust his child's egg to you."

"I will take good care of it grandfather, it is the new member of our family." Harry said with a smile and looked back toward the Gabite who was sparring with another Gabite. "By the way, why did you hit that Gabite, you could have easily scolded him."

Brandon chuckled, "Dragons understand power Harry, simply talking doesn't placate a dragon type pokemon. I had to show him that I am powerful, only then would he listen to me. That Gabite will be leaving soon, Drake from the Hoenn Elite Four. Drake is a powerful trainer and I think he'll be able to train Gabite properly." Gabite's evolution Garchomp were powerful pokemon and known as Pseudo Legendry so finding a Gible in wild was close to impossible, even in a pokemon rich region like Atlantis the first stage of Pseudo Legendry Pokemons were very rare. "When you grow up you'll be training lots of dragon type pokemons, it is a requirement you have to fulfill to take the mantle of Lord Potter."

Harry snorted, "I am just Ten, that day is far away. You are not planning to leave me, are you?"

Brandon ruffled Harry's hair, "Not happening squirt, I am not going anywhere for a long time. Come, let's go back home. Your Godfather said he was coming to see you, I also have a few Frontier battles scheduled for today."

Harry nodded, "Sure, but I am not walking back." Even though Potter Manor was not very far away, Harry loved flying and he wasn't planning to miss a chance of doing so."

Brandon chuckled, "Very well." Brandon lifted his hand and a Pokeball materialized in his hands, the Pokeball opened up to reveal a massive black colored Charizard, his name was Sephyr and he was one of Brandon's most powerful pokemon. Brandon lifted Harry on Sephyr's back and he followed soon, "Let's go Sephyr." The Charizard gave a mighty roar and jumped up into the sky while flapping his massive winds, Harry gave a cry of joy as the cold wind hit his face.


"Hey Padfoot."

The man with long curly hairs smile, "Hey Pup, how have you been?"

"I am good Padfoot, I have started training Helcurt and he's coming along nicely." Just then a shark like dragon pokemon came inside the pokemon, it was Gible that hatched from the egg Harry got from Balmond, Harry appropriately named his Gible, Helcurt.

Sirius Black crouched down and scratched Helcurt, "He is growing nicely." Helcurt gave a smile and clamp his shark like teeth on Sirius making him wince in pain.

Harry snorted, "Yeah, he is growing all right. Just ten months old and he is already as tall as older Gible's, he eats a lot and he'll bite anything he finds." Gible gave a shark like grin and jumped up to clamp his teeth on Harry's head, Harry groaned and Sirius fell down laughing. It took five more minutes for Gible to let go of Harry, "So Padfoot, I heard you were busy. You even missed my birthday yesterday."

Sirius sighed, "Sorry Pup, trainers are coming in spades and I am not getting any free time, even today I came after finishing a few Frontier battles. Only a couple of weeks is left before the Frontiers stops taking challengers for this year league, trainers seem to be in rush right now." Sirius was the Eight Frontier Brain and specialized in Dark types, just like Potter's were Dragon type masters, the Black's were Dark type masters.

Harry frowned, "Isn't that a bit dumb, the last Frontiers will be much harder so rushing in like that is foolish, they should have challenged you much earlier."

Sirius chuckled, "True, but few trainers tend to train extensively before challenging two to three frontiers, one after another without a break. Some were just too lazy but some trainers were very good as they spent a month for training and then challenge the remaining frontiers."

"Ah, I see, that is a much better explanation." Harry then smiled and pulled out a letter from his pocket, "I scored 97 out of 100 in the PTLT (Pokemon Training License Test), I got invitations from all the four schools but this is my choice." Harry showed Sirius a letter which has the school name written on it in capitals. 'HOGWARTS, SCHOOL OF POKEMON TRAINING'.

Sirius's face lit up, "Awesome, I knew it! My Pup will be going to Hogwarts."

Brandon entered the room just then, "Of course he would you dolt, he is a Potter."

Sirius smiled, "Hello uncle Brandon, finished with your battle?"

Brandon snorted, "I don't know how that idiot trainer defeated the first nine Frontiers but thinking he can take down my dragons with freshly caught Ice and Fairy types, what an idiot."

Sirius chuckled, "There are few like that."

Harry interrupted, "Well if you two are done, can I know when I'll be going to Diagon Alley?"

Brandon smiled, "Don't worry Harry, I don't have any more battles scheduled for today. We can go now, Sirius can join in as well."

Sirius smiled, "Sure, but first I need to give you your birthday present." Sirius pulled out a Great Ball from his pocket, he expanded it and gave it to Harry. "I decided that he would be the best for you the moment I saw him."

Harry brightened up, "Wow, I am getting another pokemon." Harry took the Pokeball and released the pokemon, he was expecting a Dark type pokemon since it was Sirius specialty but what came out shocked him. "Huh, a Pikachu. Nice, they can be really strong if trained properly." Harry crouched down to look at the grinning Pikachu but something didn't feel right, "Why am I getting a bad feeling from you Pikachu, I feel like I am getting pranked." Sirius couldn't help it as he broke into laugher, Brandon too started chuckling. Harry looked around and groaned, "What's the matter, why are you two laughing?" To answer Harry's question the Pikachu suddenly changed into a grey skinned fox with red hair tuft, it was a Zorua.

Harry groaned, "Really, how the hell should I have known." Harry sighed as he petted a grinning Zorua, now that he thought about it, he should have known. Sirius's favorite pokemon was his Zoroark and playing pranks by creating illusions was the habit of both Sirius and his Zoroark, Gabriel.

Sirius finally calmed down, "That was awesome, I couldn't believe that you fell for that, why would I give you an electric type when I prefer Dark types?"

Harry ignored his godfather and looked at Zorua, "Hey there Zorua, you seem to love pranking just like that stupid godfather of mine. From today I'll be your trainer, welcome to the family." Zorua gave a happy smile, Helcurt came forward and greeted his new friend as well. Harry smiled, "I think I'll call you Loki, what do you think?" Zorua gave a bright smile, he liked his new name.

"Well Harry, let's go. We need to go to the ministry before going to Diagon Alley, you need to register yourself and get a Pokedex." Brandon said getting Harry's attention.

Sirius interrupted, "Uncle, why don't you go ahead to Diagon Alley and get the normal equipment's like Pokeballs, Herbs and other things. I'll take Harry to the ministry."

Brandon nodded, "That sounds good, I'll see you two in Diagon Alley." Brandon closed his eyes and teleported away.

"I want to learn that, I can then teleport anywhere I want."

Sirius smiled, "Not happening Pup, if you want to Teleport then catch a Psychic type pokemon that can teleport. You won't be learning how to Teleport until your sixth year in Hogwarts, it's not safe for someone young like you to learn Teleport."

Harry grumbled, "Says the man who learned how to be an Animagus in his fourth year."

Sirius smiled, "True but Teleporting is much more dangerous, there is a reason behind not teaching Teleporting before sixth year. Come on now, we are wasting time." Harry nodded, he recalled Loki and Helcurt back to their pokeball and left with Sirius.


"Name?" The bored looking clerk asked.

"Harry James Potter." Harry replied happily, he was finally going to get his Pokedex. Pokedex was an advanced device that worked as an Identity Proof, Pokemon Encyclopedia, Map, Video Phone, Camera and many other functionalities. It was the most basic and essential item for a Pokemon Trainer.

The clerk asked again, "Hogwarts?" Harry nodded, the ministry clerk went on to type the data in his system. Once finished the clerk handed Harry a Pokedex which had a Pokemon league symbol on bottom and the Hogwarts symbol on top, the Pokedex was a card shaped device with a holographic center. Harry put his Finger Print as told by the clerk, the Pokedex registered the fingerprint and opened up, the device separated into two with a holographic screen displaying many different icons. "There, all done. Now go away."

Harry frowned and walked away, "How rude."

Sirius chuckled, "That old clerk is a grumpy man, he was there when me and your father got our Pokedex."

Harry shrugged, "Fine, let's go now. We have shopping to do."


Hogwarts School Of Pokemon Training

Principal- Albus Dumbledore

(Champion of Atlantis, Pokemon Researcher, Atlantis representative in IPC)

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School Of Pokemon Training. Terms begins at 1st September, 1991 please be at king cross city train station at 10:30 AM to catch the Hogwarts express.

Yours Sincerely

Prof. Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress

Equipment's/ Items required for first years


Extra pokeballs

Potions Kit

Plants, Berries and Herbs set for First Year

Pokemon Food Cooking Utensils

Trainers Backpack

Suitcase (For Personal belongings)

Pokemon (A young Pokemon from Ollivander's, Atlantis regional breeder.)

First year Text Books

The Basics of Pokemon Battling. By Gerald Howards

Pokemon Types and their Specialty, by Jamie Hoppip

Pokemon Biology and Caring, by Steven strange

Pokemon Food, the way to your Pokemons Heart, by Sylvester Aron

History and Legends of Pokemon, by Bathilda Bagshot

Understanding and Using Aura, by Selena Baverhill

Basic Science and Mathematics, by Corny Herald

General and Essential Knowledge of the World, by Sandou Sycamore

Note: - There is no restriction on number of Pokemons you can have, but first years are recommended to not go beyond 6 pokemon. No first years are allowed to carry more than six pokemon, the extra pokemon you catch will stay in Hogsmeade Coral.

Harry reread the letter, "That's it, grandpa already bought all of the things I need. I just need to buy the books and then head to Ollivander for getting a Pokemon."

Brandon frowned, "Looks like the Hogwarts board is trying to lessen the pressure on new students by decreasing the first year syllabus, that won't do. These books are not bad but it's not good enough, if one pays attention then he'll probably find many small information's missing in these books, information like that can be very useful. Give me the list Harry, I'll get those books and few more books that you should read as well."

"Sure Grandpa." Harry handed Brandon his Hogwarts list. "I'll go to Ollivander's with Sirius." Brandon nodded and left to get the books needed from 'Flourish And Bolts'.

"Well Pup, let's go and see what pokemon chooses you." Sirius said and took Harry with him to the Ollivander's shop.

The shop was nothing special, there was a simple door with a nameplate, 'Ollivanders, Since 1700'. Harry and Sirius went inside to find a young woman sitting on the counter. Sirius greeted the girl, "Hello Cheryl, is Mr. Ollivander free now?"

Cheryl, "Oh, hello Mr. Black. Grandfather should be free, please step on the Teleporter." Sirius and Harry stepped on a large disk, Cheryl pressed few buttons and as a result Harry and Sirius found themselves on a big grassy field.

The whole area was filled with variety of pokemons, some common, some rare and so on. An old man came toward them, "Ah Sirius Black, I remember you very well. A kid that loved pranking, a Gastly took a liking to you, how's it by the way?"

Sirius smiled, "Hello, Mr. Ollivander. Kelly is very good, she has evolved into a Gengar now."

"Good, good." Ollivander turned to look at Harry, "Ah, Harry Potter, son of two heroes of Atlantis. Your father always loved to turn the battlefield into his advantage, an Onix took a liking to him. Your mother on the other hand was a smart girl who loved using Status effects to maximum but did pack a punch, she left my place with a Nidoran. It's a shame that your parents lost their pokemons in their battle against Lord Voldemort, they were quite strong. Your parents were very good people Harry and I think you have got their traits."

Harry nodded, he knew that story all too well. "Thankyou Mr. Ollivander."

Ollivander smiled, "Tell me young Harry, have you learned about using your Aura?"

"Yes Mr. Ollivander, grandfather taught me how to fell my Aura and meditate."

Ollivander brightened up, "Brilliant, it will make our work a lot easier. When you meditate while accessing your Aura it connects with the nature around you, you'll how to use it to your advantage in Hogwarts later on but right now it'll be very useful. Even though you haven't learned to use Aura to sense your surrounding the Pokemons are very much in tune with the nature, they will feel your Aura as you meditate. A pokemon who finds you suitable will come to you, this way I don't have to use the hit and trial method. Now, please sit down and meditate, let your Aura flow."

Harry did as told, he sat down on the floor and reached inside to his Aura just like his grandfather told him. After about five minutes Harry started feeling a warm aura coming towards him, a few seconds later he sensed something sitting on his lap. Harry opened his eyes and look at the dark orange bipedal Pokemon, it was a Chimchar. 'Chimchaaar . . . Chimmm . . . Charrr . . .' Harry smiled and petted the Chimchar.

Sirius was smiling happily and so was Ollivander, "Very good young potter, the Chimchar has chosen you. This young fellow has a Never Give Up attitude, I feel you have the same attitude as well."

Harry nodded, "In a way, yes."

"I hope you and Chimchar shine brightly in your future endeavors." Ollivander sighed, "Well, let's get back to the business then. As you know, the standard price for Hogwarts first Pokemon, 15000 Pokedollars."

Harry nodded, he took out his Pokedex that was automatically linked to his bank account, he got Ollivander account number and transferred the money. "By the way Mr. Ollivander, I have a question. Many students would definitely have a pokemon with them so why is it mandatory for Hogwarts students to get a Pokemon from you?"

Ollivander smiled, "True, most trainers already have a Pokemon before they come to my shop but here they find a pokemon that suits their personality. It is possible that the pokemon you have may not be listening to you or is a bit dangerous, it is possible that you haven't yet bonded with the pokemon you have. Here you'll get a pokemon that you'll have an easy time to bond with and it also makes sure that you have at least one pokemon." Harry nodded and then captured Chimchar in one of his Pokeball, the Chimchar got captured without any resistance. "It was nice meeting you young Potter."

"Likewise, Mr Ollivander."


"So, what did you got from Ollivander?" Brandon asked after coming back to Potter Manor.

Harry smiled, "Let me show you. Come on out." With that Harry released his new pokemon, Chimchar came out and looked around happily.

Brandon smiled, "A Chimchar, very nice."

Harry nodded and pulled out his Pokedex, the Pokedex automatically detected Chimchar and started telling information about it."

"Chimchar, the Chimp Pokemon. Chimchar easily climbs the sheerest of walls and lives on mountain tops. When it sleeps, its flames go out. The gas made in its belly burns from its rear end, even rain can't extinguish the fire. The fire burns weakly when it feels sick.

This Chimchar is a female, it has the ability Blaze and Iron Fist.

Known moves - Leer, Scratch, Ember, Taunt, Flame Wheel.

Egg moves- Blaze Kick, Counter, Thunder Punch."

Harry smiled, "Not bad, we are going to train a lot before I sit in the Hogwarts Express. I think I'll be calling you Hilda, how does that sound?" The newly named Hilda shook her head in yes, liking her new name. "Very well, let me show you my two other partners, one joined us today only but the other has been with me from the day he hatched." With that Harry called out his other two pokemon. "Loki, Helcurt, meet your new teammate, her name is Hilda." While the three pokemon talked with each other, Harry scanned the other two.

"Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon. Zorua hides its true form by changing its shape into people and Pokémon, and loves to surprise people. It changes so it looks just like its foe, tricks it, and then uses that opportunity to flee. Zorua has the ability to create Illusions around itself, it uses this to trick many people and Pokemons

This Zorua is a male, it has the ability Illusion.

Known moves – Fake Tears, Scratch, Pursuit, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Agility, Foul Play, Double Team.

Egg moves – Copycat, Counter, Detect, Sucker Punch, Night Daze."

Sirius smiled, "He is the son of my Zoroark Gabriel, Gabriel trained him a bit."

Harry nodded, "I can see that, he already knows Night Daze. I don't think Loki has mastered the attack but still, knowing it is quite something." Harry turned his Pokedex to his starter, Helcurt.

"Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon. Gible once lived in the tropics, and to avoid cold it lives in caves warmed by geothermal heat. It reacts to anything that moves, flies right at it and bites it. Sometimes it injures itself, but it doesn't care too much. It attacks using its huge mouth. While its attacks are powerful, it hurts itself out of clumsiness, too. It sulks in caves, and when prey or an enemy pass by, it leaps out and chomps them. The force of its attack sometimes chips its teeth.

This Gible is a male, it has the ability Sand Veil and Rough Skin.

Known moves – Tackle, Sandstorm, Sand Attack, Take Down, Sand Tomb, Dig, Slash, Bite, Iron Head, Mud Shot.

Egg moves – Body Slam, Dragon Breath, Rock Climb, Stealth Rock, Twister, Bulldoze."

Sirius whistled, "Wow, that is quite a move set for such a young Gible."

Harry nodded, "Yeah, but he is strong and I have been training him as well. He is the son of Balmond, it's the matter of his pride and honor to become strong and one day challenge his father."

Sirius chuckled, "That's a lofty goal, I remember James challenging him once, Balmod thrashed his whole team like they were Caterpie's."

Harry shrugged, "True, but if anyone can give Balmond a challenge then it will be his son. It'll take time, maybe years or decades but one day Helcurt will give a good challenge to his father, this is his dream." Helcurt too nodded with determination.

"By the way, have you decided what pokemon you want to catch?"

Harry nodded, "I'll be searching for a powerful Fletchinder, it's evolved form Talonflame is very quick in the air and I can use it to fly. I'll try not to catch any more Pokemon for this year, it'll give me ample time to train my current team to a good level. Still, if I find something that's on my list then I'll definitely catch it."

Sirius looked interested, "What's on your list?"

Harry smiled, "Well, I want a Mudkip, then a Rowlet or Treecko, that'll be good as my Water and Grass type. I also want a Ralts that I'll be evolving into Gallade but I also want to have a Beldum, I know they are as rare as a Gible in wild but still I would love to have a Metagross. I haven't planned beyond that yet, but these are my priorities for now."

Brandon smiled, "Don't forget to catch any dragon type pokemon you find."

"Don't worry Grandpa, I'll do that. Finding Dragon types will not be easy, it'll be like a long term project of mine." Harry looked at his three pokemons, "I'll search for dragons once I make a formidable team. I also have one more dream, many will laugh if they hear it but still I want to fulfill that dream."

"Really? What is it Pup?"

Brandon too asked with curiosity, "Yes Harry, what is the dream you are talking about?"

"I have heard that Professor Dumbledore ha a legendry pokemon, a Moltres. I also want to catch a legendry pokemon, that is my biggest dream."

Sirius chuckled, "You know, your mother had the same dream but unfortunately she never got to fulfill it. Maybe you can fulfil her dream as well."

Harry had a couple of tears in his eyes, "I know, I found her research papers that she was using to search for sightings and myths of legendry pokemon, I made her dream mine."


"Alright you three, I am proud of you. You have got a good handle on all of your moves and learned a few simple one as well." Harry addressed his team, "In a battle if I keep giving you directions then our opponent will know what I am planning and can think of a Counter Plan so I'll not be giving you orders constantly. You have to act according to your situation, find the best way possible in a battle but I'll be there, I'll be giving you directions but you have to act on your own as well. Also, we are going to combine your moves for an attack chain. Like Helcurt's Dragon Burial, the Dragon Burial is a chain of attacks that can be quite damaging if done correctly. First Helcurt would create a Sandstorm and then trap his opponent underground with Sand Tomb, while his opponent will try to get up Helcurt would use Dig to attack the trapped pokemon with multiple Dragon Claws. I'll be planning such attack chains for you two as well."

Ash first went to Hilda, "Hilda, you are quite powerful and you love fighting in close range. When you evolve you'll be part fighting type so it's ok to focus on close range but you are a fire type as well and we need to work more on your fire type attacks so we'll be working on Heat Wave next. You also need to find control when your Blaze gets activated, even though your Blaze makes you very powerful it makes you go shit crazy, we need to control that." Hilda nodded in understanding.

Harry turned to the resident prankster of his team, Loki. "Loki, I want you to work more on your illusions. You'll be using your illusions while doing your attacks, I want you to use Night Daze in a way that it looks like a Flamethrower or Water Gun. We'll be working more on your speed, I'll be looking in the Move Tutors videos to teach you Aerial Ace and Shadow Ball." The prankster fox gave a happy yip, satisfied with Harry's plan.

Finally, Harry turned to his starter, "Helcurt, you have been working on Draco Meteor. It is a powerful attack and very hard to master, no matter how talented you are, that move will take time. So, in the meanwhile I want you to start working on Earthquake and Dragon Rush." Helcurt nodded in understanding.

Harry smiled, "We'll be going to Hogwarts in a week, it'll be a new chapter of our life. I want to become the best trainer in Hogwarts and you my friends will be there to help me."


Harry's Pokemon List: -

Gible (M) – Helcurt

Zorua (M) – Loki

Chimchar (F) – Hilda

An: - This story is a rewrite of my story 'Harry Potter: Journey Of A Master'. That story was going nowhere and it was my first story so I was doing it on a whim. Critical reviews are welcome, I'll try to improve but keep hateful or idiotic comments to yourself.