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            Jack tucked Sam into his truck, walked around and got into the drivers seat. He put his seatbelt on and started to drive with a look of absolute concentration on his face. Sam smiled, and decided to try and see if she could distract him.

            Jack was driving; the only thought in his head was to get Sam to his house before having her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He suddenly felt movement in his lap, and looked over in shock at Sam. Her eyes were on his lap, her hands concentrating on his zipper. She brushed against him and he moaned, "Sam, can't it wait?" She shook her head, "Nope. This is it, I've had enough of waiting." The zipper came down and she reached into his boxers to gently grab him. "Sammmm." He whined, "I'm going to wreck!" Her eyes met his and he looked back at the road, his control fraying moment by moment. With a deep sigh of relief he turned onto his street. He pulled into his driveway with a squeal of tires, jumped out of the truck and met Sam on the other side with a kiss that curled her toes. They made it to the porch and Jack unlocked, threw open the door, dragged Sam inside and slammed it shut. He shoved her against the door and kissed her frantically. He pulled back, silently asking her one more time before they threw all of the rules and regs out the window. Sam nodded and he took her to his bedroom.

            2 years later -Stargate Command

            C.J. was on guard duty in the gate room again. She wandered over to watch Sgt. Siler do some electrical work. "C.J. Back off, I don't need you looking over my shoulder." he grumbled, twisting wires into a wirecap. C.J. chuckled, was about to say something nasty when she was suddenly on an Asgard ship. "Aren't you guys advanced enough to make phone calls first?" she asked exasperated. Freyr appeared, "Greeting C.J. Davis. I hope that you are well?"

            "Hi Freyr, I am doing great. Why am I here?" she asked.

 "We have a gift for you." Freyr answered.

"What?" she asked incredulously. Freyr pointed out the window. Hovering outside the ship was a large thing that looked vaguely like a satellite.

"Wow Freyr, you shouldn't have. I don't room for it at my house." She said, still gazing at it in confusion.

"It is a point defense weapons system. We are giving Earth 3 of them." Freyr replied.

C.J. slowly walked over to the alien, stooping to be eye level. "Are you absolutely sure?" she asked seriously. Freyr nodded, understanding both the question and the intent behind it.

"It is our choice." Freyr looked at her with those wise eyes, and C.J. nodded. "Then for Earth, I Thank you." She smiled.

She was suddenly back in SGC, a little breathless. The alarms were blaring and the lights rotating. She looked up into the control room, "Hey everyone, it's ok!" she hollered, using her hands to amplify her voice.

"Stand down." Came General O'Neill's voice over the intercom. "What did our old buddy Freyr want?" Jack asked a little sarcastically.

C.J. smiled widely, "You won't believe me! It's a belated wedding gift!" and she ran through the blast doors to tell everyone the great news.