Chapter 3

Subjects Of Interest

Harry was an early riser and even the best feast of his life couldn't make him wake up a little late, Harry arrived in Gryffindor common room and found the Weasley twins talking with their friend Lee Jordan in hush hush tone.

One of the twins greeted Harry when they saw him, "Oh, hello Harry."

The second twin turned around, "Why are you awake so early?"

Harry smiled, "Hello Fred, George and Lee. I just wanted to get familiar with Hogwarts before classes starts, it's a big castle so it'll take some time to find all of its secrets."

"Uh huh, the classes shouldn't start for two days." One of the twins spoke.

The other quickly followed, "Yeah, you could map out the whole castle."

"Or get lost in this big place."

"The whole castle is like a puzzle."

"There are many secret passages in Hogwarts,"

"Some good, some bad."

"Or you could go to the forest,"

"Catch some strong pokemons."

Harry chuckled, "Well, that is a good idea. I think I'll familiarize myself with the castle first then I'll look into the Forbidden forest. By the way, I told you my reason so why are you three up so early?"

"Oh you know, we are just discussing." Lee replied airily.

The twins started again, "Yeah, talking about this and that,"

"Like our summer,"

"Future Plans."


Harry snorted, "I have a feeling that you were discussing none of that, still it's not my problem. It was nice talking to you guys."

"Same Harry and remember to be careful." Fred said.

George added, "Yeah, the castle is really like a puzzle, there is a huge chance that you'll get lost."

Harry smiled, "Don't worry, I have it covered." With that Harry left the Gryffindor common room.

Marauders Map was a digital app for the Pokedex that was created by Lily Potter then Lily Evans in her Fourth year, it was a map that had almost all the secrets of Hogwarts. Since every trainer was required to always carry a Pokedex this meant that any trainer can be tracked using his or her Pokedex, Lily Potter used this information in creating Marauders Map. Not many knew but Lily Potter was the unofficial member of the Marauders and the smartest one in the group, she was able to prepare a digital map that showed every corner, shortcuts and secret passage that Marauders found throughout their Hogwarts year. Lily was able to connect the map to the Hogwarts system and map out every Pokedex in Hogwarts, so the map can tell the exact location of a person in Hogwarts and show it in the map. The only downside of this map was that if someone doesn't carry his or her Pokedex with him then the tracking system is useless, still it was better than nothing.

Sirius was the one who gave the app to Harry and Harry promised to use the Marauders Map to its full extent. Harry took out his Pokedex and said slowly in the microphone, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" The Pokedex opened up to show a full map of Hogwarts with location of everyone currently residing in Hogwarts, Harry could see the Weasley twins with Lee heading toward the Astronomy Tower, a few students moving through the corridors and Professor Dumbledore just . . . behind him. Harry turned around while trying to hide his Pokedex behind his back, "Good morning Professor."

Dumbledore gave a cheeky smile, "Good morning harry, it is a very unique map that your mother created, wouldn't you say?" Harry was sweating nervously, his first day in Hogwarts and he was already caught. Dumbledore smiled, "Try not to misuse it Harry, that map in wrong hands can be very dangerous." Harry nodded dumbly, "Well then good day to you and enjoy your time in Hogwarts." With that Dumbledore strolled past Harry humming the tune of some odd song.

Harry released a breath he didn't knew he was holding, "Damn, how the hell did he get here, the map first showed him coming out of his office then suddenly he appears behind me. He must have teleported here but Sirius said that teleporting is not possible inside Hogwarts due to some unique barriers, I am really confused. Let's not waste any more time." Harry watched the map and started taking a tour of the Hogwarts castle.

For nearly the whole day Harry moved around Hogwarts, seeing and memorizing all the places, paths and secret passages. There were many secret and hidden rooms all over the castle, many Teleporters that could possibly teleport to other side of castle or outside the castle or even a couple teleporter that could teleport him to Hogsmeade. Harry wasn't sure if the teleporters worked or not, the best choice was to call his godfather later and ask about them. The twins were right, the whole castle was like a puzzle, so many places looked exctly similar that could confuse the hell out of anyone, if not for the Marauders map he would have been lost surely. It would take at least a year for someone to get acquainted with Hogwarts castle and even then, there was no guarantee of it.


The very next morning Harry was heading towards the Forbidden forest while scrolling through international news articles in his Pokedex, "Sinnoh has a new champion, the youngest champion huh . . . so she has a Garchomp, I would love to fight her one day once Helcurt evolves into Garchomp but that's too far away in the future. Hmm . . . Interesting, the league finally decided to add Goodra in the Pseudo legendry pokemon list, about time I say. Sightings of Zapdos near Sevii Island Kanto . . . uhhn, just rumors and no proof, can't they get a Photo at least if they want to prove that they have seen Zapdos. Hoenn champion defending his title against Steven Stone in a week, that should be an interesting battle. Ohh, now this is really interesting, Professor Samuel Oak from Kanto and his cousin Samson Oak from Alola has developed a new Pokedex design that is operated by a Rotom, specifically a Rotomdex, that sounds cool."

"Oh, hey Harry."

Harry looked up to see the giant looking man Hagrid smiling at him, "Hello Mr. Hagrid."

Hagrid smiled, "You look so much like your father Harry except without the glasses and with your mother's emerald green eyes."

"I know, everyone mentions it."

Hagrid chuckled, "How's Hogwarts suiting you?"

Harry smiled, "It's a nice place, classes haven't started yet so I can't say about that. The castle is impressive and really puzzling, I am looking forward to spend my time here."

"Good, good, study battle and enjoy." Hagrid chuckled, "So, going to the Forbidden Forest to find a Pokemon?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, I am hoping to find a strong Fletchinder. By the way, why is the forest called the Forbidden Forest?"

Hagrid laughed loudly, "The forest wasn't always so friendly Harry, before Hogwarts this forest was said to be very dangerous with powerful wild pokemon of all types but once the founders created Hogwarts the danger level of this forest decreased, it's not as dangerous as it used to be but no one ever changed the name." Hagrid took Harry to a nearby cabin, he then registered Harry's Pokedex and said, "Well, all done. You can go inside the forest but remember to come back within an hour, your Pokedex will be keeping track of the time for you."

"Thanks Mr. Hagrid."

Hagrid scoffed, "Please, no need for Mr, just call me Hagrid. By the way, since you are looking for Fletchinder maybe I can help you with that."

Now Harry was very interested, "Really? How?"

Hagrid smiled and replied, "There is a special and powerful Fletchinder in the forest, she is very strong and most of the times stay away from her pack. Once you enter the forest, head to the North East direction. You'll find a lone Apple tree, that Fletching should be there."

Harry nodded, "Thanks Hagrid."

"No problem Harry, now go on."


"You are getting a present from me for Christmas Hagrid, this is awesome." Harry said while staring at the special Fletchinder. Just as Hagrid said, Harry found the Fletchinder sitting on the lone Apple tree, what made this Fletchinder special was her size. This Fletchinder was already as big as her evolved form Talonflame, Harry was sure that this Fletchinder has the King Size trait in her.

Harry walked out of the bush and addressed the Fletchinder, "Hey Fletchinder, I want to challenge you to a battle."

The Fletchinder eyed Harry gave a huffing like sound, Harry for a second thought that the Fletchinder won't come down to fight but he was proved wrong, Fletchinder glided down gracefully and stood opposite to him, ready to battle. Harry grinned, "Awesome, come out Helcurt." From Harry's pokeball Helcurt came out and eyed his opponent, "It's your battle Helcurt, I'll interfere if needed."

The two pokemon eyed each other for some time, neither of them making a move. Fletchinder acted first and her move surprised Harry, Fletchinder used Agility to speed up and attacked Helcurt with Acrobatics. Helcurt took the hits but before Fletchinder could leave Helcurt slashed at her with Dragon Claw, the Dragon Claw hit it's mark and Fletchinder winced in pain but she was able to get away. Fletchinder flew up and attacked Helcurt with Razor Wind, Helcurt saw the attack coming and used Dig to go underground and dodge the Razor Wind attack. Fletchinder eyed the ground from the sky, searching for Helcurt to show up. Helcurt finally came out from below the ground and used Stone Edge, Fletchinder showed her speed by dodging all the pointy edged rock that rose from the ground.

Fletchinder covered herself in a layer of orange flames and charged at Helcurt but suddenly she vanished. Harry's eyes widened, "Helcurt, Sandstorm now!" Helcurt did as told and created a Sandstorm, Fletchinder came to attack Helcurt with a combination of Flame Charge and Aerial Ace but the Sandstorm affected her vision and made her loose her target. Helcurt took advantage of the situation and smashed Fletchinder to the ground with another Dragon Claw, Helcurt didn't stop and jumped up to drop on Fletchinder with Body Slam.

Harry didn't waste much time, he took out a Pokeball and threw it at Fletchinder. The Fletchinder was sucked inside, the pokeball wobbled for few seconds before it pinged indicating a successful capture. "Good work Helcurt, you did well." Harry released his new Fletchinder who came out and glared at him, "Calm down Fletchinder, let me heal you." Fletchinder was still untrusting but she let Harry spray the healing potion at her, her health rose back to normal but she was still not hundred percent.

Harry addressed his newly caught pokemon, "My name is Harry Potter and from now on you are one of my Pokemon, you are a part of my family. You are strong I can tell that from your fight with Helcurt but you'll need help to reach your full potential, I can help you with that. I can help you to become strong and one of the fastest bird pokemon. I am going to call you Hestia, how does that sound?" The Fletchinder grunted in agreement, "Good, let me scan you." Harry pointed his Pokedex at her.

"Fletchinder, the Ember Pokemon, and the evolved form of Fletchling. Fletchinder flies faster and faster as the flame sac on its stomach gradually heats up. Once in flight, Fletchinder can reach its top speed extremely quickly, giving it the edge in battle by attacking is opponents before they can get prepared. Its speed right after takeoff already puts it in the top speed class of all bird Pokémon.

This Fletchinder is a female, it has the ability Flame Body. This Fletchinder also has the King's trait which explains its bigger size.

Known moves – Agility, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Razor Wind, Quick Attack, Peck, Tackle, Ember, Roost.

Egg moves – Tailwind, Incinerate, Secret Power, Will-O-Wisp."

"Hmm nice, I'll see how good you are with all of your attacks later on." Harry then prodded more information on Fletchinder through his Pokedex, "3 Feet and 10 Inch, you will be very big when you finally evolve. Your bigger body should give you more stability in the air and your lungs will be also bigger for raising the effectiveness of your fire type attacks. Welcome to the family Hestia."

Harry returned Hestia back to her Pokeball and went back the way he came, when Harry came out of the forest he found Hagrid sitting near the cabin playing with a male Pyroar. "Hey Hagrid."

Hagrid looked at Harry and smiled, "Oh Harry, you are back. Meet Fang." The Pyroar gave cute smile which didn't fit well on his face. "So, did you catch her?"

Harry smirked, "Yup, I named her Hestia. She is quite special; Kings Trait is extremely rare. Thanks for telling me about her Hagrid."

Hagrid waved it off, "No problem, she evolved a few months ago when the Hogwarts year ended last year. Not many students have entered the forest yet so you were lucky to find her, a few days later and she would have been caught by someone else. So, what more Pokemon do you have? I know you should have a Gible since that's a must for a Potter, what else?"

"Well, Helcurt is my Gible then I got a Zorua from my godfather Sirius, I named him Loki. I bought a Chimchar from Mr. Ollivander and I named her Hilda, now I caught Hestia."

Hagrid nodded, "I see, it is a nice team for now. You should look into a Water type to balance things out."

Harry nodded, "I know. Can you tell me where I can catch a Mudkip?"

"Umm, Mudkip are rare and you'll definitely not find one anywhere near the Black Lake. There is a group of Mudkip that lives nearby the river inside the Forbidden Forest but finding them will be hard, they rarely come out while someone is around. I have seen that group only a few times, you'll need to make multiple trips to the forest to search for them."

Harry frowned, "I see. Then I think I'll train my current pokemon for now before searching for Mudkip."

"Yes, that is a good plan." Hagrid agreed, "Besides, Mudkip usually go closer to river during the winter time so you may have better luck during winter."

Harry nodded, "Thanks for everything again Hagrid."

"No problem Harry, do visit from time to time."

"Will do Hagrid, see you later." With that Harry walked back to the castle to heal Hestia completely.


"Where have you been Harry?" Neville asked as Harry sat down on the Gryffindor table for breakfast, "In the last two days you woke up before us and then you just vanish for the rest of the day, I finally find you lying on your bed when I return to dorm at night."

Hermione added, "Yeah, I once saw you roaming on the corridors, I ran toward you but you just disappeared."

Harry smiled, "Sorry but I was a bit busy. I was familiarizing myself with the castle, finding al the shortcut routes to the classes, the place is so big that it took me two days to visit every corner of this castle. I also met Hagrid again, he doesn't seem like it but he is very knowledgeable, if you want to catch a particular pokemon then Hagrid is the person that could give you the best location. I caught Hestia, she is a Fletchinder with Kings Trait, Hagrid was the one who pointed me to her."

"Huh, so that's what you have been doing from the last two days." Neville asked and gave a nod in yes.

Hermione still had some questions, "You are really lucky to get a pokemon with Kings Trait, I heard they are more rare than shiny pokemon. But what I don't understand is that, where did you eat because we never saw you in the Great Hall until now."

Harry smirked, "I get my breakfast here in Great Hall, not many students are awake when I am here in the morning. I also found the Hogwarts kitchen, all of the Mr. Mime's there were all too happy to fill my stomach. They are quite fun to interact with, I spent my dinner and lunch time with them for the last two days."

Just then their Pokedex pinged as they got their schedule. Harry looked at classes and said to himself, "So, Pokemon Biology in an hour."

"That's Professor McGonagall class." Neville mumbled.

"Hmm, we should finish our breakfast and head to her class, it's not a good impression if you get late on your first class." Harry said while eating another toast. "Have you fed your Pokemon?" Neville and Hermione nodded, "That's good."


The group of First years entered the Pokemon Biology class to find a Persian sitting on top of the teachers table, Ron Weasley was the last student to enter the class. The Persian suddenly jumped off the table and in midair transformed to Professor McGonagall. "Hello everyone, welcome to the Pokemon Biology Class. You saw me right now in my Persian form, it is called Animagus transformation. It is a very hard process and you won't be learning it in Hogwarts but if in future you ever get a chance to learn it then you'll need to have a very strong groundwork of Pokemon Biology."

McGonagall stayed silent as her eyes scanned each and every student, "How powerful a pokemon is can be very much dependent on its biology. It's not required that two same pokemon will have the same internal structure, like two Slowpoke who looked same and maybe are brothers can have difference in their internal body. When a pokemon uses a move then he produces the power from his internal organ and natural energy, even a small change in Pokemons biology can completely turn the tables."

"Let me give you an example, I caught a Vulpix in my younger age who was very powerful with fire type attacks. She left scorch marks on the ground when she worked, her body was heated up most of the times and her fire type attacks could put a Charizard to shame. It was because her Inner flames was much larger in comparison to normal fire types, every fire type has their inner flames, the stronger their Inner Flames, the stronger their firepower. My Vulpix's inner flame was as strong as a Charizard if not stronger, that was he reason her fire type attacks were so powerful but a single drop of water was able to knock her out. If you don't know the basic knowledge of Vulpix's biology you could never help such a Vulpix, today that Vulpix has evolved into a Ninetales and she is one of my strongest pokemon."

Prof McGonagall was a wonderful but a very strict teacher, she was a fair teacher but if you disturbed her flow then it's like signing your own death wish, Ron Weasley found this out the hard way. Pokemon Biology was one of the core subjects and even though it was mostly theory, Professor McGonagall kept the class interesting and made sure no one ever started getting bored. The subject was very important as it taught how to recognize the qualities and abilities of a pokemon, what is the pokemons weak point and what is its strong points. Understanding of Pokemon Biology helped immensely in training your own pokemon or understanding your opponent's pokemon.


The Basic Science and Mathematics class was focused completely on scientific concepts, discoveries, understanding of technological devices and other similar things. Mathematics became part of it as to understand the scientific theory the mathematical calculations were most essential. The class also focused on basic essential information about all the places and happenings in the world. The class was taken by a young professor named Bill McAffe, he was a young Pokemon researcher who loved developing new pokemon related technological devices or tinkering with the old ones. Professor McAffe was an excellent teacher who always left the class in a state of curiosity, he always encouraged the students to tinker with the things available and create something new.

The most physically exhausting class was the Physical Training class, it was more of a drill run than a class. The trainer Professor Surge was a former army lieutenant, he stayed as a Kanto gym leader for a few years before deciding to take the physical trainer job in Hogwarts. Surge was a tough man who looked for strength and discipline, the drills he designed were always painful and exhausting and his punishment was harsher. Surge taught the students how to fight hand to hand, he would make them fight with fighting type pokemons who didn't seem to take it easy. The most exhausting were his laps across the whole school, he had a Raichu who was as sadistic as Surge, the Raichu would shock anyone who fell behind or slowed down during a run. It wouldn't be wrong to say that most students hated him and his Raichu.

Pokemon Food was a relatively easy subject but still a bit taxing, making standard pokemon food was hard but adding your own specialty was purely troublesome. Then there was special Pokemon food for different types or different pokemons or like a completely different pokemon food for Snorlax who were heavy eaters. Professor Pamona Sprout was a chubby looking old woman who seemed to love cooking, she was a very good teacher and she rarely scolded someone when they get things wrong. According to Professor Sprout, cooking Pokemon food is an art that not everyone could master. Neville loved that class and he became Professor Sprout's favorite student very quickly.

The history class was the most boring class in the whole Hogwarts curriculum. Professor Binns was a very old man, probably older than Professor Dumbledore. History has always been a boing subject but Professor Binns took it to extreme, his class was like reading an extremely boring book. As the class starts, Professor Binns would open the book and keep reading line by line, stopping a few times to explain some points that no one ever paid attention to. Almost every student in his class used their time to sleep, even the most studious student like Hermione had a very hard time in keeping her focus.

The Pokemon Training class was conducted in a big open field, the class was not a mixed class as in, the classes were divided by houses. Quirinus Quirrell was a brilliant and knowledgeable teacher but he was an introvert, he rarely approached the students so it was the students duty to approach him and gain knowledge. Professor Quirrell was a distant teacher, he would give directions and then watch the students do their training from the sidelines. Professor Quirrell taught about type advantage, he taught how to teach some moves to Pokemon like Iron Tail, Steel Wing and other such attacks. When asked, Professor Quirrell would definitely give good pointers on what move should one teach his or her pokemon next and how to teach it. Professor Quirrell also conducted mock battles, most battles were stopped without any result as the Professor wanted to know how a student approach a battle. All in all, the Pokemon Training Class was an extremely useful and interesting class.


Understanding the Powers of Aura, it was a class that had everyone excited. The class like the Pokemon Training Class was divided by houses, Harry's first class with his fellow Gryffindors was on their fifth day at Hogwarts. The Professor Fillius Flitwick was a short sized man but he was said to be one of the most knowledgeable and Powerful person in the matters of Aura. Once the attendance was taken, Professor Flitwick stood up and addressed the eight Gryffindor first years who were sitting on individual mat in a open field.

"Welcome everyone, as you know I am Fillius Flitwick and I'll be the one who will teach you to use your Aura. You must have been having a very hard time with your Physical Training class with Professor Surge, that class is not only for keeping you fit and healthy but helping in this subject as well. For using your Aura you need to balance your Physical and Spiritual energies, you may know how to do things but if your body is not compatible you can never do what you intend to do. Some of you have learned to connect with your Aura but I'll still teach you all how to do that, that will be our task for today's class."

"But first let me give some directions on what you all will be learning in this class. Everyone who can access Aura can do few basic things, that is to connect with the Aura of the nature and find out everything that is around you, every living being is connected with his Aura. You'll be learning to sense out living things with your Aura, Aura can heighten your senses and you'll find a normal person in your surroundings easily if the person is not suppressing his or her Aura to remain undetected. You'll be learning how to heighten your senses to find someone or suppress your Aura to remain undetected."

"There is a chance that you are attacked by some wild pokemon or in any other way so if you don't have a pokemon with you, you'll be in danger. So, you'll also be learning to project your Aura outwards and forming a Shield. The shield made of Aura is not impenetrable but it is a good defense technique, you can also fight with the help of Aura. You can add your aura to your Pokemon attack to make them more effective or you can connect with your pokemon using your Aura to make them stronger and more resilient. These are the basics of what you can do and for the next two years this is what you'll be learning."

Professor Flitwick finished and looked at each student to pay attention, "Very well, now to start this class I will start with Meditation. Meditation is the most important aspect of learning Aura, with Meditation only you can start to understand and access your Aura. I'll be showing you different meditation techniques, choose what is best for you and start with it." The whole class went on as the few students who didn't have proper meditating technique learned how to meditate and then get in touch with their Aura.

Professor Flitwick was an excellent teacher who made sure that no student in his class was getting left behind, he never sighed away from personally helping each and every student. This class and the Professor got added on Harry's list of the best things in Hogwarts.


Harry's first Pokemon Specialty class was really mind boggling, Severus Snape looked like a crude professional man but the truth of the matter was that Severus Snape hated the Potter name. At the start of term banquet, Harry had seen the Professor glaring at him, he had heard about him from Sirius and he had the impression that Snape disliked him. By the end of the first Pokemon Specialty lesson, he knew he'd been wrong. Snape didn't dislike Harry, he hated him.

Gryffindor's had the first class of Professor Snape with Slytherins, they had heard that Snape was a bastard who favored his house Slytherin, the Gryffindor first years had their doubt but it became clear in the first class only. Snape started the class with Roll call, he spoke all the Gryffindor names with disdain but he practically sneered at Harry's name.

"There is no need of having your pokemon outside in this class, if I ever see a single pokemon in my class I will take it and you'll never get it back. You are not here to battle, you are here to learn how. You dunderheads may think that battling is all about having strong pokemon and bulldozing over your opponents, like proving the superiority of dragon pokemons." Here Snape eyed Harry, Harry frowned while Malfoy and his cronies snickered. "Battles are not won by power only, you need mind, intelligence, strategy. In real battles, type advantages mean nothing. Offensive and defensive moves are not enough to win battles, Status moves are there for a reason. I can teach you how to win battles effectively, I can teach you how to defeat Pseudo Legendry pokemons with a simple Pikachu."

Snape eyes roamed over the room but then stopped at Harry, "Tell me Potter, how will you catch a powerful Tyranitar that has knocked out all of your pokemons in your team except one flying type. What pokemon would you choose and what will you do?"

Harry stood up and replied, "I'll have a Swablu to use Perish Song on The Tyranitar, I'll then have my Swablu to be defensive by dodging Tyranitar's attack by flying away from it or use Protect if not able to dodge, if the above two doesn't work then use Cotton Guard or Substitution. Tyranitar will go down one way or another, once it's unconscious due to Perish Song I can easily catch it."

Snape frowned, he wanted Harry to not be able to answer. "Looks like you are not completely dunderhead. Tell me how will you defeat a Dragon type pokemon?"

"Fight with another dragon type pokemon." Harry replied without missing a beat.

Snape sneered, "How foolish, 50 points from Gryffindor. You should know that Dragon type attacks are of no use on fairy types, use Fairy and Ice type attack, any dragon will go down."

Harry snorted, "Please, you yourself said a minute ago that type advantage means nothing in real battle. If you really want to beat a powerful Dragon pokemon with Fairy and Ice types then it's your own funeral."

Snape snarled, "100 points from Gryffindor and 50 more for your cheek. How dare you answer back at me you idiot, get out of my class."

"With pleasure, I don't want to be taught by an idiot or as you say, a dunderhead." With that Harry stormed out of the class leaving a fuming Snape and a shocked classroom full of students.


Harry's Pokemon List: -

Gible (M) – Helcurt

Zorua (M) – Loki

Chimchar (F) – Hilda

Fletchinder (F) – Hestia