Stargate SG-1 is not mine, but the U.S. Sailors that I invent are.

This is set in the present with the War in Iraq-Ain't it great that most of the POW's are coming home!!

MA1 (sw) (A/N MA is master at arms, or Navy police) C.J. Davis was checking out the scenery of the port of Qatar. Her baseball cap was low over her green eyes in defense from the bright sun. She was off duty, and decided to come to the porch like deck off of the bridge of the U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt because of the view. The air was hot and dry, the wind blowing briskly but bringing no relief from the heat, only dust.

            She became aware of the commotion behind her and turned to see Captain Ballard giving a Sheik and his bodyguard the grand tour of the ship. She watched as the bridge crew was introduced, but her eyes narrowed as she saw how squirrelly the body guard was acting. His head kept swiveling, looking out the windows as if he expected to be attacked at any moment. This caused her to glance around, but she saw nothing out of whack.

            Down the way she saw the second hatch open from the CIC, and BM2 Andrews stepped out for a smoke. The Navy was death on smoking now, and no one could light up inside the ship, for which blessings she was grateful. She hated the smell of smoke. She waved at 'Andy' and was about to go back to the scenery when she heard the Captain and his tour behind her. She turned, expecting to be polite and escape when she noticed the body guard pull out a gun and point it towards his Sheik.

            "Gun! Gun!" she shrieked, throwing herself at the gunman. She shoved the heel of her hand into the gunman's nose, feeling the deadly crunch of bones and cartilage. As he fell to the ground she grabbed his gun with her left hand, when from the corner of her eye she saw a flash from the building across the pier. A sniper?! Damn it! As bullets started to fly, she spun, shoving the Sheik and her Captain to the deck, then turning back, used the captured weapon and shot the sniper dead. He fell, and his weapon dropped over the side to the pier.

            C.J. looked over the side at the chaos on the pier. "You Marines!!" as they looked up, she waved. "Security Alert!" Turning back she saw Lt. Knapp was out checking over the men she had pushed to the deck. There was chaos on the bridge that she was faintly aware of. She went over to the Sheik, "Are you ok Sir?" she helped him stand and he smiled, fixing his robes. "I am in good condition my dear." He said warmly. She went over to the Captain, still lying on the deck. "Sir, are you injured?" He grimaced at her, "Just dislocated my shoulder. You did a good job Davis, I think you may have been a linebacker in a previous life though." The Lt. and her helped him gently to his feet.

            A voice coughed weakly and said "I'm hit." C.J. spun and raced over to Andrews, calling over her shoulder, "Call a corpsman, we have a man down!" She quickly untucked his shirt and lifted the blood soaked t-shirt. There was a sucking wound in his chest. She rolled him slightly and checked his back, 'yep, a through and through' (a/n bullet went completely through the body). She looked at the surrounding sailors and began snapping out orders.

            "I need a piece of clean chart plastic, about 4 inches square, duct tape and everyone's t-shirts. A sailor ran onto the bridge, while the rest of them started stripping off t-shirts. She took a couple and placed them against the hole in his back, then used another to place pressure on the wound. "Andy, you are bleeding like a stuck pig. They'll give you a purple heart for not ducking for sure." She babbled, causing him to grimace a smile.

 A sailor ran back out, "I got them Davis, what do are you going to do?" he asked. She wiped the blood off as best she could with another t-shirt and place the plastic over the wound, taping it to his chest. "Can you breathe Andy?" she asked anxiously. He nodded, but she saw he was going into shock from the loss of blood. "Where the bloody hell is Doc?" she cried, when she hear the sound of running up the ladders. Dr. Chambers bent down beside her, nodding approvingly at her work. "Good job Davis, I'll take it from here." They placed Andrews on a backboard and another corpsman helped the Captain and they went down to medical.

C.J. saw the Sheik still on the bridge and motioned for a couple of Marines. "You guys escort the Sheik back to his vehicle, then get him an escort to his palace." She said. The XO came through the other side of the bridge, speaking to people as he walked through. He spoke to the Sheik quietly, then came out to Davis. She swayed slightly as the adrenaline started to subside. He looked at the blood and the body on the deck. "Good God." He turned to C.J. and noticed how white she was, her hands and knees all bloody from helping the wounded man. "C'mon Petty Officer Davis, Let's get you cleaned up. You did a hero's work here today." He said. C.J. looked around, shaking her head. Two dead, one of her friends and her Captain wounded, and blood on the deck. She didn't feel like a hero.