Dracul presses a button and regrets it immediately.


Spoilers for The Overlord's Dragon ahead. Nothing that gives away anything, but some minorish stuff. This is more update and a bit of fun than anything else, so skip to the bottom if you want to know about what's going on.

"So explain to me again what happened?"

"My lord, Neia has erected a statue of you and Lord Ainz."

"Yeah, I get that but explain what exactly has she done this time?"

"She set your statue on fire, my lord."

Jesus fucking Christ.

"I think it's meant to represent your affinity with fire. When I asked her about it, she wished to keep it a secret while you're away."

"Well...nice to see she's active. Hey, how big is my statue compared to Ainz's?"

"They're about the same size, my lord."

"Damn it."

"But his one isn't on fire."

"...Sure, I'll take it."

Neia is a nice girl, but I wished she would just dial herself down a bit. I left Brain with her for a reason.

I lean back in my uncomfortably big chair and swing my head back to look up at the ceiling, various patterns etched on. So many there were, it was hard to make heads or tails of it.

For a place called the Dragon Kingdom, this place sure is lacking in any bloody Dragons.

Draudillon is still taking her sweet time and so I've just been shuffled into this stupid little room like some sort of luggage. I may be in my human form but you would think someone that can use 4th Tier magic would get a little more priority.

Idiots. I'm here to help them with their beastman problem and they just ignore me. Maybe I should tell Ainz that diplomacy was a bust? We can just clean up the mess afterwards anyway.

Nah, I can't do that. He trusted me to find out what I can about this kingdom and to gauge how much of a threat it is. We have no idea what kind of effect Wild Magic might have and if it comes to it, I'll have to assassinate Draudillon.

Assuming that he doesn't appear.

"Ignoring Neia for a moment, do you have anything to report, Brain? What about the others?"

"Nothing at the moment, my lord. Hamsuke is here beside me, he says hello by the way, while we patrol the streets and Zenberu is with his tribe at the moment. I think he's trying to convince Zaryusu to take over."

"Again? He really should just accept already, he's basically leading them all anyway. And Zenberu can't really be called a Lizardman anymore."

"I can always tell him you are interested, my lord? I've heard that some female Lizardmen are looking to you in a certain...light."

"I would rather eat shit and die, Brain."

"Of course, my lord. For Hejinmal, he's training at the moment. He's made quite some strides."

"Is he still fat?"

"Yes, but not so much anymore. He doesn't get exhausted from running anymore. Or that exhausted at least."

"Hmm. And? What else?"

"My lord, I don't think you need to worry anymore about Hejinmal's loyalty-"

"Brain, I killed his father. More than that, I made him suffer. Burned him alive right in front of him. You saw what happened, you had a front row seat."

"And it's precisely because of that, I have no doubt of his loyalty or at least his fear of you. He'll never be as strong as his father, he knows this and I know it. And that's not to mention the fact that Dragons don't have strong familial ties in the first place."

"It's not his strength I'm worried about, but that's another conversation. Brain, have you had any word?"

"Do you mean him, my lord?"

"Yes, him. That shiny piece of shit."

"I'm afraid not, my lord. After your...incident with the Slane Theocracy, he's gone back into hiding."

"I suppose we'll just have to wait. He can't fight us directly, that snivelling coward, so he'll try something else no doubt. This time, he doesn't have anything like last time to back him up."

"And the Slane Theocracy is still reeling from last time. Other than that, I have nothing else to report, my lord. I do have a message from Lord Ainz, however."

"Oh yeah? What about?"

"Well...He has received reports about a certain item that keeps appearing within Nazarick."

"I'm sorry, what? Within Nazarick? Like teleporting?"

"Yes, my lord. I haven't seen it myself but others have. He merely wished to make you aware for when you return."

What the hell? What kind of item does that?

Feeling my neck getting stiff, I stop looking at the ceiling and look back down at the table-


"Yes, my lord?"

"This item...is it a big red button?"

"Y-yes, my lord. How did-"

"Because it's right in front of me."

It was almost cartoonish how out of place it was, in this cathedral of a royal palace. The dark shiny wood of the table and the dark grey box with a big red button in the middle of it.

I didn't feel anything and it didn't make a sound or anything. It was just sitting there.

Taunting me.


"My lord, I ask that you reconsider."

"I'm just gonna give it a push."

"Please don't."

"Just one."

"My lord-!"

Reaching out, I slam my hand on the button.

Ding Dong~

A second passes. Then another. And then another.

"...Well, that's boring."

My conversation with Brain got cut off for some reason-


Why is the chair melting?

I slowly look around me and yes, everything is indeed melting.

From the floor to the ceiling, everything becomes all sloppy like glue. My vision darkens and the sensation of my body falling envelops me like a blanket.

My last thought before I black out is wanting to say sorry to Ainz, for breaking my promise.



I slowly blink open my eyes only to shield them from the sun's bright rays. I don't feel any pain, but my body was strangely lethargic as if I had just woken from a long sleep. Getting used to the glaring sun, my eyes finally clear.

Only to see another face close to mine.

Way too close.

"Hey there! You okay?"

It was a man or at least a young teenager with brown eyes and dark bags underneath them. His black hair was slicked back and he was wearing a black tracksuit with orange trims. His eyes were slanted which could mean he's Japanse like Ainz.

Wait, does that mean…?

"Barusu, get away. Your nightmarish face must've scared him senseless."

"Hurtful as always, Ram…"

The teenager, who I guess is Barusu, finally gets away from me, giving me room to breathe. Without warning, I thrust myself upwards to my feet, patting myself down furiously.

"Woah! Kid, calm down!"

Okay, Dracul, calm down. Just do what Ainz would do.

Gather intel.

I'm in my human form, still clothed in my robe. Staff is currently on the ground. Body parts intact along with my senses.

"Can he even understand us? He looks like some sort of peasant, I suppose."

"Come on now, Beako. You two could be friends! You both look the same age anyway."

"Why would I want to be friends with some commoner!? And how many times have I told you, I'm older than you!"

Now to-

Something furry flies right into my face.

It was like a mix between a ferret and a rat with light grey fur. It had a stupid looking pouch along with a earring.

It had a stupid looking smug face that rankled me for some reason. Maybe because it's invading my personal space.


"What do you want?" I snap at the flying rat with a scowl, causing the strangers around to look at me.

"Oh! You can understand us?" The male teenager, Barasu I think, looks at me with a carefree smile while this flying rat is still hovering in front of me.

"Of course I can understand you," I turn around and bend down to pick up my staff, the weight of it comforting me, "I was just more worried about what kind of state my body was in."

"Hmmm…" I hear the flying rat hum beside me, still floating around my head.

I resist the urge to just burn this rat alive, at least for the moment. At this point, Ainz would introduce himself so I should probably do the same.

"My apologies for my rudeness," I give a slight bow to the group of people gathered here, the flying rat finally moving away from me, "I should probably introduce myself."

Now, who should I introduce myself as? Dracul or Lucard? On one hand, I'm currently in my human form…

On the other, I'm clearly not in my world and this Barasu person is Japanese…

Fuck it.

"My name is Dracul, Dragon Lord of Calamity and Champion of Ainz Ooal Gown, the Sorcerer King."

There. Nice, formal and to the point. Just like how Ainz would do it.

God, I hope he's okay.

Now, if they don't recognize any of that, I'll know for a fact that I'm not in my world anymore.

The group of people, all of which but Barasu were female, all look at each other for some reason, their brows furrowed and looking at me weirdly.

Barasu looks at me with a weak grin, "W-well, it's nice-"

"You have no idea what I said actually means, do you?"

"Hehehe...No, not really. Sorry."

"It probably wasn't important anyway," A young girl's voice draws my attention and I glare at the offender, "And you call yourself the 'Dragon Lord of Calamity'? How arrogant do you have to be? You're just some human kid, let alone a Dragon, I suppose."

With a far too pink dress that hurts to look at and a very tiny crown, the girl seems about as old as my human form. Two long golden drills of hair that turned pink at the ends and her pupils were...pink crosses.

Her whole being screams 'bitchy princess'.

"H-hey now, Beako-"

Well, whatever-

"And who is this Ainz Ooal Gown who calls himself 'Sorcerer King'? I've never heard of him. He must be as childish as you, I suppose."

Oh, that's it.

"Say another insult and I'll show you just what this 'human kid' can do, you bitch."

"Waitwaitwait!" Barasu immediately comes between us as me and the blond bitch glare daggers at each other.

"Uhmm, please don't fight!" Another voice, one that sounds more mature than whoever this bratty bitch is.

"W-We may have gotten off on the wrong foot," Barasu says awkwardly, turning around and looking down at me, holding out his hand, "Sorry for Beako, she's a bit...harsh. My name is Natsuki Subaru, nice to meet you."

I eventually stop glaring at the blond skank and switch over to the young man, my temper going back under. I clasp his hand with my own and give it a shake and he lets out a relieved sigh.

"To be honest, I never gave myself any of those titles. That's just what everyone else called me."

"So...you're not a Dragon?"

"Only when I need to be," I shrug at his confused look, "And your name isn't Barasu?"

A giggle breaks out and Subaru gives me an incredibly strained smile, "N-No, it isn't. That's just a nickname Ram gave me. Which reminds me, I should probably introduce everyone; This is Ram and Rem, they're sisters if you couldn't tell."

Subaru waves over to more of his entourage and I glance over to them.

Holy shit, maids.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Ram and this is my sister Rem," The maid with bright pink hair and a single eye with a pink pupil bows to me and her sister, who looks the same but with blue hair and a blue pupil, bows as well.

"Nice to meet you," The blue maid, Rem, says to me, her voice more pleasent to the ears than her sisters and gives me a warm smile.

I give them a brief nod and I glance over to a girl in a white dress that the flying rat is currently orbiting.

"Nice to meet you, Dracul," The girl smiles at me and I notice how her ears ended in sharp points, "I'm sorry for Beatrice's behaviour, but she isn't a bad person, really. I hope we can get along."

What a terribly sincere girl, it almost hurts to look at her.

"And I'm Puck, a spirit!"

And now I have to deal with this.

The flying rat comes close to my face again, his smug cat-like grin annoying me to no end.

But this time...it seemed more brittle.

"I'm Lea's, oh that's Emilia by the way, bodyguard! As a fellow bodyguard, I don't have to tell you not to mess with her, do I?"


Oh, nice to see the feeling is mutual.

"A-and this is Beatrice...I think you two already got to know each other."

"If that's what you call it," I don't even bother looking at the blond bimbo and finally took stock of my surroundings.

And wish I didn't.

"...Excuse me, but is this a school?"

We're currently standing in what seemed like a track field with a metal link fence surrounding the perimeter. The massive building looming over us was similar but not the same as the school I used to visit so long ago.

Hell, we were even in an urban neighberhood!

"Oh, you know what it is? Yeah, it's a school alright. Actually, the bell rung ages ago. We should probably hurry to class."

"I'm sorry, what?" I snap my head to look up at Subaru who looks down at me, confused, "Give me one good reason why I should bother going to class."

Without warning, I feel a set of hands slam down on me and I'm face to face with a serious looking Subaru.

"Because, Drac!"

I'm sorry, what? Drac?

"This is a young man's time to shine! I don't know how old you are-!"

"I'm 16. And my name is Dracul, not Drac."

"-But I can assure you! Going to school is the highlight of a teenagers life! Think of what you could achieve!"

"Back home, I'm filthy rich and one of the world's strongest mages," I bluntly tell the over-eager Japanese teenager and ignore the blond bitch's scoff, "I don't think I need school."

"Well...What else are you going to do?"

Fuck, that's a good point. Whatever summoned me here clearly wants me to attend the...school.

"Whatever then," I let out a sigh and ignore Subaru's grin, "If I go, I might get some answers. I need to get back home before my friend gets worried."

"Alright then! Come on, we'll go together!"

"You're awfully chummy to someone you just met," I grumble aloud but Subaru just keeps on grinning and the rest of us rush to class.

Ain't that a weird sentence?



"If we didn't have to wait on this child, we wouldn't so late, you know."

"Don't try to pin that shit on me, bitch. Last time I checked, I didn't force you to do anything. And we'll see how late you can be when I throw you out a window."

"You're nothing but a vulgar beast. That's par for the course of someone like you, I suppose."

"And you're nothing but a prissy skank. But that's par for the course when you're dolled up like some sort of high-class whore, I suppose."


"Mah...Nice to see you made a friend so quickly, Beako."

"We aren't friends!" Beatrice shouts with a blush, "And stop calling me that!"

"And Drac...A kid your age shouldn't be saying such things, especially to a girl like Beako."

"I agree," Rem says quietly, looking at me all disappointed, "You'll never capture a woman's heart with such words."

"One, my name is Dracul, not Drac. Second, I'm not a kid, I'm 16. I've fought in wars, you know. And thirdly, I'm not the one for romance and she started it."

"Hmph! What childish reasoning."

"Says the child."

"Says you!"

"Okay, okay, that's enough of that. We're almost there, you two."

"Subaru, are you okay?" Emilia asks the chipper Japanese teenager.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I mean, I had to go through literally hell to get here but let's just ignore that for now."

All of us stopped outside a pair of doors that Subaru explained to me as doors that slide rather that you can push or pull open. Ainz told me doors like these were common back in schools in Japan.

Which must mean we're in Japan.

Back on earth.

How the hell was it this easy? After everything back home…

No, I can't think about that right now. Focus on getting back to Ainz then worry about everything else later.

I don't think Subaru realises we both come from Earth or at least a version of it. For now, I'll just keep it like that. He...doesn't seem like an untrustworthy person but I've only known him for 10 minutes.

"And maybe we can enjoy," Subaru, with a smile on his face and his voice dripping with enthusiasm, slides the door open.

"A place where nothing is trying to kill us for once…"

Like a drowning puppy, every bit of enthusiasm was squeezed out of Subaru with every word. His voice got quieter and quieter until it became a whisper.

Oh, I have to see this.

"And this is what we get!?" Subaru yells out in shock to whatever he was seeing.

"Come on, move. Whatever it is you're seeing can't be that bad."

My voice must've knocked out of his stupor because he steps to the side and lets me through-

And I already feel intense stare on me.

My gaze instantly snaps to the source, my brown eyes meeting with two red blazing dots.

His bleach white skull that expressed no emotion whatsoever, his pitch black robe that seemed to absorb light with gold thread edges that gleamed in the light and two large pauldrons made out of bone with a large ruby in the middle.

More than that, all the Guardians were here as well. Demiurge, Albedo, Mare, Shalltear, all of them.

All of them sitting at desks like students.

I couldn't keep the massive grin off my face even if I tried.

He's here. They're all here.

Oh, thank fucking god.

"Dracul? Is that you?"

I feel Subaru's stare on me but I ignore it. It's not like I lied to him or anything.

And with that baritone tone of voice, I knew it was my best friend in front of me.

"Ainz!" I yell out with a grin and made my way over to him, "You have no idea how glad I am to see you guys here."

"Sir Dracul," Demiurge addresses me as he and the Guardians stand up and salute, "It seems we have been transported to a new world by that strange item. I assume it was the same for you?"

"Wait, is that kid with those scary looking guys?" I hear some guy say to my left.

"Kazuma! We need to help him!"

"Waitwaitwait! Darkness! Look at them, it's not like he's any trouble! They're even saluting him!"

Ignoring those idiots, I say to Demiurge:

"Yeah, it was. Did you guys just get here or what?"

"We did. Dracul, just take a seat for now," Ainz tells me with a tired sounding sigh and waves to the empty chair next to him, "And when we can, we need to talk. In private."

"Yeah, no shit," I mutter under my breath and climp up to my desk next to Ainz.

And there I was, sitting with Ainz to my left and Shalltear to my right and the Guardians all around me and a bunch of weirdos around us.

What even is my life right now.

"Lords Ainz, Sir Dracul, we should slaughter them all," Albedo whispers loudly to us.

Honestly, that's probably the only reasonable thing anyone's said today.

"I'm up for it. In fact, I'm totally 100% up for it."

"Wait you two," Ainz whispers back, "We need to gather more information first."


"Fine, I guess. I still think we should burn this place down though."

"Oi, oi, that kid is saying some scary stuff…" I hear some guy mutter and I look over to my left see a group like Subaru's. 3 women and 1 young man with shabby looking Adventurer equipment.

The single young man wore a simple green short cloak and a white tunic. One of the women wore a bright blue dress and had long light blue that she held up with a big blue orb with two smaller yellow orbs on both sides.

One is an elf with long blond hair that was tied up in a ponytail and two red hairband things. She wore heavy armour with yellow edges and kept sneaking glances at me for some reason.

I think she was the one that said something about me. I swore she used a name that sounded vaguely familiar as well.

The last woman is more of a girl really, maybe slightly older looking than my human form. She wore a short red robe with yellow edges and a cloak that reached past her knees. She also wore a weird looking hat with two big buttons that almost acted like eyes. Besides her is a wooden staff that had a C shaped top with a crystal suspended in the middle.

And...is that an eye patch?

"Don't worry, Kazuma," The blue girl says haughtily, puffing her chest out and...pulling out two fans out of nowhere that suddenly spout water, "With a goddess like me on your side, there's nothing to worry about! Just leave it all to me!"

"That's why the situation is bad."

...No fucking way.

The blue girl notices me staring and suddenly gives me a very...awkward glare? Like it was a mix of confusion and anger.

It was kinda cute in a way. Like a kitten trying to scare a bigger cat.

"K-Kazuma! That weird kid is staring at you!"


The young man, Kazuma, turns around and notices me staring at him, instantly going on guard.

And with that, I finally take notice of how the guy looks.

Yep. He had the characteristics common of a young Japanese man. Brown hair, slanted eyes and somewhat tanned skin.

Just to check one more thing.

"Errrr…Can I help you?"

"Sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear. Did you just say your name was Kazuma?"

"Kazuma! Don't answer him! This kid...he isn't normal! He really, really isn't! Just look who he's sitting next to!"

...Wow. This woman is something else.

The young man lets out a long-suffering sigh like he's a veteran of a thousand bloody wars when the blue woman next to him spoke out loud.

"Aqua, you just said Kazuma's name out loud," The elf woman said to the blue woman, who is Aqua I presume.

That's a twofer.

"E-Eh? I did?"

"Yes, you did and so did that elf," I told her with a smirk, "Thanks for clarifying. That's all I wanted to know."

Aqua lets out a few splutters but with my mission done, I just ignore that whole group for now.

So. That's a Kazuma and a Natsuki Subaru. Two Jap-

Actually...that's three Japanese males.

Because Ainz is Japanese.

And we're in a Japanese styled school.

...Was I slipped drugs or something? Am I currently foaming at the mouth while my mind is sent on a trip?

Or is this hell? Because I can't think of a worse hell than going back to school.

"...Fine then," I hear a young girl's voice snarl out in front of me, "If this is some new trial that Being X came up with, fine then!"

Oh, what sweet shit is now.


With a jump, the blond little girl slams her foot down onto the desk.

"I'll tear it down-!"

"Hey, Ainz."

"-And show that so-called-!"

"Yes, Dracul?"

"-'God' once and for all-"

"This place is full of weirdos."

"-Just who he's messing with!"


"Yes, Dracul. Yes, it is."



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