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"Bebe come?" Jasper asked, turning his head cutely. His large green eyes looking at Abby for an answer.

"Soon, JJ. Daddy will be out soon to let us know." Abby said. Abby, Tony, Ducky and Charlie were sitting in the waiting room, awaiting the birth of the latest baby Gibbs. It had been a rough pregnancy for Hyacinth, and they had decided that this baby would be their last. After the C-section was finished, the Doctor would be tying Hyacinth's tubes.

Harrison and Hadrian had been excellent big brothers, and were excited for the new addition to there family. Jasper had just turned two, and he was always into mischief. Gibbs as a father was a heartwarming sight to behold. Hyacinth more often than not had to be the disciplinarian. Gibbs was such a softie!

Just a few minutes later, a flushed and wet- eyed Gibbs entered the waiting room. He was holding a swaddled bundle close to his chest. "It's a girl! Boys, come meet your little sister." Gibbs said. He was slightly overwhelmed. Watching his boys gather round his little girl, he truly felt as if he had come full circle.

"She is adorable! How is Hyacinth?" Charlie asked, looking at the baby over Gibbs' shoulder.

"She is doing fine. Everything was going well when I left. She'll be in recovery for a couple of hours." He said. After an enormous number of pictures, Gibbs sat down on a couch, with the boys around him. "Boys, this is very important. As her big brothers, it is your job to protect her. Don't let any other boys within ten feet of her." Gibbs said seriously, causing everyone to crack up. "I'm not joking." He said, scowling slightly.

"Oh, we know. That's what is so funny." Tony said, laughing.

"I'd like to see you laugh if you had a daughter that would look just like Hyacinth. You know how men are." Gibbs said, grumbling.

Tony abruptly stopped laughing. 'Yeah', he thought. 'Gibbs is screwed.' Just the thought of some little boy making eyes at his new 'neice' was making him angry. Gibbs had already punched some cocky intern who was talking about how hot his wife was. "I got your back boss." Tony said, nodding.

"Poor girl. She won't date till she's twenty if you guys have your way!" Abby said, laughing.

"Thirty five at the earliest." Gibbs said. He adjusted the pink hat on her head, then kissed her on the forehead.

A little later, the group gathered in Hyacinth's hospital room. It was crowded and loud, but Hyacinth loved it. This was her family. "Darling, did you tell them her name?" She asked Gibbs.

"No. I wanted to wait for you." Jethro said.

"We would like to introduce you to Ianthe Elizabeth Gibbs." Hyacinth said proudly. Everyone thought that the name suited her. She would no doubt be a beauty, and the name was delicate and lady like.

That night while Jethro slept, Hyacinth thought about her new family and how lucky she was. She had met and married the man of her dreams, and she had four healthy children. She loved her career, and she had an amazing extended family. As she nursed her new daughter, she was eternally gratefull that she took a chance on a whirlwind romance.