Chapter 1

"...I don't care Dom, if the shipments aren't in then someone is going to have to pay. Now, Chief Dillard down on the 51st and West precinct patrols that area, someone needs to slip him a few bucks. He'll take the money...he's been on our payroll for years, he knows when to shut up."

Caroline Forbes pretended not to hear her father telling his associates about the business deal he had, it was better that way. Unfortunately, the Forbes household was very quiet that morning, the only sound being Nelle preparing breakfast for the family. Everybody could hear Bill practically blowing up at the unfortunate underling of the day, the awkwardness carrying over into the dining room. Across the table, Liz Forbes sipped her morning tea with a frown on her pretty face. Caroline knew what her mother thought of her father's shady dealings. Liz had married Bill when he was a low level member of the East Chicago family, expecting him to be a small fish who just brought home the bacon to their small house. As the years went and Caroline grew, Bill rose up the ranks as fast as the speed of light, going from a lackey to a don in about ten years. Caroline could remember the day her father was made don- she rushed home from her private piano lessons to tell her father about her new composition when she pushed open the door to see some of his colleagues kissing his ring. Bill had apologised to his friends before going over to the door, asking Caroline to go play whilst he took care of things. Liz would later tell her that daddy was a very important man now but Caroline wouldn't know the truth until she was a teenager. Well, she still didn't know most of the truth.

The two women sat in silence, eating breakfast as Bill continued to yell down the phone. Liz's mouth went into a thin line, but she'd learned years ago not to argue. Caroline knew that her mother was an extremely capable, intelligent woman who had taken her daughter to suffrage marches before women got the vote, amazing with numbers and words. Unfortunately, it was not a woman's world, especially in the murky gangster town and Liz had no say in anything her husband did. Caroline privately thought that Liz would be a much better don than her husband but that was never going to happen. If Caroline had been born a boy she would be an heir to the East Chicago gang, but that was not so. Sometimes Liz prayed to God in thanks at keeping her only child away from it all.

Bill slammed the phone down, muttering to himself before sitting down.

"Is everything ok daddy?"

"Nothing to worry about sweetheart," Bill feigned a smile, patting her hand, "Just some problems getting some shipments in from Scotland but we should be all good. Listen, my men are coming here on Wednesday evening for a meeting, perhaps you two could go out to Lucian's that night? They have that nice black jazz player there on Wednesday nights."

Liz sighed but nodded, "That sounds good, doesn't it Caroline? We haven't had dinner in a while."

Bill didn't like his wife or daughter being near when important business was going down. His men were gentlemen- a strict rule of the East Chicago group was that women didn't get hurt, especially with the boss' girls, but Bill was very traditional and believed they had no place doing such sordid details. When a murder came up in the paper, Caroline would know it was her father but would feign innocence, not mentioning it at all. Whether or not Bill knew that Caroline was aware of these things she had no idea, but both were happy maintaining the happy family charade. Whenever Bill suggested that the girls go to dinner or the theatre, they knew to just go along with what they pretended was a nice treat from the patriarch.

"It does, yes," Caroline's voice was crisp, automatic as she had always learned.

"Your eggs, Mr. Forbes."

"Thank you Nelle, they look great as usual? I was thinking that we could talk about a raise soon, how would you like that?"

"That would be wonderful, thank you Mr. Forbes," the brunette maid nodded before departing.

"Good maid she is," Bill stated as he munched on his eggs, "Have you ladies got much planned today?"

The usual 'normal' family discussion again arose, Liz talking about her charity circle knitting for orphans and Caroline discussing how her friend Elena's younger brother Jeremy was taking them for a ride in his new car. These would not be on Bill's mind when he ordered the murder of an opposing gang member but it was nice for him to move away from his sinful life for just a few moments a day. Caroline noticed Liz's face again- the face she always made when these discussions came up. The older woman's face was scrunched up as she desperately willed herself not to say something. Liz hated these pretend games, she would much rather her husband come out with it. She also hated talking about charity circles and gossipy teas, because she knew than neither her nor Bill really cared about such mindless conversation. As usual, Caroline pretended not to know anything.

She was good at that.

Bill pulled back his shirt sleeve to look at the time.

"I have to go now, my dears," he stood up, downing the last of his drink, "If Dom calls the house again with any news, good or bad, can you please tell him to try me at Councillor Thomas Wood's fundraiser? He knows the number; I will be there most of the day. If I'm not there, he knows to try the office. Just assure him he'll get to me one way or another."

Liz nodded, "Of course dear."

"If you need any help for the knitting circle, the guy who owns the fabric shop owes me a favour- Donny, just say you're Liz Forbes and he'll know what to do. Caroline darling, make sure Jeremy doesn't go over the speed limit, I don't want you dolls crashing all over the shop. I'll know if he does, believe me."

Caroline didn't doubt that.

"I'll make sure daddy."

"Good girl," Bill kissed her head, "Love you." At least that wasn't a lie in the Forbes household.

"Love you too daddy." Neither was that.

Bill and Liz said their goodbyes, the patriarch whistling a happy tune as he walked out of the kitchen. The heavy wooden front door shut behind him, the sound shaking the whole house. As soon as he was gone the normal Forbes morning continued, cool chatter about the weather being the talk of the day.

That was until the first bullet sounded.

As soon as they heard the whistling of the bullet, the heads of Caroline, Liz and Nelle shot up, Cook also popping her head out of the kitchen. The Mafia household always knew what a bullet sounded like and that was definitely it, the ear shattering bang creating a ricochet effect. More bullets sounded, a constant boom echoing for all to hear. Everyone in the kitchen froze, each mentally counting the number of shots fired- probably fifty in all, but it was hard to properly work it out when they were all happening so fast.

It was Caroline who broke character. Her feet padded against the floor as she rushed out of the kitchen, tearing through the house.

"Caroline!" Liz screamed, before following her in a panicked run.

Cook and Nelle followed, footsteps from other parts of the house indicating that other servants were now rushing to see what was going on. Caroline threw the front door open, heading out into the front yard. Once she had stopped herself from falling from the dizziness of getting up too fast, she finally clocked onto what was happening.

Bill Forbes lay on the grass, bullet holes having torn open his entire chest and back, blood dripping onto the concrete of the drive, reddening the grey in an almighty fashion. His eyes were still open in shock, his mouth also having regurgitated blood, as it had as soon as the first three bullets had hit. His white shirt and black trousers were caked, completely wet from the bodily fluids forced out of him. Bill's head was laid to the side, staring at the road, whilst the rest of the body was as flat as a pancake on the green. His driver was laid flat several feet away but was alive; the blood on his hands indicating that he had tried to help his master. On his leg was a short scrape, the bullet casing resting next to him.

The silence was broken by the piercing scream of Caroline. Hands over her mouth, she ran over to her father, dropping below him. She knew that he was dead- nobody would survive that- but it did not stop her from shaking his body, doing her best to prevent from covering her hands with his blood. Caroline continued to shout his name until they turned into whimpers, moving her body back and into her shocked mother's embrace.

"No...No...No..." she half-yelled, "No, no...no!"

Liz and Caroline clung to each other, both sobbing at the sight of the mangled body as their beloved husband and father. The sound of retching came from behind, Cook having vomited at the sight of the dead body. She managed to stagger back up, though she was awfully pale, with a traumatised Nelle patting her back in comfort. The other two servants scattered across the front, all with looks of absolute horror on their faces. Driver Will was sobbing into a handkerchief, clearly horrified by the death he had witnessed, whilst the deeply Catholic gardener Anton did the sign of the cross on himself. As they did the body remained.

Nelle ran back into the house, presumably to call the police- not that it would do much good. The police didn't care too much about the death of a gang leader; whoever had done Bill in was just saving the cops a headache- and they'd probably get a hefty bribe not to investigate it. Having resembled some sense, Anton headed over and put his arm around his mistresses.

"Mrs. Forbes, Miss. Forbes- I really don't think you should be seeing this, nobody should- why don't you come inside? There could be more shooters ma'am, come, we need to wait for the police to get Mr. Forbes- may God rest him."

Still sobbing, Caroline and Liz were led back into the house. As they did, Caroline couldn't resist turning around for another look. It was the eyes, the eyes that burnt into her soul. They were open, staring, a blank expression that showed a singular lack of emotion. Caroline supposed that they were wide as saucers when the shooters came in, especially when the first bullet hit. Only ten minutes ago, she had bid goodbye to a fully formed, happy and healthy father but was now walking away from a body mangled and twisted by death. The grass around him was no longer that healthy green that it always was; it was a terrifying dark that was almost nightmarish in its way.

Anton helped them both into a chair, the two staring wordlessly at the walls.

"The police are coming," Nelle announced, "I'll make you a drink."

Neither responded. Slowly, Liz reached and put her hand on Caroline's. The younger blonde turned to her mother, words failing to form in her mouth. Both knew the dangers of Bill's job but had never thought about him being murdered- a very real possibility in his line of work. Neither had witnessed the murder but had just seen his massacred body on their front garden. Nelle brought some tea in front of them but her hands were shaking. Once she'd put the cup down she walked away, wiping her eyes with the ends of her sleeves.

The only sound was the clock ticking gently, the Forbes women silently feeling their hearts palpitate against their chest. Will was being patched up in one of the back rooms by Nelle; Anton and Cook also sobbing into their handkerchiefs- this was far away from the Forbes though, not wanting to show too much emotion in front of them.

A loud knock was heard upon the door, Nelle running out of the back room to answer it. Hushed voices were heard, followed by footsteps. Liz and Caroline wobbled to their feet, their hands being taken by the lead office.

"Ladies, my name is Deputy Shane and this my colleague Sergeant St. John. First of all, I am so sorry for your loss, seeing that level of brutality, especially towards a loved one, is a very difficult thing. I know that you must be terribly upset but it is important that we get the details so that we can start to solve this. Some of my men outside will be taking photographs, whilst we interview you, all of your staff and any other witnesses. I imagine ladies like you will have no knowledge of the justice system, but rest assured that all will be explained. Do you mind if I sit?"

The two officers sat with the women. They talked quickly and heavily, but Caroline was not really listening. Her body shaking and her mind racing, she wondered what she was to do. Right now she simply had no idea.


The funeral was a grand affair, though still somewhat sombre. St. Peter's Presbyterian Church was alive with people, all donned in black. Pastor Bay had spoken beautifully from the pulpit down to the mourning Chicagoans. It was an extremely diverse affair, from the white staff of the Forbes' to the Hispanic gang members, all mixed together- Caroline noted bitterly how a funeral was one of the few places where race would not divide them all. Liz and Caroline were at the front along with the highest ranked members of the East Chicago Family as well as Great Aunt Mildred, the only remaining Forbes member apart from them. A wizened old lady in a wheelchair, flanked by an assistant, Caroline suspected that Mildred had absolutely no idea what was going on. The entirety of the Chicago underworld was in attendance, from the lowest underling to the don of it all. A normal person would be uncomfortable with such cruel creatures in attendance, especially in a place of God, but Caroline was so used to her late father's dealings that she didn't bat an eyelid at those around them. The church ceremony would be public with a wake held at the Forbes home, Bill being buried the next day in a private ceremony at the family tomb.

It seemed a bit hypocritical, the pastor talking about all that was good and holy about Bill Forbes whilst the deceased had done some definitely un-Christian things. Caroline didn't know whether her father had actually physically killed a man before, but he was certainly a guilty party in many murders. He had lied, stolen and murdered amongst other things, but the world was looking the other way as half the congregation was filled with criminals. Bill had never been a very religious man, but he had always put on the face of a good Christian man and the family went to church every Sunday. Liz was active in the church, Bill always donated money for upkeep and Caroline often participated in the pageants that they had, the golden haired picture of chastity. Caroline knew that her father was a huge sinner who would be laughing from his resting place at the overly lavish Christian ways of affection.

Heading down the aisle, Liz and Caroline linked arms as they headed from the worship room into the lobby. Now was the hardest part- seeing everyone. Standing together, they waited for the inevitable flow of people to come out with their condolences- they were either sincere or fake, it was hard to tell which. Detective Shane and his men had interviewed everyone in the house before leaving with Bill's body, suggesting that Liz and Caroline stay somewhere else whilst their home was still an active crime scene. Not wanting to force themselves to live with someone else, they'd checked into the Waldorf-Astoria for a few days, though that did not prevent the phone constantly ringing off the hook with calls from everyone they knew- even Congressman Buckley had telephoned from DC. Liz had eventually unplugged it, tired of the constant reminder that her husband was dead. They'd been concerned by a few suspicious figures outside of their window but reception came up with a message from the East Chicago Family telling them that they'd put a few of their guards outside the hotel in case anything else happened. Say what you like about them, but they looked after their own.

"Liz, Caroline!"

Liz went to kiss the ring of Richard Lockwood, the new Don of the family but he waved his hand away.

"There is no need Liz, I should be kissing your hand, come here," he embraced the blonde, "Oh how sorry I am to be here, I wished that it would be years in the future when we were both old, fat men. Bill was always my mentor, the brother I never had and I never wanted to see the day where he was gunned down and I am sure he would have been the same for me. Be assured that you will receive our support until your dying day; we have the money and resources to ensure that you continually live comfortably for the rest of your life. I am honoured to be invited to the private burial."

"Richard, my husband loved you dearly and you are a member of our family- we would not have kept you from seeing him buried. Now, I wish that I don't need to ask this now but are we safe?"

Her voice dipped low so that only the small group could hear.

"Whoever it is, women and children won't be part of the code," Richard assured her, patting her on the arm, "No gang in Chicago go for the wives or daughters- hell, some even ignore the sons when they're young but neither of you are boys so that we are ok. Now that they've got Bill, you'll be left alone; I can't imagine they'll be sick enough to go after two dames. Still, I'd be careful because some people don't have damn- pardon my language- morals, but this is a gangland hit and we know how they roll. The boys will stay guarding you and they are good boys, we have Morris Sands stuck to you- they call him The Throat Ripper. He did..."

"I know, thank you," Liz cut in.

"Apologies, it's not talk to be had in front of women," Richard shook his head.

"We have my husband's guns put in my room, Caroline's and the servant's quarters, they're easy to access in case of a home invasion. We drained our bank account; put all the dirty cash in a foreign bank account recommended by the accountant whose telephone number Bill had, the rest is divided in safety boxes at Warren's. We've got notes stuffed in a box in a safe at home; they're in case we need bribes by the IRS- everything should be ok though, I spoke to Agent Daniels to make him aware of the situation. The feds won't get sniffing on us."

Hence why Caroline had always thought that Liz would be a better don than Bill.

"Good, if all goes to plan you won't need any of that," Richard smiled, "Here comes Tyler."

"Caroline," she and Tyler hugged one another, "I am so sorry, your father was such a brilliant man and you were always so dear in our hearts."

Caroline knew that had her father lived, she would have married Tyler soon. As there were no blood male Forbes descendants, they would have had Tyler become a family member by marriage to Caroline so that he could take over once Bill had died or retired his duties. From then on, they hoped for Caroline to have a son or two to seal the family name. Though Caroline was almost entirely detached from the mafia, she would still be a pawn to ensure a tight bond from everyone involved. Anyone who Caroline married would inevitably be on the wrong side of the law, so Bill would rather he could have a son in law that he could trust. Now that Bill was gone, it would be likely that Tyler would propose to her in order to keep the Forbes back in their true home but it was also likely that Caroline would reject it. Tyler may be a vicious mobster- they called him the Werewolf- but with his private persona was kind, warm and laid back so he would be a good husband. A lot of them had mistresses but Caroline knew that Tyler wasn't the type to have affairs, which made her feel good. Still, Caroline had absolutely no feelings for Tyler, she saw him as dear friend or distant cousin. Their marriage would be content but not happy.

"Thank you Tyler," Caroline feigned a smile, "Your presence is always a comfort, though I wish that it was not through this situation."

"These are troubling times," Tyler agreed, "But know that you are cared for. Father, I think we should let the Forbes talk to the others, there is quite the line going. We will see you at the wake."

Hugs and kisses were exchanged before the Lockwoods headed away with the rest of their entourage in tow, who also gave condolences. Behind them were the rest of the Chicago gangs. Don Moritza of the Hispanic Chicago Family, Don Marshall of the African-American Brotherhood, Don Cohen of the Jewish Friends and Don Otta of the West Chicago Gang came before them, kissing each of their hands as a deep sign of respect. Though the gang wars were often deadly, there was a sense of peace amongst them and they often worked together for shared interests. When one of the big fish was murdered they would come together.

"Mrs. Forbes, Miss. Forbes, my deepest sympathies for your loss," Don Moritza, the little ringleader spoke up first, "We found your husband to be an agreeable man and one with great principles. He was a good family man as well; he always wanted to finish meetings in order to be at home with you. As happily married men, we can all sympathise with that- it is the women in our lives that keep us good and grounded. As for security, we can assure that you that you do not have to live in fear. We do not know the identity of the person or persons who killed Don Forbes but even if they are a member of our gang any orders do not come from us. The Circle has come together to vow that you will be left alone, no harm will before you. We do not hurt the innocent, especially young women such as Miss. Forbes with their whole lives ahead. I do not expect you to get involved in the family business or cross into our territory, so I am sure that we will have no problems will we? Some women think above their stations, start to think that now their fathers or husbands are away that they can take the reigns- you have never showed such an interest, all will be well. Your husband had some investments in our organisations; once the investments have gone through we will send you the money. It is a comfortable enough amount of money for you to be happy with; we imagine that you are pleased to accept it."

Even at funerals the thinly veiled threats were there, even against women.

"Thank you Don Moritza," Liz nodded at him, "Believe me, my daughter and I just hope that Bill's killers are caught by the proper authorities and once that is over we will be putting this whole sorry business behind us."

"Always sensible, Mrs. Forbes- not all are like you," Don Cohen agreed, "I have put in a request at temple for us to pray for you. I know that you do not share the Jewish faith, but love for others is universal."

"You are most kind, Don Cohen, we will be sure to pray for you and your wife on Sunday. We very much appreciate the assurances of security; all of us are on our tones. I dare say that if the servants weren't as faithful as they are then they would be reluctant to return to work."

"The police will not do anything though, will they?" Caroline interrupted, "My father was a mafia boss, a pain for the authorities. They'll just find a scapegoat, hang them and say it was an annoyed low level gang member. My mother and I will never have answers because no policeman will investigate, especially when someone finds a suitcase of cash outside the station."

The men looked at Caroline, completely surprised, but Liz barely bat an eyelid.

Don Marshall cleared his throat, the only one brave enough to tell Caroline the truth, "Miss. Forbes, you are probably correct. The scapegoat will be a criminal, but he will be innocent of the crime of murdering your father. We live in a world where money and crime talks, in our business it can be both a blessing and a curse. Now, you have our assurances that even though the police will not do anything, we will- our men will be investigated and if anyone is found to have helped in the murder we will have them killed. The authorities will breathe a sigh of relief, believe me. You and your dear mother can rest easy, no harm will befall you."

"If you will excuse us," Don Otta continued on, "We must regroup before we see you at the wake."

They all departed with a deep nod. Some of Liz's church friends came over to offer prayers. As soon as Caroline was parted from her mother, she heard the shout of her name and saw her dearest three friends over. Bonnie Bennett, Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce were all Mafia related but were mostly legitimate compared to Caroline- Bonnie's mother was a relative in the African-American Brotherhood, Elena's uncle John was the accountant for several of the groups and Katherine, who had rushed back from a trip to New York upon hearing the news, was the daughter of one of the younger West Side brothers. As soon as they were over, all brought Caroline into a hug before they all went into a giant embrace. When the girls were together it was usually a jolly occasion, so the sadness they felt was rather unusual.

"If you need protection, my grandmother is owed favours by many tough men in town, they can get you safe. Grammy just said to say the word," Bonnie offered. Bonnie's grandmother was an icon in the city, a tough African-American woman who owned her own business- and not many did these days- and held the balls of men twice her stature. Sheila was a loving woman, but nobody would cross such a formidably intelligent woman.

"You are too kind Bonnie but Don Lockwood has got us everything we need," Caroline smiled, "But thank your grandmother for her kindness."

"I can't imagine what you're going through," Elena played with her dear friend's hair, "What happened to your father is horrible, no man deserves such a death. What have the police said?"

Caroline snorted, "Nothing, the bastards are as corrupt as every man and woman in this city is. One dead mafia boss is as insignificant to the police as a dead police officer is as insignificant to the mob. They'll just find some unlucky man with no alibi and send him to ol' sparky."

"If you need to get out of the house, if it brings back too many bad memories, you can move in with me if you need," Katherine offered, "The empty rooms get lonely sometimes."

"Or me," Elena added.

"Or me," Bonnie confirmed, "We're all here for you."

The girls talked for a while before they hugged goodbye, the line for people to see Caroline and Liz still incredibly long. Caroline returned to her mother just as Don Giuseppe Salvatore of the Italian Family walked over, his sons Damon and Stefan also walking along in black suits. Though Caroline was not particularly fond of Damon, Stefan was her dearest male friend. Don Salvatore kissed Liz's hand whilst the boys hugged Caroline tightly.

"It is so awful what happened," Don Salvatore stated bitterly, "Bill Forbes was one of my best friends, and I have known that man since we could only just walk and he was always such a good opponent, so loyal and moral. Your family was so helpful when my Lillian tragically died, so I extend my love to yours at this time."

Liz nodded solemnly, "Thank you Giuseppe, we have both lost the people we love."

"As I am sure that the others have said this, but know that you have our protection. The Circle may have its differences and sometimes we even kill one another, but the bond of mafia brothers is a tight one and we abhor the idea of innocent family members being targeted. Have you any issue with anyone, even in another gang, then you go straight to us and we will sort it."

Giuseppe and Damon engaged Liz in conversation, leaving Stefan and Caroline to the side.

"Would you like to take a walk?" Stefan whispered. Caroline nodded and took his arm. The two walked to the edge of the church before stopping against the wall.

"How are you? Honestly?"

"Honestly? Every night I wake up from nightmares, nightmares of my father's dead body with his eyes baring into my soul. I thank God I did not see him draw his last breath but I saw his dead body at the front of our house. The silent pics are so deceitful, when a person is shot they just fall on the ground- the real image is so much worse, my father had been practically torn apart with his blood and all his body parts. Cook was sick at the sight and I nearly was. It just hasn't sunk in yet; I just keep pretending to myself he's in New York or New Orleans and that he's just going to walk out of the door. Someone drove to my house and put seventy five bullets in my father, seventy five. They didn't want to just kill him; they wanted to make it look like a massacre. I do not pretend my father was an innocent man and that his business was legitimate, but that was just so evil. The police will never find out, the other Dons will skim over the surface without substance and then no one else will care, it will just be like Don Lockwood was always there. My father is gone. I never thought I'd feel like you felt losing your mother so young, but now I can understand that pain."

She shuddered, trying to hide a tear from her eye.

"Our parents' world is a dangerous one that we cannot pretend to understand. You may never know who did it but at least you can take comfort in knowing you're safe."

"Stefan, you don't understand," Caroline snapped, "I don't want to wait for the police to do some half assed job or the mob to cover themselves. I want to find who did them; I want to finish this myself. He was my father and I am his daughter, I am not letting these people go unpunished."

Stefan recoiled in shock.

"Caroline that is a dangerous road to go down. You are the daughter of a dead mafia don killed by persons unknown; you cannot go around with a pistol shooting up random gang members. This isn't a book; this is real life gang Chicago. You've never had any involvement in this life and as soon as you step foot into Hell you cannot go back to Heaven. They won't care that you're a young woman; they will just see you as a threat and they will kill you."

"They killed my father. I want the last sight they see is Bill Forbes' daughter holding a gun over them. This was more than a petty mugging; this was an anonymous slaughter in his home. It may take me a while, perhaps even years, but I want them gone from mine and my mother's life. I am all she has left."

Stefan sighed.

"You really are Bill and Liz Forbes' daughter," he grimaced, "Caroline, I really advise against this. This is a world of evil."

"Look, I don't want a lecture- I am doing this."

He sighed again, "I'm not going to stop you, am I?"


"Then I know someone who can help you. His name is Niklaus Mikaelson, he's from a big family but he's somewhat of a rogue, he's disconnected himself. He's been in the game since he was still in school, he knows everyone and everything but he has managed to keep himself without enemies by not rising above his station. Anyone who wants help or information about the Chicago underworld goes for him. They call him The Hybrid and they say those who take his services are selling their soul to the devil. Really though, he just requires money but he drives a hard bargain, only very few are able to sell their stories to convince him. He's a genius but he's not a man you won't cross. Once you dance with the devil your soul is damned."

"Just tell me what I need to know please."

"Fine," he took a piece of paper from his pocket, "Go down to Roosevelt Street off Grand Avenue and go into a shop called Margaret's Mystiques. When you go in, say that it's good weather for fruit. She'll say she likes bananas so you say you prefer apples. Behind the door is a speakeasy called The Cave. Ask at the bar, he'll be in the corner nursing a whisky. The bartender will give you the signal and you talk to him. Take some money to pay for drinks and put down a deposit, if he agrees you'll work out a price there and then. If you tell him Stefan Salvatore sent you he might be more lenient, he's a friend. Don't tell anyone about it, he prefers to work in the shadows and if you tell anyone he'll leave you in the lurch. If he does that you'll be dead within a week. Got it?"

"Got it," Caroline took the slip of paper, "Thank you Stefan."

"No problem, I think we better go back."

Taking his arm again, Caroline wondered for a second as to whether Stefan was right. It was a dangerous, murky world but it was also the world that had killed her father. She could not let the killers get away- she was a Forbes after all.

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