Hello everyone and welcome to my first fanfiction!

Since I'm a rather talkative person, let's leave the major part of the introduction out for now and start with the first chapter of this story! I will talk about said thing at the beginning of the ending notes! Before that, just a few things!

1. This story has quite the variety of stuff. Here is a little list of a few things so you get an idea what you are getting into when reading this:

-additional dimensions and counterparts

-all current summoning methods plus new variations of them (think of what Accel Synchro is to Synchro), plus an entirely new method(s)

-backstory on Zarc and his plans

-warfare with more than just cards

-supernatural stuff (I will talk about that in detail later)

2. I will use the original sub names and some Japanese terms in the story, name order stays European/American however (first name, family name). I just like it better this way, with the exception of a few characters, but oh well, sacrifices have to be made sometimes

3. For a lot of cards anime effects will be used, but I will put in a vast majority of TCG effects as well or alter either of them slightly

4. Since I obviously have not much experience here, I will rate this story T. Warning: It gets a bit violent on some occasions, but I think it should still be appropriate here since it is rather chilled most of the time, correct me if I'm wrong.

5. I made the cover of this story myself by using the CD-cover of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Sound Duel 4 as a basis. Then I added some stuff and boom, one cover done! I hope you like it! Quick disclaimer, I don't own the original CD-cover of course, but the new one is my own production, so I guess that makes me its owner

6. And finally the classic 'I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V or any of its characters besides my OCs'-thing

Well, with that out of the way, we can almost start. But since I shifted the normal introduction to the notes, let me give you something else. It's just a little poem I wrote. You probably won't be able to make too much sense of it yet, but as you read, you will eventually. With that said, here you are!

Supreme Dragon King was its name, the way it was called

But in reality, it is far more ancient and old

The primal dragon god of unlimited power

It will bring humanity to its final hour

Atop the summit of heaven it once again thrones

Gazing upon the world it rightfully owns

Its cry shakes the heavens, its claws pierce the sky

Its wrath will continue until all humans die

The mystical man who inherited all

His fury and anger will be your downfall

The savior dedicated to the ignored and oppressed

With revenge and destruction his mind is obsessed

The great dragon rises to even greater heights

Mankind trembling at these horrific sights

It's free again, its bindings undone

Its mile-wide wings blacken out the sun

Now it takes off, a being full of godly might

With a stream of immeasurable force it crushes the light

Its breath severs all, the world will be torn

As two beings merge a true god is born

A scarlet vortex strikes down to the ground

Its revenge will resume when it's once more unbound

And if it revives, its wrath is unleashed

A being that merged from a man and a beast

It draws near, in the distance it loomed

And if it appears, all mortals are doomed

From one came ten, from ten come one

With thy arrival their end has begun

What's true is wrong and what's false is right

It now is at hand, the dawn of twilight

He'll show your true supremacy

Using the power he gained from thee

He destroys, he can be what he wants to be

They're no good, and they mean no good, treacherously

He shall plunge you all into the pits of desperation

Establish an utopia through humankind's erasion

And his strength grows with every day, so it will get more and more

And mankind cowers in fear, trembling at the dark dragon's roar

And he shall plunge you all into the pits of desperation

And shed your blood, unleash a flood of dark purification

Now without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

On a balcony, a single person was standing, leaning on the railing and looking towards the horizon. The person is a male around the age of 14 and has dark blue hair with a few gray highlights on the front side of his head. The lower part on the sides and back of his head is covered with gray hair as well. He wears a magnificent outfit consisting of a long sleeved piece of clothing on the upper part of his body that looks like a mix between royal attire and a military uniform. It is also dark blue, matching his dominant hair color, and has a pretty high collar that covers most of his neck. At the end of both sleeves and on both sides of his collar, it also has white gems and it is furthermore decorated with numerous embroidery all over the uniform, the most outstanding of them being an emblem on his chest depicting a whitish "G" within a dark blue rhombus, which has silver dragon-like wings attached to its sides. He also wears white pants and a gray belt with a pretty unique buckle since it looks like the very same emblem again. His black shoes have quite a simple design, however, they are polished to absolute high gloss, so they look pretty impressive nevertheless. The most striking feature of his outfit, however, is the long gray cape fixed around his neck, likewise showing the royal insignia. The young man continued to stare with his light blue eyes, letting them wander over the city beneath him.

"Ah, the mighty Gishiki Empire!" He murmured to himself. "The beauty of this city – no, this very land – just fascinates me every time anew! It has taken a long time to get to this point, but now it is just … perfect."

His monologue was interrupted by a female voice calling out to him.

"Hey Yuga, it's almost time for dinner, we should better go soon if we don't want to upset father."

He turned around to face a girl about his age standing in the yard behind him. She wears a similar outfit as he does with hers being more feminine and with a shorter cape. In addition to her royal attire she also wears a silver, wavy bracelet with a bright blue gem in its middle, which meanders around the wrist of her right arm. She has medium-length, loose, baby blue colored hair with a few white bangs on both sides as well as on the left hand backside of her head, and a white, dragon-shaped hair clip on the left side of her front hair, plus bluish, diamond shaped earrings combined with a necklace of the same shape and color. Finally she has golden yellow eyes, which looked at him with her usual mix of kindness and self confidence, even though he could clearly tell from her expression that she was a bit uneasy right now since she hated to keep her dad waiting.

"Already?" He replied while she slowly approached him. "Usually I am the first one at things involving food, as you know by now. Guess I got lost in my thoughts and forgot about the time."

"You know, that always happens when you visit this place to observe the city. The view from here is captivating as always, I suppose?"

"You bet!" He grinned at her. "I can't help but admire the scenery! Come Shiryu, take a look yourself!" He beckoned her to come closer with his hand.

She walked up next to him and turned towards said direction. As he had told her, a magnificent view unfolded before her eyes. When she gazed over the city of blue, she couldn't help but agreeing with him. Most of its houses were made of aoneum, a rare kind of metamorphic rock that resisted corrosion almost entirely and therefore was the go-to material for building houses in this part of the world. While other capitals in the rest of the earth preferred building skyscrapers made of glass and metal, aoneum had always been the classic material in this city. Her family, commonly known as the Royal Family of Gishiki, had been the rulers of this world for a long time. Her father Ghidorah, the current owner of this position, inherited his throne from a long line of sublime monarchs who all had stood on the peak of the world during their lifetimes. The name of the royal family originated from the dominant summoning method of the world they represented since all of the Gishiki Kings were known for their tremendous strength as duelists and used strong Ritual-Monsters – even back in ancient times when Duel Monsters was still being played with stone tablets. While most of the world wasn't under their direct control because her ancestors hadn't expanded the empire through violent means in most cases, but formed friendly alliances with the other countries instead, most leaders of other countries acknowledged them for their power and took advice from the Gishiki Family if they faced problems which were too big to handle them on their own. Here in Japan however, they ruled supreme since it was the very center of their empire. And this city was their capital, the place where the first Gishiki King had built his castle several centuries ago. Because that king didn't really like pretentious names he simply called it after his clan: Gishiki City. That habit was picked up by the following Gishiki Kings who just named every important place in the city according to this scheme. During the extension of the Gishiki Empire, the fortress and the city around it grew steadily and the castle evolved from an expedient, rather unimpressive building to a colossal and awe inspiring palace of unrivaled beauty, yet it was still an impregnable bastion at the same time because of its three layers of walls. It shared its color scheme with the surrounding city (because in was obviously built from aoneum as well) and had several hallways, yards, botanic gardens, its high walls and towers, the highest of them being in the middle of the castle, where most people inhabiting the fortress lived – including the royal family of course. The city beneath had – apart from its signature blue buildings – four big parks, one for each of the cardinal points and a massive river that flowed in from the south. It was diverted artificially and encircled the Gishiki Citadel in the middle of the city, which was originally done as a means of defense back several centuries ago, but now it was intended for embellishment rather than to keep out possible invaders. Several bridges all throughout the city allowed to cross the river in order to reach the Gishiki Palace or the other side of the southern part without walking around the whole circular river surrounding the fortress. Because of the symmetric, well-ordered structure of the city and its castle, Gishiki City was widely regarded as the most beautiful place in the world. Since it was also essentially the political center of the earth, some people even went that far to call it a second Rome. Undisputed however, was the fact that it was the capital of the world in terms of dueling, which is one of the reasons why it was attracting a lot of duelists who were seeking to hone their skills there. The annual Dueling World Championship was also being held here and during each summer, whole armies of duelist flocked into the city to participate. Right now, the male and the female were standing on one of the balconies along the wall of the Gishiki Palace and gazed upon the blue buildings, the Southern Park and the great river.

"It's gorgeous, isn't it?" Yuga asked her

"Agreed." She replied. "I understand why you keep returning here over and over again. It took a while to get rid of the few less attractive parts of the city we had around a decade earlier though."

"Yeah, they weren't as pleasant as nowadays, but due to the renovations of those districts, everybody finally has a decent place to stay in this city now!" Yuga's expression turned into a proud smile while saying the latter part of that sentence.

After his statement Yuga slowly wrapped his arm around her. Meanwhile Shiryu – reminded of the past by their conversation – was on a trip down memory lane.

Shiryu could vividly recall her childhood. She already learned the necessary skills of life – reading, writing and basic knowledge in math and other sciences, and dueling of course – at quite a young age, which was only natural for a girl of her lineage. Her father Ghidorah loved and cared deeply about her and always found enough time for her, despite all of his duties as the Gishiki King. Taking into account all the luxury and the almost infinite resources at her disposal, you could say that she had quite a good childhood. However, all of that was also constantly obscured by the great expectations placed on her: Because she was an only child, she was expected to become the successor of the throne, a position she was not particularly keen on. Becoming the sole heir of the massive Gishiki Empire wasn't really part of her plan since she didn't want to spend all her life dealing with the various obligations of the crown all on her own. Also most people were rather conservative in terms of succession since it was common to have a male child ascend the throne after the death of the predecessor, making things even harder for Shiryu. Her father couldn't help but feel uneasy about all the pressure that was being put onto his daughter. He gladly would have had another child to pass his title onto in order to ease his daughter's mind. However, that wasn't possible anymore because his wife had died right after Shiryu had been born. Ghidorah and his queen had truly loved each other and he wanted to perpetuate her memory; therefore he refused to take another wife. This whole issue dragged on for years, until it was solved in a very unexpected way.

On one of his excursions through the city, the king encountered a boy on the streets who dauntlessly challenged him to a duel. Most of the surrounding citizens were shocked: No one usually dared to openly challenge the Gishiki King, who was widely known to be the strongest duelist in the world. The power of his Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck – which Ghidorah inherited from his ancestors who had acquired it sometime in the first two centuries of their expansions – was commonly known as a force to be reckoned with and he officially never lost a duel to this point. Shiryu, who accompanied her father during that day, believed that this boy must have been either really foolish, full of himself or just very desperate. From his looks, she could tell that probably the latter was the case here: His clothes were more or less just glorified rags and he didn't look very healthy either. She guessed that he was probably one of the poor people living in this district of the city, maybe even an orphan, who naively believed he could improve his current situation by besting the king in a duel. Well, her father would probably do him that favor, but he had to beat the Gishiki King in order to get there and that was probably not going to happen.

After her father had given the boy a duel disk since he obviously didn't possess one himself – at least not anymore because theft was a common phenomenon in the slums of Gishiki City –, their duel began. The young child was struggling to even hold the heavy disk (at that time disks didn't have the transparent blades and were completely out of metal as a result), which was understandable for a boy only four years old. Ghidorah asked the child if he could even duel in that state and suggested to just forget about the whole incident; after all it wasn't a disgrace to withdraw his challenge against such a powerful opponent as him. The boy, however, got a hold of himself and declared that he would fight until the bitter end. After that, the duel finally started. Ghidorah summoned one of his signature monsters, the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which the boy not only fended off, but also – to her and the bystanders' surprise – defeated. Once the king saw his dragon falling, he decided to go all-out and summoned his strongest trump card, the unstoppable Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, the Ritual-Monster he and his predecessors were famous for.

Since he had just summoned his strongest card, Ghidorah wasn't – not even in his wildest dreams – expecting the boy to survive his assault. Yet the child did the impossible and his life points didn't drop to zero, something Shiryu never had seen up until that point of time, because double piercing damage on a 4000 ATK beatstick – come on, that overwhelms pretty much anyone. The boy, however, did not seem to be one of those people and he began his turn. And what he then pulled off was still burned into her very eyes:

He summoned two low level monsters, just two level fours, not that big of a deal for the speech about his determination the boy gave at the beginning of this turn. However, her emotions about that quickly changed when he declared that he would perform a Gishiki Summon without an appropriate monster or the corresponding Ritual Spell in his hand. At first she thought that he had gone mad, but when his monsters actually reacted to his declaration and joined together in a blue sphere of light that enveloped the surrounding area, she was completely overwhelmed at the sight. The levels of his monsters transformed into light blue stars that aligned vertically above the orb of light and after a short delay, a blue flash of light in the form of a pillar struck down on the sphere. After that, an inferno of blue flames emerged at the same place where the orb previously was. When the flames slowly retreated, a dragon became visible within them. Most of its scales were dark blue, its wings were semi-transparent and possessed a grayish color; along its arms and legs it had several light blue colored spikes. However, the most striking characteristic of the dragon was its thick throat and neck, its green teeth and eyes that just screamed "I want to consume you!". It had some saliva and other body secretions all around its mouth and when it opened it to let out an intimating roar, she saw that its fangs also dripped with the very same fluids.

Ghidorah, his daughter and all people watching the duel were shocked at this development. The boy then explained what he had just done: He said that he saw hidden potential in Ritual Summoning, so he found a way to evolve it beyond its limitation. He claimed that this summoning method was created through his sheer will, what they were inclined to believe when they saw the dragon's striking resemblance to its owner in terms of color. He then announced that he had decided on a name for this summoning mechanic – and called it Chō Gishiki – Super Ritual. When the awestruck king, his daughter and the spectators recovered from their astonishment, they stated that while that dragon looked indeed very powerful, it was still inferior to Chaos Max. The boy just smirked at that remark and used his dragon's ability. It launched a salvo of its caustic inner fluids, which destroyed – much to the king's shock – the bigger dragon even though it possessed immunity against effect destruction. But the dragon wasn't finished there and devoured Chaos MAX alive, strengthening itself in the process. The king wasn't able to defend himself against the direct attack that followed, and he lost as a result.

The audience – especially Shiryu – was completely shell-shocked by this result. Silence had spread over all of them, nobody even uttering one word. The person to break the silence, however, was no other than the king himself, who broke out into loud laughter. "Hahahahahaha, I see how it is! You are quite the skilled young duelist, aren't you? Very well then, come with me, I invite you to the royal family!"

Shiryu and the bystanders were understandably astonished by that sudden declaration of the king. Even the boy didn't seem to fully believe his words. "Really?" He asked. He had prepared to receive some money in the best case scenario, not getting an invitation to join the highest nobility in the world.

"Of course I mean it. Now take my hand if you want to come along with me." He extended his hand to the child.

The boy slowly approached him and took his hand after a while.

"Very well. Now please tell me your name since I was so rude to not ask for it beforehand."

"It's Yuga."

"Well then Yuga, from now on your part of my family. Welcome to the Royal Family of Gishiki!"

And that was the moment when Shiryu's life took a turn for the better.

During his first three years in the royal household, Yuga settled in quite quickly. Even though Shiryu feared at first that she might get in the background of her father's attention, she quickly learned to appreciate the recent developments, since her father didn't neglect her as a result of Yuga's adoption, so her fears turned out to be unfounded. Quite the opposite happened actually: She now had a brother of the same age as her and not soon after Yuga came into the Gishiki Citadel, they had already established a strong bond. When he was seven years old, the king officially announced in the Gishiki Arena during the World Championship in Gishiki City (because up until that time it was just a theory most people had) that Yuga would become his successor. When some people on the arena seats expressed their doubts about that decision, the king simply smiled and calmly challenged the participants of the final championship-round to beat his new child in a duel. The four of them followed that request, just to suffer a series of devastating losses at the hands of Yuga, whose power amazed the spectators in the stadium and those all around the world who were watching it on TV. After the last member of the final round had been defeated, Ghidorah declared his decision as absolute and asked the audience if they now all agreed with him. It wasn't long before the crowd, who had now witnessed he future king's strength, broke out in a thunderous applause that shook the whole stadium.

On that day a heavy burden was lifted from Shiryu's shoulders: She now didn't need to worry about the succession of the throne and because it was her beloved adopted brother who would inherit her father's position, she was also satisfied with the decision and accepted it, since after these three years where she got to know him better, she felt like he not only deserved it more, but was more suitable for it as well. During Yuga's first four years, the king tried to reproduce his strange variation of Ritual Summon. However, he only managed to make one Chō Gishiki for himself and a few for his daughter additionally to Yuga's dragon and the bunch of other Chō Gishiki-Monsters the boy now possessed. Although this lack of success was a bit discouraging to say the least, Yuga was nevertheless happy that there were some people close to him that shared his power now. He gladly taught both of them the secrets behind his mechanic and as a result not only him and Shiryu grew as duelists, but her father also became even more respected by the population due to his new ace Blue-Eyes Chaos Supremus Dragon. Said monster was a giant, three-headed, blue-whitish dragon that required a total level of 24 with one of the tributes being the king's former trump card Chaos MAX to be summoned to the field. It was virtually invincible and could attack up to three times per turn – with doubled battle damage as well as piercing damage that is. However, it still yielded before the absolute destruction ability of Yuga's dragon, as you could tell from the result of the exhibition duel between Ghidorah and Yuga at the end of his fifth year in the royal family. Since that duel was also being held in the Gishiki Arena during that year's World Championship, mainly for Ghidorah to test out his new dragon's powers and Yuga's resolve, it reaffirmed the public once more that Yuga was indeed the right choice for the throne of Gishiki.

When Yuga was nine years old, only a few days after their exhibition duel, the king granted him access to a small part of his wealth and left the decision to him what to do with the money. Because of his origins, Yuga decided to invest it in the renovation of the less fashionable parts of Gishiki City. Since he believed he had the obligation to share his newfound luxury with the rest of the poor people he had once belonged to, he slowly improved the housing situation for them over the course of three years. When that was finished roughly two years ago, the king, who was quite pleased with Yuga's choice, expanded his funds; therefore Yuga repeated the same thing one level higher. Now that the situation for the lower class was constantly improving throughout Japan, the general level of satisfaction had reached an unprecedented height.

Over the years the relationship between Yuga and Shiryu consolidated. She admired him for his attitude, that he always returned something when he was granted anything. His renovation program wasn't the only example for that kind of behavior: Once he became part of her family, he picked up the habit of eating a lot or just very frequently. On the first few days she thought it was just because he was hungry – understandable when you lived on the streets for most of your life, starving with barely anything to eat. But as this continued on and on, she guessed it was probably just part of his nature, which wouldn't surprise her since he already shared his dragon's color scheme, so sharing its love for food wouldn't be too far-fetched as well. However, he compensated for his massive consumption by training "a bit", as he called it. And with "a bit", he defined his practice of doing push-ups and other stuff like that practically whenever he wasn't occupied with something else during that moment. This not only kept him in shape, but also gave him quite the athletic and agile body, a trait maybe not usual for the average Gishiki King, but nevertheless handy in some situations. She could recall one of those situations quite clearly, especially since it marked the beginning of another period of her life: One day, when she was eleven years old, she was walking along the wall on the upper level of the castle together with her father. She loved walking on the wall, a habit she had picked up when she was a child. As always, she asked her father to hold her hand and walk by her side – as a safety measure of course. Everything went normal at first, until the whole event took a turn for the worse: Shiryu slipped on the smooth surface of the aoneum walls and unfortunately her father lost the grip on her hand at the exact same moment. She fell down the wall and at that point, she thought that she was done for. To her surprise Yuga noticed the accident and jumped down from another part of the wall, fully utilizing the strength in his legs, caught her mid-air and landed safely on the lower wall, carrying her bridal style. When she then looked into his eyes, she could tell that her feelings towards him were way more than just fraternal love.

When he was adopted into her family, Shiryu was a little bit annoyed that he wasn't her actual brother at first. Her opinion about that topic, however, changed pretty rapidly once puberty came around. Ever since that little accident she knew about her affection towards Yuga, so she was thankful that they weren't related by blood. A bit more than one and a half years ago, when they were 13, she finally felt like confessing her feelings to him, even though she was afraid that he might not reciprocate them. However, her fears turned out to be unfounded once more, when he conceded his emotions towards her right before she was going to make her confession. After that, they got more and more used to being a couple and started exchanging tenderness like hugs and kisses more frequently. Her father supported their relationship; originally he just wanted to leave it to his daughter what she wanted to do with her life instead of ruling his empire. Her affection towards Yuga, however, was quite convenient for his plans: If she would marry him, Yuga's position as the future king would be further consolidated since Shiryu was born as a part of the Gishiki-Dynasty, unlike him who was only adopted. Through their marriage, Yuga would be able to become the undisputed monarch Ghidorah wanted him to be. He also approved of their relationship because he could see how much his daughter enjoyed being close to him, which pleased him as well because he loved and cherished his daughter wholeheartedly and so he was happy since she was happy as well. The king thought it was quite likely that the both of them would announce their willingness to marry pretty soon after they were fully adult. He even thought about retiring early to make room for them. Although he was only in his mid-50s and very healthy, so he probably could rule another two or three decades easily, he had a strong feeling that a young royal couple like them could rule his empire even better than him and that they deserved their time in the spotlight pretty soon. Taking into account how insanely popular Yuga already was due to his folk friendly politics, a change of sovereign seemed quite reasonable. Ghidorah wasn't a bad king – hell no – but compared to Yuga, even he paled. The young man possessed every skill needed for that title (since he got a really good education after he was adopted), he was an incredible duelist, but above all else he was a born leader – to an even greater degree than the king. He seemed to be destined for greatness, and Ghidorah didn't have the slightest doubts that he would probably become the greatest Gishiki King ever. He emitted an aura that encouraged the people around him and that courage rubbed off on Shiryu, who was rather timid as a child, as the years passed by. Yuga always was her shoulder to lean on and she appreciated the beneficial effects of his presence a lot. When she once mentioned that topic in one of their frequent conversions within the last months, she had difficulties to describe that aura to him, so she referred to a book from the English part of her world that she had once read and said that he "inspired absolute confidence". Understandably, Yuga was quite dumbfounded after that statement, however, he then he smiled at her and thanked her for her trust in him. She also remembered the following kiss quite vividly since….

"Hello Shiryu, you still alive?" Yuga addressed her, waving his hand right in front of her eyes.

"Yes?" She replied, startled at the sudden statement of her boyfriend, and turned towards him.

"I noticed your mind was quite absent for a while, so I decided to give you a little wake-up call. You were thinking about something, I suppose?"

"Yeah, you reminded me of our past, you know, how we first met and how our relationship developed over the years."

Yuga smiled at those words. "I see. Those are some quite good memories indeed. It was hard to reach this point, but I'm glad I was able to become part of this family and especially I am thankful that I got to know you, the person dearest to me!" He slowly embraced her and locked his lips around hers. She instantly kissed him back and they stayed like this for a while. Eventually Yuga broke the kiss and raised his voice.

"We should get going now, we don't want to keep dad waiting, do we?" He took a few steps away from her.

"Oh, right." Shiryu remembered. "I completely forgot about that. Would you mind going ahead, Yuga? I need a little time for myself to think. I'm coming right after you in a few minutes, okay?"

"No problem Shiryu, just don't arrive too late please."

"Don't worry, I won't. See you at dinner then!"

"Yeah, see you at dinner!" He waved his hand while slowly turning his back to her. After a few seconds, he entered one of the castle's hallways that was connected to the main tower where they usually dined. After a few minutes of recalling her past, she followed Yuga. Unknown to her however, an unfamiliar figure was standing atop of one of the smaller nearby towers, watching her. A sinister smirk crawled across the hooded person's face.

"Finally my next prey has shown itself! Let the hunt begin!"

As Shiryu was walking down the hallway on her way to the main tower, she couldn't help but feel uneasy, as if something was lurking in the shadows, ready to come and get her. While such thinking was pretty much nonsense in the environment of the well guarded Gishiki Palace, the probably safest place in the entire world, the fear still kept returning to her. She anxiously looked around, but spotted nothing. She sighed and continued walking. Behind a nearby pillar however, the hooded stranger hid himself and gazed upon her with the look of a predator. When she came close to his pillar and faced in the opposite direction, he left his hideout and charged towards her with quick and wide, yet relatively silent steps. Alarmed by the sudden noise she turned around and saw the stranger, but he had already leapt towards her, his hand reaching out for her face.

"YOU'RE MINE!" He screamed, his facial expression more similar to a demon rather than a human. Shiryu knew there was no time to react, even if she wasn't paralyzed with fear.

Suddenly, a hand shot out towards the stranger's arm and grasped it by the wrist. The hand pushed the cloaked figure, which was still in midair, to the side and the stranger landed a few feet left from her. However, he still was able to land pretty gracefully for being pushed like that, which indicated that this guy might be quite well versed in terms of acrobatics and athletics, just like Yuga. The latter then spoke up to the hooded stranger.

"I see you were trying to get your filthy hands on my precious Shiryu! I have absolutely no clue who you are, fool, but be sure that you will receive punishment that exceeds even the limits of your imagination!" With that, Yuga turned towards the figure, his face twisting into a malicious, murderous grin.


And cliffhanger, I hope this doesn't become a habit. There you have it guys, the first chapter is done! God, it felt good to write that! Now then, let me start with the shifted introduction!

The reasons for writing this are pretty simple: First off, when ARC-V was announced and I saw the first few episodes, I was like "Wait, why isn't Ritual/Gishiki considered an ultimate summoning method?" And after Episode 126 it got even worse because Haōryū Zarc was a combination of the four other methods and Leo's explanation made it look like Effect-Monsters were some really strong shit, even though they are the most basic monster card form (apart from Normal-Monsters of course). The fact that Odd-Eyes evolved into a Pendulum didn't help much either since it was essentially just a glorified Effect-Monster. So I thought: "Hey, what if there were more dimensions, and while I'm at it I also include the new summon mechanic as well". Therefore we will have Ritual and Link in here because I don't feel like discriminating against any of the summoning methods, as you can tell from my attitude. I know that this idea isn't really a new one considering there are already some of these five/six- dimension-stories, but oh well, time for my own attempt. I have some ideas to make this story more unique from them though, so that shouldn't be an issue. Anyway, I also didn't like the ending of ARC-V at all. Since I didn't like Yuya's character design too much as well (I mean come on, what's up with all that egao-stuff, he just won't behave realistically like a normal person would do, but instead insists on making everybody smile, even if they tried to hurt or kill him before), I will shift the MC-role to another counterpart. I will, however, still shed light on all the Yu-Boys/Bracelet-Girls because I felt like some were neglected severely in the show *cough cough Rin/Ruri.

Now to the actual notes: In the first chapter we were introduced to two of the new counterparts and their environment, the Gishiki/Ritual-Dimension. Sorry that there's so much background information, but I felt like if you really want to make new counterparts, you need to give them a proper backstory as well. I also introduced them as a couple because I hated all this beating-around-the-bush behavior of the counterparts in the original series (guess why this fanfiction has the secondary genre of Romance, it's not because it was the next best thing). The new protagonist comes from a poor environment, just like Yugo, but unlike him, he fought his way to the top of his world, depicting Zarc's lust for power of course. He also is a bit more realistic than Yuya, the eternally smiling optimist. In the next episode we will finally have the first duel of this story, as you can guess it's time for the Yuga vs. Yuri showdown. I played with the idea that our countries also exist in the ARC-V universe, which is pretty reasonable since anime often does that kind of stuff and just the major city of each dimension alone is too small to be an entire world, right? Also regarding how I came up with some of the new names: Shiryu is a combination of Shiro (Jap. for white) and Ryu (Jap. for dragon), obviously referring to the traditional Blue-Eyes Deck her father and his ancestors uses/used, plus her secondary hair color of course. For her father, once I knew that I'm gonna make Chaos Supremus Dragon (which is basically the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon-version of Chaos MAX) the name Ghidorah was just way too attractive for me, because it's the name of a three-headed dragon kaiju from the godzilla movie series. Well then, from now on things will most certainly get spicy. This story needs a few chapters until you get into the entirety of the plot, but once you are there, it should be really, really enjoyable! I wrote the first seven chapters as an exposition, so you should better read a bit before you form a hasty opinion, as the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover, since the build-up is pretty solid and you need a bit of time to see the whole picture. I apologize for some grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language and the comma placement rules here are pretty obscure to me at times, not gonna lie. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the following plot! Tell me your opinion about this story in your reviews, I appreciate any feedback from you since I strive to improve myself as a writer!

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