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Dr. Roberts was looking at his watch, noticing that it was already 4pm and Mike still had not shown up yet. Most of the time, Mike was already in the waiting room ten minutes before, reading a magazine to pass the time. But not this time. He decided to give it another five minutes before giving him a call. He was about to ask his receptionist, Patty, to call him before Mike forced himself into the room, panting and trying to catch his breath.

"Mike, where have you been?"

"Hold on," Mike said trying to breathe in and out as fast as he could. "I was a little bit busy."

While Mike was still grabbing ahold of himself, Dr. Roberts noticed that he wasn't wearing his suit jacket. That was a little bit odd considering the fact that Mike should be coming from work.

"Mike, where's your jacket?"

"Ohh, um it ripped."

"What do you mean 'it ripped'?"

"It just did."

Roberts gave him his menacing stare, known to crack anyone's secrets.

"Fine. Some guys were chasing me and it ripped while I was running."

"Why would they be chasing you?"

"I don't know. I was hanging out with Trevor last night and I remembered these two guys watching us."

"Mike. You already know Trevor is bad news. When are you going to stop hanging out with him?"

"It was just a one-time thing. C'mon Doc. He's one of my oldest friends. I can't just drop him with all of that history."

"I can't force you to stop hanging out with Trevor, but you also know what happens every time you do."

After Mike lost his parents, he started hanging out with Trevor and doing drugs. That led to cheating on his test and almost being suspended for a week. Both Roberts and his grandmother warned him, but he never listened. Now every time Trevor needs him to bail him out, he could never say no.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, Doc."

"So tell me, how's work?"

"It's okay. I was recently assigned my first solo case and won!"

"Not bad for a fake lawyer."

"Let me ask you a question, Mike."

"What do you think is going to happen when they found out you're not a real lawyer?"

"You mean if."

"No, I mean when. What makes you think this charade is going to fool everyone?"

"It will. It has to."