Epilogue - 4 Years Later

Ray's POV

Ray smiled down at the picture in front of him. Spencer and Akio had recently adopted a little girl, and had sent a family picture with a letter catching Ray up on recent events. Ray was overjoyed for them, and more so that they'd finally gotten the 'OK' to adopt; they'd been working for the past 2 years.

Many of the Selected still stayed in touch with Ray. Mimi bought her family a newer, bigger house, and often gave Ray advice on security measures. Kara came over often to hang out with Brendan and Ray, and to clear out the liquor cabinets, but at least now she'd quit her job at the bar, and was currently going to college as a Literature Major. Evie was a Public Relations Head, and was currently going steady with someone. As for Jed, well, the television was currently tuned to a talk show where Jed and Charlie were promoting LGBTQ+ rights and openness. Jed and Charlie traveled all over Illea as speakers to promote to kids that being a part of the community was something they could be proud of, that they would always have allies somewhere.

The talk show host asked, "So, I think we all want to know, what do your parents think of you two now?"

Jed and Charlie looked to each other, and Charlie nodded to Jed. Jed smiled, and turned to the talk show host, "Well, our parents naturally have tried to apologize, multiple times, but we're not ready to accept. We've moved on with our lives, past their acceptance. They abandoned us in our time of need, when we were just discovering ourselves. We got lost, we had to find our own way to self discovery. Everyone gets lost, but if someone is there to help then it's a gentler path; our parents weren't there, it was a jungle, but we came out on top. Real family sticks by you through everything, my parents are not yet back to being family. Everyone deserves to soar, it's just a matter of who is soaring with you."

Ray was entranced by Jed's speech, that he barely heard the bedroom door open until Brendan was sitting next to him on the bed. Brendan wrapped an arm around Ray, and stared up at the television. Brendan smiled, "He seems so happy there."

Ray nodded, "He does." Ray held out the picture to Brendan, "Spencer and Akio finally got to adopt." Brendan took the picture, smiling brightly.

"That's great! Now, how about we go see about our own kid?" Brendan asked, kissing Ray lightly.

Ray smiled, "Sounds good, let's go."

The two of them stood, and left the room, heading to a study where they were going to be meeting with world class doctors. They entered, and 3 doctors were there to greet them. They talked for a while, telling Ray and Brendan the different options. There was always adoption, then they could get an egg donor, and have Ray's genetics to make it a true heir. Or they could take a mixture of both genes in a donated egg.

Ray and Brendan weren't sure about any option, until the doctor's told them of a new way they were working on. A way to artificially make an egg, taking the sex chromosomes from Ray and Brendan and mixing it together. They decided to go with that option.

"So, the first question, a son or a daughter?" A doctor asked.

Brendan looked to Ray, "What do you think? They'll be the heir."

Ray thought for a moment, smiling, "A girl."

The doctor nodded, and one said, "So, we'll take the X chromosomes from two of your own cells and mix them together to get a girl, she'll be more genetically like your mothers, but we can manipulate the rest of her genes to be a mixture of you two."

Brendan and Ray nodded, and they finished up some notes with the doctors. "So, when can we expect to actually have a baby?" Ray asked, giddy at the prospect of being a father.

"Well, it'll take about a year to mix the genetics correctly, and nine months of incubation, after that, she should be all yours, Your Highness."

Ray smiled, turning to Brendan, "Can you believe it? Not even 2 years!"

Brendan laughed, "It's crazy, I know, but also exciting."

Ray nodded, "Come on, let's go celebrate! I think Ivy and Christian are eating lunch. Let's order extra cake!"

Brendan shook his head, smiling gently, and followed Ray to the dining hall, where Ivy and Christian were waiting. After the servants brought cake for everyone, Ray stood, looking to Christian and his wife.

"Guys, Brendan and I have exciting news. The doctors have a way to perfectly mix our genetics so we can have kids!" Ray announced.

Ivy and Christian applauded, Christian's black and gold eyepatch glittering in the sunlight. Christian smiled, "A girl or a boy?"

"A girl." Brendan replied.

Ivy sighed happily, "Congratulations guys! That's so amazing, I'm so happy for you two!"

Ray nodded, smiling, "Thank you. We're excited too."

Ray looked around at his family, his brother and Ivy, Brendan his soulmate, and soon enough it would be growing. It seemed perfect right now, calm and happy. The perfect moment in the story of his life. He'd finally found his way, he'd found himself. His life was going to get a whole lot better from here on out.

Hello everyone! Wow, here it is, the epilogue. I've spent so much time and put my soul into this story. I love this, and I love you guys, thanks for sticking through this story with me! I hope to see you in the sequel!

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