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Izuku let out a small weary sigh as he stared over himself in the mirror, carefully checking to see if last night's 'incident' had left any bruises or traces of harm on his body. From the searing pain he had experienced the previous night, he had expected to see burns all over his body, if not over his arms, then over his chest, the area where the pain had been the most intense.

Much to his relief, he saw that his skin was unmarred, not even a trace of an injury dotting his frame. But just because he wasn't injured externally, didn't mean that he was completely fine on the inside.

Several schematics came to mind when it came to checking on his organs, but he figured 'Thermal Vision' would be the most useful for the time being. He felt fine, but it didn't hurt to check if there had been any residual heat that had built up inside of him.

He drew on his quirk, channeling it into his eyes to begin the transmutation, only to be answered with a massive migraine and a sharp pain in both of his eyes. Grunting, he shut them tightly, but the stabbing pain wouldn't go away. What happened? He had gone through with transmutation dozens of times, completely fine each time; why was this time different?

He opened his eyes, fully expecting to see blood seeping from them in the mirror, but much to his surprise, they looked the same as always. He let out a sigh of relief, and nearly did a double-take once he took in the view of his abdomen in the mirror.

It was glowing. It wasn't like the glow that usually came with transmutations. It looked like somebody had pressed a pair of lightbulbs into his chest. On the left side, directly where his heart was, he saw a green, pulsating light, one that, for some reason, he felt strangely familiar with. The light had tendrils extended out of it, the tendrils seeming to resemble veins, passing through the entirety of his body. His arms, torso, legs; the green-source was anchored deeply into his body.

On the other side of his torso lay a brighter, yellow light that had begun to take on a green hue at its very edges. This one also had tendrils, small off-shoots, nothing spectacular by any means. As opposed to the green one, they seemed to only extend a few inches into his torso.

He raised an arm towards his chest, patting it, but he still saw the strange glowing orbs of light, even through his hand. He could, somehow, see through his body.

His eyes narrowed, and he attempted to focus on the green sphere of light. He saw it shifting unsteadily, spinning in an eternal maelstrom, folding and collapsing upon itself infinitely, making for an impressive scene.

It almost seemed like it was… transmuting?

A light bulb lit over his head; it was his quirk!

It made sense why it seemed so familiar then, and the way it had wormed its way throughout his entire body. The lights, were they representations of his quirk – or, as of yesterday, quirks?

And if the green one was transmutation, then the yellow one was certainly One For All. One for All's light didn't have the chaotic energy that transmutation carried; it simply lay anchored to where his right lung should be, pulsating brightly.

Now that he took a closer look, he realized that there was a tendril of energy extended between the two orbs of light. A connection, one that was barely there, but one that was established nonetheless. Was that what had happened last night? A result of One For All anchoring itself into his body when he already had a quirk?

He looked up, gazing over the rest of his body curiously only to see… something. It was a very dim light, so dim in fact, that he barely noticed it was there. It seemed dark purple in hue, outlining his brain. His eyes narrowed as he focused. The light was faintly throbbing, much like One For All had been, but with every pulsation, he could see tiny bright dots of different colors.

The sight was mesmerizing, looking like a miniature galactic nebula in his brain.

Huh, that was interesting. So not only could he see quirks, he could also monitor his own brain activity? From what he guessed, those tiny lights were probably his braincells, firing of rapidly with each thought.

Before he could dwell on the fact much further, he blinked, and then suddenly, whatever ability her had somehow called upon dispersed.

He stayed silent for a few moments, his brows furrowed in thought. What had that been? Some quirk-o-vision? No, that was impossible, if it was, then he wouldn't have been able to monitor his brain activity.

Or maybe… Just maybe, it was something that had to do with his nervous system. Quirks were physical abilities, and the way transmutation seemed to have nestled its way into every inch of his body, and the way that One For All had anchored itself…

It would make sense, him being able to see his own brain activity, coupled with his quirks. He blinked a few times, trying to summon whatever transmutation he had unknowingly activated by mixing the two quirks, but all he could do was cause himself a massive migraine, and a sharp, stabbing pain in his eyes.

He sighed, eventually pulling himself away from the mirror, and then shuffling off to his room, preparing for his morning run with Katsuki.

Later that day

Izuku was just getting dressed to go out for his training with All-Might when, suddenly, his phone gave a small buzz, vibrating to notify him he had gotten a text message.

He slipped on his navy green T-shirt, ducking over to give his smart phone a quick look.

Huh, it was a text from All-Might.

Quickly opening his phone, his eyes peered over the message.


Izuku's brow raised ever so slightly; he knew that Takoba beach would be a popular local attraction once it had been cleaned up, but this quickly? He had just cleared the area yesterday. Had people already gotten wind of his clean-up?

He tapped a finger against his chin thoughtfully, before picking up his phone and tapping away at the screen.

"That quick? We could use the dojo me and Kacchan train in, if you'd like?"

His phone buzzed not a second later, a thumbs-down emoji being the first thing he saw.


Izuku gave a small chuckle at the thought. He couldn't properly control One For All yet. Hell, he couldn't even figure out how to call on it alone without Transmutation interfering. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally blow away half the dojo while learning to do so.

"Alright, do you have one in mind? And how long do you think it'd take before we have another training site secured?"


The green-haired young man smiled at that; it had been a rather long time since he had seen Mei. His training sessions with All-Might had unfortunately replaced his time at Hatsume's Babies. Scrolling through his contact list to find her number, he figured he'd simply worry about his new quirk tomorrow.

Two Days Later

Toshinori let out a small sigh, tapping his thin, long fingers together as he stared over his steaming cup of tea. Looking up, he found Principle Nezu, looking at him expectantly while sipping from his own porcelain cup of green tea.

The blond had come fully expecting Principle Nezu whole-heartedly and eagerly agreeing to his idea. After all, who would turn down a request from the Symbol of Peace? But Nezu had.

His demands, or rather, his requests from the principle were rather simple: he wanted to grant his pupil access to U.A's campus, especially to its plethora of training grounds in order to have a proper field to teach him about One For All.

While Nezu hadn't refused his request outright, he hadn't accepted it straight away like he had expected.

He had a condition, and if that condition was satisfied, then he would grant Izuku access to U.A's campus. Nezu had even offered the assistance of other pro heroes in training and teaching his young protégé.

Nezu's condition was simple on paper, but It was a condition that had a lot of repercussions that Toshinori would rather not deal with. His condition? Sponsor his protégé, effectively allowing him to go into U.A through recommendations.

The downside of that would be that it would, to a certain extent, publicize his relationship with the young man. Even if it would only be primarily known among other recommendation students, news of a student being linked to All-Might would spread like wildfire in no time.

There was a reason why somebody like All-Might rarely publicized his relationships with those around him. A man like him had a lot of enemies; enemies that were depraved enough to hurt his friends and loved ones if it meant getting to him.

Briefly, he considered the possibility of All For One finding out about his relationship with Izuku. Would he be furious? Indifferent? Would he see the young man as another weakness a sadist like him could make use of?

He quickly shook those thoughts away. He hadn't heard any news regarding the man in years, and, for all he knew, as Izuku said, he could very well be in a coma to this day.

He considered his options, running over the pros and the cons in his head once more.

On one hand, sponsoring Izuku could come with great benefits. Access to a proper training ground would be a first, that, and his access to other pro heroes when it came to training would be paramount to his growth.

All-Might was many things: a hero, a symbol of peace, and a man whose power seemed very well unstoppable. But what he was not, was a proper teacher. Truth be told, he had no idea what the proper methods of teaching were. The few months that he had been "training" Izuku was no more than him being a glorified supervisor while Izuku did the lion's share of the work.

On the other hand, while refusing Nezu would effectively stunt Izuku's growth, the young man would be kept safe. His anonymity kept untouched. Toshinori stayed still for more than a moment, his cup of tea long ago growing cold when he parted his lips to speak again.

"Very well." Nezu, who was now on his third cup of tea, quirked a curious brow in response to him. "I accept your offer." Nezu's smile was obviously smug, Toshinori had to give to him. He was an intelligent man-Er, rodent, that knew how to get what he wanted.

The blond let out a deep sigh, tapping his fingers against his lips in thought.

"So, when would you like to start?" Nezu asked with no small amount of curiosity, he was clearly eager to meet his pupil.

"Tomorrow," All-Might uttered. "Does 5 PM sound good?"

Nezu nodded. "I shall have the training area arranged, and a few members of staff gathered to watch over the first training session."

The Following Day

Izuku felt… nervous. Like his stomach was in knots. Still, there was no lack of eagerness and excitement either. Not only had All-Might found a training field, he had found it in U.A out of all places, and not only that, apparently, the principle and a few members of staff were there to watch his first training session.

He stepped into the large building labelled TDL in big, bold, yellow letters. Immediately, he was met with the sight of All-Might in his muscle form, standing proud with his hands on his hips. Next to him was a… small, white mouse? It had taken a moment to process, but he came to recognize the small creature as the principle of U.A, an animal that had been gifted with a quirk that multiplied his IQ by tenfolds.

He was so taken back by the sight of Principle Nezu that he had barely noticed that All-Might was standing right next to another famous pro hero. A man whose skin was a dark grey, and had a large, chiseled head. The pro hero Cementoss.

He took a quivering breath, his inner hero fanboy screaming at him to go and get an autograph, but he pushed the desire down. Looking around, he realized that there were other pro heroes gathered.

Midnight, Vlad King, and… an orange caterpillar? One with dark, shaggy hair, and eyes that were closed shut. Was the caterpillar snoring? Realizing where Izuku was looking, Midnight promptly turned around and kicked the caterpillar right in its midsection.

'Ouch' Izuku grimaced internally. Getting kicked by that sharp heel must have hurt. The creature took a moment, but eventually tiredly opened its bloodshot eyes.

"Oh?" His voice was faint, but he had managed to hear him. "We've started already?" The orange creature promptly stood up, and only then did Izuku realize that there was a zipper running straight down the center.



That was a sleeping bag, not a caterpillar as he had foolishly assumed. A thin, scruffy-looking man wearing a black jumpsuit with a scarf around his neck stood up lazily, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He almost didn't recognize him; if it wasn't for the slitted goggles around his neck, he would have never known that he was face to face with the Erasure hero, Eraserhead.

All-Might cleared his throat to catch his attention, and his gaze swiftly snapped back to the blue-clad hero.

The small suit-wearing rodent was looking at him expectantly, and only then did Izuku realize that instead of introducing himself like All-Might had asked of him previously, he had spent the past few minutes basically gawking at all of the pro heroes.

He gave a small bow to the principle. "My apologies," he began, "My name is Midoriya Izuku, pleased to meet your acquaintance."

The white mouse smiled and gave a small nod as he stared over the green-haired young man.

"My name is Nezu. I'm the principle here at U.A," he uttered simply, and then gave Izuku a curious look. "And before we officially begin your training, I'd like to conduct a little test."

Judging by the way that All-Might's brow rose, it was clear that he wasn't expecting this either. "While I'm sure you're more than worthy to be granted access to U.A on the merit of impressing All-Might alone, I would like to still see your abilities firsthand."

Izuku quirked his head to the side ever so slightly. "What, like a quirk demonstration?"

Nezu let out a small laugh and nodded. "Something like that."

It was only then that he realized Eraserhead was slowly but steadily moving closer towards him, taking his time as he clasped some sort of guard to his wrist, and judging by how bulky the thing seemed to be, he was willing to bet they were some sort of training weights.

"This," Nezu began, extending an arm towards Aizawa, who was settling into a fighting stance, "is your first test. Quirkless hand-to-hand combat."

Izuku grinned at that, feeling excitement rush through him. So, a sparring session, just like the ones he had with Katsuki on a near-daily basis. Fighting a new opponent was bound to be not only interesting but refreshing as well. And having that opponent be a pro hero who specialized in hand-to-hand combat? He was willing to bet this was going to be challenging, even with those training weights clasped onto each of Eraserhead's limbs.

"Now," Nezu promptly spoke, startling the blond man, "All-Might, would you mind giving the two some space?" Letting out a deep, defeated sigh, he gave a nod, and then slowly began to step away, staring nervously at his pupil.

While he had trust in Izuku's abilities, he hadn't expected for this to happen. Nezu was full of surprises.

Idly, Izuku saw Cementoss lower his arms to the floor, pressing his palms against the concrete ground. The ground beneath him and Aizawa shifted, a circle, about thirty feet in diameter, rose up to make a small ring for the pair to fight in.

Eraserhead looked as unimpressed as ever as he spoke to Izuku. "I'll give you three minutes. If you're immobilized, or knocked out of the fighting arena, that will count as a loss."

"Ready~?" A distinctly feminine voice called out from outside the Arena, and Izuku turned to see Midnight with a flog in her hands raised high into the air.

His opponent remained stoic and unmoving, but Izuku gave a small nod, and that was apparently all the woman needed, as she whipped her hand down, the flog making a distinct crack as it whipped through the air. "Hajime!"

Izuku heavily enjoyed sparring to the point that, besides practice, it was the main reason he had sparred so often with Katsuki. It gave him an outlet, a reason to turn off his brain and simply let his body and his muscle memory do the work.

He barely had time to blink before he saw Aizawa charging forwards, those yellow goggles covering his eyes, and his hair floating high above his head. He was fast, faster than Katsuki, even with those training weights weighing him down.

He crossed both of his arms in front of his abdomen, forming a small cross to block the open-palmed strike that was aimed for his mid-section. Even with his guard up, the power behind that strike sent him stumbling back, and Eraserhead didn't even give him a moment to regain his footing before he continued his assault.

His body twisted upon its axis, his movements a blur as he attempted a roundhouse kick that was aimed at the green-haired boy's head. Izuku reacted in the only way he could, dropping to his knees with a painful thud against the concrete floor, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding in as the kick passed a mere two inches above his head.

Aizawa was too fast for him to find any flaws or openings in his form. So he did what he could do at that moment, springing up from his crouch, he charged into Aizawa's abdomen, slamming his shoulder against the slender man's stomach. The man let out a small grunt, skidding back a few feet before he grabbed hold of the sides of Izuku's waist, and promptly threw him to the side before the boy could knock him over.

Izuku managed to roll onto his feet, a few feet away from the outer perimeter of the circle. Aizawa, seeing a chance to end the fight quickly, charged towards the teenager's form once again. He attempted another roundhouse kick, but Izuku reacted to it quickly, dropping to his feet, and attempting to sweep his legs from beneath him.

Aizawa let out a small scoff; the kid wasn't bad, but it was going to be a cold day in hell before he could stumble him with a move like that. He jumped upwards, his body bending back as he backflipped, slamming his heel into Izuku's chin as he did so.

The teenager let out a yelp of surprise, falling backwards, mere inches from the edge of the circle, his back to the pro hero. Eraserhead skidded to a halt, watching curiously as the brat simply laid still. Huh, had he overdone it? Or was the boy simply that weak? He saw his chest rise and fall, and Midnight still hadn't called the match, so he was bound to be awake.

Dazed, was he? Too bad, Aizawa didn't give his students any breathers. He rushed in once again, cocking a leg back to kick the teenager out of the circle.

But, much to his surprise, before he could slam his leg down, the teenager jumped into action, literally. He sprang up onto his hands, and tossed his body backwards, slamming his foot against Aizawa's face much like he had done not a minute prior.

The raven-haired hero couldn't help the manic grin that crept up onto his features. That cheeky little brat.

Izuku mirrored his expression, a grin creeping up on his face as he wiped the blood that seeped past his lips.

Eraserhead saw the teenager rise to his feet, eager to clash once again, but Aizawa simply shook his head, gesturing towards Midnight.

"Not bad, brat. Not bad at all," he said as he slipped the goggles down to their resting position around his neck. "Don't get the wrong idea, though. I'm not impressed," Aizawa commented offhandedly as he undid the weights that were strapped to his body. "I'm just not outright disappointed either, even if I was holding back."

Izuku let out a small sigh of relief, he truly didn't know if he could keep up with the man if that fight had gone on for much longer.

Aizawa wasted no time in turning his back to the boy, and jumping off the small platform, the red-clad man known as Vlad King being quick to jump onto the ring and take his position.

"Why?" All-Might exclaimed, looking at the small rodent as he watched the fight between Aizawa and young Midoriya.

The principle let out a small laugh, before giving All-Might a mischievous look.

"I needed to see if he had your spirit," he exclaimed simply, but the answer left All-Might dissatisfied, a narrow line forming onto his lips.

Nezu turned his head back towards the ring, watching carefully. "I'm no fool, Toshi. You've been looking for a successor for years, somebody that could stand the burden of your quirk, somebody that was truly worthy of becoming a hero."

The blond didn't respond verbally, merely giving the principle a nod, wanting to see where he was getting.

"But the burden that boy will shoulder isn't of your quirk alone. He will have to become the next symbol of peace. And judging from how your time in your hero form is steadily decreasing, that time will be very soon."

Toshinori knew this. Of course he knew this. He knew that his reign as the symbol of peace wouldn't last for very long. He had a few years at the very most, and during that time, he needed to raise a hero capable of shouldering the weight that such a position inflicted upon him. A hero that could smile in the face of danger and calm the general public with his presence alone.

"Once he learns how to control your quirk, Toshi, the boy will be unstoppable. But as it stands… Midoriya is vulnerable."

All-Might grit his teeth.

"I need to know what he's capable of, to see what we can improve upon. This test is nothing more than a way for us to see which areas he's lacking in. " Nezu let out a brief whistle as he saw Izuku's foot slam against Aizawa's face.

"Why this then? Why not an entrance exam, or something similar?" the blond questioned.

"If he's caught the eye of All-Might, then we already know he's worthy of joining U.A." Nezu smiled knowingly. "But we need to prepare him for the future. Shota is there to test how he handles being stripped of his power. Too many heroes nowadays are rendered useless when their quirk isn't in the optimal environment. He needs to know how to fight, quirk or not."

"And Vlad?"

"He needs to know how to think on his feet, of course~" Nezu said with a small wink before breaking out into a small fit of chuckles. "And it'd make a good show, wouldn't you say so?"

"If you were going to let him join U.A anyway, then why do I have to sponsor him? Why risk the public finding out our relationship through the recommendations program?"

That knowing smile that stayed on Nezu's lips bugged the blond to no end. If he had a good reason, then why not explain it? Why keep it hidden from him?

"You should be aware of how important a symbol is to the public, no?" He gave a hesitant nod, not sure if he understood where the principle was getting at. "You were the original symbol of peace that the world knew. If you were to retire, or worse, if you are to be killed at the hands of a villain, it would spell disaster to society as we know it. "

"The existence of All-Might, of a Symbol, is enough to uphold a status quo. Organized crime is at an all time low. People feel safer than ever because of you. "

"I fail to see how the boy is involved in that?" Toshinori exclaimed, his curious tone practically begging for Nezu to keep explaining his point.

"When you retire-" Which was probably going to be very soon, All-Might reminded himself. "Society will need a new symbol, a new hero that they can place their trust in. And who would be better than the boy you trained yourself? The legacy you left behind?"

"And what of the villains? Doing that will place the boy in massive amounts of danger!" He grit his teeth. He didn't want to see another one of his loved ones be taken from him, especially not the boy that he had taken somewhat of a parental figure to.

"We need to rip off the band-aid, Toshinori," Nezu uttered, turning once again to watch the fight as Vlad King took his spot in the small outcropping of concrete.

The man was chuckling even as he took his fighting stance, looking back at Aizawa. "That's the idiot's way of saying he likes you, gaki." Vlad smiled wildly, but Aizawa's expression was stoic as ever, betrayed only by the way his eyes shone with curiosity and interest as he appeared genuinely interested in watching the fight that was about to unfold.

Vlad didn't seem to waste any time in getting prepared for the fight, a few droplets of crimson liquid seeping past his gauntlets, and pooling at the very edges of his fingertips.

Izuku's mind was in a flurry of thoughts. He already knew about his opponent's quirk, Blood Control. Vlad could control his blood, molding it into a variety of different shapes, and even crystalizing it so that it formed spears, shields, or even webbing to incapacitate his foes. It was a very versatile and very dangerous quirk, but one that couldn't be used for too long for the fatigue that came with the blood loss.

What could work against a quirk like that? While he could certainly use Air Cannon to keep him at bay, the transmutation took too long to form with all the safety mechanics and the intricately moving parts it contained.

He didn't have enough time. He needed something simple, but something that would also give him enough reach as to not get caught up within Vlad's attacks. Because the pro hero, much like Eraserhead, was an expert in incapacitating his foes.

Telescoping limbs? Spring-like limbs? Perhaps a combination of the two? That… didn't sound too bad actually. Telescoping limbs would give him the extended reach he desperately needed, while Spring-like limbs would add a little more "oomph" to his punches.

His arms began giving their usual iridescent glow, but before he could finish the schematic, he heard the distinct crack of a whip and "Hajime!" being called out again.

Well, fuck.

He had just barely transmuted the outer inch of his skin into metal when Midnight had called the fight, with the inner mechanics of his transmutation still unfinished, he doubted he could win. He just needed to buy himself enough time to complete his transmutation.

He snorted inwardly, this was starting to feel a whole lot like the sludge villain incident. But instead of having to save Katsuki, he was saving his own skin.

The small trickles of blood quickly magnified, a tidal wave of crimson leaking past Vlad's gauntlet, and crystalizing around his arm to form a large, pointed spear of hardened blood.

The Blood Hero charged in, not giving his form much thought; a straight forward, clearly telegraphed attack. Vlad didn't need to do much, only to check if the boy would freeze up when confronted with a deadly quirk. Much to his surprise, Izuku hadn't dodged, nor had he side-stepped his charge.

Instead, he had balled up that metallic hand into a fist and slammed it right against the tip of his crystalized spear. The tip shattered like glass, sending fragments of blood clattering all along the floor.

Well, well, the brat really wasn't all that bad after all. He could tell, of course, from his height, and the way the boy was built that he could carry power behind his punches, he just didn't know the boy could hit THAT hard.

Vlad carried a grin as he cocked that very same arm back, the crystalline fragments of blood rushing up to meet his shattered spear and reforming it. This time, Vlad made sure that the atomic structure of his crystals was more organized, making them stable, and that much harder.

Metal slammed against blood, and this time, the spear's form held solid, grating against Izuku's hardened skin.

Those green eyes widened, and the blood hero's grin widened in tandem. "What, you didn't think I was just going to let you off easy, did you?"


Immediately, he scrapped the idea of transmuting the two combined schematics. If this wasn't strong enough to even put a crack in the blood-spear, then what could?

Vlad saw a chance, and he took it. That brief moment of surprise that had caught Izuku off-guard was all he needed to secure his victory. More blood shot out of his gauntlet, moving forwards, and wrapping around Izuku's arm. Vlad's pupils momentarily narrowed as he willed the blood to crystalize, trapping his opponent in his grasp.

Izuku was getting pushed back. Even with those weights on him, Vlad King still had the superior upper body strength, and now his feet were scrapping against the floor helplessly as Vlad inched him closer and closer to the outer edges.


He tried coursing transmutation to his legs, but with his shoes on, he wouldn't be able to transmute something effective in time.

Vlad's toothy grin widened as he saw panic begin to settle onto the green-haired teenager's features. He pushed harder, moving him faster towards the outer edges.

Only a few more feet.


He needed more power! Something! Anything! He tried smashing his metallic hand against those crimson crystals that had coalesced around his arm, but he didn't put as much as a scratch on them. Vlad had learned his lesson, and he wasn't about to underestimate the boy again, and give him an easy way out because he hadn't properly crystalized his blood.

One foot.


He wasn't going to lose his chance, damnit! With only one thing he could now do, Izuku threw his arm back, tearing down all the mental obstacles that he had placed on One For All.

The Blood Hero grinned, a shield of blood quickly being formed on his other arm.

"Give it up, kid."

This was his one and only chance. He channeled as much as power into his arm as he could, and slammed it forwards.


His arm hadn't even made contact with the muscular hero before he was sent flying, that crystalline structure shattering into millions of tiny pieces as he was sent shooting out the circular arena.

The dust around the arena was kicked up almost instantly, a shockwave permeating from where he had thrown his punch, and spreading throughout the large training hall, making a few of the pro heroes around stumble from the sheer volume of the wind rushing at them.

Izuku's eyes widened in shock, a stabbing pain shot throughout his arm, and tears quickly began to sting at the edge of his vision. He looked down, even with all the metal that he had reinforcing his arm, it was still bent back at an awkward angle, the bones inside clearly broken.

Although… From what Izuku could see, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

He blinked away a few tears, and then heard a loud 'crack'. His neck jolted upwards, looking to the location of the noise to see that his opponent had slammed against the edge of the outer wall, being buried deep into the wall, a spiderweb like crack forming around him.

He looked around, turning to All-Might, who was now giving him a sheepish smile. "I might have forgotten to tell you that your body might not be able to handle the power of One For All at 100%, yet."

Izuku could only groan, frustration and pain flowing throughout his arm. "And this!?" He exclaimed, pointing at his broken arm.

Nezu jumped up from nowhere, starling both of Izuku, and All-Might "We call recovery girl, of course!"

Izuku had to admit, trying to master One For All was more challenging than he had thought. After so many years of training with his original quirk, he thought using the second would be a breeze. He would merely have to apply what he had learned, and as simply as that, he would master One For All.

But doing that hadn't been as easy as he had expected

He didn't need to hold back when it came to using Transmutation, he merely had to restrict his quirk to the area that he needed to transmute.

While he could apply that to One For All, the problem was, if he channeled the entirety of his quirk into a specific limb, he'd end up breaking it, much like he had done during his first use of the power.

So the first two weeks of "Training" with All-Might had been spent meditating. Trying to find the right amount of power that his body could handle without being damaged in the process.

Eight percent.

That was all his limbs could handle before his bones began to creak in protest, and his skin began to get singed by the arcs of lightning that surrounded his body whenever he summoned the power of One For All.

Today though, they were trying something different.

He had suggested that he used transmutation first, to reinforce his limbs with metal before he channeled One For All through them. In theory, doing so would not only allow him to eliminate the recoil of his attacks, but would also allow him to handle higher percentages of One For All.

Toshinori was staring at him expectantly, a grin creeping onto his lips as he saw both of his pupil's arm begin glowing. Not a minute later, both of Izuku's arms were now mechanical, made entirely out of steel.

The blond gave an approving nod. "Now, my boy. Try using One For All."

Izuku obeyed, his eyebrows scrunching in concentration as One For All flowed throughout him, but stopped right at his shoulder blades, right where flesh had been transmuted into metal. The green haired boy raised a brow, trying once again.


Try as hard as he could, his power felt… Restricted. Like the flow of energy had been met with some sort of dam.

Could it be because of his transmutation? Would the two quirks simply not work together?

His brows furrowed in thought. From what he knew about One For All, it was an enhancement type quirk, one that could multiply the power of the user, and their quirk respectively by tenfolds.

So, why were the quirks refusing to mesh together?

He cancelled his transmutation, starting over from the beginning. This time, instead of transmuting his entire arm, he kept the transformation exclusive to his skin, a metallic coat forming on the entirety of both his arms. Channeling One For All once again, he quickly began to realize what his problem was.

One For All was, at its most basic, energy. Energy needed a path, so that it could flow. Transmuting the entirety of his arms into dense metal had effectively blocked off his quirk's pathway. The energy simply couldn't occupy metal.

He wondered though, remembering the green arcs of lightning that seemed to surge whenever he used One For All, would it flow through metal if the metal itself was conductive?

His transmutations were usually made up of Titanium; The metal had high strength, a decent amount of toughness, high corrosive resistance, and to top it all off, it was even less dense than iron, allowing his transmutations to be fairly light weight. But, Titanium was also a terrible conductor, something that he had actually considered while picking that certain metal, he didn't want to turn into a lightning rod if he somehow came across somebody with an electricity quirk, after all.

He shook his thoughts away. Today was to test to see if he could reinforce his limbs, and how much of One For All he could handle while his arms were reinforced. He would have to worry about changing his metallic composition in the upcoming days.

He could feel One For All flowing under his metallic skin. He slowly dialed up the percentage, feeling his bones creak in protest, but it was unaccompanied by the usual ache that came from his skin. The titanium coating on his arm had effectively insulated his skin from the electric burns that usually came with using higher percentages of One For All.

His arms began to tremble at the thirteen percent mark, jittering unsteadily. He attempted to correct that by transmuting his bones into Titanium as well. Grinning in satisfaction as he saw the shakiness in his arms stop. He slowly dialed up the percentages on One For All once again. His arms remained steady until sixteen percent. Feeling a light ache in his muscles once he raised the percentage even more, he decided that sixteen percent was a good stopping point.

By using the power of transmutation, he had effectively doubled his limit. Izuku looked up, grinning at his mentor.

A small smile tugged at Toshinori's lips, "How much?" He said, with no small amount of eagerness in his voice.

"Sixteen." The green-haired teen replied, and he saw Toshinori's brows briefly raise in surprise, before a wide, proud grin crept onto his lips.

"Impressive!" The man was so excited that he had unintentionally went into his muscle form, his beige cargo shorts, and his white shirt bulging out, threatening to tear against his muscular form.

"That is a very big milestone to cross, because once you go past fifteen…" He chuckled. He flexed his right arm, and cocked it back, readying for a punch. "Cementoss?" He tilted his head in the pro hero's direction.

The Cement Hero, who usually accompanied them in their training sessions, tilted his head in All-Might's direction, looking to where his eyes were pointed before nodding, and extending his hands to the floor. Cement rushed in a wave about twenty feet away from All-Might, forming a perfectly rectangular slab of concrete, ten feet high, and about five feet wide, it was the usual 'target' that All-Might used in training sessions.

However, instead of the man rushing towards that wall of concrete, All-Might remained still, his feet planted firmly against the floor. The blond slammed his arm forward in a punch, and Izuku's throat suddenly went dry as he saw the wall that Cementoss had constructed explode, chunks of concrete flying everywhere.

"You can do this!" All-Might grinned, turning towards his pupil.

Deku blanched as he realized that his mentor had destroyed the wall with wind pressure generated from his punch. The blond stepped closer, patting an affirming hand onto Izuku's shoulder. "Now. Your turn!"

He saw Cementoss grin from the sidelines as he once again slipped his hands to the floor, the chunks of concrete that All-Might had sent flying liquidizing, and then converging once again, reforming the wall.

He cocked his fist back, planting his feet firmly to the floor. He breathed in, concentrating to channel his quirk through his arm, and then slammed his arm forwards, jolting in surprise as he saw a spiderweb-like crack form in the very center of the concrete slab.

Midoriya turned his gaze to his arm in surprise, and All-Might let out a boisterous laugh at the teen's surprise. "I used about thirty percent to demonstrate!" The man exclaimed "Something that you'll be able to do eventually!"

He saw the man gesture to the Cement Hero once again, this time, a plethora of different sized concrete slabs began to form around the arena. Target dummies to practice his new-found abilities on.

"Now that your new limits have been discovered! It's time for more training!"

Aizawa had agreed to spar with him. Something that had initially excited him, being able to use his quirk against a hero, to see how he could match up against a pro. But… Quirked sparring with Aizawa wasn't as fun as it initially seemed to be.

He thought the difference between their physical prowess wasn't too major, after all, during the initial sparring session, Izuku had managed to get a few solid hits of the pro hero. But, what he had forgotten to account for, was the fact that Aizawa had been using training weights.

The moment that the battle would begin, Aizawa's quirk would activate, giving him no time to channel his transmutations. He realized there were brief openings, times that the pro hero's hair would fall momentarily, before rising once again, but those were few, and far in-between, and even then, Izuku couldn't exactly capitalize on them when they were literally a split second, quite literally, blinks of an eye.

He didn't expect training his new quirk to be so… Frustrating. On paper, there was absolutely nothing wrong with that way that he used both of his quirks. He'd channel Transmutation first, hardening his skin and his bones, and then afterwards, he'd channel One For All just briefly enough to get an attack in, and then cut off the flow of power.

The problem was, that transmuting his body, and the channeling process took time. Time, that as Eraserhead had painfully drilled into his head, he couldn't afford. It was a weakness, an opening.

While his full power was nothing to scoff at, if a foe caught him off guard, he wouldn't have the proper time to react. He was still vulnerable.

While training with All-Might had given him confidence in his abilities, his twice a week sparring sessions with Aizawa made sure that he stayed grounded. After all, nothing was more humbling than getting absolutely destroyed in hand to hand combat while your opponent was barely even trying.

He only had what, six weeks? to brush up enough on his new power to properly display how far he had gotten. From what he had been told, while the recommendation students wouldn't have to go through with an entrance exam, they would still be tested, a display of power to show why they had earned the admiration of a pro hero.

And seeing how it was All-Might that recommended him. Well, Izuku was nervous, he didn't want to disappoint the man that had seen so much potential in him.

His thoughts, and his nerves had gotten the best of him, they always did when he found himself walking to TDL. But training was a good way to clear his mind, he could simply focus on his quirk, and let his usually busy mind get some rest.

But, he hadn't expected the first thing he saw when he stepped foot into the training building to see the space divided in half, the further section of TDL being occupied.

Outside of Aizawa, who only apparently had so much free time because he had decided to expel his entire class, and All-Might, Izuku rarely got to interact with other people from U.A. Students would show themselves occasionally in the training area, but none would go out of their way to speak to him, especially when they saw how concentrated he was when it came to using his admittedly destructive powers.

He was curious though; what quirk could possibly require half of the massive training ground that was known as TDL? And why did it require it to be so… Strange?

The arena could only be described as a mess. Random geometric shapes constructed out of cement stuck out of random points in the arena. There were also pillars sticking out from every direction, tilted in odd angles, there were even some jutting out from the walls.

At first, he assumed it was some sort of speed training, somebody training their quirk and body to adapt to different types of terrains. But from the way the objects were so closely knit together… It didn't seem possible.

Maybe it was some sort of size-manipulating quirk? Somebody with the ability to shrink their body could very well slip past those tight spaces… But there was some areas that would be hard to climb over.

Izuku tapped a hand against his chin, wondering just what quirk would be required for such an arena. He didn't have to wonder for too long, however, as something, or rather, someone, quickly came to answer his unasked question.

A head stuck out of a concrete pillar a few feet from Izuku, bright blue eyes glancing at him curiously. "Hey…" The de-attached head spoke out, "You're not a U.A student!"

Resisting the urge to scream out the mantra of 'What the fuuuuck' that was going inside his head, the teen replied. "I'm…" He took a moment to find the right words. "I train here." He spoke out hurriedly. "With All-Might!"

"Oh!" A look of recognition crossed the head, "Midoriya, right!?" He spoke out enthusiastically. "There was a rumor going around, but I didn't think it was true!" He chuckled to himself, before his eyes widened in a look of surprise.

The rest of his body suddenly popped out of the concrete, giving Izuku a look at his blond hair and his… naked body.

"Togata Mirio!" He extended a hand out, eager to introduce himself. He looked on, curious to see why Izuku wasn't taking his hand. It was only then that he realized where his gaze was pointed. "…Oh." He promptly sucked himself back into the pillar he had permeated through.

"My bad…" He uttered sheepishly, "Give me a second?" The green-haired teen turned around, and Mirio hurriedly darted out of the wall, grabbing for his gym clothes which were nearby.

Once he was dressed, he extended a hand once again, a full grin on his features. "Togata Mirio!" The teen let out a small chuckle before taking that hand into his own, the two sharing a small hand-shake.

"Midoriya Izuku!"

Although the introduction was… Rather awkward, Izuku seemed gladdened by the prospect of making friends with a U.A student.

"Sorry for taking up so much of your space. Principle Nezu was very insistent on me training here today for some reason!"

Izuku gave a brief smile, following it up with a dismissive shake of his hand. "It's okay! It doesn't bother me, I have more than enough space."

Mirio laughed briefly, before staring at Izuku in excitement. "I have to introduce you to Sir Nighteye!" He exclaimed with a grin.

"S-Sir Nighteye!?" He cursed his stuttering, "The pro hero that was once All-Might's sidekick!?" Matured or not. At his very core, Izuku knew that he was still as much of a hero fanatic as he was when he was a child.

The blond nodded, that grin still etched onto his features. "The very same! I think he'd be very excited to see All-Might's student!"

Right on cue, Izuku heard the distinct metallic creak of the doors being opened, and swiftly turned his head to glance at whoever had stepped through the door. A formally dressed man with impressive stature stepped through the entrance, clad in a formal, light-grey suit. The man expression, much like his features, was decidedly sharp. If not for his impressive stature, and his brightly colored hair, Izuku would have thought Sir Nighteye looked rather unassuming.

He saw a kind smile etch itself onto the man's features, but that smile quickly disappeared as the man got a good look at Izuku's own form.

His eyes widened momentarily, a look of disbelief briefly crossing Sir Nighteye's face before his eyes quickly narrowed down to a fine point, a furious glare being sent his way. Anger was palpable in his expression, and Izuku's throat suddenly felt very dry.

The world around him felt oddly still, but each step that the man took seemed to echo as loudly as a drum in Izuku's ears.

He heard a door swing open, and he let out a breath of relief as he turned to see the ghastly form of his mentor stepping through the metallic doors on the opposite end of TDL. All-Might and Sir Nighteye both stopped in unison. Their gazes seeming to drift up to meet one another.

Izuku excepted to see a smile on both of their faces, a reunion between old friends, but the expression on their faces was anything but warm. All-Might had an uncomfortable smile on his lips, while Sir Nighteye's features remained sharp, his lips tightened into a thin line.

"A word?" The green-haired man broke the silence, and Toshinori nodded, the pair awkwardly moving to the side to have a proper conversation.

"So," Sir Nighteye began, pointing a hand back to their two pupils, who had both shrugged off the awkward encounter between their mentors, and were now chattering excitedly. "Mirio had spoken to me about rumors going around the school… How a middle-schooler was given special permission from the principle to train in U.A, under the number one hero."

Toshinori merely offered a smile, unsure where his previous sidekick was going with this.

"And he's…?" The question remained unspoken, but All-Might answered nonetheless "My successor, yes."

The green-haired man let out a mirthless chuckle, "Fate is ironic, isn't it? Who knew the boy you would choose to succeed you would look so much like the man that made you need a successor in the first place…" His tone was filled with venom, bitterness seeping through after years of no contact between the previously inseparable pair.

An equally mirthless chuckle escaped past Toshinori's lips. "If you had told me back then that I would be training his son, I wouldn't have believed it either."

Sir Nighteye burst into a bout of laughter at that, "I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor!" He commented, but his smile quickly disappeared as he saw the serious expression that was firmly planted on Toshinori's lips.

"You…" He gasped out. "You're serious!?"

A nod was all he got.

Sir Nighteye's body convulsed in shock. That was impossible. There was no in hell that All-Might would be training the son of his greatest enemy to be a hero.

Did All-Might even know what he was doing?! How could he be sure that this wasn't just some elaborate ploy from All For One? He wouldn't put it past the man, he had manipulated and brainwashed his way to the top of a criminal empire once upon a time.

It was All-Might and him that had dismantled that empire, working together, they had put dozens, if not hundreds of his associates behind bars. Even in their final battle, All for One had claimed that merely killing All-Might wouldn't satisfy his thirst for revenge, he intended to break his spirit long before his body broke.

And with All for One being nearly two centuries old, if there was one thing he had in abundance, it was experience. He had worked his way up to the top of the ladder with ruthless proficiency. He knew how to break his opponents, both physically and mentally.

Sir Nighteye had thought All-Might was safe with he landed the final blow… But to know that the man had sired progeny? And All-Might had so foolishly given away One For All to them?

Urgency flooded through his system and his nerves seized up as he realized the danger that All-Might had put them in. With his father's quirk, and All-Might's, the boy would be unstoppable.

If he truly was a villain, he needed to be stopped, now. While they still had the chance.

He knew he was jumping to conclusions, that all of his thoughts could be some paranoid fantasy, but when it came to a matter such as All for One, he took no chances.

His legs blurred into movement, surprising All-Might as he charged towards his student. Izuku had seen him coming, but Sir Nighteye was fast, too fast for his body to properly react. Mirio jumped away in shock as his mentor wrapped his fingers around Izuku's throat, hoisting him up into the air, and bringing him face to face, initiating eye-contact, and activating his quirk.

He needed to know what would become of the boy's future.

Mirio saw anger, and confusion overtake Midoriya's face, and he had similar feelings flowing throughout him as well.

Sir Nighteye couldn't even see Izuku as he channeled One For All throughout his body, ready to use his magnified strength to pry off his fingers. His eyes were glazed over. But before Izuku's hands could fully extend to grip his arm, Sir Nighteye had dropped him, a faraway look in his eyes.

He glimpsed All-Might approaching before he suddenly doubled over, his glasses clattering to the ground. He clamped a hand over both his abdomen, and his mouth. But as much as he attempted to will down his nausea, it had won out in the end.

He collapsed to his knees, his hands now both being used to steady him as not to fall over as he puked, evacuating all of his stomach's contents after his foresight had shown him what was in Izuku's future.

Long after his stomach had been emptied, he kept on dry-heaving, nausea and chills shooting through his spine like electric shocks.

"Sensei!/Nighteye!" He heard Mirio, and All-Might call out to him at the same time, he was still gagging when he felt Mirio's hands slip beneath his shoulders, and steadily pull him to his feet.

"What did you see?" The skeletal blond uttered, worry clouding his features.

He cleared his throat. His legs were still shaking. He needed to get himself together!

"A hero…" His voice was hoarse. What he had seen… The future would not be kind to one Midoriya Izuku.

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