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New York
Themysciran Embassy

It had been hours since Princess Diana of Themyscira relaxed in her quarters. The meeting between her and the Lebanese ambassador had not been quite easy to convince and if it weren't for her diplomatic charisma and her expertise on linguistic, the affair would've ended a disaster. She had long dismissed Julia off her duties and requested a portal for her visit to Themyscira. Her sister, Princess Donna had been spending her college vacation on the island and while she wasn't tired of the Patriarch's world, the best to loosen up was the place they grew up in. Diana smiled fondly, thinking of her mother and sister.

"Anything else, princess?" Asked Ferdinand.

"No, thank you, Ferdinand." Diana picked up the wrapped box. "I think this melomakarono would suffice enough. You know Donna has a special liking for them."

"Yes, I remember, princess. She always sneak up in my kitchen to grab a few." Said the minotaur, chuckling. "Have a Merry Christmas, your highness."

"Merry Christmas to you too. Feel free to follow me afterwards. The portal's open for you, my friend." With a last goodbye, Diana walked off. She bent down slightly to massage her aching ankles. Reaching up inside her wooden bureau, she fished her wooden Amazonian sandals and put the pair on.

She was on her way to the doorknob when something caught her eye. The headline of the Daily Planet. The news paper was on top of the papers she had read earlier morning.

She held it up and raised a delicately arched brow.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne Takes A Stand Against Socially Oppressed Metahumans
By Lois Lane
Attached with the newspaper was a picture of the handsome Mr. Wayne.

She suspected there was not much to write news about since her acclaimed boyfriend, Superman had been busy in his intergalactic trip with the GL corps. Still, it was no surprise that Bruce made it on the headline. He was one of the owners of the Daily Planet and he had made a long thirty-minute speech about the rights of Metahumans. The event was held in her Embassy and she was grateful that most attendees supported his concern.

Shaking her head, she opened the portal and stepped in.

Smallville, Kansas
Kent Farm

"It's a shame Clark isn't here, Pa. He'd love my muffins." Sighed Martha Kent sadly. It had been almost a year since her son had gone to the cosmos and she was very excited for his arrival. It was quite distressing that he couldn't make it on Christmas.

"He's in somewhere else. Butt kicking bad aliens and all that." Jonathan Kent gave his wife an encouraging smile. He rubbed her arms comfortingly. "Cheer up, Ma. Lois is visiting tomorrow. You two will talk about Clark alllll day and it'll be fun."

Ma punched his arm and scowled at him. "You're insufferable, Pa. I'm still warming up to her."

"Yea, yea. I get it. She's too confining for your taste." Pa lifted his mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. He received another slap in the arm for his remark. "Really, woman!"

"Whoever Clark dates becomes my daughter, Pa." She took a bite of her muffin. "I just think she's a bit ..."


"I was gonna say reserved, Jonathan Kent. Reserved." She looked past the window. The snow was heavy outside and she shivered slightly.

"She's a famous nosy reporter. She is not reserved. I guessed she's just shy around us." She stood up, warming and rubbing her hands together for heat. "It's late, Jon. I've a lot to prepare tomorrow."

Her husband stood up as well and cleared up their table. "You go first. I'll take care of this mess." He kissed her on the forehead. He eyed her form as she climbed upstairs. The never-ending furrow of her brows had made him more worried. He knew their son could take care of himself. Even when he was a child, he was aware that Clark was able to find his own battles and did not need their help. But again, his alter ego was a magnet for trouble. Most of his alien opponents could rival him in terms of both strength, speed, and intellect. As he thought about it now, he could relate to his wife's uneasiness.

A heavy tremor jolted him from his thoughts and Jonathan held on to the table's edges. Some glasses of their windows shattered and he blocked his face from the impact of the shards. There was a bright light beaming for a whole second. Then it ignited.

"J-Jonathan!" Martha screamed.

He did not hesitate. He ran outside, carrying his rifle.

Mediterranean Sea
Paradise Island, Themyscira

"Diana!" Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, rushed in to embraced her daughter. She engulfed her in a tight warm hug and laughed when she felt another pair of arms wrapped around them.

"You're cold." Noted Donna, wrinkling her nose a bit.

"Nice to see you too, sister." She smiled sarcastically. "I missed you two. The Embassy had been quite busy for the past few days that I had barely time to contact you both. Adding the fact that my League application is still being perused, I'm still under initiation."

Hippolyta squeezed Diana's shoulder. "You look thin, my little moon. Have you been eating right?"

Diana grinned. "You should see Ferdinand, mother. He smothered me to eat every time we saw each other. But I eat just fine. How have you two been?"

"We've been good. Mother here, you see, has adapted a liking to watching movies. You should see some of them, they're really good."

Diana quirked a brow and turned to her mother who dismissed what Donna said with a wave of her hand. "It's a great way to past time, daughter. Surely you understand me considering your obsession with that laptop and iPod of yours."

Donna looked exasperated. "Gods, I'm not obsessed with my laptop, I use it for my studies. I hate to say this but I find it more convenient than having to walk yourself to a library and suffocate yourself through layers and layers of dusts from bookshelves."

Hippolyta frowned at her younger daughter's blasphemy and shook her head. "There'll be a feast this midnight, darling. Will you be resting or joining us?"

"I'll join our sisters, mother. I'll just freshen up a bit." Hippolyta nodded and hugged her once more before departing. Donna was left with her sister.

"Well? Aren't you going to leave me to my own devices?"

"Oh, sister, really! It's been weeks since we last saw each other. I could not help but to desire a sisterly talk with you. Surely you agree as well? Well, if you don't, I'll just keep talking anyway. So," Donna circled her arms to Diana's who was looking bemused. "What's the League like?"

She couldn't hold it any longer. She laughed. "The League is wonderful Donna. I've made a lot of acquaintances there."

Donna grumbled. "It's a shame Superman isn't there." She sighed dreamily. "He's gorgeous and charming. But he's old and dating that foolish reporter. Have you heard the rumor that she jumps on roof buildings roof to garner his attention and save her?"

"You shouldn't judge the poor woman by mere rumors, Donna. You, of all Amazons, should know that. Enough about me," Diana pushed her chamber door open. "What about you? The Titans?"

"Oh, yes. It has been truly delightful with them. But don't change the subject. Do you agree Superman is gorgeous?" Donna put her forefinger on her chin and assumed a thinking position. Diana shook her head in what seemed amusement and scrambled through her bag. "You know Diana, I think I ship you two." Her sister decided.

"Ship?" Diana looked up at her, confused.

"It's when you want two people to get together." Donna smirked.

"Donna! I never even met the man." She rolled her eyes and handed her a box of her favorite dessert.

"Oh you don't know the words circulating around the internet— ooh, thank you so much! I've been craving this for days. Anyway, it's just what I think." Donna pouted and stood up. "Thanks for the talk, big sister. I better get ready myself."

Diana smiled and hugged her sister. "You better."

Smallville, Kansas
Kent Farm

"Blessed me..." Jonathan muttered in disbelief as he rounded the rubble. Dust floated and he coughed, waving his hands frantically to sift through the air. The air was hot and heavy and he stepped back. He had his rifle pointed in front of him. While he knew whatever landed in his beloved farm could easily strike him, the cold metal feel of his old boy comforted him.

"Jonathan, are you alright there?!" Shouted Martha. She was at the back of the house, hugging herself in trepidation.

"Yes, Ma. It's just ... I think we're in plenty of trouble ... again." Shouted Jonathan back gently. He shivered and a smoke of cold air escaped from his mouth. He squinted and flashed his flashlight towards the crater.

"What do you mean?!" Her voice was nearing in and she gasped once she saw unconscious figures in the crater.

"Oh by the gods..."

Jonathan shook his head grimly and looked at the skies. "By the gods indeed."

Mediterranean Sea
Paradise Island, Themyscira

Loud roars reverberated around the great hall of Themyscira. Artemis stood on top of the long table and cheered. Some of the visitors, who decided to spend Christmas in the Island, looked amused at the display. A year and a half ago, the Queen finally opened the Island to the people from the Patriarch's world. With her daughters' persuasion, Themyscira's culture and living had been taught and shared to the visitors. It was one of the major steps to strengthen ties outside. It was tough for her Amazon sisters, especially for the Bana tribe who mostly protested. Fortunately, as months passed by, they relented though a few were still wary.

Diana downed her wine and quietly sat on one of the benches, observing the crowd as they enjoyed each other's company. Her sister was conversing with a lanky man who oftenly stuttered through his words and stared at her. Diana rubbed her arms together and suddenly missed the feel of snow. Themyscira never had snow. It was a pity.

"Diana, you must meet George here. He's one of my schoolmates." Said Donna, rushing to her. The lanky man followed behind her.

Diana smiled dryly. "You've blown your cover." She said.

Donna grinned. "Not really. He's am imposing figure himself, you see."

Diana's brow quirked and glanced at Diana's schoolmate. She recognized him as a Scottish son of a billionaire and Duchess. "Mr. Kyle." She curtsied slightly.

The man rubbed the back of his neck shyly, a trait she was surprised of seeing considering his status. "It is I that should be curstying, princess."

Donna grinned at her. Diana jokingly asked, "How's your stay here? I do hope my sister here is not annoying you."

"She's been a fair host, your highness. I think I could not ask for more." He truthfully answered her. Diana shot Donna a look to which her sister replied with a roll of her eyes. She quickly excused herself and the man and went on to introduce him to another set of Amazons.

"Good evening, Philippus." She greeted, handing her wine.

"Your highness." The General returned smilingly. "Have you taken your rest yet?"

Diana sighed. "If only but it'd be improper and insolent of me to bail on this Christmas Feast. How have you been?"

"I've been good, Diana. I heard you joined the Justice League."

Diana looked at the crowd contemplatively. "The Martian and Batman quickly offered me a position after my Wonder Woman debut. So it's only natural for me to accept. Excuse me." She nodded at the General and walked towards the door to breathe some fresh air.

"Mother," said Diana, startled. "I didn't expect you here."
She eyed her mother as she walked towards her. Hippolyta patted the space beside her.

"The stars are bright tonight." Diana smiled. "I miss skies like this. In New York, stars are barely perceivable. Faint and dull. Although there are days when Venus and Mercury decide to appear."

Her mother smiled in agreement.
"The city is a big and scary place, Diana. How are you coping with it?"

"To be honest, mother, I find it rather overwhelming. Every people are restless and the city never sleeps! Most of the people I've seen and learned to know strive to meet ends meet. They do it hoping for the luxuries behind and not because they love to do it." There was sadness behind Diana's eyes. "Because they know those luxuries would be their happiness. There are a lot of great people out there, mother. You should meet them."

"I suppose, most of them are men?" Hippolyta concluded dryly.

Diana felt a smile curve her lips. "Not really. The Patriarch's world changed, mother. It has become better in many ways. It's not what it used to be."

"Diana," Hippolyta took Diana's hands and looked at her gently. "The outside world may be changed but it also has gotten worse. Consider the weaponry they made, daughter. Their bombs alone could erase Themyscira out of existence."

Diana sighed heavily. Her mother was stubborn as ever and it was frustrating to reason with her.

"Isn't that the reason why I'm making ties around the world, mother? To make an alliance? Peace? So that no harm could ever reach our Island?"

Hippolyta pulled her into an embrace and kissed her raven hair. "It's been a long time since I've talked to you, Diana. I almost forgot your stubbornness." The Amazonian princess smiled and inhaled the familiar scent of her mother.

"Oh, mother. I've missed you so much." Diana hugged her tighter, her voice muffled in her mother's hair, not caring for moment that she was a 22-year-old woman. "I missed Donna and our sisters. It's been a lonely year."

"But you had fun, didn't you?" Hippolyta said, smiling down at her.

"Everything was beyond magical, mother." Replied Diana, smiling back. "I invited J'onn if you don't mind tomorrow and err.. Bruce Wayne and ..." she trailed off, looking away.

"The rest of the Justice League." Said Hippolyta dryly.

"Oh no." Diana amended. "Just four of them, actually. Some of them declined because they were planning to spend their Christmas with their own families. J'onn, Bruce, Shayera, and John Stewart were eager to come. If it's," Diana winced slightly. Despite being the champions of the Olympian Gods, she was still afraid of her mother's wrath. "... okay with you, mother?" She asked hopefully.

Hippolyta chuckled and nodded. "They are your friends, Diana. I would welcome them in Themyscira with open arms."

Diana felt relieved. "Thank you, mo—"
She looked up and saw a faint light heading towards the Island. She gasped and stood up. "An unidentified object is approaching the land, mother!" Diana hovered and tried to look at the figure better. She flew towards it and her eyes widened in shock once she realized what it was.

"Oh great Hera," she poised herself away from the figure and steeled her muscles. Her eyes smouldered as she opened her arms to shield it from the impact of falling. There it was coming towards her. "Urgh!"
Diana was immediately smashed down the trees, destroying a lot of flora in the process. Bracing her arms around the unconscious figure, she took all the pain and sputtered when dirt entered her mouth.

She closed her eyes once they landed and her head fell on the ground in a thud. Her breathing was heavy and her heart was beating so hard and loudly, she swore the figure would wake up.
It was minutes before she completely recovered and looked down.

There it was. A child. A boy about the age of 7 or 8. There were ashes on his cheeks. Diana brushed it tenderly and patted his dark hair, which was singed badly. She noted there was a scar across his left eye. It was old, she confirmed, not new since it was faint. Faint yet prominent.

He was breathing, thank gods.

"Princess!" She heard the voice of Philippus calling out.

"In here, General!" Diana shouted enough for her to hear.

"W-what..." Philippus stuttered, eyeing the destroyed place.
Diana stood up with the unconscious boy in her arms. The dark-skinned General was even more shock.

"I need to bring him to Epione, Philippus. He needs medical attention. Inform mother my whereabouts." Without another word, Diana flew to the chief healer's infirmary.

Smallville, Kansas
Kent Farm

"Jonathan, what do we do?" Martha panicked. Her husband held her by the shoulder to calm her down and told her to breathe in. "Pa, that's what I'm trying to do! I am horrified! What if Clark doesn't come home and the government comes for us? What if—"

"Martha!" Jonathan snapped up at her. "Martha, really. You're overreacting, dear. We'll just have to carry these..." he looked at unconscious figures warily, "people inside our house and clear up this mess." They stared at the shambles and the crater in concern. "I suppose it'll take time..." he grumbled.

Martha closed her eyes for a moment and opened it, now regarding the two figures. "Do you think they're like Clark, Jon?"

Jonathan sighed. "I don't know, Ma. Let's just be thankful that we don't have to hide an alien spaceship under the barn again. Come and help me lift them up."

Together they descended the crater. Jonathan flashed his flashlight towards the fallen shapes. "They're so young, Pa." Martha gasped. "The boy no older than Clark and the girl ... she's much younger."

Jonathan felt something terrible inside his chest. "We start with the girl, Ma. I suppose she's lighter than him." Martha nodded in agreement.

An Hour Later

The couple observed the man and the woman's breathing. Once in a while, the man's fingers would twitch and he would murmur something incoherent. While there was a worried crease on the girl's forehead, as if she was plagued with mild nightmares. Martha gripped her husband's arm and they held their eyes for a second.

"He looks like Clark, Jonathan." Said Martha softly, caressing the asleep young man with her gentle eyes. "The girl too. The shape of the eyes and the cheeks. Can you not see, Pa?"

Jonathan took a sharp inhale of breath. "I see them clear as day, Ma. I'd like to know who they are but for now, we'll let them rest."

"They're not hurt. Not a single bruise, Jon." Martha closed her eyes. These people ... whoever they are, she knew they were like Clark. Her alien son. Were they Kryptonians like him? Were they related to him? Or were they simply Metahumans? She went forward them and touched their foreheads. Looking up, she asked, "What do we tell Lois tomorrow?"

Jonathan rubbed the back of his neck, not answering right away. "Don't tell her what happened, I guess? Look, she may be our son's girlfriend but she's also a stranger too. And a determined reporter to boot. We are not going to jeopardize our privacy and we'll just tell her that—"

"That what? You were trying to create a pool in the yard, Jon?" Asked Martha wryly.

Jon chuckled. "Yea, something like that."

Martha rolled her eyes. "Fine."

Mediterranean Sea
Paradise Island, Themyscira

"Where did he come from?" Asked Donna. She stood beside Diana who was gazing at the small sleeping boy. It was dawn and they were yet to sleep. Diana couldn't sleep in her chambers and found herself flying to Epione's healing facility.

"I don't know. But what I do know is that he came from the skies." Diana blinked and her focus on the boy wavered. "Poor child. I am still confused as to why he was undamaged. Not that I'm not grateful that he was not hurt but," she turned to Donna. "Sister, Epione said he has dense skin. Like mine and yours. Perhaps even denser."

Donna's eyes narrowed at her. "What are you implying, Diana?"

"Is this a sign from the Olympian gods, Donna? Is he a spawn of one of them? Another child, like me, they sent to Themyscira for our sisters to nurture? A son—"

"Diana, honestly!" Donna shrieked. "Don't think like that! Where is your Athena's wisdom?"

Diana smiled sheepishly. "Forgive me, I was thinking out loud."

Donna giggled. "Yes, you were and I share your concerns."

Their gaze returned to the boy. "Oh, Diana, he's so adorable! He'd be a heartbreaker in his teens!" Donna cooed. She was closed to pinching the boy's rosy cheeks but Diana gave her an arching look. She pursed her lips. "Well, he is." She crossed her arms. "His father must be so handsome!"

Diana laughed in exasperation. "Tone down your voice. He might wake up with that fussing of yours."

Donna jokingly scowled at her. "Alright, fine. I should sleep. You should sleep as well."

Diana bit her lip. "I think I should stay a bit. Just to check up on him."

Donna yawned and nodded. Diana watched as she exited the room, waving her hand and muttering good night. She massaged her temples and cleared the blurriness of her eyes. Her eyelids were drooping so she rested her chin on her palms as she took a seat in front of the boy.