Kage: hello everyone, iv'e was watching a game show last night and decided the cast of YYH would be perfect for it!

Kurama: what do you have in mind?

Kage: well Kurama you and the other cast members are going to play the "Newly Wed Game!"

Kurama: ^_^; you do know none of us are married, right?

Kage: So? And there's going to be weird for the couples I want to be together, oh and can you do the dicalmer Kurama? I'll give some cookies.

Kurama: im a fox not a dog, and Kage doesn't own YYH or the Newly Wed Game, if you want a dog go find Inu Yasha.

Kage: Kawaii! I love he's fuzzy ears,...so you don't want the cookies?

Kurama: how bout after the show?

Kage: Okay! Now on with the show!


Chapter 1 meeting the couples

"Hello everyone and welcome to the newly wed show! Here we have the members of YYH pretend to be married and have to answer question about eachother, and your hostess for the game, the authoress Kage!"

Kage walks in demon form, (Kage: for anyone who doesn't know my demon form check im bio) "Hello everyone and welcome to the show! Now this show will have stragne couples, but please don't hurt me. And my co host will be Kurama! Now lets meet the couples!"

Kurama walks in "Couple number one is Koenma (teenage form) and..." whispers to Kage and points at card, "is this right?"

"You better believe it fox boy"

"Right, couple number is teenage Koenma and Shizuru, couple number two is...Yusuke and um, Yukina, couple number three, uh oh, Hiei and Keiko, and are last pair couple number four Kuwabara and Botan."

The eight people enter and sit down in their sits, some of look confused well other mad.

"Welcome YYH cast members to the newly wed game, me and Kurama will be the host and you eight will be are couples, and the winners get I speical prize!"

"Hey Kage, Kurama!"

"Yes Yusuke?"

"Um, Kage would it be ok to switch partners?"

"NO! none of you are aloud to switch got it!"

Everyone hods their heads somewhat scared of the female fox, "Right thanks Kage, now lets start round one. In this round all the girls leave, the guys will be asked three questions for 5 points each, after that the girls will come back and have to guess their answer."

"Thanks Kurama for the rules of the first round now, we'll go in a circle starting with Yusuke, i'll right Yusuke if Yukina was going shopping what would she get?"

"Um, a new komono?"

"Okay? Kurama why don't ask the next questions, I need a coffee"

"Can you bring me some, make it caffinated and some pain killer, before this is up we're going to have head aches."

"Sure, now get to the questions"

"Right, now Hiei same question, if Keiko was going shopping what would she get?"

"Hn, why would I care what a human does, she proabily would get clothes"

"Okay, Kuwabara what would Botan get if she went shopping?"

"Um, maybe a new oar, after hitting Urameshi so many times im surprised it's not broken"

"Koenma if Shizuru went shopping what would she get?"

"I don't know, maybe clothes"

"Okay now on to the next question, Yusuke how would Yukina finish this sentence, If you ever do that again i'll, what would she say?"

"Um,I think she would say if I ever do that again she'll make me promise never to do it again."

"Hiei same question if Keiko said if you ever do that again I'll, what?

"Hn, easy she would say she'll slap me, that is if she can catch me."

"Okay, Kuwabara what would Botan say?"

"She would say if I ever do that again she'll smack with he oar"

"And Koenma what would Shizuru say?"

"If I ever do that again she'll hurt me very badly, but of course im prince of spirit world so she can't hurt me!"

"Right, now for the last question before the girls come back, Yusuke where would you take Yukina a date?"

"I guess a walk around the city and then something to eat"

"Now Hiei where would you take Keiko?"

"Something to eat then the park I guess"

"Kuwabara where would you take Botan?"

"Maybe an amusment park, she would proabily went to race the rides."

"And Koenma where would take Shizuru?"

"I'd let her pick, but maybe dinner and a movie"

"And that the end of the questions for round one, next we'll have the girls come and we'll see how many question they got right"


Kurama: that's all for today's episode.

Kage: you know what fox boy?

Kurama: what? And don't call me fox boy

Kage: foxes are part of the dog family

Kurama: ~munching on cookies~ I know

Kage: you knew this whole time!

Kurama: ~still muching~ yep

Kage: hump, for being mean no more cookies for you, and you don't get any coffee

Kurama: ~turns into Youko Kurama~ Give. Me. Back. My. Food. Now.

Kage: ^_^; sure here you go ~gives him cookies and coffee~ plez review! ~runs away~

Youko Kurama: ~munching happily and drinks coffee~ yum,...hey, this is def caf!

Kage: ~from a distance~ no way in hell I'll gave a crazy fox cafine!