A thick blanket of blackness surrounds Taichi. Although he sees no light source, Taichi peers down at his hands, feet, and the rest of his body, revealing that—by some strange means—his body is rendered visible to his eyes. Oddly, He also finds that his right hand no longer bears the wound he previously sustained. Curiously, he searches himself for his Digivice, but is unable to find it.

Taichi then scans the darkness, trying to make any sense of his surroundings as he can. He then opens his mouth to shout:

"Hey!" He cries out.

Surprisingly, no sound emanates from his mouth. He tries again, straining his ears to listen to anything. Yet, there is no sound. While he feels his throat vibrating, he is left puzzled at the complete absence of any sound.

Had he gone deaf?

Lifting his fingers to his ears, he rubs his fingers together, making out the soft rubbing of his fingertips.

No, he hadn't lost his hearing. But what—

His thoughts are cut short! A faint whisper echoes about him. He turns his head in several directions, searching for the source. Still, all about him is void. Then, progressively, the voice rises in audibility:


Unable to understand the words themselves, Taichi recognizes Agumon's voice. The voice is monotone, much unlike the usual chipper and upbeat he was used to hearing from his Digimon partner. Taichi searches the darkness again, trying to make sense of the chanting. Then, there in the distance, Taighi sees him—the familiar orange reptile, sitting by himself as if sulking in depression. Taichi runs to his partner, attempting to call out again. However, Taichi's voice is indecipherable, as if submerged in water.

Making his way closer to Agumon, Taichi continues to hear him utter more strange words:


He sounds short of breath. Beyond Agumon's voice, Taichi feels as if he can hear another voice behind it, barely registering, but present enough to be noticed. The other voices is darker and heavier, filling Taichi with a cold dread.

As Taichi closes the distance with his partner, he becomes keenly aware of the thumping of his own heart, beating ever faster and louder. Upon reaching Agumon, Taichi sees that the Digimon is curled up, hugging himself tightly. The Digimon's eyes are closed tightly and his body shivers uncontrollably.

"Agumon?!" Taichi asks, his voice still dampened.

Agumon doesn't reply, but continues the strange chant:

"…Gamchicoth…Harab Serapel…Samael…"

Taichi reaches out to his partner. As he does so, he feels the beating of his heart reach its zenith.

Suddenly, the reptile's eyes pop wide open! Red lights shine from their sockets, glowing ever-so eerily as he stares at Taichi. Agumon's orange skin then begins to shimmer and change color—a black to match the dark canvas. Taichi takes a step back and retracts his hand as his partner gets up from the ground and sets his sights on him. Agumon's body then disappears amidst the void, but his eyes remain. The two red pinpoints then grow larger, rising to a great height, in semblance of a giant creature now staring down Taichi from the darkness. The shape growls—a deep guttural noise with a metallic echo behind it.

"NEHEMOTH!" The monster roars.

Taichi cries out in terror as the eyes advance on him. Expecting to be trampled or worse, the eyes then vanish within torrent of black liquid. The tarry substance then cascades over Tiachi's body, throwing him off his feet. With a splash, Taichi falls into a pool of the same substance and before he knows it, he's up to his neck in it. Taichi is left sputtering as thick liquid envelops his body, dragging him under. He shuts his eyes tightly.

Desperately, Taichi swims upwards, trying to pull his body through the mire. He reaches his hands up, hoping beyond hope that his fingers would reach the surface. To his horror, no such purchase can be found and he is dragged downwards evermore. Finally, his chest heaves, demanding air. As Taichi opens his mouth, a coppery taste fills it, causing him to cough wildly as the strange material flows into lungs. In one final effort, Taichi forces his eyes open, hoping he might see any means of escape beyond the flood…