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X-men/Mutants do not exist (excluding nightcrawler)

Set in the Ready Player One Universe

There may be elements from the book added

- Nightcrawler

Will not be part of the x-men

He will have his standard powers, though some aspects may be changed slightly

He may be slightly OOC

He will have an increased lifespan

His backstory is going to be a mishmash of canon and non canon, but I will try my best to make it work.

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It was weird at first, disconcerting.

His eyes stung at first as they adjusted to the closeness of the screen.

It was chipped and worn, as were the gloves and the rest of the gear, but they were all he could obtain without being spotted. He had risked a lot to get them, having more than a few close calls with the IOI drones in the process. Not to mention having to oversee how the gloves were made from numerous shadowed corners so he could refit his own pair.

But it was so, so worth it.

As the device scanned his face he held his breath, hoping the fur on his face wouldn't hinder it.

As soon as the visor was on, he was greeted with text.

Welcome to the OASIS

Please enter a screen name;

Holding his breath he held his arm out in front, and tapped the glowing line.

A keypad, reminiscent of the older computers before the disasters.

He took a calming breath, and typed;


Biting his cheek, he frowned at it, erased it, and typed again.


Perhaps it was foolish, but nostalgia prevented him from changing the name he had been given in the circus.

That had been some decades ago now.

He pressed the enter button.

Welcome to the OASIS, Nightcrawler

Please create your avatar

The text swirled out of existence, and in its place stood what looked like a mannequin, with his facial structure.

Unsure, he stepped towards it, quietly noting how the makeshift treadmill he had built did its job.

Reaching out, he pressed his hand against it, and felt it.

A little button hovered beside it, with the words 'change features' written on it in blocky lettering.

He pressed it, and a table came up, blocked by a piece of text;

Oasis user, please note that while all options are available now, after initial creation the remainder will be locked until purchased.

Happy creating!

The text bubble disappeared.

And he was faced with a choice;

Most humans hated being so, they would chose to be anything but, if he wanted to blend in, he should chose something non-human.

Or, at least here, he could see what it would be like.

To be human.

To be normal.

The word tasted sweet on his tongue, and then it turned bitter once he remembered the appearance would only be an illusion.

After a moment of thought, his eyes brightened, he could make his avatar look like himself,

And no one would look at him any differently.

The thought made him feel giddy, and he set about his task.

Creating himself.

He never noticed how complicated he appeared until then.

To find the right feet, the right hands and the right tail, not to mention fur and eyes.

By the end, he was exhausted, wearily scrolling through the items of clothing. Here he let himself indulge, settling on a loose white shirt, leather jacket and pants, and a small gold hoop in one ear as a momento of the gypsys who had raised him.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of scrolling, he found a small cross to have his avatar wear.

He clicked finish, and as soon as the world around him loaded, he removed the visor and gear and curled up in the corner of the room where his sorry excuse of a bed was.

Tomorrow, he would explore, tomorrow he would understand the OASIS,

Tomorrow, he wouldn't have to be alone.

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