Unseen Influence

Shuddering from the panic of what this could possibly imply, Frisk shakes their head and looks forward toward Asgore's throne. Flowey took Chara's soul, the soul that once belonged to Frisk. However, Frisk's clear monster-like soul begins to glow. Frisk checks their stats.

LV 9999 HP 40012/40012

"Did… did killing Chara really give me that much EXP? What was in their heart that made them so… hateful?" Frisk wonders to himself. Regardless of how or why, He has reached a level so ridiculously high that while obeying the game's rules, he might be able to take on Flowey if he reached his penultimate omega form with the 6 human souls… but with Chara's soul, that would make 7. If Flowey transforms into his god form, this world would indeed be completely out of Frisk's power.

Frisk has no idea of Flowey's motives, and if Flowey is willing to wait this long just to double cross Frisk, then that means that Frisk has one final goal ahead of him. Chara is no longer the end goal, and instead Flowey is in his sights. Frisk saves his game and begins to move forward into Asgore's throne room.

As Frisk steps into the room, the overpowering scent of yellow flower pollen fills his nose. There are no birds singing, and the fight outside must have shaken the cathedral and surrounding castle so much that the windows have cracked, the light inside is diffused and foggy. Asgore sits sadly on his throne, not making eye contact with Frisk.

"So… you're the human I've heard so much about."
"I am."
"Sans told me about you, about the possibility of my… child… being within you. I heard screaming in the other room. I didn't want it to be true…"
"Why didn't you come and help them?"
"There was a wall of vines that prevented me from advancing. By the time they vanished, I saw you off in the distance. It was too late…" Asgore says, eyes still closed and facing away from Frisk.

"Do… you hate me?" Frisk asks. Asgore shakes his head.
"I don't… I know what it means to do terrible things for the greater good, Human…"
"I know, Asgore. I know…"
"You walk through this world and fight and speak as if you have seen this all before. Tell me… have you seen me before?"
"I have."
"Have I killed you before?"
"You have."
"Have you killed me before?"
"I… have."

"… I see. Then I suppose I have only one question." Asgore says, pulling something from behind the throne. It looks to be a small table and chair. Looking at it makes Frisk smile a small bit.

"Can I interest you in a cup of tea?"
"When the world is in peril?"
"If not now, then never…" Asgore says. Frisk nods.
"I… would like that." Frisk says, walking towards the table and small chair. He sits down as Asgore pours a small amount of room temperature tea into a cup.

"I'm sorry, the tea has gone a bit cold… you see, I prepared it before your fight with… Chara…"
"…" Frisk merely frowns, but takes the tea anyway. Frisk sips it.

It reminds him of the time he drank the yellow flower tea at Undyne's house.

"When I drink tea, it helps me… remember the world before. So much has happened so long ago, it's still kind of hard to remember it all after all this time."
"I understand. To be honest, this tea is bringing back some… good memories for me too." Frisk says, a tear almost forming in his eye. Asgore smiles, finally making eye contact with Frisk.
"You know… you remind me a lot of them… the human that fell down long ago." Asgore says before sipping a bit more tea.

Asgore is easily ten times Frisk's size, standing well over ten feet tall and probably weighing over a thousand pounds, all armor considered. He is an absolute monster, a specimen to behold. If it wasn't for his grand status and kind eyes, he would almost appear threatening. Frisk wonders how life living with a happy Asgore must have been for Chara, and Frisk gets a little sad.

"I didn't want to fight… but I had no choice. It was either fight… or die."
"I… understand, human. But… I must ask… you have been to so many places, seen so many things… tell me… have you also seen my son, Asriel? I know it's a long shot to even ask, but if Chara could come back, then…" Asgore says with a choked throat, almost unable to finish that sentence. Frisk looks away.

"You won't like the answer I could give you. But, yes… Asriel is out there."
"Asriel… Chara… they were inseparable… I'm very glad they became friends, and siblings. After what happened with the humans… I… I don't know… but, to know that Asriel is out there somewhere… it gives me slight comfort." Asgore finishes. He puts his teacup down, as does Frisk.

"Tell me, Frisk… Sans told me that if we ever met in person, that the need to fight, the need for this war to continue… they would both be nulled. Is that true?"
"I… don't know Asgore. My journey has been to find a truly happy ending for everyone, but I feel like the closer I get to the end, there may be nothing."
"Hmm…" Asgore mumbles, looking to the roof of his throne room, cracks along the walls.

"Birds are silent, flowers are dying… feels like any day now, everything could just… end." Asgore says sadly.
"There is another way, though…"
"Oh? And what would that be?"
"You have 6 human souls back there… if you absorb them, you could return to the surface, and claim a seventh soul… and I know that you, more than someone else I know, would use your powers for the good of everyone."
"Ah… the souls… you're not the first one to tell me to use them. To be honest, human… I cannot justify my using them in any context. After what I've done, to touch those souls would… dirty them. I cannot."
"I thought as much…" Frisk frowns. Frisk rises from his chair.

"Asgore… there is something I have to tell you."
"There is a being out there, a flower, a sort of soulless demon… it has already claimed one soul, and it seeks to claim the six souls you have. I know from personal experience that he cannot access them without you, but with that soul, he just might."
"Are… you certain?"
"I am."
"Then we have no time to waste. Follow me to the barrier." Asgore says quickly, rising from the throne and stomping over to the end of the room before vanishing behind a large door.

Asgore and Frisk walk along The End before coming to the final door. Asgore looks back at Frisk.

"Are you ready? It's okay if you're not… I'm not ready either." He says. Frisk saves his game one last time before walking past the final archway to the barrier.

Frisk and Asgore step into the barrier room to see something strange, but not entirely unexpected. Flowey is in the room, next to a bright red human soul.

"Chara… are you sure?"
"…" The soul says nothing. At least, nothing that Frisk and Asgore can hear.

"You, Flower! Step away from the Barrier!" Asgore yells out, drawing his trident! Flowey looks over.
"Asgore… I'm so glad you're here. I have a proposition for you. Absorb the 7 human souls… or die."
"I will not, no one will, not today!" Asgore lets out before Frisk steps forward.
"Why, Flowey? Why did you take Chara's soul? Just let me claim it, and I can have all the power I need to set this universe right!"
"No, no you won't! It's not possible, not without all 7 human souls! You cannot play God without them!"
"Flowey… what are you planning?"
"This isn't my plan… I just wanted to have my sister back! But Chara… Chara has one final plan left to save this world…"
"Does it involve me?" Frisk asks. Flowey smiles in that way he does where his face looks… unsettling.
"It involves you dying…!" Flowey lets out, whipping the red soul at Frisk! Frisk dives out of the way, but the red soul keeps going and hits Asgore! Frisk gasps and looks over to Flowey.

"I wasn't aiming for you, Frisk!" Flowey laughs and disappears into the dirt as the red soul is absorbed into Asgore!

"A-Asgore! Are you alright?!"
"GAH! I… CAN'T… CONTROL IT… SO MUCH, RAGE… SO MUCH, SADNESS… I CAN'T… I… CAN'T…!" Asgore holds his head as his white soul turns a bright red and the room begins to shake!

Frisk runs up to Asgore and puts a hand on his arm, Asgore's eyes firing open with a red flash, causing Frisk to bound backwards and draw Twinsoul!

"Asgore I… I don't want to fight you!"
"Frisk…" A strange voice escapes from Asgore's mouth. Frisk's spine tingles at the voice.
"Finally. I remember what this feels like, to be absorbed by a monster, and feel them achieve this much power!" Charasgore lets out, their Trident transforming into a blood red scythe! Asgore's body begins to glow red and become pumped with muscle, their energy palpable even from the distance Frisk stands from him! Asgore's horns shine and his eyes burn with a blood red flame.

"Dad's resistance to my influence is much weaker than Asriel's was… this should be easy. Are you ready for round 2, Frisk?!"
"WHY?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Frisk cries out, unable to understand Chara's motives!
"This is the only way left, Frisk. You have come too far, and my idiot brother finally did something right! After failing last time, I finally have a chance to set things right!" Charasgore raises his hand, and the human souls rise from the depths below! They turn around, but Frisk runs in front of them to cut them off.

"You disagree?"
"I don't know what you're planning Chara, but I won't let you claim these souls! This world needs them for a happy ending, I just know it!" As Frisk says that with Twinsoul in hand, Charasgore bellows out an earth rumbling laugh!

"HA! Fine. If you want to die this badly, I will oblige." Charasgore draws the red scythe and their body lets off a thunder of red electricity!

*Charasgore the Fallen Monarch
*ATK 99999 *DEF 99999
*A father's weak psyche broken by the overpowering nature of their child, Asgore's monster body is accented to near godlike form by Chara's soul! Within the confines of this world's rules, this may very well be the single most powerful being to ever exist!

Frisk slashes down with Twinsoul, the power of their LV 9999 soul combining with the weapon to form a bright white slash! It hits Charasgore so hard that that the barrier cracks a small bit behind them!


Their HP bar barely moves by 1%. Frisk breaks into a cold sweat as to how powerful this enemy before them is! With a toothy grin, Charasgore raises a clawed hand and casts monster magic! Fireballs the size of small cars form around the barrier and launch at Frisk! Frisk's body, so powerful and swift, reacts intensely to the barrage of attacks and comes through without getting hit a single time! Frisk jumps into the air and throws Twinsoul at them, the Blade spins and grinds against Charasgore's scythe, but they bash the sword away.

"HA! If you lost control at 99, let's see what happens at 9999!" Charasgore taunts! Frisk however simply grins. Frisk and Charasgore meet in hand to hand combat and a single punch blows them both away!


Both Frisk and Charasgore take massive damage, but Frisk reclaims Twinsoul and goes on the defensive as Charasgore's eyes shine a myriad of colors before slashing down with magical attacks!

"I don't understand! You should have lost complete control!" Charasgore lets out!
"I have my friends within me. Without my human soul, no amount of power can make me turn from my path!" Frisk yells, thrusting Twinsoul so hard that it causes a wave of energy to hit Charasgore!


Even while hitting for billions at a time, damage that destroyed every enhanced boss thus far, as well as Frisk remembering that being the exact combination of numbers that killed Asgore last time, Charasgore's health barely moves by more than 1% at a time. The Fallen Monarch channels magical energy into the palm of their hand and slaps it against the ground, causing the ground to glow blood red! Frisk jumps as high as they can into the air as the ground explodes underneath, causing flame and magic to erupt upwards! Frisk uses this momentum to slash down, combining his dodge with an attack to attack twice at once!


Charasgore slides across the ground, the barrier starting to crack from the force of the battle before them! The enemy's health is at about 90% now! Still much a fight left to go, but Frisk is feeling determined! Charasgore's armor is burnt and battered, pieces being blasted off with every attack, but they can do nothing but smile with burning red eyes!

"I can remember what it feels like to fight like this…! Asriel was never this strong, Asgore… Asgore has held back so much! His power is immense!" Charasgore yells out, slashing at Frisk with the red scythe. Frisk blocks it with Twinsoul and is knocked across the room and crashing against the barrier! Without the power of a human soul within him, Frisk cannot pass through the barrier, but Charasgore laughs, rushing across the barrier.

"Do you not see what power I hold, Frisk?" Charasgore lets out on the other side of the barrier.
"If I wanted… I could simply leave this land and claim 6 other human souls on my own, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it! But that would go against what I'm trying to do… this game must end the way it was destined, with either a dead human, or a dead Asgore! Once one of us dies, this world will finally be reset! Don't you see, Frisk? You're in an unwinnable situation." Charasgore lets out, stepping back through the barrier and punching Frisk across the room!


Frisk wipes the blood from his mouth and rises back to his feet, the twilight still shining through the barrier! Frisk leaps at Asgore and preforms a normal strike!


Frisk backs away on defense, but all Charasgore does is laugh.
"Dust falls from my body… I have tasted death so many times… I died in the underground as a human, tasted defeat on the surface as a demigod monster, and died as one as well, only to come back and die as a human again… and now here I stand…" Charasgore looks at their right arm, dust starting to fall from it.

"Yes, Frisk… you are strong… stronger than I, and stronger than Asgore… but together? You meddle with forces far beyond your comprehension!" The dust falling from Charasgore spins around the room, monster dust turning into a sandstorm of sorts, combining with the latent energy of Charasgore's red aura! The sand and energy combine to sculpt red claws that blast across the floor which Frisk can barely dodge in time! Charasgore rushes forward with an unexpected upper-slash from the scythe, drawing a horrifying amount of blood and blasting a sizeable amount of skin off of Frisk's chest, as well as completely eliminating his shirt as he slides along the ground with blood trailing in his wake!

Reeling from that attack, Frisk realizes they have only 1 health left. Frisk has no idea the impact their death would have if they died right now… Chara would reset the world… or worse. Frisk shakes his head and peers into his inventory to claim the one item that can help him with this much health loss, an item they've saved since the beginning.

Frisk eats the slice of pie and returns to full energy! However… the smell of the pie reminds Chara of something.

"…" Charasgore stands with a somber look on their face.
"Chara, it's not too late! Do you really want this fate for Toriel and Asgore? Your parents? To just be reused and reset over and over again, with no end?!"
"You're still trying to convince me otherwise? No matter how strong you grow, Frisk, you are still a part of this game… and no power in this game can stop the fail state!"
"We can find out a way if we just stop fighting and work together!"
"BE QUIET!" Charasgore roars out.

Charasgore has been distracted with memories and emotion.
Charasgore's Attack Falls!
Charasgore's Defense Falls!

Frisk dashes down at full health and delivers a killer blow to Charasgore!


Frisk is able to hit ten times harder now, Asgore's health bar is moving at a much more agreeable rate! Charasgore retaliates with a swift fiery punch which Frisk was too close to dodge, and it hits them right in their chest, making direct contact with his skin since the scythe blasted off his shirt earlier!


Frisk has a serious chance of winning now, but he cannot be complacent! He has to focus and play smart! Charasgore launches a ball of energy that spits out other balls of energy, very hard to dodge, but Frisk's enhanced agility makes it look easy! Frisk turns around and smashes the ground, causing a shockwave to hit Charasgore and then rushes forward for a double hit, upper cutting their chest and causing a great deal of dust to spill out!


Asgore's health bar falls to about 50%, but the room is so covered in dust now that it looks like a phantom desert! Charasgore rushes forward, the might of the room's dust forming behind their arm and solidifying into a spirit blade that slashes the room in half! Frisk blocks with Twinsoul, but the latent energy escapes and cuts along Frisk's skin, drawing blood!



Frisk spits blood and returns to the offensive, the sandstorm of Charasgore's own body getting intense! Charasgore's eyes burn an intense red and they begin to attack, missing Frisk time and again! Frisk attacks, only to have Twinsoul grabbed! Charasgore uses this moment to grab Frisk by the head and begin squeezing as hard as they can!

"AHHHHHHH!" Frisk yells out, their skull being crushed in one hand. Charasgore lets out a demented smile as they do so, but then suddenly lets go out of nowhere.

"WHAT?!" Charasgore yells, attempting to grab at Frisk again, but their arm wont move!
"Grr…! ASGORE! STAY OUT OF THIS!" Chara says to Asgore within his body! Frisk shakes his head, his vision blurry. That attack took out a sizeable amount of his health.


Two health? Frisk gets a lump in their throat at the prospect of losing this far in, but he knows that Asgore is fighting Chara too! Frisk runs in and attacks with a savage move, stabbing Charasgore in the chest!


Chara and Asgore fight for control, but that doesn't mean Frisk should be off guard! Anything could happen! Chara tries to swipe as Frisk wildly with the scythe, but Frisk can easily dodge! One half of Asgore's face is in despair, but the other is in blind rage!

"It's… not like… I don't understand… what you guys want!" Chara growls through Asgore!
"It's just… that Frisk cannot… be allowed… to be the God…! A human… cannot… change the fate… of an entire world…!" Chara yells in certainty, slashing at Frisk again! Frisk parries the attack with another giant slash!


Asgore is at less than 10% life now! One more hit should do it!

"Asgore! ASGORE! ASGORE! DAD! I WILL NOT LET YOU INTERFERE!" Chara yells out with one final act of defiance! As Frisk tries to land the final blow, Charasgore also slashes down! Frisk's eyes go wide knowing they won't possibly be able to survive such an attack! Frisk closes his eyes as both of the attacks meet at once!



1/40012 HP

Frisk winces and opens his eyes to see the scythe imbedded in Frisk's cheek, but immobile.
"Human… you must… stay determined… you are the future… of monsters… and humans…" Asgore says weakly, dust escaping from all the various wounds in his body.

"B-But how, that attack…!" Frisk lets out.
"I… never wanted to hurt anyone, Frisk…" A voice lets out. It's not Asgore's… but Chara's. Frisk looks at the slouched over Charasgore, beaten, but barely alive. Frisk takes a gulp, and a risk moving towards them.

"Just kill me, Frisk…"
"No, what did you mean? You… never wanted to hurt anyone?"
"… There's no use trying to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand."
"Maybe not… but I haven't come this far because I wanted to… I came this far because I had to, because after everything I did in the past, I had a responsibility to make up for everything I did."
"… Hah… Frisk… this journey has changed you…"
"I mean it, Chara. Before everything is over… I want us all to live in a world better than the one we've both left behind." Frisk says. Charasgore looks up. For the first time since they fused… their eyes are not burning with flame.

"Despite everything… I suppose… it's still you…" Charasgore closes their eyes.
"Frisk… I… I won't stop you… but know… that if you try to control this world… it will be destroyed…"
"We can find out a way, together, Chara." Frisk says, with a smile. Charasgore looks over again.

Frisk's body is cut and bruised, bleeding and covered in dust and grime. Their clothes are destroyed, pants in tatters and shirt completely gone… but still with a certain tenderness in his heart, Frisk offers the monster Charasgore their hand in friendship.

"I… I can't understand how… you're being so nice to me, Frisk… after everything I've done, and you've done, after what we've all done…!"
"That's in the past. A past that we both know was in a world that no longer exists. Now… now we both have a future to look forward to." Frisk lends out his hand for Charasgore to take it.

Charasgore looks speechless. They close their eyes and smile.

"Frisk… you've grown so strong… gained so many friends… I… I don't think that this will work… but you've sacrificed so much… I think… you deserve to try…" Charasgore lets out, reaching out to take Frisk's hand.

However, as they do that, a circle of bullets surrounds them.

"HUH?! N-NO! NOOOOOOOO!" Frisk cries out as loudly as they possibly can as the bullets converge in and explode all over Charasgore's body! With a surprised look on their face, Charasgore's body falls completely to dust, leaving only a single unique looking Red Soul, part Monster, and part Human.

Frisk's face goes completely blank.


Author's Note: I'm rehosting the Unseen Influence Trilogy on account of my patron vanishing. This story will be deleted if he ever returns. Until then, enjoy yourself.