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I had an idea I wanted to write and after a lot of rewrites, the first chapter is ready! And a new story Hooray! I'm already at six! I need to slow down! Or to quote Led Zeppelin. "Valhalla I am coming!"

Anywho, this will most likely be replacing "A knight's Journey" on Saturday. But only for this Friday! I just hit some writers block but I still wanted to post something on Friday and first chapters on stories are always really easy for me. No clue why though.

Getting back on topic I kinda just want to write a comedic harem fic when I got bored and this premise seems like the best one to literally get as many things I wanted down in a harem fic possible so here it is! A stupid story about Jaune hopping from one family to another until he meets all of his "Sisters" at Beacon.

Each "family" will have two or three chapters until I think I want to do a time skip and everything.

But without further ado…

Family ties

Chapter 1

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A mother stands over a crib, her figure casting a shadow over the baby boy that laid sleeping peacefully in the crib. But he didn't have blue eyes like the rest of his siblings. Nor did he have blue eyes like his mother.

Instead his eyes were red. Like his fathers.

Qrow Branwen.

A sleazebag huntsman who had a one night fling with Maria Arc. That one night fling got her pregnant. And then, nine months later she had a child. His name was Jaune Arc. Named by his father when she asked if he were to ever have a son, what Qrow would name him.

Jaune was an embarrassment to the Arc name. No, he couldn't even be called an Arc anymore. He was a Branwen through and through. Now?

Maria Arc lifted a pillow from her hands and pushed it forth towards the not even one year olds face. Near millimeters from the little boys mouth, the window flew opened and a voice started.

"I wouldn't do that Mary."

Maria hated that nickname. Julius thought it was cute and named their first daughter that. Now? Only one person calls her that…

"Qrow…" She started turning around to meet his eyes. Those red eyes, the same eyes that caused her so much dread for the past 9 months. She stared at the man leaning at the window sill and was staring at Jaune. "Let this happen. He was never meant to be born."

"For the love of god Maria! That was your choice! To kill a baby because he isn't 'pure' like the rest of your kids?! What is your problem!?" He started to yell causing Jaune started to wake up. Jaune almost began to cry when Maria brought the pillow back to the little ones face.

Luckily Qrow was there in time to stop it before anything got too out of hand. He looked to Maria. She was crying as she stared at Qrow. "Please Qrow… He shouldn't be here… This will be easier if we just put it behind us."

Jaune looked at his mother, than his father. His little baby brain not being able to comprehend what was happening but he wanted to be closer to his father. Unfortunately, being a baby meant he couldn't and that frustrated Jaune's little baby head to no end. So the only other option was to cry.

The two adults in the darkly lit room looked at Jaune and before Maria could try to smother the boy's life force away again. Qrow picked him up and put his head in the crook of his neck. "Shhhh, shhh. It's okay Jaune. It's okay. Mary… If you won't take him… I will." He stared at Maria's shocked eyes.

"And let him become anything like you? I'd rather kill him now."

Qrow took a step back. "Why are you so dead set on killing him Mary? Just let me and my son get out of here. And you'll never see us again."

"...Go. Before I change my mind."

"Thank you Mary. Thank you."

And just like that. Maria Arc was left alone. An open window. An empty cradle. And a son she will never know gone forever out of her reach. A son she wanted to kill because of his origins. Because of a stupid set of eyes. It was to much, Maria went to her knees and cried.

/Two years later\

"Come on Jaune say it! Say it!" Qrow was recording Jaune on his scroll. He had already gotten pictures of his first steps but the first words hadn't come and it's almost been two years! Qrow was getting worried. But now, he's overjoyed to hear his precious son's first words!

"Da… Da… Dada!"

"YES! My son's first words! I have to send this to Summer! Oh wait… She'd probably ask where I got a kid. And where I've been for the past two years… What do you think Jaune?... JAUNE?!

Qrow was in one of his baby proof hideouts. That Qrow decided to raise his son in. For the past two years Qrow has been juggling work for Ozpin and caring for his son. And trust me, Terrorists and Grimm will Never take you seriously with a baby strapped to your back.

Currently however Jaune was missing from his booster seat at the kitchen table. Yes the amazing drunk known as Qrow Branwen was up at seven A.M. To take care of his son. And said blond child was no where to be seen.

"Nonononono!" Qrow exclaimed as he ran through the house *ahem* Hideout. As he burst through the upper bathroom door just in case Jaune had somehow started to drown himself he heard a crash and a cry.

Qrow breaking speed barriers, ran downstairs to see Jaune sitting on the counter. Somehow with a bottle of whiskey in his hands. The poor two year old was about to chug it like his milk bottle when his father grabbed the bottle. "Abububu! Hehe at least I know he's my kid." Qrow chuckled and took a swig. "This will be quite interesting."

/Six years later\

A now eight year old Jaune watched as his father handed him his sword and a letter. "Jaune… I need to go for a while. So I'm sending you to your aunt Raven's okay? I trained you to use Reaper as if it was your own. If you show this to them they'll know it's me…" Qrow looked away, tears falling from his eyes. "I'll be back in a few weeks. I'll be back in the blink of an eye…"

"Dad? What's wrong? If it's bad guys chasing us we can beat them up like always right?" Jaune leaned forward. Trying to make eye contact with his father.

Red eyes met before Qrow blinked and looked away. He pointed to an island not a mile away from the coast of Vale. "It's not bad guys that we can just 'Beat up' Jaune. Now, I want you to go to that ferry over there and take this map." Qrow handed him a basic map of directions towards The Branwen/Rose/Xiao-Long household.

"Now be good while I'm away Jaune. Train hard and you might just surpass me some day." Qrow wiped away the last of the tears and gave Jaune a sheepish grin and a hug.

"Thanks dad. I'll see you in a few weeks!" Jaune took a few steps and started to wave.

"Yeah… A few weeks…" Qrow looked down at the ground before he heard his son again.

"And dad?" He asked.

"Yes Jaune?" His father responded.

"I love you!" Jaune gave a big grin and ran towards the ferry before he missed it.

"I love you too Jaune… I love you too."

/In patch\

Ruby was lost. Yang had told her to follow her to signal. Dad and mom had to go to work and they didn't want a six year old to stay at home all by herself for a couple hours. Unfortunately Yang's friends dragged her away before the sisters could reach Signal academy together.

"I'm so lost…." Ruby whined as she walked through downtown Patch. Raven told her that if she was lost to ask someone for directions. But that's harder than you think! Adults are scary! Ruby was too lost in thought that she bumped into something making a loud. *CLANG!*

"Oww…" Ruby was sitting on her butt when she looked up to a blond boy with a red button up and black jeans. "Sorry mister… OH! Do you know where Signal is?" She asked. Who needed to say hi when you just run into someone?

"Sorry." He said. He offered her a hand. "Actually that's the place I'm looking for too! How about I help you and you can help me kay?" He offered her a map of patch. "What's your name by the way?" The blond boy asked.

"It's Ruby, Ruby Rose." She said as the two started towards Signal academy.

"That's a cool name! My name's Jaune. Jaune Branwen. It's not as cool as your name though..." Ruby stopped and stared wide eyed at Jaune. Silver eyes met red.

"My other mom's name is Branwen! Are you related or something?" She got giddy as she sped up to Jaune.

"Well I'm looking for someone named Raven. And if that's who you're talking about than yes!" Jaune also got giddy. Did this mean Ruby was his cousin? How lucky could he get?

"Oh my gosh that's so cool! Raven is at signal with my mom and dad! Lets go! Let's go! Let's go!" She grabbed Jaune by the hand as they started to run in a random direction. It took half an hour of running around together to finally reach the front gates of Signal academy.

The bronze gate was closed but if you looked through the bars you could see a blond girl arguing with a tall black haired woman. "I told you! My friends dragged me away before I could grab Ruby!" The blond one said.

"Your other mother will be very disappointed in you Yang. Now come, let's go find your little sister before she gets abducted by some drunk downtown." The black haired one turned towards the gate and stopped when she caught sight of Ruby and Jaune. But what she was looking at wasn't Jaune but the sword on his back. Pointed diagonally towards the ground.

Raven stormed Jaune and Ruby. Drawing her blade as she crashed through the gates knocking both children on their backs. "Woah!" Jaune yelled as he landed on his behind. Before he got up a red blade was at his throat as Raven started to interrogate the poor blonde.

"Where did you get this?" She threatened, after all this was her brothers weapon after all, he'd always have it with him.

Jaune put his hands to his face. "It's my dads! He gave it to me and told me to come here looking for his sister!" He yelled. Raven raised her blade and Jaune scooted away.

"Who is your father?" She asked.

"His name is Qrow! Qrow Branwen! And I'm his son Jaune Banwen!" He yelled.

Raven's eyes softened and she sheathed her blade. She offered the blond boy a hand and ruffled his hair. "I apologize. My name is Raven. Your father's older sister. Or to be more precise your aunt." On the outside Raven looked cold but kind. A no nonsense kind of woman. But on the inside, she was doing backflips 'Another child Yaaaaay! Ooooh and he's a boy! He's like a combination of Qrow and Tai! He's just so cute!' Unfortunately Jaune couldn't see this and was terrified of his new aunt.

"U-Uh he said to hand this to you." Jaune handed his new aunt the letter his father gave to him. Raven quickly snatched it and tore it open. It read

Hey, Rave!

I know you're probably busy doing the deed with Tai and all but I got a kid! Ain't that something? Anyway, my boy and I got into some trouble that I'll need to take care of. Only a couple of months. At most, a year. Besides he should probably meet his cousins (How are the little rascals anyway?) And plus, you're the only one I can trust with a Branwen so be sure not to break him alright?

(P.s. There's pictures of him growing up. I know how you like to ogle at cute things ;)


Raven didn't know if she be happy to take care of another kid with Summer and Tai or sad at the fact that she couldn't get a recording of Jaune's first words. But there was one thing she did know what to do.

She was going to tear her brother a new one.

Kablam! Another new story on saturday! Wow such good content. Am I right? Ah who am I kidding this is just something I wanted to get started before the end of September as it was on my 'Goals' list on my phone.

I know this was kind of a darker beginning chapter for a dumb comedic harem fic but that's what Omakes are for! Anyway, this is just a beginning chapter for the as I have dubbed the 'Raven and Rose arc'

But now for another comedic Omake because Happy times!

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Omake 1: Burpees!

Qrow has a son. He couldn't believe it. Not five minutes ago he practically kidnapped him from

his mother who wanted to kill him. Here's the thing about Qrow though. He was raised by a group of bandits. He barely knew how to read when he left for Beacon. And being raised by a group of bandits meant one thing.

He had no idea how to take care of a baby.

Not five minutes after leaving the Arc household Jaune started to cry. Now Qrow had no Idea how to make Jaune stop. And being in a Grimm infested woods with a crying baby was not the best situation to be in.

Thinking of no other option he called his partner who immediately picked up. "Qrow! It's been months since we seen you! Where are you? Are you okay?" She shouted.

Qrow took the scroll away from his ear and started. "I'm alright I just need to ask a uh… 'Hypothetical' question."

"And what 'hypothetical' question is it hmmm?"

"Let's say I have a baby. Right? And this baby is crying really loudly. And I know he didn't take a dump in his pants right? So how do I make the baby stop crying?"

"That's a very specific question to just be 'Hypothetical' Qrow. Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong summer! Just uh… What would I do?"

"I'd pat there back to see if the baby just needs to be burped."

"Oh…" Qrow then proceeded to do just that earning a rather loud "Belch.: from the baby. "Wow thanks Summer!"

"Qrow… Why did I just here some patting and a burp? Do you have a baby with you Qrow? QROW?"

"Uh, thanks for being a great partner summer! Bye!" *Click*

"Qrow! Qrow! Did you just? Ugh!"

(Next chapter) September 22nd