This is an insight into DCI Gene Hunt as a fresh faced teenage police officer in 1980s Greater Manchester's Stopford House station and how he became the legendary police officer of both Greater Manchester Police and Metropolitan Police CID, you see today in the 21st Century.

Gene Stephen Michael Hunt was born in 1963 in the south of the county of Lancashire (which is the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester). His childhood was very harsh because his father was an abusive drinker and corrupt police officer who often beat him and his brother Stuart due to a "harsh upbringing" in 1970s Manchester. In 1974 when Gene Hunt was nearly 11, the Manchester and Salford Police service merged under the Local Government Act of 1972 with parts of the Lancashire Constabulary and the Cheshire Constabulary to form the Greater Manchester Police.

As a 80s teenager; Gene was watching The Professionals and wanted all the iconic Ford vehicles. Later on as a young adult he discovered that his little brother was a drug addict. Hunt attempted to reform him until he ran away from his family and was in prison (LOM Series 2: Episode 5). At the age of 17 in 1980, he performed his cadet duties in Greater Manchester Police Academy and fully joined the police two years later. In 1982, at the age of 19, Hunt became a Police Constable with Morrison as his mentor and guide.

In reality, he became a young police constable in 1982; he heard some squatters playing loud music and taking heroin on his first week on patrol as a constable, Hunt, Morrison, and their colleagues were on duty and presumed that some young people had broken in so he decided to investigate after receiving instructions over the telephone inside his Ford Granada Mk2 squad car. In order to enter the property, he kicked the door open and had some very close shaves as one of the suspects had a very nasty grudge against police officers.

The person DI Alex Drake remembers taking her hand as a child was a teenaged Gene Hunt, since he was 19 and she was 8 at the time of the blue Ford Escort Mk3 Ghia car bomb accident; confirming the ten year gap between them and her parents Caroline and Tim Price's death took place in that same year but in October 1982. It was only a few weeks old being on a Y registration.

As a young Manchester constable, he worked with DCI Ray Carling — an old school copper born in 1934 who was accepting bribes from a local gangster, Gene's superior became a Police Constable (presumably for the Lancashire Constabulary) aged 19 after his two years of National Service; Ray started his patrol during the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953. Seeing it was the right thing to do, Hunt reported Carling to his superior officers, which resulted in humiliation and Hunt losing his reputation. This is why as policing undergone a massive radical change in his early days during the 1980s and early 1990s he vowed to have a zero tolerance policy on corrupt police officers "When I'm DCI, there will be a zero tolerance policy against corrupt police officers breaking procedure!" whenever he had to watch brutal methods of policing or interviews going wrong; Hunt, despite his very young age brings them down during Operation Countrymen in 1983 at just nearly twenty. Gene Hunt was battling to put an end to police corruption and searching for officers who are fabricating and disposing of evidence at the time.

In 1988 Gene Hunt was promoted to Detective Inspector and transferred to "A" Division, CID of the Stopford House police station under DCI Harry Woolf, who became his mentor. From 1997, Hunt was promoted to Detective Chief Inspector by Harry Woolf (who had been promoted to Detective Superintendent).

During 1995 apprehended a man attempting to steal Gene's car (Ford Sierra Sapphire) using a screwdriver to circumvent the Ford keycode system and take without consent. DI Gene Hunt did get his beloved Ford Sierra Mk2 Sapphire back, but this surprise assignment led to the cost of one of GMP's Woman Police Constables struggling to fight for her life in hospital with severe blood loss. However her current status is not known and very little has been found since then.

As the Detective Chief Inspector of Manchester CID (1997 to 2003), Gene Hunt is respected by the subordinate members of his team. When 27 year old DC Sam Tyler arrives at CID in the first promotion, Hunt is quick to make it clear that he is Tyler's superior. He demonstrates his willingness to report corrupt police officers; even though the bad days of violent police officers in CID were long gone - — a practice which he continued since local crime boss Stephen Warren murdered a girl for helping him and it was a manifesto he held close to his heart since starting his first patrol in 1982 as a beat copper; Gene believes there is a fine blue line between police officer and criminal in which its boundaries should never be crossed.

The goal is very clear: locking up bad people. He is initially disdainful of female police officers, when still a teenager in the 1980s but however he tolerates WPC Annie Cartwright promotion to CID in the intervening years of the 1990s, and accepts her as a part of the team.


2003 onwards

Shortly thereafter, Hunt transferred out of the Greater Manchester Police in 2003, to the Metropolitan Police Service, alongside Detective Sergeant Dean Carling, DCI Sam Tyler and Detective Constable Chris Skelton.

During the first year, DCIs Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler and DI Alex Drake begin to notice that files, computer drives and evidence have gone missing. Eventually it is revealed that Chris Skelton had been paid large sums of money to undermine the investigation into Operation Rose, and had done so in order to pay for his wedding to Shaz Granger.

It sees DCI Gene Hunt divorced, and having replaced his trademark Ford Scorpio with a Ford Mondeo; nearly 40 year old Eugene Hunt remains as determined as ever to crack down on crime in his area of London (Fenchurch East).

He has become somewhat more professionally mature in his behaviour, secure in his authority, and organised in his approach since the 1980s as a young beat copper. He has embraced all aspects of modern policing, but way back in the 1980s and early 90s as a very young Manchester police officer was convinced that old-school policing methods are on their way to being excised from the force, along with the officers who still practice them for good reason.

Without informing those involved in Rose that Skelton has been discovered, Hunt gets him to gain information undercover. It is revealed that Rose is the code name for an upcoming robbery of a van carrying gold-bullion, masterminded by elderly corrupt ex police officers. Christopher Skelton eventually comes to respect and to try to emulate Sam Tyler along with Gene Hunt, since they're the two senior police officers of Fenchurch East's Metropolitan Police station. DCI Gene Hunt also helps Skelton overcome his clumsiness, nervousness, and naivety. With this Chris's confidence, maturity, and policing skills are seen to have improved.

DCI Gene Hunt characterizes his younger self as "skinny," headstrong, and full of male bravado circa 1988, seeing a mirror of himself in DC Chris Skelton and DCI Sam Tyler when he rose through the ranks during the Eighties and Nineties era as a "cheeky, but likeable character".