MS Shorts!

By: Bearlywrote


A/N: This is my first time doing this, I'm sorry I didn't updated a lot this week but this is going to be a bonus for the funniest story I can make. I'm going to upload most of the short stories into here weekly (if I try)

Hypyon: This is a story for us! I'm one of those guys who change sides and become like this!

Katie: No! This is a story for us! We're here for the girl and our Nate back!

Bearlywrote: No, this is the story for everyone!

Both: who are you?

Bearlywrote: I'm the creator of this Multi Surge story, you existed as savaged individuals because of me! I gave Nate the big break! I make a better version of the Mechtanium Surge season and I allow Rick to give him the way out of his world! I am the reason this story existed!

Both: wow!

Katie: Are we gonna have our minds erased after this chapter?

Bearlywrote: Nah! I want you to suffer through this because it's all your fault anyway for calling Nate 'Average'! You need character development lady!

Katie: Oh, that's cool…

Bearlywrote: However, I'm going to erase that rabbit's mind yet because it's not the time to appear yet!


Bearlywrote: There! Now I'm going to finish this off! All of this is basically filler or bottle chapters, I want to have these guys shine before they're debut in the main story! Funny or not, they are stories of mine but not the characters I draw! Thank ya and goodnight!