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Chapter 1

Crown Prince Ray Schreave

Ray woke up to the sun beaming through the window, birds chirping, and gentle music in the background. He'd gotten a good night's rest, and felt refreshed.

Not really.

Ray woke up, his tie on the floor, shirt ruffled, as he glanced down at the paperwork he'd slept on. There were drool spots on the paper, and he groaned. Ray'd need to ask his father for another copy. He looked at the clock, half-awake, and tried to make out the time. 5:20 am, Ray had gotten 3 hours of sleep. Fantastic, however, it was better than most nights.

Ray stood, and changed into clean clothes, dreading getting back into work. He looked in the mirror and tried to comb his dark blonde, curly hair with his fingers, only succeeding in making it messier. His nose scrunched, and he shook his head as he opened the bedroom door, locking it behind him.

Ray made my way downstairs to his father's office, hoping he wasn't awake yet, and could get a copy of his paperwork without the king noticing. Ray opened the office door quietly, and stepped inside, breathing a sigh of relief when the door shut without squeaking.

"Ray?" He jumped at the sound of the voice.

Ray turned, "Dad? I mean, Dad! Just who I wanted to see."

Ray's father raised a brow, waiting for him to elaborate. Ray cleared his throat, and glanced around the office. The drapes were pulled closed, and the clock was ticking as he noticed other things, mainly the giant file cabinet with the paperwork he needed.

"Ray, why are you in here? You have your own office." The king said, giving him a look that said if he lied he'd be in for it.

Ray sighed in defeat, "I need new paperwork." He muttered.

The king let out a huff of amusement, "Get it, but this is the last time." He warned. It wouldn't be the last time, it was the 'last time' 5 years ago.

Ray nodded, and ran over to the file cabinet, grabbing the stack of papers he needed. He was about to leave, when his father caught his attention again. He wasn't going through just any paperwork. It was event paperwork.

"We're having people over?" Ray asked, trying to catch a glimpse of what the papers said.

The king snatched the papers up, and his eyes narrowed, but then he sighed. "I suppose I should tell you now, well…"

"What?" Ray asked suspiciously, wondering if it was too late to run out of the office.

"Well, it's just that-" The king hesitated, "I decided that you should have a Selection."

Ray was shocked, he knew he was 20, but it never occurred to him that he would have a Selection. "But-"

"Don't worry, I've arranged it to be both females and males, so don't worry about that." The king explained, and Ray relaxed a little.

"Don't you think this is a little sudden?" Ray asked.

"No Ray, you're 20, and you'll want someone to rule with you. Trust me, I was hesitant at first, but once the girls grew on me, I realized that I really wanted someone to grow old with, and help carry the burden of life." The king said.

Ray held back a sigh, and nodded. "Are we announcing it on the Report this Friday?"

The king nodded, "Yes, and forms will go out the next day."

Ray swallowed a lump in his throat, and nodded once again. "Alright then, I guess this is happening. I better go mentally prepare for 35 people to enter the castle."

Ray left his father's study, and took a deep breath, counted to ten, then exhaled, trying to calm his mind enough to think a clear thought. Ray made his way to his room, and tried the handle before he forgot it was locked.

Then he realized it wasn't.

Ray sighed and pushed open the door, hands on his hips as he stared, annoyed, at his sister, who was sitting crisscross on the bed.

"What do you want? And how did you get in?" Ray asked.

Endra laughed, "Oh brother, you know how I got in." She said, holding up a hair pin. Ray sighed, and she continued, "As for what I'm doing here, I was bored, and figured you had something interesting to say at the least."

"Gee, thanks." Ray muttered, moving over to the chair by the desk in his room. Ray scowled at the papers that he had drooled on, and dumped them in the trash, replacing them with the new ones.

"So?" My sister prompted.

Ray sighed, and glanced over his shoulder at her. She seemed curious, so he decided to tell her what their father had said. "I'm having a Selection."

She seemed shocked, and blinked once. Twice. "Is it-"

"Male and female."


"Yeah." They sat in silence.



"I'm glad that you're having a Selection." Ray glanced up when she said that, and saw she was smiling kindly at him. Ray raised a brow. "Sometimes you need support, and you don't exactly like to ask for help. You need to find someone who can read when you need help, and offer it. Someone who understands you, and you trust and love."

Ray was shocked, he'd never heard such wise words come out of his sister's mouth.

"Plus, any of them you don't like I could check out."

And there it was.

Ray chuckled, shaking his head. "Get out of my room, Endra."

Endra laughed, and shot him finger guns, before prancing out his room. Ray shook his head again, closing the door, and locking it. Not that locking the door can keep her out.

Ray made his way back to his desk, looking at the stack of papers in front of him. Ray sighed, and shook out his hands, and cracked his knuckles before diving back into hours of paperwork.

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