A/N: Hello, everyone. Due to computer issues, I have not been able to write as much. I know I haven't finished "The Beginning of the End", but I'll eventually finish it soon (hopefully). Anyway, this story is just full of one-shots of Mike seeing a therapist and talking about his problems. I've got a couple of ideas, but please send me if you have some, too!

For the past fifteen years, Mike has been going to the same therapist every Monday at 4 in the afternoon, like clockwork. Because of his parents' death, he couldn't manage his anxiety and panic attacks on his own so his guidance counselor suggested that he see a therapist. It took him and his grandmother six months to find the perfect therapist since most of them just didn't "fit" with him. Dr. Roberts was different than the others. On the first day they met, Roberts told him to cut the crap after Mike spent 30 minutes talking about how he was fine and how it was a waste of time. Mike was offended at first, but took a liking to him since he wasn't beating around the bush like all the other shrinks, pretending to be gentle and sweet.

"So, Mike, how's the job-hunting so far?"

"It's good actually. A guy named Harvey Specter hired me yesterday and gave a me a $25,000 signing bonus. So, I can now pay my grandmother's hospital bills."

"That's great, but what is it that you're going to be doing gives $25,000 as a signing bonus?"

"A lawyer," Mike mumbled through his teeth.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"A lawyer," Mike said after a loud huff.

"Mike, you're not a lawyer. You didn't even go to law school. Do you know how many laws you're breaking right now? And how many ethic violations you're forcing me to break?"

"I know that. I also know that you can't tell anyone due to doctor/patient confidentiality."

"Goddamn it, Mike! What the hell are you doing?"

"Look, it was the only way I could pay for my grandmother's place. I was running out of time."

Mike was starting to hyperventilate and his heart was racing. He hated having to explain himself and end up getting overworked about it. Dr. Roberts immediately noticed how he was breathing and went over to his desk to grab a stress ball from his desk. Whenever he was getting worked up, Mike would start fidgeting with his hands and that led to a full-on anxiety attack. Roberts decided to give him a stress ball so he could stay relaxed and practice his breathing exercises.

"Here, Mike. Calm down. Okay?" Dr. Roberts said, handing him the stress ball.


"In.. And out.. Breathe in.. And out.."

The next ten minutes were Mike squeezing the ball as much as he could while slowly calming down.

"Look, Mike. Just be careful. This is a dangerous risk you're taking here."

"I know, Doc. I know."