Love, Life and Everything

Chapter One - Prologue

It was morning when he woke. Usually he woke up in the early afternoon but today was different, today was special. Today was the day he was finally going to tell her. After all the years of waiting he had finally decided he did not want to do a Godot. At some point in the past few weeks he had become restless. Not in the my life sucks kind of way but in the I want more way. He had spent many a sleepless night trying to work out why he had this feeling. At first he thought it might just have been something he had eaten, he never had trusted shrimp. However it finally dawned upon him. It was her. She was the reason he felt this way. He was restless about her. Now he did not come to this conclusion lightly, you wouldn't would you? This was a life-changing realisation and until recently he had thought it was indigestion. He had thought this one through over and over again until he had reached paranoid level. He was sure, sure as humanly possible. It was her. She was the cause of his restlessness. He wanted her. No, he didn't just want her. That doesn't do his feeling justice. He felt the same way about her that you feel about oxygen or a businessman feels about share options. He could not live without her, not anymore. It was that simple. Now some of you may be questioning whether someone can go from being a good friend to being your sole reason for existence as quickly as that. Well, you obviously have never been in love. That may seem like I am using a well-worn cliche as a cop-out, probably because I am. However  it is so much more than that. It is the truth. He loves her. It is as simple as that. Everything else just doesn't matter when you are in love. She was his first, his last, his only. A world without her would be far worse than anything thought up by the devil himself or even a traffic warden with a grudge. However realising his true feelings for her is not the end of the story. They do not just walk off into the sunset. It is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, it is perhaps the end of the beginning. There is much left of the story to tell and tell this story I shall. For a story of love is never a story that should not be told. It is not, however, a happy story. There will be pain, there will be rejection and there will be death. If these are not what you are looking for in a story then I suggest you look elsewhere. And so if you are sitting comfortably I shall begin...

Author's note: The beginning may be delayed while I write the next chapter. I apologise for the delay but it was avoidable through better planning.